The TEXTFILES.COM Historical BBS List
Data Sources and Acknowledgements

Obviously, there is no way that I've collected all these BBS numbers by myself, and I have certainly not typed (very much of it) in by hand. Instead, I turned to the Internet at large to find collections of numbers being held by other people. In some cases, people have carried around these numbers for over two decades and made them available for later researchers like myself to easily pick up the information.

A very large debt is owed to Ruth Argust for her FidoNet Nodelist Archives, which provided many thousands of Fidonet BBS Numbers and their years of operation. Her collection spans from 1984 to the present and with the nodelists all in an already machine-readable format, it was pretty trivial to write scripts to extract the hundreds of thousands of lines into the format I've chosen to put the list in. This was what inspired me to really go places with the project, and for that I am very thankful.

I have recieved some good encouragement from the 1980's BBS Mailing List that I am a member of, and I thank those folks for sending me support while I laid the foundation for this site.

And I'd like to thank everyone who ever dedicated their phone lines, computer equipment, time, programming skills, money, and sweat to running a BBS. It can a real breeze to do, or it could be worth calling. I thank you all for making them worth calling.

- Jason Scott