BBSes That Have Comments

The following BBSes have been given some sort of comment, either by automatic software that found deeper descriptions of a BBS, or mailed-in comments from the System Operators. It is presented to give a better idea of the thoughts behind some of the BBSes.

The Hidden Stronghold
Andy YoungGBBS Pro
"The Hidden Stronghold was a GBBS Pro system for trading Apple ][ software. This system made good use of the ProTERM emulation setting on Apple terminal software. It was a good system." - Brian Bernstein
Verona, NJ
MicroSellar BBS
Mark Rapp, Verona, New Jersey since 03/83PCBoard , PCBoard 15.2
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: PCBoard 15.x alpha site. NJ's preferred BBS for the Pro 12 yrs running. 20+ hi-speed 28.8K lines. Charter m ember BBS Direct provides local access #'s for easy access. Best quality latest files games info gold mine. Many mail networks including Internet. Trial access provided. Major credit cards.

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Verona, New Jersey since 03/83. Sysop: Mark Rapp. Using PCBoard 15.2 with 11 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 5100 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. No fee. PCBoard 15.x alpha site. NJ's preferred BBS for the professional 11 yrs running. HiSpeed lines for easy access. Gold mine of the best-quality, latest files, games, info. Many mail networks including Internet. Trial access provided. Major credit cards.

West Paterson, NJ
The AJAX (Extra Strength) BBS, The Ajax
Alan KobbAuntie BBS
"I ran Ajax from 1990 through 1994. For a time, Auntie was the only BBS in New Jersey with a dedicated Scuba Diver's section. Also covered computer hardware and software and adult discussions (more toward politics and religion than sex.) I eventually shut down the BBS when it started to take too much time to run it according to my own standards. (I insisted on checking each uploaded file and message.) The main reason for running the BBS was to meet people, make friends and learn. I did all of those. I used Auntie BBS Software written by Wes Meier of the Walnut Creek BBS in California. Auntie was unique in offering excellent Sysop control and logging, the best fully-threaded message base around, and doorway access." - Alan Kobb
Allendale, NJ
Eastern Alliance
The TracerCustomized Tele-Cat ][ + Ascii Express
"Ran 202/212 AppleCat as well as USR 9600HST, Sider 20 Meg Hard Drive. Distro Point for PPG, Digital Gang and First Class for Apple Warez. Interactive gaming for credit and intergrated ASCII Express module to count download sectors won in gaming area." - James Wynen, "The Tracer"
Ramsey, NJ
Hotel California
Curt StapletonRBBS, Colossus, Wildcat!
"Started with an IBM PC, 640K and hayes smartmodem (300 baud). System upgrades over time: Quadram quadboard, Hercules graphics card, Peachtree 10MB hard disk, 1200 baud hayes smartmodem. 24/7 (except when I was playing games or my dad actually had to use it for work)." - Curt Stapleton
Hasbrough Heights, NJ
InfoHost Demo BBS
A-Comm Electronics Inc.
Demo BBS for InfoHost BBS Software - Multiline - Database
Franklin Lakes, NJ
FLEUG, Franklin Lakes ROS, The Data Exchange, The Data Exchange BBS
John DoughertyRoboBoard , RCPM, ROS (Remote Operating System), MBBS, Worldgroup
"The BBS originally started out as the FLEUG (Franklin Lakes Epson Users Group) running the RCPM (Remote C/PM) BBS. The BBS ran only at night (yes, I used the computer during the day) for users of the Epson QX-10 computer and also supported the Epson series of printers. The board originally started out running on two 360K floppy drives; the first drive held the BBS programs and message areas, and the second drive would hold the support programs, text files & utilities. The main problem I had with the RCPM software was the fact that people had direct access to your computer and its drives and user areas. When I decided to install a hard disk, I switched to the brand new ROS BBS software, since it handled the bulletin board operations without allowing users direct access to your hard drive areas. I changed to an MSDOS system about the same time as the ROS software author, so ROS was ported to the MSDOS operating system (about 1985~1986) and I continued to run that. ROS soon was able to handle two nodes running under a multitasking software (DoubleDOS, Desqview) so I installed another phone line, bought a newer computer and another modem and let the BBS to run 24 hours a day. I Switched to MBBS around February 1990, mainly because of the ability to run multi-node operation on a single computer. I had 10 nodes up and running when I finally shut the system down on April 1995. I saw the writing on the wall; there was really no need for local BBS systems when you have the World Wide Web available." - John Dougherty
Bruce TraversC64
"North*link was (is?) a C64 based system that has been around since the mid-1980's. Run out of Springfield, NJ, it was never an extremely popular system. However, it stands as one of the longest running Commodore 8-bit based BBS systems in history. Even at the turn of the millennium, it was still running off of its antiquated 300/1200 baud modem.

As of this writing (September 2001), a single attempt to call the system was made. Unfortunately, only endless rings were heard from the other end of the phone. It is possible that this system has finally retired." - Brian Bernstein

"Northlink actually began in 1982. In 1985, it switched software to Color64, and ran that for the entire rest of its run, from 1985 to 2005. It was always a 300/1200 baud BBS, though I remember some talk of trying to get it to hit 2400. The hardware, if I remember right, was a regular old C64 with a RAMLink and a CMD HD-200. After some temporary downtime in 2003 due to aging hardware and the health issues of the sysop, it finally went down permanently in 2005. The sysop, Bruce Travers, passed away in 2008 from complications related to cancer and heart disease. He was a good guy. I actually have some buffered message board postings from the 1993-1994 period, mostly of Bruce talking about the history of the board. It's in PETSCII format because it was a Commodore board, so I'm not sure how to best go about translating that to something that doesn't look bizarre, but you're welcome to it if you'd like." - AJH

Drone (Brian J. Bernstein)Compunet BBS
"Dronefone was an Apple //e based system with (originally) 2 floppy drives that eventually made it up to a 20MB Sider hard drive. From its beginning, it always ran custom software written by the Sysop. It averaged somewhere about 30-40 calls a day at its best, and was one of the first 2400 baud systems in the area. It was a member of "The BBS Triumverate", which included the systems "Middle Earth" (IBM based in Livingston) and "The Iron Castle" (C64/128 based in Florham Park). It should be noted that most of the content from this system has been archived and will one day be available on the web." - Brian Bernstein
Springfield, NJ
Springfield Public Schools
FrEdMail System
Drew Univ I, The Drew Underground
Neil Clarke and Chris Gorman2AM BBS
"The Drew Underground was a 2-line BBS system that was written and run by two computer science students at Drew University in Madison, NJ. The IBM PC based software was written in Pascal by the sysops, and was used by several BBS systems in the area. The two line ability was introduced when the system acquired a hard drive multiplexer for the pair of Zenith (?) PCs.

A noteworthy item about this system was that it featured special access areas for students and faculty of Drew University." - Brian Bernstein

Newton, NJ
Second Portal
Vinny AbelloRemoteAccess , Remote Access
"I started Second Portal as a hobby just to see how a BBS worked from the other side of things. I was totally hooked and loved maintaining it. Fidonet was a joy to be part of. Many of the things I learned about automation and system maintenance from Second Portal I apply today at my current job. Although it was a small BBS, we had a very large collection of door games enjoyed by many people. It's funny, but many people that used the board I later met inadvertently through some walk of life. I have even worked with a few of them and still work with one at my current job! :) The board was eventually shut down after I returned from a short lived attempt at college which I turned out not enjoying. I wanted my phone line for Internet access. Sorry guys! ;) I'm still into the same things, but now I'm a network engineering at Tellurian Networks working mainly with servers and routers and everything else you can possibly think of that an ISP has to do. I enjoy the latter more. I'm glad to have been part of some piece of the NJ BBS history! :)" - Vinny Abello
Dumont, NJ
The Board! II
Gerry FerraGalacticomm WorldGroup 1.01
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Since 10/95 Sysop: Gerry Ferra. Using Galacticomm WorldGroup 1.01 with 8 lines on MS-DOS 486 Pentium, with 12000MB storage Cardinal at 14400. Free trial period. Many different subscripition plans. NJ newest system with file areas with 2 CD-ROMs, many games, a cas ino, and lots of forums. Also we are a local area hub for Major.
Sparta, NJ
Upside Down, Upside Down BBS, Upsidedown BBS P/W = Run
Dan EriksenAscii Express, T-net, Cat-Fer
"Customized modem handshake to auto detect bell 103/202/212 modes for AE, Cat-Fer, or BBS. AppleCat Modem with 20meg siders, Hack/Phreak/Warez (only for Elite users)" - Dan Eriksen
Eastern New Jersey Net, EchoLink #13, Essex County Hub, Essex County NJ HUB, Hub 200 EchoMail Coordinator, Hub 900 Echo/File Distributor, Hub 900 Echomail Dude #2, Hub 900 Help Desk, Innovative Solutions, Innovative Solutions Online, Net 107 EchoMail Coord (NEC), Net 107 Tech Ops. (NTO), Net 107 Tech Ops. (NTO), Net 2630 Help Desk, Ogate/NEC, The T.E.R.N. BBS
Scott Drake, Ogate/NECQuickBBS
ListKeeper: New Jersey BBS's
Hawthorne, NJ
Frank SilvestroTBBS
THE DIANETICS/SCIENTOLOGY BBS, (201) 427-9802, Hawthorne, NJ. Sysop: Frank Silvestro. The official Dianetics(R) and Scientology (R) BBS with 2 Gigs, conferences, etc. The ONLY BBS that can guarantee TRUE Dianetics/Scientology material. Are you handling life or is life handling you? - BBS Magazine November, 1994
Parsippany, NJ
The Party Zone
Jeff Koyen
"I was 13 when I got my Atari 800; I started a BBS the next year, as soon as my parents gave me my own phone line. Soon enough, my friend and I were swapping warez and swiping phone codes so we could dial into west coast BBSes. I almost lost my virginity to an "older" woman (20s) who met me on another BBS (it's probably on your list). She took me to the mall and bought me floppy discs. I was too scared to go through with it. These days. they'd call her a predator. Ah, god bless the pre-internet days." - Jeff Koyzen
American Gladiator
Afl/Inc Member BBS
Bayonne, NJ
The Classic Gaming Network
"This bbs is only open Friday-Sunday starting at 5:00pm Eastern Time, and closing 10:00pm Sunday night. Includes everything retro...We are always working at making it better...It's currently work in progress. Please be patient with us. Thank you!" - Frostdasnowman
Waldwick, NJ
Salem's Lot
VindicatorWWIV, Synchronet
"Originally started in 1985 with a Commodore 64 and running on the NATCO BBS System. It then grew up to a Commodore Amiga for a about a year before I moved it over to a PC Compatible system. Finally took it down when I went back to school in 94." - Vindicator
Bound Brook, NJ
CBBS, SJ Electronic Mail Center
6800 CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
New Providence, NJ
What BBS?
What SibleySyntech BBS
"What BBS? was a unique system run out of New Providence, NJ by an omniscient being. The unique humor and writing abilities of the sysop made this system a quite enjoyable experience. The fact that it was run on a Commodore 64 didn't bother most people because the site's content was just too much fun. No online games or anything, just a fantastic group of creative energies contributing to the experience that was What BBS?" - Brian Bernstein
Elizabeth, NJ
George Porcella
Osborne Group (FOG AMO #138) member supported system, Osborne Group (FOG AMO #138) member supported system,
Blomingdale, NJ
Michael LudwickMajorBBS, Major BBS
"Megaplex actually lives on today. It started off as a 4 line sci-fi image download (6 CD changer) and small chat. Then moved to the internet as It is now a thriving adult chat community with 2000 simultaneous users at peak and a 24hr average of 1600+ chatters. It's a shame not many BBS's made the transition to the net. We were one of the first and had to write our own software in the early 90's to do it. All the time hearing it can't be done and nobody will come. Well we rate as high as 5200 on Alexa and generate 15,000 paid memberships per year. My early days in the late 80's early 90's with BBS'ing has been a major source of our success. We now run on a cluster of quad core *NIX boxes filling a half rack at Peer1. We now run on a 100Mbit connection and in 1996 we were one of the first T3's in NJ at a cost of 72,000.00 per month! But faith and a clear picture that I didn't want to be a cliquey site that booted anyone that said something the least bit offensive has continued our growth to this day." - Michael Ludwick
Pat TonerPCBoard
"There was a group of us who all ran BBS's who used to hang together every Saturday night, and it was in getting to know a few members of this group in the first place that I got interested in running a BBS and finally did. Mine was only a small BBS, but I still had 150 users and never advertised it anywhere! People found a lot by word-of-mouth. Other local sysops tended to know each other over the BBS chat, if not in person." - Pat Toner
Rockaway, NJ
The Tammy Board BBS
Elaine Stewart, Tammy BarthPC-Board, Wildcat
"The Tammy Board was a bit unique in that is was started and run by myself and my teenage daughter at the time...she was the 'Tammy' part! It was a good way for mother & daughter to share a common interest in computers. A gathering of all the local SYSOPS and many of their users would happen every Friday night at either my house or the House of the SYSOP of Jezebels Parlor. We called ourselves the FNG (Friday Night Group!) Sometimes as many as 30 or more would come, sometimes dragging their computers along to be looked at and fixed by the 'FNG' experts! All these years later many of us are still very good friends and still get together whenever we can." - Elaine (Stewart) Manganello
Rockaway, NJ
The Dark End
Dreadful Warrior (Mike Hetman)AmiExpress
"The Dark End was popular during its time for having distinctly 9 ongoing message boards with topics ranging from flirting to history to computers to simply arguing. In its early days, The Dark End was also an experiment in gothic ANSI art as skulls, swords and imagery of blood graced the system. In some ways, it was meant to be a virtual online horror show as even the SysOp claimed to roost in Lost Souls Cemetery. Although the BBS only ran on one phone line, there was no shortage of callers or files to download and the SysOp was often available to chat with users." - Mike Hetman
Rockaway, NJ
AE Line: RUN, The Upside Down AE Line, Upsidedown AE Line
Dan DAmelioAscii Express
"Ascii Express Line for Software Uploads and Download, later transitioned into The Upside Down BSS ][" - Dan DAmelio
Voyager BBS
Chris KmoskoVoyager BBS (Custom)
"The BBS was basically "a fantasy space game modeled after a popular Dungeons & Dragons type game called Traveler" with 10,000 planets in a 1,600,000 sector galaxy. I do not know the exact timespan, but it was not long if I recall correctly. The BBS was written in Pascal. I am also attaching a copy of the manual. Good thing I was able to retrieve the file off of a failing backup tape. Sadly, I have been unable to find if Voyager BBS or the software still exists. It was a fun game." - Sean Farley
Jersey City, NJ
Jewish Community Cent , Jewish Online Service, LUACH, JEWISH ONLINE SERVICE
, Alex WiederPCBoard
LUACH, JEWISH ONLINE SERVICE, 201 .656.3942, Sysop: Alex Wieder, Meet exciting people at Shlomo's Electronic Cafe! Discuss the latest books in Sifriya or the Palestine issue in the Knesset. Knesset. Join Nashim to discuss women & Judaism, or learn in the Bais Med rash. Databases, files, Internet and more!!! - BBS Magazine November, 1994
Guttenburg, NJ
The Dark House
Dan LopezWildcat
"The Darkhouse had internet email, Usenet newsgroups. and tons of files to download, with over 4 cd's online. Some very popular Doors (Online games) such as Bordello. The BBS had 4 lines which were usually all busy throughout the day, and a nightly PPTP connection to download/upload the new messages and emails going out to the net. " - Dan Lopez
Nutley, NJ
Don Luby's Iron BBS and Fisherman's Paradise
Dead Ed
"The home of Northern New Jersey's most heartless war board, and functional HQ of it's least continent gang of thugs, the Sons of Ed Gelb (SOEG)." - D. Waldman
Fair Lawn, NJ
Mirage BBS, Realm of Mirage BBS
Julia Howe, Julia Hiroko Howe (Iris or Cyr3n)MajorBBS, Worldgroup 3x (Major BBS)
"Realm Of Mirage BBS started out as a 8-node chat system in 1994 and quickly grew into an 80-node system after offering residential ISP services. The board was known as Mirage, Cyberwar BBS, Cyber Warrior, or Cyber Warrior ISP. Other staff involved as SysOps were Marian Montagnino, Vega, and MudOps Mike O'Brien and Stacey Pazana." - Julia Hiroko Howe
Newark, NJ
Newark School District
FrEdMail System
Radio One!, Radio-One! BBS
Mike NappiWildcat
"3 node system running OS2 and wildcat with one unix (BSD version) node. IN addition to the usual items on BBS, Offered UUCP store-forward gateway access to fidonet e-mail to internet e-mail by around 1993. Was named for BBC Radio-One, as in the Hendrix song Radio One." - Mike Nappi
Sparta, NJ
Candlelight Online, Candlelight Online!, Remote Host
John SchumacherMajorBBS
"Remote Host started in 1990 as a 2 line BBS in Cedar Knolls, moved to Sparta NJ and expanded to 6 lines. Remote Host was renamed to Candlelight Online in 1994 until the system went offline in 1996." - John Schumacher
Bloomfield, NJ
The Gamer's Exchange
Mark J. AstaritaWildcat
"Wow, was it really that long ago. The years are right, actually I am not sure about the telephone number, but that is the one you have. I am an attorney, and started the BBS, for video game information in either 1988 or 1989. What a great time I had, figuring out the software and everything else that was required to run a multiline Wildcat board in the late 80s. I was an Echo coordinator in Fidonet - gee what was my address, I think, nah, I looked it up - my last address was 2605:156, here is the listing from 1992 - ,156,The_Gamers'_Exchange,Glen_Ridge_NJ,Mark_Astarita,1-201-509-7851,9600,CM,XX,HST,V32 I was around before that, this is my listing which started in 1991, I had the 743 number before that, but can't seem to find the details. Heck, its over 10 years ago. Anyway, I was in fidonet when the big split occurred in 107. Man, how important did we think that stuff was at the time. I helped start Globalnet in the 90s, and finally shut down the board in 1994 when I started a web site. Today that web site is, one of the most active legal specific sites in the world. It was all about timing, too bad I didn't register when I registered in 1989! Good luck with your project!" - Mark Astarita
Piscataway, NJ
ACG-NJ Apple User Group ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Kevin TillbrookRBBS
"I used to run an RBBS system for the Amateur Computer Group of NJ (ACGNJ) for a number of years. It was run on a Zenith PC w/20 meg HD and later using DesqView for multi-tasking (which was way too slow on that hardware). I had a BBS running before that, but this is what I am noted for." - Kevin Tillbrook
Florham Park, NJ
Old Dirt Road
Black Belt Hamster/ Jim AndersonIvory Joe BBS derivatives
"This started as a message board but quickly evolved into an xchange. Averaged 0-2 days warez but also had very active message board- and lots of war boards. Ran on a c64 with 300-1200 baud, eventually went to 2400 on an SX-64 and ended on conversion to Amiga and lingering interest on continuing with the c64." - Jim Anderson (Blackbelt Hamster)
Totowa, NJ
The Meeting House
Bill KrepsPhoenix RCS 1.07
"The Meeting House was born out of my efforts in developing a fido<->uunet gateway for my employer (Res-Q - FidoNet Node 1:269/133) Not in your list. See Res-Q and the company that owned it are long gone. They were pleased with the system, but were not willing to let me put as much "personal" time into it as I wanted. I developed The Meeting House as a means to improve and refine my skills, and to accomodate users who had no interest in the company, but liked my board. The Meeting House ran on a 286-16 with 2Mb Ram and a 20Mb partition. I still have the entire BBS (not including downloads) archived on 2, 1.2Mb floppy disks (5.25" media) and could bring it back up tomorrow if I really thought it would serve a purpose. Hmmm.....? Nah......." - Bill Kreps
West Paterson, NJ
The Final Level, Final Level (GS Only)
High VoltageDigi-Net (GBBS Clone), Pro-Talk
"This was my bbs which supported Apple //gs, then had a short span of time on the Amiga, and finaly died off in 94. I had the phone number up until 1996, when I moved. Nuff Said.." - High Voltage
Elmwood Park, NJ
Bermuda TRiangle, Red Alert
Allendale, NJ
The UnderGround Oasis - TUGO
Mister TwisterSPeCTRuM, Extreme, Prodoor, PCBoard
"BBS started off small with 1 node and a few local lamers. Ended up with 3 nodes, 500 megs incoming per week, plenty of great ansis from iCE, GRiM, etc. Member board and even WHQ to countless groups -- over 90% LD callers with most heavy users coming from Germany! Eventually the Internet took over my life and I closed it down. I still have all my ansis and a zip of the BBS itself. :)" - Mister Twister
The Iron Castle
Iron KnightC-Net
"A member of "The BBS Triumverate", this Commodore 64 (later C128) based system featured good discussion and story boards, and some public domain Commodore 64/128 file transfers. A typical assortment of doors were available." - Brian Bernstein
Madison, NJ
The Wolfpack, Wolfpack
Gerhard BartschFidoNet
"This was the inital incarnation of my BBS and was run on my new IBM-PC with dual 360k floppy drives, which replaced the old TRS-80 Mod I. Der Strand superceeded The Wolfpack, but was based out of Washington DC for a short while when I was in the USAF. Eventually it ran on an IBM clone with a i486 processor and a 1 or 2GB drive, and the wonderous US Robotics 9600HST modem!" - Gerhard Bartsch
Mahwah , NJ
The Operating Room
The DoctorSearchlight
"Ran this BBS for about 2 years until I moved to Illinois to go to medical school. Had a great little community feel to it." - The Doctor
Pompton Plains, NJ
Metal Madness BBS
Chris MekelburgCommodore CNET
"This was a BBS I ran while in High School. Based around Heavy Metal Music. I called myself Slayer. Good Times were had. Thanks!" - Chris Mekelburg
Cave of Cerebus BBS, RM Software
Rosemarie FoxC-Net-Amiga
Product: C-Net 128
Wyckoff, NJ
Peter Suroff
The Major BBS
THE SPIRIT OF PLAY, 201 .854.2728. Nothing but play here! Running The Major BBS ivith 4 lines. Tradewars. Global Destruction and Nova Trek are just a few of the top-notch games played here. How about multi-user Doom, Heretic and Spectre VR! Call now! - BBS Magazine October 1995
Union City, NJ
Beacon Street Studios, BEACON STUDIOS 9, BEACON STUDIOS BBS, Beacon Studios BBS
Conrad Koblack, Conrad & Scott, Union City, New Jersey since 01/93, Conrad ScottMajorBBS , MajorBBS 6.21
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Union City, New Jersey since 01/93. Sysop: Conrad & Scott. Using Major BBS 6.11 with 15 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 15090 MB storage. Supra at 14400 bps. $.50 Hourly fee. NJ's largest database of downloadable files with 20 CDs on-line. Free downloads for new users with 60 min. allowed daily. Two National Chat hookups every night. InterNet, UseNet, FidoNet, MajorNet, WorldLink and ChatLink.

BEACON STUDIOS BBS, 201.863.5253, Union City. M with 23 lines @14.4K. 14 CDRom's of files. 2 International Chat hook ups nightly. Games, E-Mail the world through the Internet, Fidonel, Majornet, Worldlink and Chatlink, Tailored memberships available. Tech support 201.863.5603 - BBS Magazine October 1995

Union City, NJ
Chat Shack
Vic GuzzettaGalaticomm Major BBS
"Best guess on the timespan. I'm going with the phone number you have. This BBS had about 8 lines. Although it probably had other common BBS features, it was primarily dedicated to chatting. They did charge for access, but the price was quite reasonable -- $15 bought a large number of "credits", for lots of chatting. I was an occasional chatter, so the $15 lasted several months. The members were quite friendly, even to occasional folks like me. From time to time they'd use one of their lines to crosslink with another BBS. Usually this was one evening every week or two, so there was a lot of anticipation and excitement when it did happen. One of their frequent linkups was with Chat Chalet in Marlboro. That board had a similarly friendly group. I still remember this guy "Sarge" -- quite a character, quite friendly too. Ah, memories... geez that was over 10 years ago, and at 2400 baud (I'm sure the board supported faster, but that's all I had)." - Tom Strano
North Bergen, NJ
Central Control!
Deeply ShroudedDiversi-Dial/D-Dial
"CC was one of the first multi-line systems I ran. The phone company sent a representative over to my house to find out why in God's green earth I needed 7 telephone lines in addition to the 2 the house already had. I was told I took up the wiring for the entire block. The lines are still there, but the hardware is long gone. I can still remember the day my system went up, and how fun it was to link around the country to other ddials. I also recall the day my system went offline. 30 seconds before I pulled the switch, the girl I loved logged in. The lines were disconnected the next day. I've made one or two very good friends from my ddial days and many many people who didn't like me or my system at all. I miss running the system. Perhaps I may put it back online one day when I'm much older and greyer." - Deeply Shrouded
Princeton, NJ
Princeton Forum 80
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Rutherford, NJ
Metal Militia
TIM TDSAmiga Sky
"It was a single line system run on an Amiga 2000 HD, still have it in my basement. I was in high school running this. It may have started in 1988. It was 2400 baud. I think I still have the bbs manual somewhere." Tim TDS
Lyndhurst, NJ
HUB 500 EchoMail Coord, Star BBS Network, Starship 2, Starship II, Starship II , Starship ][ BBS, The Galileo 7, The Starship ][ BBS, The Starship ][ BBS
Peter Buonomo, Philip J Buonom, Phil Buonomo, Philip J Buonomo, Rutherford, New Jersey since 07/80, Philip J. BuonomoTBBS, TBBS 2.2
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Rutherford, New Jersey since 07/80. Sysop: Philip J Buonomo. Using TBBS 2.3 with 32 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 10000 MB storage. All v.32bis Supportd at 19200 bps. $$0-75 No fee req fee. Operating for 14+ years, Starship is one of the longest running, most successful bbs systems EVER! FREE public access, Adult & non-adult topics, chat, files, games, & data-bases. USR, Hayes, Telebit, v.32bis 19.2 kbaud modems online, full internet access!
NorthEast, NJ
TRI-STATE, Northeast's Largest Growing System, 7 lines, 1-201-935-8634, Up to 19,200, Mail, BBS Links, Live Conferences and more.

TRI-STATE, Northeast's Largest Growing System, 7 lines, 1-201-935-8634, Up to 19,200, Mail, BBS Links, Live Conferences and more. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

TRI-STATE, Northeast's Largest Growing System. 7 iines, 1-201-935-8634, Up to 19.200. Mail, BBS Links, Live Conferences and more. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Wallington , NJ
Sector 64 BBS
"Commodore 64 running CNet software. Has 2 never seen before or since Commodore 1 GIG drives (still have them). Started at 300 baud, went to 2400." - Redline
North Arlington, NJ
North Arlington Schools
FrEdMail System
Ringwood, NJ
Bluebeard's Blackboard
Tom Beard, BluebeardTAG Version 2.6g
"This system was started in NJ as a C-Net system, but changed to a TAG system before moving to Michigan, then to New York State where I closed it. Up 12 years in all. You have my name listed as "Tom Beard", but my name is "Thom Kirby". Thanks for the entry!" - Thom Kirby (Bluebeard)
Piscataway, NJ
ABBS Apple Group N.J., Piscataway, ACG-NJ Apple User Group ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Livingston, NJ
Dragon's Weyr, Dragon's Weyr BBS, Dragon'sWeyr, Dragron's Weyr, The Dragon's Weyr
Ron Stanions, Sauron, Dragon MasterDragonSoft, DragonSoft / C-Net
"The Dragon's Weyr was a system that ran out of Livingston, NJ on IBM PC hardware. DragonSoft was custom software written by the Sysop, and featured a custom scripting language called AutoScript. The theme of the site was based on Dragon mythology and computers." - Brian J. Bernstein

"Yes, Ron's BBS was originally on a Zeus-4 and then various Commodore machines (mostly Amigas). I think he might have had the Unix clone (Xenix if I remember right) on a PC for a while. It also used C-Net software for a good portion of the time it was up. Ron's own code was mostly just on the Zeus and then (extensive) expansions on C-Net." - Conrad Dunkerson, in a message to Gerhard Bartsch (Der Strand BBS). Both good friends of Ron's..."

"I am the original Sysop of The Dragon's Weyr BBS, as well as the author of DragonSoft BBS upon which it ran. The software was originally written for a 4-user CP/M-MP/M machine and migrated its way up into the world of IBM-PC's (running multi-user under DesqView) before I released the source code to Neil Clark of 2AM-BBS fame for him to use however he saw fit.

The BBS in all its phases always ran at least two phone lines plus usually had at least two additional terminals in-house for locals and visitors to connect all at the same time."

- Sauron

Livinston, NJ,
David BrettFoRum modfied by Sysop
"Used Ascii Graphics and pioneered into one of the first BBS's with real color graphics in 1985" - David Brett
Livingston, NJ
BMBBS The Hospital, General Hospital, The Hospital, GENERAL HOSPITAL
Byte MasterBMBBS
"The Hospital was the home base for BMBBS software. Based out of Livingston, NJ, this was an IBM PC based system (originally Apple ][)." - Brian Bernstein
Allendale, NJ
The Eastern Alliance
James WynenCat-term 2.0
"Ran 202/212 AppleCat as well as USR 9600HST, 20 Meg Hard Drive. Distro Point for PPG, Hit-Man & other Apple Warez. Interactive gaming for credit and intergrated ASCII Express module to count download sectors won in gaming area." - James Wynen, "The Tracer"
Washington, DC
PSBBS Washington, Program Store Forum 80
Forum 80
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Washington, DC
NWDS Lights & Magix
John SingletonNetworks BBS
"I ran NWDS while in high school, and actually met my first girlfriend through it. NWDS started out as a stock Networks BBS on an Apple II+ with a Hayes Micromodem (300baud) and 5mb hard drive. I gradually rewrote all of it to include better email, online multiplayer games (taking turns each signon), graphic displays (HGR line drawings), and a romance-matchmaking game. I went pay somewhere in there because I was only earning $3.85/hr, and couldn't afford to keep the BBS going myself. NWDS was one of the more sophisticated BBSes, and so had a loyal local following. In the last year, I had about 50 paying subscribers. Lightning eventually took the BBS down, and I couldn't afford to repair the hardware. I look back at those first years online as some of the most magical ever. All the marvel and excitement of something new was there... and it was all as naive as were the 80's innocent." - John Singleton
Washington, DC
Charles MarantoTBBS
"The early 90s was an exciting time to run a BBS. We SYSOPS felt like real pioneers. I built this BBS for an organization in Washington DC and it was really cool to have people from across the country dialing in to read our publications and interact with us online. About 10 other organizations began sending me material to post on my BBS and I saw it as a growing clearing house for newsletters, publications and other info. I had about 10 lines coming into my BBS via an X.25 PAD to Sprint's PDN. I knew the online world was on the cusp of something much bigger. A very exciting and fun time." - Charles Maranto
Washington, DC
US Government Printing OfficeNone
Fed Information from EPA, DOE, State Department - others.
Bolling Airforce Base, Washington, DC
Mount Olympus, Mt Olympus
Jeff HelligeQuickBBS
"It was actually run out of my co-sysop's townhouse, as I did all the development on a Tandy 1000HX and it didn't have a hard disk. The BBS itself ran happily off of the HX's dual floppy setup though and that is how it was tested. My cosysop's name was Mike, though I'm afraid I don't remember his last name. It was taken offline when he had a hard disk crash. Until I found your list, I no longer remembered the phone number that was used and browsing the lists for the 301/202/703 area codes brings back a lot of memories. I'm currently in the process of resurrecting Mount Olympus as a Telnet BBS, still using QuickBBS. It is already functional on my local network using NetFOSS. I currently have screenshots from one of my backups put up on my webpage at Thanks for the memories. Take care." - Jeff Hellige
Washington, DC
Energy Information , Energy Information Administration, Energy Info Admin E-Publications
US Department of Energy
Variety of Petroleum/Coal/Electricity Energy Statistic
Washington, DC
Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) BBS, SALEMDUG (D. Wade), SALEMDUG BBS, State and Local Emergency Medical, State and Local EMS, State and Local FEMA User Groups , State and Local Emergency Mgmt.
Federal Emergency Management AgencyPCBoard
Hazardous Materials/National Dam Watch/Emergency Info
Washington, DC
United States Naval Observatory BBS, USNO Time of Day (Tech Support BBS), USNO Time of Day for Clocks
US Naval Observatory
Xmits ASCII Time String - Sync Your PC to USNO Atomic Clock
Washington, DC
GPS Data/USNO ADS , The Naval Observatory, U.S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY , US Naval Observatory BBS
US Department of Commerce US Naval Observatory
Time - Date - Sunrise - Sunset - Enter @ TCO for Commands
Washington, DC
Dragon One
Beltway HackerSelf Written and Fido
"One of the first Fido systems on the East Coast.. Originator of multiple interface selection. Run on an IBM PC Jr with outrigged 640K board and 2 5meg hard drives. Eventually 2 phone lines and user chat." - Beltway Hacker
Washington, DC
ALIX II, Automated Library Info Exchange , FEDLINK ALIX II
Federal Library Information NetworkTBBS
Info on Federal Libraries -Excerpts Library of Congress News
Washington, DC
Ritual De Lo Habitual
Perry NavarroWWIV
"I was the sysop, and also the network admin for AtomicNET, which was a decently sized WWIV-based network in the 202/301/703 area. As well as a few nodes in California and Seattle." - Perry Navarro
New Britain, CT
Purgatory Node 1
Brain Dead
Nemesis Member BBS
Weston, CT
LimeLight WDE, The Fine Blue Line, World Domination Enterprises, WDE
Ron Sansone, Wylie SwansonSuperBBS, QuickBBS, Fido, etc
"after the c64 came a new phone line and new PC - this was run on a toshiba notebook with an external worm drive for the most part, later adding two 512mb scsi drives and a few cd-roms! software and name changed a few times. for most of '90/'91 the phone # forwarded to the LimeLight BBS in Wilton. " - Ron Sansone
Westport, CT
David Katz
"Can't remember the software.. it was Basic Based running on an Apple ][+ with 2 floppys and a 300 baud modem.. man, those were the days.. then I moved to Florida and started another years later..." - David Katz
Meriden, CT
Cool Coco BBS
Not tellingCustom drivers - Chaos OS for CoCo
"Cool CoCo was one of the first BBS systems operating in Connecticut in 1983. We had at least three of them running in the Meriden - Wallingford area. Using hacked sprint long distance numbers the BBS was also capable of dialing out to establish "secure" connections. We tried to sell stuff like disks & software on the BBS. It seemed that everyone that we knew was able to make, break, and copy software. Pirates didn~Rt need to buy software. The BBS was run on a slightly modified RS Color Computer. One with 128 KB memory, 3 disk drives with custom hardware interrupts. The software used was called Chaos. It was an OS that Skolnik developed and tried to sell. He was a kid genius who spoke machine code as fluently as English. The hijinks that went on in that era were a hoot. Many users made attempts at crashing the system. One time a ~Sspecial~T code was sent to BBS. A code that reformatted the drive and repetitively slammed the read/write head against the sides of the unit. Not a very nice thing to do. Most memorable moment was a loud knock on the door from an FBI agent who was investigating a bank robbery. My BBS & name was posted on a Danbury BBS that was somehow involved in the crime. Considering the mass of hacked printed sprint numbers on hand the FBI encounter was nerve rattling. Another more jaded memory was the quantity of pornography that was being distributed on the Computer Bulletin Board systems." - Anonymous
West Hartford, CT
Bruce's Bar & Grill, Bruce's Fido, Bruce's Fido (Fido #208), Bruces Bar&Grill, FIDO #208 Bruce's Fido, Ham, Veuxw'a Bar & Grill, W.Hartford Bar&Gril, W.Hartford Bar&Gril , West Hartford Bar & Grill, Bruce’s Bar & Grill
Bruce Lomasky, Bruce Lomaski, Bruce Lomansky, Bruck LomaskyFidoNet, TBBS
24-line Social System - Chat - Games - Downloads
New Hartford, CT
Hartford Info-Net, HH Info-Net BBS
Lee WinsorPC-Board
MS Windows and OS/2 Files our specialty
Fairfield, CT
Lost Horizon BBS
Adam FreedmanRed Ryder Host
"I ran this on a Mac+ with a 2400 External Modem. Those were the days." - Adam Freedman
Monroe, CT
The Periscope
David Filiatrault, Magic Fingers, The Renegade ChemistForum
Holovision Network Node 3.
Southbury, CT
Alice Cooper
T.R.F. Member BBS
Bethlehem, CT
Mike EyreTAG
"Someone I was talking to on the phone from way back in the day pointed me to this list, and like a lot of other comments I see on here, it's a trip from the past. Some of my best memories ever were from this time. I ran TAG for my software, and had it in my room just out of high school and did a few years of it while in college. Just a little single line setup, but it was popular because of my "status" online, and some affiliations with some other known hacker and pirate software boards in the area. If you needed it, I could probably get it. I ran mostly 14.4 bps on a Zoom modem (remember those?), and I would frequently chat with people on the board. Those were good times, for certain. Just one correction, as noted above, I was in Bethlehem, CT not Southbury. And it's still second nature to me now to have area codes and prefixes memorized simply from my BBS days. To this day, my best friends are people I knew and met from the boards. Funny how some things stick with you.." - Mike Eyre
Wallingford, CT
The After Board, The Vampire Connection Bbs, Vampire Connx
John Melillo, John P. Melillo, John P. Melillo aka The Vampire LestatTelegard , Renegade, Renegard, Telegard & Renegade
"In it's time, TVC was the busiest single line bbs in the entire state of Connecticut. At it's peak, it averaged almost 50 calls a day and almost 1000 minutes(out of 1440 possible) usage per day. (This doesn't count MY local time being logged on). I still have my bbs zipped up, as it was at the end. With my sysop logs intact from the entire run. My proudest thing about my bbs other the huge popularity it had was in the 9 years I ran the board, it was NEVER down for more than 8 consecutive hours. This includes my moving 3 times during that run. Ohhh. how we tried to one up one another. My bbs featured a little of everything, and that's why it was so good. Adult files, "elite" files, new shareware, and yes TEXTFILES, active local message bases, fidonet, kinknet, and my specialty was door games. Most bbs's had 5-10 online games, I scoured the Earth, and had 340+ at my peak." - John Melillo former aka ------------> The Vampire Lestat
Cheshire, Ct
Hawke, Paladine, ApocalypseMajorBBS
"Wow, first of all let me start off with thanking you for this list, just reading through it has brought back some great memories! We used to run Majorbbs with a 32 line license, though we only had 8 data lines and one voice line in the office. We had the primary line set as a hunt group (rollover) so as long as there was an open line, everyone got in. In the first 2 months of being open we had 450 active users. We also had a Nakamichi 6 disc changer loaded with shareware, adult, and more files than I care to remember. We had another line in West Haven and one more in New Britain that were forwarded to the main number, so instead of multiple nodes, we effectively made ourselves local to a large portion of the state. 8 line teleconferencing, and later on we subsribed to a national majorbbs link wich gave us internet email, usenet, and about 200 boards to teleconference with. I haven't been able to remember the name of the service for about 4 years now, and can't get ahold of the other sysops, as time seperates people. We ended up closing shop when people didn't feel like paying for service, and we didn't feel like paying for 11 phone lines and the service. The bills piled up like the national library of congress. The final blow came when we attempted to go from Majorbbs to Worldgroup, and the whole system crashed. We couldn't access the backed up system that was on tape because someone password protected it and forgot the password, and we just threw in the towel. I can honestly say that we were in the right place but the wrong time, because we had a lot of active users, but internet access was just becoming available, and we couldn't afford to provide it. Those were the happiest days of my life then, reliving them through this list has made me weepy for ancient technology, long nights, and caffeine. Keep up the good work!"
Oakville, CT
H.T.T. BBS, HTT, High Tech Theft
Dave Radix, Otho RadixPC-Board
Holovision Network Node 4
East Hartford, CT
Hard Core Cafe, Loaded Deck
Starquest & Billy "The Other Sysop" BlazeBBS Express, BBS Express Professional
"It was run on an Atari 800XL. Some users refused to believe it because it ran faster than the IBM boards at the time, plus it had ANSI support and 80 column menus. It was one of the few boards that didn't believe in rules and real names. If you didn't use a handle, you got deleted. And I know I ticked off a few other sysops in the area and across the network... ]:->" - Billy Blaze
Piper'S Pit
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Prisoners Member BBS
Stamford, CT
VISAR (Rueckgauer Systems Technical Support)
Jeff RueckgauerVirtual Services Exchange (VSX)
"VISAR (acronym for Virtual Information Storage and Retrieval) was the online technical and customer support facility for Rueckgauer Systems between 1983 and 1986. It ran on the company's proprietary Virtual Services Exchange platform, which provided seamless integration between the BBS and the internal network for electronic mail, schedule, message boards, FAQs, file libraries and transfers. This vastly simplified sysop tasks, as the BBS appeared to be just another folder on the local network. It also freed-up the modem connection typically used by a sysop dialing in to do maintenance, or be present.

"Callers could use any conventional communication/terminal program, such as Hayes Smartcom or Procomm+ for a standard TTY or ANSI interface. Callers using Rueckgauer Systems' vxC comm program in DOSMENU or DOSMENU/VS, or who were on Wang OIS or VS systems, interacted with the site exactly as if it were part of their local computer or internal network resources, using the DOSMENU user interface (which was a clone of the Wang OIS interface). Messages/discussion boards appeared as Wang or VSX mail or message boards; file libraries appeared as folders on their computer or shared from their server.

"VISAR was more like a modern-day website than the typical company BBS of the day. The BBS provided clients direct interaction with the internal project management, customer service and accounting systems.

"VISAR's first host was an IBM XT running DOSMENU/VS 1.1 with 640K and two external Hayes 2400 modems. The hardware was upgraded to an IBM AT running DOSMENU/VS 2.0 in early 1985 with two 4-port serial boards supporting 8 Hayes 2400 modems. The final host was an IBM PS/2 Model 80 running DOSMENU/VS 5.2 with 8mb of memory, a 320mb drive, and two 16-port serial boards with a mix of 2400 and 9600 Hayes modems. The host was connected to the network at first using a Davong ARCnet LAN; it was replaced with an IBM PC Network LAN in 1985.

"The VISAR BBS was phased out during 1988 as Rueckgauer Systems moved its support platform to CompuServe. It was shutdown on October 28, 1988, coinciding with the company's relocation to Boston. The DOSMENU/VS product line sold over 10K copies of the Server product and over 40K copies of the Workstation and standalone product between introduction in 1983 and discontinuation in 1991."

Shelton, CT
HandiCap news, Handicap News,! , The Handicap News, The HandiCap News BBS, Handicap News BBS
Bill McGarryOpus
List of BBS List Keepers: BBS with Handicapped Focus/Bill MCGarry
Middletown, CT
Dark Knight BBS
Tony Torello
"Elite board that ran 7pm - 7 am only on a 386dx40 and Supra 14.4. We branded this BBS number onto more VPIC .gifs than you could count. Renegade board with a warez/phreak/hack element - The Bat Cave" - Batman (Tony Torello)
New Milford, CT
Cryptic Den
Crypt Roamer
Fantasy Member BBS
Bridgeport, CT
Pleasure Palace ]I[
Nancy VaineMaximus
"I have no idea what possessed you to take on this project, but thank you. Looking through these pages and considering the work you've obviously done reminds me of the reasons why I put up the BBS in the first place: the online community I found at the time was so close, friendly, and eager to help that I felt I wanted to give back a little bit of all the kindness that was offered to me. Thank you." - Nancy Vaine
Bridgeport, CT
Dave's Cave, Dave's Fido, Dave's Cave Opus
Dave Beaudoin, Dave an BobFidoNet, Fido/Opus
"Dave's Cave opus started out as Dave's Fido,, running Fido BBS ,, then later changed to Dave's Cave Opus, we where fido net/nod 141/280. first running at 300 baud then uping to 2400 at the end,,,in are last year we had 600+ users from all over the world!" - Dbeaudoin
Bridgeport, CT
Pleasure Palace, The Pleasure Palace BBS
Ken LashOpus / Maximus
"This was an Awesome time. a time a greatness and community. You could really learn a lot and make a difference. The average person could dedicate a little time and make a huge impact on others lives. I miss all those times. A special thanks to Terry Wodek (RIP) who got me started. A special thans to Robert Somers my Best friend (Pleasure Palace II) and Nancy Vaine (Pleasuer Palace ]I[)" - Ken Lash
Bridgeport, CT
Psycho Ward BBS
Dennis The Menace RyanCnet Amiga
"Psycho Ward BBS took 93rd place in 1993 on the Boardwatch Top 100 BBS list in their magazine. It was a 5 line system." - Dennis Ryan
Stratford, CT
Arrakis ][
"Ran this bbs, for a few years for my friends, at one time actually had 2 lines, got into it as a co-sysop on Starfleet HQ (which ran for about 4 years 91-95), an co-sysop as Warlocks Den, ahh the good days where you had to do more then just click to get online =) Started out on an atari 800xl with a 300 baud modem.. =)" - Sirun-Z
New London, CT
Dungeon Of Who, Line Noise BBS, LineNoise BBS, UZI SUICIDE #1
Don Beck, Dondog , Don Dog Paragon
Paradise Member BBS Paradise Member BBS
North Branford, CT
The A-Zone BBS
Bruce PantaniRoboBBS
"This site ran RoboBBS and supported the graphical RoboTerm client. It also had a large CD-Rom changer archive and featured internet email for users at (If I recall correctly)" - Bruce Pantani
Torrington, CT
Conn-Quest , Conn-Quest BBS
David Pfeffer, Dave PfefferPCBoard, PC-Board
"I was googling and was amazed to find this, how cool. I ran this :) Though it was in New Hartford, we just had the Torrington phone exchange. I don't remember what years I ran it, it was a long time ago. I now run a crappy website called - keep up the good work, I loved those old times :)" - Sysop of Conn-Quest
Manchester, CT
Ken's BBS - later renamed Ken's PNTI
I'm Kevin Brook, the creator of a Connecticut BBS List that I maintained from 1990-1993. Please read my email to you dated May 11, 2020 for some more additions to your area code 203 list when you get the chance. Tom McDonald took over editing my list in 1993 and 1994 and you have his versions of the list on your server as well as 3 versions of my list (my email provided the URLs of my versions), and his versions contain even more listings you're missing such as Late Nite BBS (203-238-3768) in Meriden, CT which ran Spitfire software and was open as of September 1994. My email is
Grid,a. -1279, The Grid, The Grid BBS
Doug FieldsMagpie , Magpie Xenix
Domain Name was admiral.uucp. Had UNIX shell access with Usenet and E-mail.
Windsor, CT
Windsor Manor
Jim TaylorRBBS
Over 27 Online Adventure Games
New Hartford, CT
H H InfoNet, H.H. InfoNet, HH Info-Net BBS, Hounds Haven BBS, Info-Net Multiline, Laser Ganes Int'l PCB, H.H. InfoNet.
Lee Winsor, Glenn FieldPCBoard, PC-Board
1200-9600 baud
Danbury, CT
The African Dream
Andy ShakinovskyMaximus, BinkleyTerm
"Hardware at the time of closing: IBM PC XT clone running at 10mhz, 640k of RAM, 20 meg hard drive, 2400 baud external USRobotics Courier modem (bought for $100 from Randy Devaux, the sysop of Star Trek (bbs:203-775-6198) to replace the 1200 baud generic modem that was flaking out). Up and running day and night in my bedroom while I was in high-school until I left home." - Andy Shakinovsky
Danbury, CT
CreativeEdge,!, Paradise IV, The Creative Edge!, Creative Edge BBS
Scott Wilson, Kevin BrookOpus
List of BBS List Keepers: Connecticut AC 203/Kevin Brook

ListKeeper: Connecticut AC 203

New Fairfield, CT
Dave FarisAll American BBS
"Bohemia was a Commodore 64 warez board. The software, message board and download files were all stored on a single 1541 floppy drive." - Dave Faris
Waterbury, CT
Info-Net, Micro-Net
Karl Ramonascustom
"Hi, I was just browsing the internet, and came accross your site. I am Karl Ramonas, the founder of micro-net. Actually, I began in 1980 as spectra-board. I am a developer, and i developed all the software myself, the BBS later became info-net, then micro-net micronet is actually still in existance ( , once the internet came about, i became an internet ISP, and in 1999 sold to a public company during the internet boom. i know alot of history about the early days in connecticut, i was actually one of the first 2 bbs's in connecticut, the other was called cool-coco, run by someone named cliff skolnick (also a developer)." - Karl Ramonas
New Haven, CT
New Haven
FrEdMail System
Orange, CT
B.O.M.C., B.O.M.C.(Bored of the Month Club)
Ellen SnyderOpus, Fidonet
"This board originally went under various names such as Fido High School, and Fido Mansion, but I finally changed it to Bored of the Month Club. It orignally ran on a Columbia PC Clone, an 8088 with a 20 meg hard drive and a 1200 baud U.S. Robotics modem." - Ellen Snyder
Orange, CT
Gold Barr BBS
Gary BarrPC Board
"I ran a PC Board BBS with forums, doors, downloads on a Radio Shack Tandy 1000 [8086] with a 20 meg hard drive." - Gary Barr
New Britain, CT
Purgatory Node 2
Brain Dead
Nemesis Member BBS
New Britain, CT
Purgatory Node 3
Brain Dead
Nemesis Member BBS
New Britain, CT
Purgatory Node 4
Brain Dead
Nemesis Member BBS
Montville, CT
Dox Domus, Horus BBS
Jacob Altovito, Pat Trainor, The Z
Independent Member BBS
Oakdale, CT
Steve EngrattARB BBS (C64)
"Ran on a 1541, 1571 and two 1581 drives - a boatload of storage at the time." - Steve Engratt
Norwalk, CT
Ralph Kramden & The LunaticGBBS Pro
"We started Milliways as an easy way to leave messages for my parents when I went away to college, but it quickly became MUCH more than that. In fact, it got to the point where it was so busy that I had trouble logging in myself! We ran on an Apple //c with an external 800k 3.5" drive and a USRobotics Courier 2400 modem. The board ran strong until we had a winter day in 1995 with multiple power outages that killed the power supply for the //c. I was planning to move to Texas shortly thereafter and, alas, Milliways saw its last caller. I did give the software (which included a lot of customizations by both myself and The Shadow, who ran Treasure Vault ][) to a fellow who said he would run the BBS on his machine, but I'm not sure what happened after that. Great, great times. --Ralph Kramden (boy -- THERE's a handle/signoff I haven't typed in a LONG time!)"
Greenwich, C
BMBBS The Firehouse, The Firehouse, The Firehouse BBS, The F][re House, The F][re House
"Started off with a couple of 5.25 disk drives on an Apple ][ with external Hayes Micromodem 1200 and 128k. Ended up with Promodem 9600 and dual disk Iomega bernoulli box. The BBS was featured on the front page of the Greenwich Time and an issue of inCider Magazine. The SYSOP was the Director of Telecommunications @ Greenwich Hospital and is now their CIO." - Jimmy Weeks
Milford, CT
The Dark Knight BBS
Gordon Murray, Bill MurrayCNET
"24/7 bbs running on a C64, 1200/2400 BPS Hayes then Supra, (3)1541 drives complete with fan running so they would not over-heat. A elite BBS running warez, online games, chat rooms etc.. I wish I had the opening page file still. It was a nice picture of the batman logo above a building done by a friend of mine that was brilliant for a ansi graphic." - Gordon Murray
Vernon, CT
Bruce WaltonRBBS
"Running the BBS was a blast. I was one of the few BBSes in my part of the state which meant I received a good variety of users. Configuring the computer to run the BBS was an adventure since it was an original IBM PC with 512K and two floppy drives." - Bruce Walton
Milford, CT
Tom Sawyer's Island
Jim Santa Barbara, Today's Tom Sawyer (Jim Santa Barbara)Virtual BBS (VBBS)
"I was the SysOp of Tom Sawyer's Island BBS in 1994 (203-877-2864). It's pretty amazing to see that a listing for it still exists in some form on the Internet. I ran Virtual BBS (VBBS) and I got a lot of help from another SysOp in town (David Bell). In the late '80s / early '90s, I had run a Commodore 64 1200 Baud BBS called Highpoint on Color64 software, I believe on the same phone line as the later BBS. Good times! Thanks for bringing back a memory for me." - Jim Santa Barbara
Milford, CT
The Hour Glass
Michael VignolaVBBS (OS/2)
"The current entry is correct, according to my knowledge, but I'd like to add that a second line existed at 878-4276. Originally it was a 14.4k, trailing the primary's 19.2k V.everything. I guess that could give a timeframe for its introduction. Michael (sysop) mentioned to me how he had to sweet talk the phone company into getting him another line (he was up to 5 or 6 at the time.. what the others were for I do not know)." - Unknown
Seymour, CT
Oxford, Ct
Airshow, Airshow BBS, The AirShow
Carol RexSpitfire
"AirShow was restarted in Ocala, Florida in 1993 and had a final landing in 1998." - Carol Rex,
Shelton, CT
Handicap News (141/420), The Handicap News, The Handicap News BBS
Bill McGarryOpus , MAXIMUS
ListKeeper: BBS With Handicapped Focus
Putnam, CT
The X-Files BBS Database, U.S.S. Excelsior NXC
Peter WhiteSCBBS, Oblivion/2
"My BBS went though 3 phases with some gaps (less then a year) between them. The first BBS was started about 86 on a CoCo2 with a single 5.25" drive called 'CoCo Masters Corner' on a 300bps modem. I do not recall the name of the s/w as it was some free published code out of rainbow magazine. Then I upgraded to the CoCo3, 2400bps and dual drives. I ended up buying some software called TMBBS (Time Machine BBS) which I heavily modified/re-wrote with the original programmers blessing (Paul from St. Louis whom I worked with. He included some of my mods into the core code base) and re-named SCBBS (Supreme Color BBS due to the great color ANSI graphics support of the s/w). I named the BBS 'The USS Excelsior'. The great thing about TMBBS it had 4 built in online games folks logged in could play and interact/fight with other users who would get a message next time they logged in (did not support multi-player). A D&D type game, a future trade wars type game, a text adventure you could bring your D&D character into and a casio where you could gamble (blackjack 21, slots, horse racing, dice) your loot from either of the other games. Around 92 I migrated over to a IBM and setup the final BBS, Called the 'X-Files BBS database' and ran it on Obv/2 software. I ended up running 2 physical lines with a 3rd one locally (I could log in at the PC locally while 2 other people were logged in via the nodes). I was on fidomail and with a few friends who ran BBS's even set up our own echomail network for awhile me being the central hub. Around 94 due to real lise issues I finally went off like BBS wise for good and witht he boom of the net never restarted for obvious reasons. This was a great time and I recall many fun and of course drama filled events I could perhaps write a book on. Needless to say it certainly was not a unexciting time in my life and am quite glad I was riding the wave of this once great hobby." - Peter White
West Haven, CT
Corey's BBS, Coreys BBS
Corey CavalierSpitfire v2.4
"Corey's BBS was also a Fidonet Node from 1994 - 1999." - Corey Cavalier
West Haven, CT
Reality Check
Inner Vision [iCe]Renegade
"ANSI Board, ICE Affiliated." - Inner Vision
Redding, CT
Gumby's Hotline BBS and DDial
Sean LangfordACOS / Diversi Dial #9
"Dual system; apple II based BBS and apple II based 7 line chat system." - Sean Langford
Les' Place, Nexus Computer Systems
Leslie BesterWaffle
"One of the first hobbyist BBSs to offer Internet e-mail and some Usenet newsgroups. It got its feed from the University of Manitoba. A Waffle City Distribution Site." - Frootloop
Portage La Prairie, MB
Kelvin KrastelMaximus
"I started on the Commodore 64 with a 300 baud modem running 64Exchange (I think). Then upgraded to a 1200 Baud modem when they were bleeding edge! Cost me a ton o money back then. Then into an IBM XT (4.77Mhz - Rocking!) and I can't remember the software package I used on the XT but I do remember getting my first 386 and the first thing to go on it was RBBS. A bitch to configure but it was very nice and stable (A MUST back then). Then on to GENESIS as a beta tester, then GENESIS Deluxe. Finally finding the most flexible package I'd ever seen in a BBS package called Maximus. I recall it had it's own programming language inside it based on C and Pascal and some other languages. MEX I believe it was. Anyway I ran that for the final years until the Internet came along. Thank God for that! Kelvin Krastel. Kelvin at Krastel dot com." - Kevin Krastel
Winnipeg, MB
The Weyr, Futures Imperfect
Shawn Bremaud (Ashrael / Draven)Renegade, iNiQUiTY
"Got my first computer in 93, 486 SX33 IBM clone with a 14.4k modem. Once I started figuring things out, found the BBS scene and immediately wanted to be a part of it. Launched "The Weyr" in 94 using Renegade. A year or two later i found iNiQUiTY BBS software (by Mike Fricker) and after much tinkering relaunched my BBS as "Futures Imperfect". At some point in there, also created the HiPNet messaging network. Made some great friends in those days and I still miss the feeling of community that was part and parcel of the BBS experience." - Shawn Bremaud
Eco Communications, Econet World H.Q., The Firin' Squad, The Modem Zone BBS
Jordan FirthRenegade
"One of the Central Distribution Hubs for Renegade." - Jordan Firth
Winnipeg, MB
Flaming Telepaths BBS
Ben Strewons, Bungo Pony (Ben Strewons)Mystic
"Nice to see my board mentioned here! I was definately the late comer in the BBS scene. I still have the whole board archived onto CD-Roms, and have been threatening to go Telnet for years. My board originally went up on Aug. 20, 2000 and was taken down on July 30, 2001 when I was financially strapped and forced to move. The board was running Infusion BBS software for the first two weeks it was up. As I recall, there was a problem with the software's memory swapping and it wouldn't let me run games like LORD. I lost a few users because of that, and I quickly switched over to Mystic which I was very happy with. Before I took the board down, I was working on setting up internet access for those who wanted it, mainly the users with 2400 baud modems (there were quite a few). I got my feeds from Echo Beach BBS, and I arranged what was probably the last BBS Bash at The Forks in Winnipeg on Aug. 18, 2001 (five people attended including me). For the year that my board was up, it did quite well. I got some new people into BBSing and accumulated a total of 75 users. When Robin's Universe announced that it was going down, I spammed every one of his users, telling them to come over to my board. Many of them did. Thanks for putting up this page and bringing back some very fond memories!" - Bungo Pony (Ben Strewons)
Winnipeg, MB
Fire & Brimstone, Fire & Brimstone BBS
Chris Stone, Truckman, The Phantom, The Phantom Truckman, Chris StoneeBBS (C64)
"One of the longer running Winnipeg BBSs. It ran on a C64 for a long time then switched to Amiga." - Frootloop

"Hi there. I'm the original SysOp of the BBS. How fondly I remember those days back in the early 90's. I started my bbs using a C64c computer and a 1541-2 disk drive. I had a crappy 1200 baud modem (Volksmodem) and sold it for a 1200 baud Commodore one. I upgraded to an Amiga 1 year later and had 3 floppy drives and a single 45 Megabyte hard drive. I ran the system from my my folks place. In 1993 I moved out and decided to stop the BBS. A few months later I sold my Amiga system for cheap, and didn't own a computer for 10 years. (Although I work in computers, I never owned one until 2003). I currently own and operate my own blog, I love cars - and it shows. I invite you to visit my site and say hello. Thank you for mentioning my humble web site in your list. How I loved to hear people dial up and spend their time writing messages on my old system; I really appreciated their time. Sadly, with all things, they must end. But thanks again for mentioning my site." - Stoneman / The Phantom / Truckman / Chris Stone

Compu Tech, Draco
Dave RoseWaffle
"One of the first hobbyist BBSs to offer Internet e-mail and some Usenet newsgroups." - Frootloop
System 6626
Victor SpicerWaffle
"One of the first hobbyist BBSs to offer Internet e-mail and some Usenet groups. It got its feed from the University of Manitoba." - Frootloop
Winnipeg, MB
The Prime Directive
Jason SmithSynchronet OS/2
"Well, this was unexpected to run across. Brings back a lot of memories. Many late nights tweaking and expanding upon the BBS. Programming new scripts and error trapping them. Those were the good ole days... I think I have a backup copy of the full system on zip disk somewhere around here. Well thank you for reminding me of some fun times..." - Jason Smith
Winnipeg, MB
The Outworld BBS
Lloyd Hannesson, DasmeRenegade
"I ran this BBS up until I had to move. Back up and running as a telnet only system now." - Dasme
Winnipeg, MB
Man-Hub-7, Man-Net-NC, Manitoba Net, NLA-3, NLA-7, NLA-Hub-7, The Land BBS
Chuck CollinsEBBS (C64), Maximus, EBBS 64, Dark BBS
"This was a long running system in Winnipeg. It was originally a very popular C64 BBS in the 1980s, featuring lots of lively chat on the message boards (in 40 columns of glory), and fun software to download (especially from Europe). It later switched to the Amiga. A Usenet message circa 1989 mentions it running a "tweaked" version of Dark BBS (C64) with a 2400bps modem, and 1541 and 1571 Commodore drives for storage." - Frootloop

"This was considered the premier Commodore BBS in Winnipeg in the late 80's and beyond. The line was almost always busy. Its name, The Land, was inspired by the "Thomas Covenant" science fiction series by Stephen R. Donaldson. The Sysop went by the handle "Lord Foul," based on a character from the books." - Brendan

Winnipeg, MB
Crime Wave, Nuke, Yeah Whatever
Jamie Ginter(Tchaikovsky)Renegade
"Was the WHQ For splash which was an ascii art group but it died shortly after the Board closed down." - Nat Price
Winnipeg, MB
Generic BBS
Victor LakingMagpie , TriBBS, Homemade
"Generic BBS first ran on a C=64 with a homemade program that was adapted from a Coco BBS that was running at the time. 300 BAUD modem ($800+ for 1200 BAUD at the time...) Later it switched to an IBM using TriBBS and a 2400 BAUD modem. One of the main goals for the system was to be as simple to use and friendly conversations. Generic BBS was also home to the most comprehensive and accurate BBS list available at the time." - Victor Laking

ListKeeper: Known Networks

ListKeeper: Manitoba , Canada List AC 204

Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Inquiring Mind
Waffle, Tod Christien
"One of the first hobbyist BBSs to offer Internet e-mail and some Usenet groups. It got its feed from the University of Manitoba." - Frootloop
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Silicon Synapse Electronics
John Kamchen
"A support BBS for the Sysop's Amiga hardware projects." - Frootloop
Wolfgang ErnickeTransAmiga
Amiga Only BBS
Winnipeg, MB
Outer Space
Chris WachalRenegade
"This BBS started running Hermes on a Mac Plus before I bought a PC and switched to Renegade. I ran a wide variety of BBS games and tried to encourage people to run RPGs in my message boards. I met some of my best friends while running this board." - Chris Wachal
Alphanet, Cybercom, Cybernetic Communications Network, Cyberspace, Muddy Water Computer Society BBS, Muddy Waters UG, MWCS Admin, MWUG, Software Etc
Gord Tulloch (-=Overlord=-), Terry Smythe
"Wow, what a blast from the past - I ran a google on my own name when they bragged they had doubled their index size and noticed your listing for my BBSes, thanks for listing me. Just to amplify comments on the local BBS scene, the Sysops for most of the boards used to get together at Garbonzo's Pizza at 12AM on Sunday morning to shoot the sh** and talk about the scene, until they kicked us out at 3 or so, then to the local pool hall til 6AM or so. The group called itself the Looney Club. A core of members that did house parties and other early morning bashes were the Hardcore Looney Club. Some of those guys I still see on occasion and are still friends for life. Here's some additional info on various incarnations of my own BBS: 1986-1988 "AlphaNet" Software: AppleNet. Ran on an Apple //e under DOS3.3 with two disk drives (total of 252K of disk!) and a 300bps modem 1988-1990 "Cybernetic Communications Network" Hardware: IBM PC XT with 10mb hard disk (later expanded to a 30mb) running RBBS and later Wildcat One of the first FIDONET nodes in Manitoba off YCN. 1990-1993 "Muddy Water Computer Society BBS" Hardware: Clone XT, 240mb disk, running RBBS (?) Online BBS for the Muddy Water Computer Society, which was originally the Muddy Water Osborne Group which ran an RCP/M at 204-832-4593 from about 1985 til it moved to MSDOS and my basement. The hard drives were pulls from the Burroughs mainframe as I recall and generated so much heat I didn't need baseboard heat in my office all winter. My parents probably wondered why their Hydro bill was so high! Eventually the BBS was moved to a commercial office owned by one of the members and grew into a 6 (?) line system with many hundreds of megs of software before the Internet made it irrelevant in about 1997." - Gord Tulloch
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ariel II
Bruce WalzerAriel (Forth Language)
"A classic Winnipeg BBS which was unabashadly dedicated to the highly technical computer, electronics and radio (HAM, etc.) enthusaist. The unique multi-user BBS with its simple to use command line interface was created from scratch by the Sysop, Bruce Walzer, in the Forth programming language on a stand alone 4 MHz Z-80 Forth system. By 1992 it was running on an 8 MHz 80186 - still perfectly adequate for the focus of the BBS. Bruce's friend, Greg Moeller, wrote his own BBS in C and copied the popular Ariel interface, launching the venerable 5-user multi-line Ariel III BBS, which later became known as Eric the BBS. (Some people didn't like the name change.)" - Frootloop
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Leather and Lace
Chris Bourgeois
"An X-rated adult BBS which was one of eight BBSs busted in coordinated raids by the Winnipeg Police in 1993, for hosting hardcore images and videos in violation of a recent Supreme Court ruling on obscenity. Those systems were the first to be investigated due to the new ^ some say, obscure ^ laws, and similar raids would soon take place in Toronto. In a May 21, 1993, Winnipeg Free Press story, the Sysop of Leather and Lace said he wasn't breaking the law and vowed to re-open the BBS within days. Wired Magazine reported that most of the cases were settled by the operators receiving small fines or suspended sentences." - Frootloop
Selkirk, Manitoba
Bowman's BBS
William Barrie Bowman (VE4UB)PCBoard
"Run by amateur radio operator VE4UB. The Bowman Micro-Software Ltd. web site declares, "... proud to have provided the longest surviving privately owned bulletin board service in Canada!"" - Frootloop
Winnipeg, MAN
Davy's Booty
Mony Dave, Dungeon Lord, TigerSilicon Calley
"Tis I, Moby Dave, Who ran Davy's Booty way back on a c64 had an awsome 1000 k of storage Space... LOL. Just discovered this BBS list on July 31 2004 don't know if it's still up to date or not. P.S. I think I was the guy that bought that only copy od Silicon Valley Any of my ole pals out there pls email me at" - Moby Dave
Winnipeg, MB
Silicon Valley
Robert HayesCustom (RBBS)
"I'm a little sketchy on the dates and the phone number, but I recall being one of the first Sysops in Winnipeg to write a homegrown BBS program for the Commodore 64. It took up the entire 38K BASIC RAM, as well as several more K for machine language subroutines. At the time, EBBS was what everyone was using. Silicon Valley became quite popular, although I only managed to sell one copy.

Being a teenager, living at home, I ran the system (with an extra 1541 drive donated by my friend) from my room upstairs! I think I shut the system down just as was heading into college.

There was a HUGE BBS crowd back then in Winnipeg. We had regular parties, with people showing up from all over the BBS scene. It was really quite a great time.

I hope the project goes well. BBSing was not just an online community, it was a way of life for a lot of us. " - Robert Hayes

Winnipeg, MB
Tony LettermunGeneric C-64
"Generic C-64 code modified by Kirk Firth (Coco Master) who also worked on Victor Laking's web site. Comedy, crass, and moronic stupidity." - Tony Lettermun
Hawklord Software Tech, Hawklord Software Technologies, HST-BBS
Robert McGeachy
"The BBS ran on an Amiga. During its later years it became a UFO/fringe oriented BBS with a large collection of text files." - Frootloop
Winnipeg, MB
The Digital Den
Brendan SchulmanEBBS 128
"At the time, the only BBS system in Winnipeg running the C-128 version of EBBS (80 columns). It also had the distinction of having the only hard drive operating on a Commodore-based bulletin board at the time: The 20-MB Lt. Kernal. 20 MB seemed like an unlimited amount of storage back then!" - Brendan Schulman
Winnipeg, MB
Smorgas Board, 9900 Board, Winnipeg 99/4 Users
Charles Carlson
"Ran on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4 or 4A computer and was the Winnipeg 99/4 Users' Group support BBS." - Roof of Clouds
Crucible Games
"A pay gaming service which let people play multi-user games such as Warcraft II and Duke Nukem 3D." - Frootloop
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Advanced Technologies E-Mail Services, IMP-2, ISO-12
Ray Henry, Jason SmithSynchronet - OS/2
"Wow. I was directed to this site by someone that claimed this list existed. It does, and there I am. There was only a couple of OS/2 boards up around here as I recall. David Storey had one, I think. I can't recall the exact numbers at this time, but we had well over 100 users, and were part of pretty well every *net. Tons of door games. The board was previously run as "Rubber Room", but attracted too many modem kiddies. I think it was up for about a year before we gave up cleaning it up, and simply changed the name. But times change, and now I have web servers rather than a BBS running in my home....." - Ray Henry
Open Access
David WetherowWildcat
"From a 1990 Usenet posting: OPEN ACCESS specializes in the area of adaptive communications and computer access for people with disabilities. It is designed to provide information, idea-sharing, access and con-nections for people with disabilities, professionals, and interested citizens." - Frootloop
Blue Sky Communications Network
Original (Sparc)
This was Winnipeg's Freenet system. It offered Internet e-mail and limited access to the web.
Montgomery, AL
Forbidden Realm, The Forbidden Realm
Joe Weiss (aka) The BossVBBS/RoboboardFX
"I found my BBS on your list and that is exciting. I am Joe Weiss ( -=< The Boss >=- ). This BBS was grown from The Stack Shack BBS (a single node BBS running Wildcate) to a multi-node BBS running WWIV in Florida. With WWIV we started down the path of worldwide messages with FidoNET. That lead to the change to VBBS and the addition of several other message bases including my own creation called MysticNET which had nodes all across America. In 1993 the BBS was re-located to Alabama from Florida. In 1994/95 we went from being just a BBS to a full fledged ISP (WorldNet) and eventually had over 50 nodes." - Joe Weiss
Decatur, AL
North Alabama Net, The Log House BBS
Kerry GrissettWildcat!
"I really miss the old days before the Internet took over. It was more of a real community experience and you got to know people a lot better. I am writting only to correct the dates of operation of my BBS. Although it first started with a non-dedicated phone line using a Ident-A-Ring box, a 2400 MNP modem and our one and only phone line (limited hours at first), I soon added a dedicated phone line and upgraded the modem to a USR. At the time, 14,400 bps was SUPER fast! (grin) Never made any profit from the BBS or even came close to breaking even, but that was never the point anyway. With the help of Jeff Fuller (ByteSwap) and Don Thompson (Cyclone BBS) I was able to not only enjoy being a BBS user/contributor, but also operate my own moderately successful (how do you judge success?) for over 5 years before divorce and the Internet forced me out. In any case, thanks for taking the time to compile all this BBS "trivia". Brings back some good memories." - Kerry Grissett
Tuscaloosa, AL
Shades of Grey
Joy Glass (Bandit)VBBS
"Shades of Grey died due to a hardware crash the day after Christmas... that and a corrupt floppy disk." - Joy Glass (Bandit)
Tuscaloosa, AL
The Pentagon
Grant DeasonCnet 128, All-American BBS and Syntech at different times
"Commodore 128-based system (I *think* that phone number is correct, the cobwebs are thick!), ultimately running on 4 daisy-chained floppy drives, 512K RAM expansion pack (total system memory 640K, woohoo!). First Commodore system in the local calling area to support 2400 bps connects, ran at 1200 before that time. Commodore transfer protocols included XModem and Punter (which was faster because it checked for errors less often). Fun stuff. :)" - Grant Deason
Mobile, AL
TDS (The Dark Side)
Randy MorrowColor 64
"The mid 1980's were a great time to have a BBS. I truly enjoyed every aspect of it. I ran my system on a C64 and we (as I was told) were the first system in Alabama to have the Color 64 BBS as well as our very on online space game (argh! I can't remember the name!). Also, we were the first to have a posting called "The Never Ending Story" where users would write new chapters to a story (this got us in the paper!). We ended up having a very active 350+ members with many calling in from Europe (pretty cool in the day!). Lastly, I was excited to have had a feature story done on us and our sister site "The Hotel California" (also in Mobile - by Ken Lowe) in the Mobile Press Register. I met many a friend through my site. (I hope I got the number right...we actually had Tshirts made / with number / hmm)." - Randy Morrow
Cullman, AL
Southern Breeze
Jimmy BondsSynchronet
"Hello, and a HUGE Pat on the back for one hell of a job! I was blow away when i seen this, and even more so when I seen our little backwoods country town BBS listed! KuDoo's! on a job well done and the heart to keep history alive! It is Back! Telnet accessible as well as Dialup at same location although they changed our area code, and I tried to recover the number but couldn't so its now 256-739-8564 telnet webpage only the one dialup mostly for fido but publicly accessiable If theres any way to add that info when you do update the dates please let me know! and again thank you for putting a HUGE smile back on my face and a feeling of pride in seeing the little box make the list only had about 400 or so user in her prime but was a time I will never forget, and if all goes we will be repeating again." - Jim Bonds
Dothan, AL
Ody RameyPcboard
"This is great that someone has compiled a list for us hard core computer guys that worked so hard back in the day. I ran DataLink BBS in Dothan Alabama. I was just sending in so you could correct the listing. It was a multiple line (3 lines) BBS in Dothan Alabama. You show it listd in Birmingham, Al. They changed the area code some years ago to 334. The phone numbers were all 205 if I can remember correctly. 205-792-1802, 205-677-3086 and 205-677-7432... Thanks bunches." - Ody Ramey
Bayou La Batre, AL
StarBase 15
Jeremy A CollierWildcat
This BBS was started for Star Trek Fans and File Sharing in the South Mobile County Area and the Greater Mobile Area." - Jeremy A. Collier
Auburn, AL
Tiger Town BBS
Brian BlackburnTelegard
"Hi, this is Brian Blackburn, the sysop of tiger town bbs. I can't believe you had this listing.:) That was a LONG time ago. I comend you for putting this together. One error I did see was that I wasn't in T town I was in Auburn." - Brian Blackburn
The Ready Room
JaegerVirtual Advanced
"I still have the whole board backed up on tape somewhere. I finally took the board down because of hardware problems, and I didn't feel like rebuilding it on a new machine. Boy, was I mad about the downfall of BBS's." - Jaeger
Huntsville, AL
The Bird's Nest BBS
Martin PattersonPCBoard, PC Board
"Kye and Henry were later co-sysops and helped me run the board. Prior to running PC-Board, the BBS was called "Heartbreak Ridge BBS" and I ran it on R.O.S. - Remote Operating System. I'm pretty sure the timeline was 1988 to 1992." - Jeff McCord
Albertville, AL
The Edge of CyberSpace
Brandon CrawfordVBBS
"[From 1995 Logon Screen Capture]... Running under VBBS, 2 Nodes Zoom/Hayes 4.0 GIGAS On-line, (205)891-3403 & (205)891-4434 Sysop: Brandon Crawford." - Brandon Crawford
Huntsville, AL
NASA SpaceLink, NASA's Space Link, NASA Spacelink
Bill Anderson, Marshall Space Flight Center
NASA Educational Affairs Div. - Flight Data/Space History
Birmingham, AL
The Alter Ego
Maggie Harden HensonPC Board
"This board ran on an improbability factor based on pure illogic. Our motto was "Chaos rules" because we couldn't spell "Anarchy"." - Maggie Harden Henson
Fairhope, AL
PURPLE 12, Purple 12
Purp-Op (Thomas Dougherty)Forem ST, Forem XT
"Purple 12 was published in Antic Magazine, and now here. Those were some of the best days of my life!" - Thomas Dougherty
West Blocton, AL
The Hanging Tree, The Round Table
Michael StaggsWWIV, Telegard
"This BBS had a byline "Bham's Only Occult BBS" and I actually had occult feeds from Modem Magick in El Cajon, CA as well as FIDOnet (and I believe WWIVnet) feeds from The DuckPond BBS in Birmingham. It was actually boycotted by several Christian groups in Birmingham, AL." - Michael Staggs

"This BBS was a bit controversial because of the name. However, at the time, I was a Christian and took the name "The Hanging Tree" as a reference to the cross. Rumors circulated that I was a racist and the name was a racist reference, however, it couldn't have been further from the truth. After I gave up Christianity in 1990 and became an occultist, the name was changed to The Round Table and you have an entry for that already." - Michael Staggs

Birmingham, AL
Birmingham Microcomputer Group
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue).
Burien, Seattle, WA
Sidhe Mail, SidheMail
Herb Mitchell, HR MitchellSuperBBS, Wildcat!
"SidheMail originally ran under SuperBBS and migrated over to WildCat!5 just as Mustang sold it to Santronics. It was a one-node BBS for most of its existence, as the second line was our home number and couldn't be used for the BBS all of the time. We carried FIDO, PODS and a few other, smaller networks including one from Australia called NuitNet. It was a great time to be a Sysop." - HR Mitchell
Seattle, WA
Dark Tower
Nicodemus, Psychotic CircusCit, Citadel
"I just wanted to get the SysOp names listed here, and I'm honored that our BBS made it to this list." - N. Tresch
Seattle, WA
Glen GormanMinibin
"Orbiter ran on a Citadel room system named MiniBin. It was written in Level II basic for the TRS-80 Model I by the sysop, Glen Gorman. The last known hardware the board ran on was an LNW-80 (A Model I clone) with a pair of 8" floppy drives."
Renton, WA
Tech Alliance Line, Tech Alliance Line 1, The A P P L E Crate, The Apple Crate, The A.P.P.L.E. Crate
A.P.P.L.E. StaffTBBS, GBBS Pro
This was the official BBS for the Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange, started by A.P.P.L.E. Members and staff, Robert Clardy and Don Williams along with Darrell and Ron Aldrich. The Final System Operator for The A.P.P.L.E. Crate was Norman Dodge
Vancouver, WA
Freedom Board, Pro-Freedom
Neil HoopmanProline
"That was my BBS and it was actually just called .Freedom Board. using the Proline software by Morgan Davis. It really ran from about 1983 or 4 to 1988, not In the 1990.s. The early days of the BBS used the GBBS software by Greg Schaffer. At first it ran on an Apple //e with two floppy drives then later an Apple //GS with a 5MB hard disk (not 5GB, lol). The Proline software allowed us to get usenet newsfeeds, be a part of Fidonet and users could drop into a UNIX like command line. It was a sweet piece of software. Way above the pay grade of the lowly 6502 and 65C816 8 bit machines it ran on. Those were fun days when social media was civil, not anti-social and people actually wanted to learn how to tinker with the hardware and software of computers." - Monty McNew, Freedom Board sysop
Steel Dream
Future Shock
Independent Member BBS
Vancouver, WA
Hangar 18
Mike TeagueIvory BBS (C64)
"Part time, on my parents' phone line from 8pm-7am!" - Mike Teague
Everett, WA
Jupiter S. Station, Jupiter Station (Sci-Fi)
Robert SwartzSearchlight
"Just a correction to one of your entries. :) Robert's BBS was our (The Mirage BBS) "sister" BBS. Both of our userbases were made up of people with similar interests. Ours had more files and his had larger message bases." - Telkibear
Pains Point BBS
Kris Keller Jr, Kristopher Keller, Jr.
"I was one of the first in the state to obtain a Zoom 24,000 bps modem as a test pilot. I implemented RIP graphics as soon as it was released, but never really took off. I went into the military in 96 and let the BBS run itself, it lasted about a year before there was hardware failure and it just never revived. I ran Proboard under various configurations at different times DOS/Desqview/OS2 Warp/Netware Lite. I actually ran this BBS in Wisconsin a few years prior, but didn't have fidonet anything. A guy that ran Kim-Talk (an underground BBS with lots of goodies) got me into the sport. He had some crazy 12 node type setup with some Amigas. Thanks for the awesome memories." - Kristopher Keller
Tacoma, WA
Mac's Revenge
Mark GregoryFido
"The BBS was named after the owners dog, Mac."
Grapeview, WA
Grapeview Grapevine
Mike UglowPC Board
"This BBS actually had 3 nodes, which was pretty great for the time. It was run by my Dad. It's funny, but when 'dating' myself in regards to my internet experience, I tell people... 'I was on the web before there was a web. Do you know what a BBS was?' Games and endless conversations, but so much simpler then... I do miss it." - Victrinia Uglow Ridgeway
Wendi DunlapMacCitadel, TwinCit
"The BBS is also accessible at telnet:// and is quite active!" - Wendi Dunlap
Tacoma, WA
GemStar Info Services, Gemstar Information Services
Vince CallawayCocoNet
"Vince founded Washington Internet Services in 1996. The company currently lives on as Telisphere, a subsidary of Amerion, Inc."
Bellevue, WA
Investor's Online, Investor's Online , Investor's Online Data, Investors Online Link, Investor's Online Data Node 1, Investor’s Online Data
Riley Condor, Don ShepherdsonBBS-PC
Online Investment/Stock Market Information/Tech Analysis
Memory Alpha
Dana Seaney aka Heather R. ScottDragCit
"StarTrek themed BBS." - Dana Seaney
Everett, WA
Final Eclipse
Phontom Dude
Independent Member BBS
Seattle, WA
CyberQuest, DataStore
Scott Brown, Seattle, Washington since 11/93
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Seattle, Washington since 11/93. Sysop: Scott Brown. Using TBBS 2.2 with 18 lines on MS-DOS with 10000 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. $.25 Hourly fee. Full internet access, home of Seattle After-Dark. Telnet to Extensive shareware, files, news via satellite. Active & friendly chat areas. Multi-player games, Connex, newsgroups, FidoNet. Flexible rates, free trial. All credit cards.
Seattle, WA
Babble, Babel, Tower of Babel
Bob PerigoBabel301, Citadel, BabelCit, Cit2.29, BabeCit
"The Tower of Babel ran a custom version of Citadel 2.25 (CP/M) called BabelCit. The hardware the board ran on was a CP/M machine called the Pied Piper."
House Of Magic #1
Radical Rick
Independent Member BBS
Eskimo North, Eskimo North , Eskimo North Line 1, EskimoNorth, EskimoNorth1$
Robert Dinse, Bob Dinse/Nanook
List of BBS List Keepers: Seattle AC 026/West Washington/Bob Dinse/Nanook

ListKeeper: Seattle AC 206/West Washington

Shoreline, WA
BBS IBM PC Seattle, Midnight PC, The Midnight PC
James Shields
"James, the sysop, wrote this in assembly and it was created as a script language for bbs's that even allowed other programs (like a pascal adventure game I wrote) to run in a shell." - solararis
Issaquah, WA
The Flying Dutchman
Tomcat (JPV)Remote Access
"Sister site to Jeffrey Kopczynski's The Flying Dutchmen. Ran out of Tomcat's bedroom on a 386sx." - Tomcat
Burien, WA
Section 109
"I ran this on a C-64 with a single phone line and one floppy drive. The board was available whenever I was at school or in evenings. It was mostly used as a message board with minimal file transfers. I ended up with over 200 active users which surprises me." - Rajah
Port Angeles, WA
Ten Forward, Ten Forward BBS
Sheldon KoehlerWildcat, WildCat!
WOW! Ten Forward BBS actually started in 1991 and stopped being a BBS in 1996 when we went to a full ISP. Ten Forward still exists today at but I sold my 1/3rd in April of 2004 to one of my partners. It was founded and run by myself until 1996 when I took on 2 partners to expand as an ISP. We were Fidonet node 1:350/401 from 1992 until 1996. I also had a satellite downlink with Planet Connect from 1993 until 1996. For trivia's sake, Port Angeles is an isolated town on the Olympic Peninsula. Seattle is only 90 or so miles by air, but a 2-3 hour drive by car. My BBS was the first to offer email off the peninsula. I had a UUCP connection to Holonet ( for Internet email. For several years we were the digital link to the rest of the world." - Sheldon Koehler
Tacoma, WA
Central Access, The Total Access Board, TotalAccess
Dick FairchildTBBS
System was first started on a Model I Computer. - Gene Buckle
Seattle Area, WA
Park Place
caren park (ckp)Ironhenge, citadel (many versions, including my own), stonehenge, ironhenge
"I learned how to program in 'c' by hacking up jeff prothero's original citadel code... as i recall, it was one of the first citadel clones around, though i *am* getting old and my memory isn't what it could be... bruce king was already running his own then, and bob perigo and kerry kyes i believe were after mine..."

"park place had several phone numbers; this was one of the last ones, probably 1987-1989-ish... ran under several versions of citadel (circa 1983), from (i believe) a bruce king version to my own... from there, it migrated to stonehenge and eventually ironhenge, where it was finally allowed to rest sometime in 1992..." - Caren Park

Puget Sound, WA
Washington ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Seattle, WA
BECS Tandy FIDO, BECS TandyFido, BECS TandyOpus, Central Hub, Lesser Seattle Opera, PAC NORWEST, Tandy Help, B E C S MS-DOS
Neal Curtin, Neal CurtainFidoNet, Opus
BECS stood for "Boeing Employees Computer Society". - Gene Buckle
Seattle, WA
Crack House
Shining 8 Member BBS
Tacoma, WA
Cyborg Command, CYBORG COMMAND
D-Tect Member BBS
No Holds Barred BBS
Russell Wiley
"You have 2 listing for "No Holds Barred BBS" as well as 5 listings for NITE-TIME AFFAIRS at the following URL These could all be summed up with a single row or at least consolidate them so they're all together rather than spread throughout the page. No Holds Barred BBS ran in late 1993 and part of 1994 using Maximus BBS and BinkleyTerm as the front end for Fido style mail transfer It was followed soon after by NITE-TIME AFFAIRS BBS in 1994 and ran thru 1998 after Ripscript hit the scene offering EGA graphics capabilities to BBS's and the only BBS package to properly implement Ripscript graphics was Searchlight BBS, so with the software change came the name change from No Holds Barred to NITE-TIME AFFAIRS. I ran Searchlight for the BBS package and Frontdoor as the front end mailer. In 1995 it went from single node to a 2 node system offering Fidonet mail, Multiple other networks that I now forget as well as the entire Fidonet Filebone for all your Freeware/Shareware needs and of course multiple Door Games including the ever popular Legend of the Red Dragon. I had 2 Co-Sysops starting in Late 94, early 95, Their handles were Snowman and XmanT who between them helped maintain the file base which was too large for a single person to manage. The phone number changed many times because originally it was setup in the barracks at Fort Lewis when I was single, but after getting married and moving off base, the number changed. When family housing became available on base, we moved back on base with a 3rd number, then when I got out of the Army and moved off base again, the phone number changed yet again. Throughout my time running NITE-TIME AFFAIRS I also participated as a member of the Allfix File Tosser beta test team as well as a little known front end called BeeMail which was a 100% Windows based front end and only ran that mailer in it's final year. With the internet coming online as well as a move from Washington State to Pennsylvania NITE-TIME AFFAIRS shut down and I moved on to other endeavors. You have my permission to use any or all of the above statements on the website for historical BBS accuracy." - Russell Wiley
Tacoma, WA
Amo Cat, Amocat , AmoCat BBS
Rich Langsford, Richard LangsfordWildcat , WildCat!
List of BBS List Keepers: Tacoma Washington AC 206/Richard Langsford

ListKeeper: Tacoma Washington AC 206

Vancouver, WA
Nicks BBS, The Cardboard Land BBS
Nick Vichas, Deno Vichas
"I was running the Cardboard Land BBS from 1988 to 1991. My brother Nick took over and ran it into the ground from 1992 on..." - Deno Vichas

"I found this site on accident, and I can't believe you posted such a comment. I think you would be better off to remove this comment and keep out of my family life. I'm sorry my brother has nothing better to do and write untrue stupid comments." - Nick Vichas

Seattle, WA
Computist Magazine
David Goforth
"Apple II, Source: Computist magazine 71, p. 4"
Red Flag, RED FLAG
Eclypse Member BBS
Digital Illusions, DIGITAL ILLUSIONS
Independent Member BBS
Seattle, WA
The Gopher Hole
David Goforth
"Source: Computist magazine 71, p. 4"
Tacoma, WA
The Wolf's Den
Keith ShinkleSpitfire
"Hi! I am flattered that you have a historical record of us hobbyists! WOW! For your records my bbs moved from Tacoma to White Sands Missile Range in '95 as I was a US Army Ranger and was assigned as a ranger school instructor so moved my BBS and fidonet hub there.....kept it going for 3 more years I think..... My current info is is also have hobbysite and (my wife's homesite) I retired to the beach at Ocean Shores Wa, live on Duck Lake.... Currently collecting Hot Wheels and racing remote control sail boats........websites soon to follow...... Love your work and am very flattered you mentioned me!" - Keith Shinkle
Olympia, WA
Electric Ideas, Electric Ideas Clearinghouse
Greg Ware, Bonneville Power Administration WSE
Energy Efficiency Efforts In Pacific Northwest-HydroElec
Tacoma, WA
The Blue Light Special
Ryan KippleMavenCit
"Board was known as a crazy, anarchistic citadel board when many of the BBSes of the area were tightly controlled by overzealous/oversensitive sysops. A place to unwind and relax and to meet new people. Closely associated and networked with like-minded cit boards run by real life friends. Fond memories of meeting lots of good friends. This community is something I miss now with the hugeness and impersonalization of the internet. " - Ryan Kipple
Tacoma, WA
Ceti Alpha Six
Iced Heat
Tarkus Team Member BBS
Seattle, WA
Talk Channel, Talk Channel Seattle
Eliot Sands, Tammy Sands, Rhonda JarvisDLX
"Talk Channel Seattle was a multiline Chat BBS, we went live as Pier-71 on Thanksgiving night 1987 running two lines out of my apartment in Auburn Washington, Pier-71 grew to eight lines by the end of that year. We changed our name to Talk Channel Seattle when I met the owner and creator of Talk Channel in Los Angeles Ca. Gary had written a software app that would collect the Email and update user profiles for the DLX BBS system that powered Pier-71, he offered us the opportunity to allow our users the ability to browse user profiles and Email users of 12 Talk Channel system across the US and Canada. We became Talk Channel Seattle in February 1989 at that time we moved our equipment to a small office that was located on what is now Safeco Field (Yep they blew it up along with the entire block.) with that move we grew to sixteen lines. But on New Years Eve 1990, the office that housed the equipment (Very High Tech at the time a 386 PC with a 300Mb SCSI Hard Drive.) was broken into and all was lost. As with most BBS system, it was run on a shoe string budget, with no insurance Talk Channel Seattle came to an end." - Eliot Sands
Kent, WA
Seattle Underground
Scott Pappas6485
"It was also known as The Tonight Show in its very early days. I ran it from 9pm-6am on my parents' line from a Commodore 64 and a single 1541 disc drive. Since it was one of the older BBSs on the west coast, I was able to compete with the newer, 24-hour systems that offered more space. I also was president of the United Sysops of America, a nationwide group created to share information among Sysops, which started around 1986. The group has around 30 members at its peak. I may still have some old newsletters, if you're interested." - Scott Pappas
Computer Classifieds
Product: Hermes II
Alacrity, Alacrity BBS (ACAD), Alacritty BBS
List of BBS List Keepers: Autocad Related BBS/Jason Osgood
Redmond, WA
Micro Rim Technical Support, Microrim Technical Support, Microrim Tech Support, Microrim Technical Support BBS
Microrim CorporationPC Board
Support for Popular R:Base Relational Data Base System
Marysville, Wa
Heinous Demise
Ted Theodore Logan
Independent Member BBS
Lynnwood, WA
Areas Best BBS
Jim Cody, Dave Ashcroft, Ed GosserMajorBBS, WorldGroup
"In 1993 Tabbbs started as a Major BBS. 2400 baud, Dial-up with 10 phone lines. Total Cost 26,000.00 one time cost. and 1,500.00 per month. by 1996 their were a total of 1,172 customers." - Ed Gosser
Oak Harbor, WA
Orion Station, Whidbey Hub
Art Tomlin
ListKeeper: Puget Sound Area
Seattle, WA
Addiction, THE ADDICTION #1, ADDICTION,THE #1, The Addiction
Captain. Crook , CAPT.CR00KAmiExpress /X
Independent Member BBS

""The Name With Fame!"" - Big Amiga Ascii Art HQ - Part of the US & EU /X scene. Very well known in Europe and Down Under.. Run on a GVP Combo 68030 /68882 - 40mHz, 350mb, 14.4 USR on 2 nodes 1 @ 2400, later on to 19200 and then to 57600 USR Courier modems. At the end it was connected via Telnet and part of the Amiga Elite systems available via telnet.

Seattle, WA
Isles of Ether BBS
Citadel, GremCit
"Ran it from the time I was 13 to the time I graduated from High School." - Jonah Gruber
Bellingham, WA
The Pirate Chip
Phillip F. EsterhausTBBS - AE Pro
"I used to run an Apple pirate board called "The Pirate Chip" - I can't remember the front end I ran that after login loaded the Xfer portion of AE Professional. It was the first pirate BBS that I know of that ran on a 5 megabyte Corvus hard drive instead of several floppy drives for program storage. I eventually upgraded to a whopping 10 megs. That would give me about 60 sections of older software and 10 sections for th eusers to upload. It was all done on the honor system, but I did ask for a 1 to 5 ratio of uploads to downloads. (Phillip F. Esterhaus was the desk sargeant in Hill Street Blues who would tell the patrolman "Hey! Let's be careful out there!" - Since nearly all my calls received were long distance I assumed they were all on someone elses dime)." - Theresa
Edmonds, WA
Certre of Eternity, The Mystic Plains
Rory BergerMidnight PC
"This BBS was used as a base for many of the prominent hackers/phreakers of the day and we held many software parties for the users. After I was contacted by the FBI to set up a sting operation (by THE FED) I implemented a 'super secret' level for all the regulars to keep them safe." - Rory Berger
Tacoma, WA
Doomed to Failure
"The BBS was up from 1989-1995, and from 1997-1999." - Eric Montgomery
Tukwila, WA
Late Nite BBS
Jack LeeperWWIV v3.11
"Originally started in Lake Mary, Florida in 1990 on an AT286-6MHZ then moved to Tukwila, WA in 1991. In 1992 upgraded to an AT386-25 pc. Started a message network called NWNET using WWIVNET networking through various BBS's in WA. Major feature were door games with The Pit being the major game." - Jack Leeper
Puyallup, WA
Barter America
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Telnet Access Barter America is now running WorldClub by Galacticomm Inc. If you like to run your programs under windows we think you will like the changes. The client soft-ware is free, download it from us. We accept Visa and Master cards. Slip accounts now available. Browse the Worldwide Web at a low price. Online bartering coming.
Lynnwood, WA
The High Voltage, The Mirage BBS, Total Annihilation
Jason Caywood, Jon CaywoodExpress!, SuperBBS
"Great site! I was so pleased to see our BBS immortalized on your site. :) You list Mirage BBS twice. Once under my name, Jason Caywood, and once under mine and my brother's name (with same name as I inputed on this form). In actuality they are the same BBS. We changed the name after a guy in Tacoma, WA stole the name. Rather than argue with him, we just changed the name and moved on. I did run a small BBS on the 206-776-9079 phone number, but I can't remember the name of it (maybe it was the original Mirage and that's why you list it twice... hmmm), it was only up a year, and it was run on an Atari 130XE using BBS software I can't remember the name of (searched the software out there, but none of it fits the description of what I had). *grins* Good BBS, that, but us 8-bitters got overrun by the PC." - Jason Caywood
Quicksilver, Quicksilver BBS
Michael SchuylerQuickBBS
List of BBS List Keepers: Kitsap County Washington/Michael Schuyler

ListKeeper: Kitsap County Washington

Seattle, WA
Broken Blade
Aragorn IIIVinyamacil
"BB ran on homegrown software developed by the Sysop using the ModemWorks toolkit on an Apple IIe. At the end of its life, BB ran on a 14.4kbs SupraFaxmodem and a 40MB hard drive on a 256k Apple IIGS. The original Apple IIe it ran on had all 7 slots filled, and ran so hot I regularly replaced the AE heavy-duty power supply in it. They don't build machines like Apple IIs any more!" - Aragorn III
Bellevue, WA
Round Table II
Chris Guzak, John CallahamCustom
"This BBS was custom software written in BASIC on a TRS-80 3 (48K RAM, 2 180K drives), developed by Chris Guzak. When Chris went to College, he passed it on to John Callahan (Blue Adept), a loyal user and talented programmer. John moved to a TRS-80 model 4 (64K of RAM) and kept development up till he to went to College and the BBS faded." - M. Meyers
Kent, WA
FutureLink OIS
Sheree Graham, Kent, Washington since 01/94
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Kent, Washington since 01/94. Sysop: Sheree Graham. Using WildCat 3.9M with 1 line on MS-DOS with 20 MB storage. Hayes at 19200 bps. No fee. We are for the whole family. Internet's Usenet, E-Mail, games, PC-Catalog, FL-Gazette, CD-ROMs (organized), free 1 week preview. Shopping mall, register online, our customer service is excellent. Nice RIP support. Free gift with purchase of complete.
My Desk
Vicki Fletcher
Now on the Internet at - Gene Buckle
Rebels Member BBS
Redmond, WA
Patrick WaltersWWIV
"I started this Cycling oriented BBS because I was into cycling racing competitively in High Shool which is when this BBS ran. I ran ads for the BBS in the United States Cycling Federation (USCF) newsletter (now USA Cycling). The site never really reached a critical mass of users and was discontinued when I went to college. The site was WWIVnet and WWIVLink connected. I had help from a local BBS enthusiast to get things up and running and provided my connection to the HUBs. I'm currently active in supporting WWIV 5.0 and will soon be launching Cloud City BBS. Thanks for keeping the site going!" - Patrick Walters
Federal Way, WA
Vince Callaway, Richard MarchCustomized Citadel, Stonehenge
"Ameeron was run on a Columbia computer (CP/M) and was at one time, one of the top BBSs in Tacoma. It seems at any given moment there was someone logged in. Auto dial was a required tool back then. We started out with 300 baud, but moved with the times until we were a blazing 28.8 baud system with a HUGE 10 meg hard drive. Vice Callaway was responsible for taking the original code and reworked it to get the bugs out. He did a great job, as it hardly ever crashed, and was up 24/7, only on occasion needing a re-boot. I do remember when there were a lot of us sysops that banded together and started an inter-BBS e-mail system. It was slow, but it was sure a cool thing. Every morning my system would call another main hub (I think the one I connected to was InfoTech BBS???) and swapped e-mails to and from my users. I believe there was a userbase of around 200 or 300 people, I can't remember anymore. It may not have been that many, but it sure seemed like it. Well, that's my essay. I've since turned the name into a dot com. I can be reached there. Thanks for all your hard work and time." - Richard March
Ice Station Zebra #3
Fusion Member BBS
Ice Station Zebra #2
Fusion Member BBS
Ice Station Zebra #1
Fusion Member BBS
Seattle, WA
Smurd Pit, Smurf Pit
SmurflerIvory, Ivory BBS
"Ran from 3 1541's & one broken 1571. The program would crash or get stuck every few hours to days depending on what disk I was using. Them 5 1/4 disks didnt last to long before they picked up errors and the drive head got dirty or worn out from running so much. I use to have like 30 users and had someone logged on half the time or more at its peak." - Smurfler
Bellevue, WA
Microsoft BBS, Microsoft Corp., Microsoft Download Service, Microsoft Technical Support, Microsoft Download BBS
Jeff Whitlatch, Microsoft Corp/Scott J. Honaker
Windows Technical Notes and Support Information
Seattle, WA
The Room Next Door
My1Gizmo / Russ Goodale
"The Room Next Door was established in 1986 on a 2 line system. In time it grew to 20 lines and moved downtown Seattle. And in time the grow deminished, the BBS moved back in the home as a hobby. TRND actual timeframe with one name as "The Room Next Door" was 1986-2001. Listed under "T" as insisted by the Sysop in all BBS publishings, when listed. I was surprised to see the history listed. That is fantastic. Thank you, Russ Goodale, sysop of the previous known BBS, The Room Next Door."
Kent, WA
PowerHouse, Xantor's Empire
Puff&StuffIvory BBS
"The number then changed to 206-941-0714. The 206-941-3183 was 10pm to 6am bbs before I got my second line. I did change the name a couple of times. PowerHouse and Tropicana was some of the names I tried for a while. Xantor's Empire was the name for 90% of the time. My Co SYSOP was Crazy Eddie." - Puff&Stuff
Olympia, WA
Light Speed 5 Nodes
Fusion Member BBS
ProStar Plus
Robert Michnick
Turned into an Internet-Only BBS in 1999. Currently still an ISP. - Gene Buckle
Silent Scream, SILENT SCREAM #1
Independent Member BBS
Lisbon Falls, ME
Midnight Express BBS
Hard WarrenVBBS
"BBS. Midnight Express BBS sysop Harold Warren bbs # back then 207-353-9500 ran from 1982 on a commodore 64 then 128 then vbbs on a 486dx machine then Major BBS ending in 1996. Lisbon Falls was the area in 207. Not many around back then.. That.s why I started one while in Middle School.. I still have some copies of my old bbs from 96. Hoping to bring it back on line someday.. I had local callers and about a lil over 100 users.. doors was a big hit. LORD was the biggest user door game.." - Harold Warren
Blue Hill Falls, ME
Celebration Shop, Celebration Station
Noel Paul Stookey, Noel Stookey (Paul of Peter, Paul & Mary)
Adventure Games, Chat, and Sigs - Children
Street Corner BBS
Scott Bodeen, Scott R Bodeen
ListKeeper: Maine 207
Sanford, ME
The Flipside/Ambrosia BBS
Jim SkeffingtonSpitfire
"Flipside was a public domain bbs with ambrosia running a subboard from the doors menu. It was one of the only "free speach" bbs's in the area. The sysop Jim Skeffington donated alot of time to helping local sysops in getting thier bbs's started and running. Flipside was also the 207 hub for SFNET, the Sptifire message network." - tombin
Topsham,, ME
I-95 Hub, Icon Net BBS, Maine Reactor BBS, Rabbits Foot BBS
Mike Faul, Bill ThomasOPus, RA, D'Bridge, etc
"The second or third BBS in the State of Maine. Hub, Packet Gateway, SMTP (UUCP) Bridge etc Operated by the now owner of" - Mike Faul
Portland, ME
The Basement BBS
Boingoloid (Anthony Citrano), Judas (Jeff Richard)Telegard
"FidoNet Node 1:326/211. TSAN New England Outpost. Night Only."
Portland, ME
The Wicked Good BBS
Cindi TerroniRemoteAccess
"This was the first and only girl run BBS in Maine at the time. Started and run by Cindi Terroni in 1988 when she was only 12 years old. She had very active message bases with over 100 regular users. There were many articles about her in the local newspapers. Amazing young lady." - Ron Terroni
Cape Elizabeth, ME
The GS Connection BBS
Theo Van Dinter, Bill SmithRenegade
"I helped Theo with the board when he went to college (i ran it for its last two years). The GS Connection was also hub for a local network (with something like five boards as members). Theo and I went through the user list when the BBS went down and we found that there were 2700 different users from 29 different countries." - Bill Smith
Portland, ME
The Basement BBS
Boingoloid (Anthony Citrano), Judas (Jeff Richard)Telegard BBS
"FidoNet Node 1:326/211. Telegard BBS Software. TSAN New England Outpost."
Freeport, ME
T-SHIRTS ONLINE, T-Shirts Online
Mike DeVaudreuilPCBoard 15.1
T-SHIRTS ONLINE, 207.865.1806, Upload graphic files, CD Photos, or your kid's Paintbrush art, and we'll put it on a high quality T-Shirt and mail it to you fast. High resolution 256 colors. Use your imagination. Visa and Mastercard. - BBS Magazine November, 1994
Freeport, ME
The Andromeda Strain
James JohnsonRenegade
"I ran this BBS for almost two years and had a lot of different callers from all over the area. The ones that I still remember being surprised about were a guy from Australia and some folks from the UK. I thought it was pretty cool they were calling little 'ol me. We weren't huge, but we had file trading, the message boards and games such as Legend of the Red Dragon & Trade Wars. We had some great local users who supported us with donations too. Really great memories!" - James Johnson
Room 5
Ed Katz, Wes HamiltonOPUS
Located in Bonners Ferry high School in Bonners, ID 83805
Boise, Idaho
The Sanitarium BBS
Dave Richardson (Zing)MajorBBS
"It's good to know someone out there remembers the beginning of it all." - Dave Richardson
Boise, ID
Psychosys BBS for Creative Minds
Biomech (Kevin Putzier)TriBBS, Spitfire and TriBBS
"I was somewhat surprised to find myself in your list:) I'm Biomech, formerly the Sysop of Psychosys BBS for Creative minds. The board was down for a year, due to various hardware and financial disasters, then I brought it back in late '98 with new software.. Unfortunately, the BBS was pretty much dead by then, and the 2-3 calls a week weren't worth a dedicated phone line. During the height of it's popularity (93-95) I got 100's of calls a week. I have unfortunately lost the original phone number, so the one you have listed will have to do, I suppose. I like the idea of your list! I've recently got back onto the idea behind Psychosys, which was PRIMARILY a giant message base. While getting a modern user to even acknowledge that bbs's once existed is difficult, I think the basic premise can work on the web.. and I'm learning how it might be done.. so Psychosys may end up existing again in this brave new world. Thanks for your time." - Biomech
Caldwell, ID
Tater Patch, The TATER PATCH
Rich ElliottSpitfire
"What a difference 10 years makes, at the time 28.8 was FAST and a 1Meg download took ages! Tater Patch catered to the gamers of the time... Anybody remember ANSI graphics? Tater Patch also had TONS of downloads for the time a 6 pack CD reader and two stand alone drives full of shareware and pictures. Thanks for the walk back into the past!" - Rich Elliott
Ririe, ID
Ririe High Comp
"Just a small BBS set up by a teacher at the local high school for our computer class. I don't remember the teachers name but I remember what he looked like but a description would take too long." - Anonymous
Post Falls, ID
Brett SerightVA
"Was 12 years old at the time. This is a great resource for the history of BBS's." - Brett Seright
Moscow, ID
The Bazaar at Deva
Ryan Sasser, Joe DowdingQuickbbs with WWIV
"Ran WWIV as a door under Quickbbs for the messages. This was because Quickbbs had better support for online games." - Joe Dowding
Eagle, ID
Turnip Juice
Tom McNairFoReM
"Run on an Atari 600XL with 64K, two floppies, and a 300 baud modem." - Tom McNair
Fresno, CA
Dixie Flatline WWIV
"I remember setting up a BBS several years after becoming a user, before the internet was made widely available (in fact, back when HTTP was still being developed). I was 16 at the time and ran the BBS out of my allowance at first, and then the funds from my first job on a hand-me-down 286 with a 1200 baud modem. Over the years, I upgraded it to a 486 with a 9600 vbis/etc modem and connected to WWIVnet and WWivLink and a local network whose name I forget. We even lived through the 209/559 area code split. As the internet became available, users stopped flocking to the BBSs and instead went online. We lost something in the conversion from BBSs to the internet that we won't easily get back, as the internet is too big and too diverse to accommodate that community feeling. I miss my friends from those days, the pizza parties, the conversations. If any of my old friends visit and see this, know that I'm thinking of you." - Dixie Flatline
Fresno, CA,
West-Net 1, Westnet
Chris RuddOPUS, Genesis, Wildcat
"Westnet evolved w/Fidonet. What a Journey and adventure it would be during those times. The old guys in NET 205 like John Cribari, Ken and Sam Wecter have now become legends and a story for the ages. I truly enjoyed our moment and the story will continue... Eat, drink and live like there is no tommorow." - Chris Rudd, Sysop - Net 205/35
Fresno, CA
West-Net 2
Chris RuddWildcat
"Still here after all of these years," - Chris Rudd
Fresno, CA
The Colony
Steve Jensen
"A feature of the Washington Colony Elem School computer lab." - Steve Jensen
Fresno, CA
Fresno Unified School District
FrEdMail System
Fresno, California
Sharks Lair, The Sharks Lair BBS
Terry Sharp, Terry Sharp, a.k.a. TSharKVBBS - Virtual Advanced
"VirtualNET, FidoNET, CenValNET, SnOOkNET " - Terry Sharp
Fresno, California
Pirate Cove BBS
MaverickRavics, Wildcat!
"Great Times back then, Commodore 64 Full Blow with 6 SFD 1001 Drives 1 MEGs running multiple free files. IEEE, FastLoad Cart were the days. Dont forget SnapShot!" - Maverick
Fresno, CA
Tai Tastigon, Tai-Tastigon
William Helton (Magist*r)WWIV
"Motivated by Trippers City and Dedicated to P.C.Hodgell, This board ran for years, passing Ren faire information and all those awesome BBS games!" - William Helton
Wildcat, Wildware!
WILOWARE! BBS, 209.277.3005, demonstration and support BBS for Wildware! software add ons for the remarkable Wildcat! BBS software. Add ons include wwVerify — a call back verifier, wwBroadcast, wwBirthday, wwNewuser and more. New add ons always being developed. If you are a Wildcat! sysop and want the best for your Wildcat! BBS, give Wildware! a call. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

WILDWARE! BBS, 209.277.3005, demonstration and support BBS for Wildware! software add ons for the remarkable Wildcat! BBS software. Add ons include wwVerify — a call back verifier, wwflroadcast, wwBirthday, wwNewuser and more. New add ons always being developed. If you are a Wildcat! sysop and want the best for your Wildcat! BBS, give Wildware! a call. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

WILDWARE! BBS, 209.277.3005, demonstration and support BBS for Wildware! software add ons for the remarkable Wildcat! BBS software. Add ons include wwVerify — a call back verifier. vjwBroadcast, wwBirthday, wwNewuser and more, f^ew add ons always being developed. If you are a Wildcat! sysop and want the best for your Wildcat! BBS, give Wildv/are! a call. - BBS Magazine October 1995

Clovis, Ca,
Tripper's City
Matt Mills, Terry Linebachhand craft Apple II code
"Programmed by Tery Linenbach, tripper's city was one of the first "theme" BBS's. Themed after "dungeon" a fortran PDP 10 program (and early zork). Tripper's city also acted as a charter member of Fido Net west Cluster 6, with direct fido connections with The Outpost, Open Pages, Penguin Pages and The exchange." - S. Gueydan
West Point, Ca
Byte's Mess, Calaveras Amador Hub, West Point Power & Light
Jeff Wood, Mr. Byte & NybblesVBBS, Image 1.2 T-rels, Network mods
"Why would anyone name a BBS West Point Power & Light? Well, when I first migrated from my Commodore 64/Image BBS system to an IBM, I obtained a 1000 watt UPS system. A friend of mine commented that I could run the town on the UPS if we lost power...West Point is quite small...thus the name "West Point Power & Light." - Jeff Wood

"Byte's Mess was a flamethrowing Commodore 64 with a 256kREU and a Lt. Kernal hard drive. Hacking that monster to run with Image was a chore...but that was what we did in the old days. The hardware used to run "Th' Mess": 1 Commodore 64, 256 Ram cartridge, 1 1541 160k floppy, 2 1581 800k floppies, 1 40Mb Lt Kernal HD (what a HACK that was...) At one point we were going to run it next to West Point Power & Light and call it "Nybbles' Nest"..." - Jeff Wood

Lodi, CA
Bill Baker's BBS, Greater Lodi AT&T BBS, Greater Lodi BSA BBS, Lodi Hub
Bill BakerOpus
"This BBS was the First in Lodi! Always on OPUS!" - Bill Baker
North Fresno Hub, Star Base III, StarBase III, Starbase III BBS
John PickensOpus
List of BBS List Keepers: Astronomy/Space BBS/John Pickens
Fresno, CA
Comline BBS
Mike YunCustom written in C-64 BASIC and compiled with Blitz
"Originally written in BASIC line by line, Comline operated on a Commodore 64 with no floppy drive. This meant I could never turn off the computer because it would erase all users and messages. I eventually got a floppy drive and merged the users in a single sequential (not random) file. I was quite proud of that user file coding because no id # was required for login. I eventually released Termline, a terminal program for Commodore 64 users complete with buffers, x and z modem protocols, and quick dialing." - Mike Yun
Fresno, CA
Digital Dissonance BBS
kid ego, mr self destruct, chaotic lordrenegade
"Digital Dissonance was a community of musicians that swapped original music and remixed each others compositions. If you would like to get copies of the music, email me at"
Fresno, CA
F.A.M.O.U.S. (Fresno Area Modem Operator/User System)
Jason KnappHomegrown
"This BBS was my early teenage social life. I did start with some public domain software that I spliced together but I don't remember the references--it wasn't Fido or anything. All run on Atari with a 300 baud modem. I wrote everything in Microsoft Basic, and eventually lost control of the spaghetti code. I had some experimental features to my BBS: it was all themed as if you were in a medieval village and read like a simple Infocom (remember those?) game. Sometimes if you were at a menu prompt, something surprising would happen based on random timers like "a beggar comes up to you and asks for a pence"--if you choose not to give him one, some random % of the time the system would say that he calls you a cheap scoundrel and pulls a knife and kills you for your money--then when you tried to log back in during the next 24 hours the system would deny access saying "sorry, you're dead!". Or if you gave him something it might reward you with higher level access. Or maybe something else would happen~Wyou never knew! Anyway, it got quite popular and the modem was basically busy 24 hours a day until I took it down (and then the line was still constantly ringing for some several months. Some great memories. Thanks for doing this!" - Jason Knapp
Anything Goes [ASV] (OS/2)
Chris Mitchell, ""Gomba""
ListKeeper: Modesto, CA BBS List
San Jose, CA
Alan Popiolkowski
Modesto, CA
Dragonriders of Pern
Dave Rasmussen & Liz Driver
"Just add it was an Amiga-ran BBS, I forgot the name of the software we used at the time. Might have been Skyline? BBS software for amiga's only, allowed online amiga graphics.. I created the flying, fire breathing dragon animation for the log in. We ran that BBS on an amiga 2000. My name is Liz, at the time my ex and I ran that board. Him and that machine are part of history now. Dave Rasmussen did the programing to the board, I was the graphic person. Seeing the listing of other boards from that time period and from the modesto area brought back many memories. The BBS pizza parties, and other local get togethers with the sysops..and users...something lost when the internet came." - Liz Driver
Sonora, CA
Outworld Cat-Fur, Starbase 209
Jason SnellTelecat
"One of the first BBSes in Sonora. Briefly a Cat-Fur/Catsend line, but for most of its life a message board, text-file serving BBS. I posted a lot of serialized fiction, much of it by myself, making it a precursor to the Internet-based magazine InterText, which I started in 1991." - Jason Snell
The Paradox BBS V2.0
Brian CurnowRenegade
"Nathan and I were both high school students at Sonora High School. He was 1 or 2 years ahead of me. We were good friends, and since he was going to be graduating, operation was transferred to me instead of just shutting the BBS down entirely. Of course, I liked using BBSes, but one of my interests in taking over operation was that I was at the time an OS freak. (I am writing you from pine on FreeBSD, connected by a Mac OS X terminal) What good was having a system that could dual-boot OS/2 2.0 and Windows NT 3.1 Beta if you didn't have an 'important' BBS to run? I can report that the BBS ran under NT 3.1 almost all of the time, as I found that the 'Tosser' functions for inter-BBS message transfer ran faster due to NT's apparently better disk cache functions, but the tradeoff was OS/2 2.0 had a better shot of running a DOS game at the same time; what a dilemma. BBS networks were another fascination. In 1994 I started an ISP, which I run to this day. In fact, I think one of the ways I helped gauge interest in 'the Internet' was by posting on some of the local BBSes.. I think I saw a printout of that post in some of my old papers a while ago." - Brian Curnow
Modesto, CA
Most Excellent, The Most Excellent BBS
Phill KenoyerModified WWIV - 21026
"Started in Turlock, Ca and moved to Modesto, Ca. Some may have known the hacked in "elite" command to go into the "other" sections." - Phill Kenoyer
Modesto, CA
Modesto Ceres Hub, The Connection, The Connection BBS
Dennis TravisRenegade
"The Connection BBS is still around but now running Synchronet BBS Telnet with 4 nodes. the address is:" - Dennis/The Karate Kid
Modesto, CA
Frayed Ends of Sanity BBS, The Frayed Ends of Sanity
Phantom LordNexus/2 and Impulse
"I was the SysOp of The Frayed Ends of Sanity. I was looking into getting my BBS back up sometime soon. I found this and thought for historical purposes that the correct info should be added. I no longer have the phone number 209-569-0388, but I will probably be putting it up as Telnet only! Love live the dialup BBS!" - Phantom Lord
Modesto, CA
Just Another BBS, Just Another BBS (JABBS)
"SysOp went by the handle Jaxom, real Name: J. Lee Eaton-Maxwell." - Jaxom
Fresno, CA
California CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Denair, CA
T.E.H.H.O.L, The Electric Harley House of Love
"The Electric Harley House of Love was born from a crappy 286 motherboard that would take several attempts to start up. As a result I never turned it off, and in my infinite wisdom I decided since I had a computer I never turned off and a dedicated phone line I would run a BBS, a 2400 baud bbs in the age of 14.4 and 28000 baud bbs's, to slow to pirate software, not interesting enough to sustain messageboards, and since I was 16 in a conservitate christian home no good porn. It was the only open acess board in the area (why do I care who you are, and calling my users to verify who they were was a pointless waste of time) I did let me get an interesting list of what people thought the secret name of god was, as WWIV wouldn't let me run an open access bbs I changed the signup questions to random questions and people STILL asked why I was asking for personall info on an open access board, for christs sake READ people. Yeah, I'm a angry bastard, bbs's were perfect for me as almost every bbs caller was/is an angry nerd, good time's, good times..... Since I'm moving back to the area next month I am exercising extream dorkiness and puting the board back up, with the same 286 if it's still in my parents attic (no I won't be living with them) It will be like old times, no callers and a great excersise in futility." - Zero.Hour
Madera, CA
Alpha Elementary'
FrEdMail System
Madera, Ca
ZDS-OnLine, ZDS-Online Information Service
Jack PorterWildcat
"We're still online at Over sixteen years of providing online news to the people of Madera County. Thanks for keeping the history of BBSing. It was a fun time for me." - Jack Porter
ZDS-Online Information, Zen Den Systems BBS
Jack Porter, Jr., Jack Porter/Madera UGWildcat
List of BBS List Keepers: Central California AC 209/Jack Porter/Madera UG

ListKeeper: Central California AC 209

Oakhurst, CA
The UnderCity
KorruptOblivion / 2
"The Biggest Undergroud HPAC in 209 at the time. Even carried CCI ( Cybercrime International Network) for a brief period. Sysop ran RoT e-zine and wrote for HOE and VAS. Claim to fame was the 1500+ archive of virus' and codes. It was a single line 2400 bps on an old 386. Local callers ( anyone in 209 ) was basically denied and the 500+ LD and international callers kept it alive with basically 1 day files. Over 5000+ files were onhand...very large for that day and age." - Korrupt
Route 66, Visalia Hub
Mark Richmond, Russ Beechinor, MARK RICHMONDSEARCHLIGHT
"8 lines, a FIDO hub from '91-95. This was a free board with 14 CD-ROM drives providing shareware." - Mark Richmond
Visalia, CA
VABBS / Enterprise BBS
Matt BradyBBS Express!
"Started as VABBS (Visalia Area BBS) running on an Atari 800XL with BBS Express! software. Later changed the name to Enterprise BBS with a Star Trek theme. The 88-89 time frame may be a little off, but it's close to that." - Matt Brady
Angels Camp, CA
Pine Renegade BBS
Mike HamanakaRenegade
"The software was shareware from Cott Lang in Pascal, based on the source code of Telegard, I downloaded it from a dial up BBS on a 2400 baud modem,I was just 6 or 7 years old, I used a PS2 that my mom had bought from Montgomery Ward, she made me research the cost of a computer and show them the ad that promised a price, I think it was $1,000 or more, later I got a separate telephone line for the BBS, which was a single user system that had so many ridiculous rules that hardly made sense. Most people did not make it through the scroll down entry, as I had a huge message written in just 0's and 1's, it was a design that I made look like a tree, my plan was to have lots of pages that you could load instead of the single scrolling page, I eventually wanted to make it more like an framework for a community newspaper, I was fascinated with the weather since we lived just west of the snowline, I thought it might be important for me to bring satellite images down from Prodigy and post them on my BBS for download by people who had phone numbers that were not long distance (at the time I had no concept of copyrights as I was only 8 years old by that time, about the same time the computer moved from the family den room near the kitchen, to the area behind the couch in the living room that was in the formal dining room, this was my first concept of setting up my own online command center.) I think that I had composed over 10 pages of community rules, in Microsoft Works, then later in notepad, and I had printed versions that were numbered since I didn't have knowledge to re-write the BBS framework, I had to make my rules comply with the existing parameters. I remember promoting my BBS on other BBS's, then I would hang up, and wait for other people to dial up to my computer, I would of course watch everything they did, and I made some improvements, that is where I first learned about source control and documentation. I was making backup directories using MS-DOS batch commands and saving them to a disk, I would carry the disks with me to school and work on the code on school lab computers whenever I could. It was the same as what my Mom did at her office, but for me I was the boss of the data, things of never changed." - Mike Hamanaka
San Andreas, CA
The Silicon Realms
Joe CommodoreAll American, C-Net, Image (Commodore)
"One of the longest running BBSs in the California gold country. Started out as the Mother Lode 64 BBS. Silicon Realms, was mainly a Commodore/Gaming (RPG) oriented BBS. Was a member of several Commodore BBS networks - UBAN, NISSA, FNET, COMM-NET, (?) identified as SLR. Notable features were Commodore files (PD/Utilities), story boards and on-line games, and network discussion boards. Board folded as I got too busy on other projects, though I still had a few callers near the end." - Joe Commodore
Tracy CA
ACE InfoSystems
Don MankinMajorBBS
"In 1997 I started a 23 line BBS out of my home in Tracy CA. I started a company called ACE InfoSystems to support it. The ACE part was derived from 'ASCII Computer Enterprise', another company I previously created to support the MINIHOST BBS software I wrote. The BBS started with MajorBBS software (later Worldgroup) using a T1 and D4 channel bank with 23 US Robotics modems. Later the modems were replaced with a MultiTech Complete Communications Server CC2400, a great piece of hardware in its day. The most sought after feature was the ability to play multiplayer games online, Duke Nukem - Doom - Decent, to name a few. Later I added Internet access to become the 1st ISP in the area." - Don Mankin
San Ramon, CA
Maxi Host Support Technical Support, MegaHost Support, MINIHOST, MaxiHost Support BBS, ASCII Computer Enterprises
Don Mankin
MaxiHost BBS - small, very easy to run BBS


Programmer's Retreat, Programmers Retreat BBS
J. HillHome rolled in Better BASIC
"Ran a very complex and total custom BBS. All the code was in Better BASIC. Supported file transfers and *.wav files... a remote controlled FM radio served up WAV files of the station you could pick. Also, had a message base tie into the ham radio BBS system known as packet radio. I moved a lot and put a diverter line in Hughson, California to forward the calls out to Waterford so it would not be long distance from Modesto. We used to have local user parties in this area and all the sysops would hook up for drinks and PC Support. There's over 1000 users in my old BBS database... I could and did run on DOS 2.11 (300 baud) through to DOS 6.2 (9600/14.4kbps). I kind of ran under Windows 3.01 but we found AOL and soon after the Internet in 1997 and lost interest fast after we got our house in Salida. Now I run a low-power FM station (KQRP). For me, it's always been about serving the community." - Brad (J.Hill)
Hughson, CA
Crystal Towers BBS
Frodo Baggins and GambitWWIV 4.24
"Hughson was a great place to run a BBS because it was a local call from Modesto, Turlock, and all the other towns around that area. They all had long distance charges to each other, so we became one of the important local WWIVNet links."
Stockton, CA
BattleField BBS/AE
Hawk (Sysop)GBBS ][ and GBBS Pro
"Apple ][ BBS. Ran for six months on software I wrote myself, then upgraded to GBBS ][, then upgraded to GBBS Pro. I miss those days :(" - Hawk
Stockton, Ca
West Point Power & Light , West Point Power & Light<>
Jeff Wood, Jeff and Judy WoodAdeptX
"Why "In Exile"? WPP&L was started in West Point, but because I had to leave the mountain under circumstances that weren't of my choosing, I added the bit. But the UPS stayed with me, and while it never was put to the test of running the whole town of West Point, it did manage to keep 3 computers and my stereo running for hours if the power went out." - Jeff Wood
Pine Mountain Lake, CA
Victoria Cummings, Pine Mountain Lake, California since 04/86MajorBBS 6.12
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Pine Mountain Lake, California since 04/86. Sysop: Victoria Cummings. Using MajorBBS 6.12 with 4 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 6000 MB storage. US Robotics at 9600 bps. $25 Annual fee. 6 Gigs and over 20,000 latest hi-rez erotic files. New member bonus. Free amateur x-rated video to new members this month. Full access and Free adult videotape only $25 a year. Visa and mastercard accepted online. Call today, for exxxtacy tonight.

ADULT EXXXTACY BBS 209.962.4045, Pine Mt. Lake, CA since 1 986. Large Hi-rez adult file collection and 1 CD Rom's online. Mew Member Bonus - Adult Burlesque Video Tape of our California Coeds with each S25/yr membership. Visa and MC accepted online. Sysop: Victoria Cummings. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

ADULT EXXXTACY BBS 209.962.'10'!5, Pine Mt. Lake. CA since 1 986. Large Hi-rez adult file collection and 10 CD Rom's online. New Member Bonus - Adult Burlesque Video Tape of our California Coeds with each S25/yr membership. Visa and MC accepted online. Sysop: Victoria Cummings, - BBS Magazine October 1995 - BBS Magazine October 1995

Seguin, TX
The Twilight Zone, Twilight Zone
Alvin SeehausenRenegade
"Started in 94, Became FIDO member in 95, had one of the first Metro Numbers in Seguin, for local calls to San Antonio." - Alvin Seehausen
San Antonio, TX
Orion Nebula, The Orion Nebula
Roy FernandezSuperBBS
"My best recollection is meeting my wife Natalia on this BBS. We are still happily married and have 3 wonderful children. We meet playing Legend of The Red Dragon." - Roy Fernandez
San Antonio, Texas
BBG's Bottom's Up, BBG's Bottoms Up, BBG's Erotica
Otto Bernhardt, Valarie BernhardtD'bridge
"Hi, I think this list and up coming documentary is a great thing. We had a really great time having a BBS. I have a correction for you on the above listed BBS. You indicate Otto Bernhardt, my husband, as the sysop. I, BBG, was actually the sysop, and if I may be so bold, the reason that users flocked to my board, and associated boards, for on line chat. My sigop areas were shared the "Adult Links" nationally. We even went so far as to align with other boards in order to share the user verification process. We gathered users in a favorite haunt and got to meet a lot of new and fun people. Thanks for your time and effort." - Valarie, aka BBG (Big Bottom Girl)
Dos Guy's BBS
Jeff Kuwik, James GrimsleyTelegard
"Co-Sysops (Dos Guys = 2 guys, Jeff Kuwik, James Grimsley. No, it was not a gay BBS!) Supported MS-DOS, Window, Commodore 64 & Amiga. Only BBS ever to support both ANSI & CGS (Commodore color graphics)using only Telegard software. Jeff Kuwik was the Telegard guru for the San Antonio area. He wrote many utilities for Telegard & helped many sysops with setting up BBS's. Originally ran on a Commodore Colt XT!" - James Grimsley
Main Complex BBS, San Antonio
Donna Murrell
ListKeeper: San Antonio TX (AC 210) BBS
SAN ANTONIO 0NLINE 210.734.9141, Real Estate w/photos, business, international trade, fed/state/local jobs. Largest info source for south Texas includes business directories. Free trade news, PC Magazine, classified ads. SIGs, Nafta files Limited free access to jobs and real estate. - BBS Magazine March, 1995
San Antonio, TX
Manuel ZColor-64
"Manuel Z ran the CHALLENGER BBS and had Sysop access to about 90% of the Commodore BBS's in San Antonio. He also made many intro screens using Ascii and C= graphics for Color BBS's. Very good at modifying BBS programs and making on-line games for gambling credits." - Anonymous
San Antonio, TX
Abyss, The Abyss
Jeffrey BerubeRenegade
"The Abyss was started primarily so that I could play all the Door games I wanted to play in one place. It also featured over a gig of software for download for the boards users. I fondly remember my poor users autodialing for hours on end as the board was busy nearly continously, save for the 2 mins or so it took to process mail in between users." - Jeffrey Berube
San Antonio, TX
The 128 P.C.
Tom PeranteauC-Net 128
"Although this BBS moved around southern Texas, San Antonio was its home for the longest time. The BBS ran on a Commodore C-128 on C-Net software, with an ICT 40 meg hard drive." - Tom Peranteau
San Antonio, TX
Terrapin Station
Joey Snell, Chris (Joey) SnellMaximus
"This BBS was originally started by my father as the "DOSS BBS" in 1989, when I was a freshman in high school. I took over the phone line and started Terrapin Station at some point around 1991. The original machine was a Packard Bell desktop with a 40 Mb drive and a Compuserve-branded modem running DOS and RemoteAccess. It was later upgraded to a 340 Mb drive and a ZyXEL U-1496+ external modem. Eventually, it moved to a 486/66 running Maximus on OS/2. Those were the days! I've always wondered what happened to all of the folks from the 387NET. If anybody wants to drop me a line, you can find me at" - Chris Snell
Marion, TX
Breeze Way BBS, San Antonio
Wayne BreezeeSpitfire 3.5
"I ran this BBS from 1995-1998. During 1995 I was not a full member of FIDO Net, but a point of another board. I became a full member in 1996, and in 1997 I was elected the NC for the 387 NET (387 was the San Antonio area). I served until 1998 after which time with membership declining I decided to take the board down. I still have the old software and .bat files needed to run the BBS and the program to toss the caller to the BBS or transmit message files. The board operated under the same number the whole time, but a split in area codes put the BBS in the 830 area code for the last few years. I wasn't the 1st, but was one of the 1st to have a BBS with a metro line allowing those from the metro area, and not just those in San Antonio to call me as a local call. The board had many doors (games) running, and thanks to support from the users many where registered allowing full use of the game, and unlimited use up to the limits I set for daily use." - Wayne Breezee
New York City, NY
Invention Factory, Invention Factory Node #1, The Invention Factory BBS
Michael Sussell, New York City, NY since 03/84, Mike SussellPCBoard, PCBoard 15.1
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: New York's best BBS. Free downloads for new users. More than 14 gig of shareware and freeware. Internet, Usenet, e-mail. Large adult files area. MC Visa Amex.

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: New York City, NY since 03/84. Sysop: Michael Sussell. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 48 lines on MS-DOS/NOVELL-3.11 with 99999 MB storage. US Robotics at 28800 bps. $15 Monthly fee. New York's best BBS! Free down-loads for new users. More than 14 gig of share-ware and freeware. Internet/Usenet E-mail. Large adult files area. Master/Visa/Amex.

"I ran Normandeau Newswire as a SIG there. Favorite amongst readers was "Filthy Food for Thought" which were highlights of FDA recalls which at that time I had to get via dial-up from FDA. I published the list of "Allowable Filth Limits in Food". When it went down, there were OVER 100 phone lines. In last few years there came about an FCC MONTHLY surcharge of a few dollars on each phone line. BSS was in its hayday during DOS. Mew computers came with Windows and preloaded with AOL or other on-line GUI software so people didn't go hunting for BBSs to call. Declining revenue VS escalating cost brought it down." - Ray

46 Lines - 100 Directories - Full Usenet Feed - 8.2GB

The Screaming Goat
Mark BergerWildcat
"A small New York City BBS that dealt mostly with shareware games like Rogue and Moria and with .gif files."
New York City, NY
Laserboard, RRHost
Stuart GitlowRed Ryder Host
"The BBS was for Mac users only and was the first BBS of any kind in NYC to have 9600 bps access. I started and ran the Board until 1988, when Adam Wildavsky took over in NY and I moved the primary system to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh system closed shortly afterward." - Stuart Gitlow
New York, NY
ZyBrex Realm
Zephyr / DamonRenegade, Telegard then switched to Renegade
"Err ... I still have the BBS backed up on them old 5.25 disks." - Zephyr / Damon
New York, NY
Magpie BBS
Steve Manes
Support/Demo System for Magpie BBS/Conferencing Software
New York, NY
Long Island ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
New York City, NY
L. Hinckley, Livingston Hunkley
New York Osborne Users' Group (FOG AMO #135) New York Osborne Users' Group (FOG AMO #135)
New York, NY
Adam JacobsRAVICS
"Noticed that my BBS wasn't in your list! I think its story is mildly interesting, so... here's a brief summary. I ran VTUG-BBS for somewhere between 2 and 3 years, starting in the fall of 1982, first on a VIC-20 and then on a C-64. I wrote the software, RAVICS, which was -- I believe -- the first BBS available for these machines. VTUG stood for VIC Technical Users' Group, although I never really got a user's group off the ground - the BBS was all there was to it. The BBS was initially fairly simple - a single message base and "chat with the sysop" - but rapidly developed into a reasonably interesting system with multiple message bases, private mail, tree-structured conferencing, and uploads/downloads (which were, however, a relatively unimportant part of the BBS's culture - this was long before the warez days). I think the user base was a couple hundred and the system was off-hook pretty much 24 hours a day at the peak. I wrote the software on a VIC-20 shortly after obtaining the VICmodem (for my 13th birthday - I'd received the VIC for Christmas a few months before!) and hacking up a simple autoanswer device for it. I'm sure it was the first, and possibly the only BBS on a VIC-20. Without really setting out to do so, I sold a few copies of it and I bought the C-64 with the proceeds shortly after its release. Of course I promptly "ported" the BBS to the 64, so RAVICS was probably the first BBS software available for the C-64 as well - this was at a time when virtually all BBSs, at least in 212, ran on Apple IIs, TRS-80s, etc. In the next couple of years I ran VTUG and sold a reasonable number of copies of RAVICS to sysops around the country (despite having no advertising other than the BBS itself).

"In 1984 I sold the C-64, sold the rights to RAVICs, and bought an IBM PC XT. I made some half-hearted attempts to write a BBS for the PC, and ran some third-party software for a while at 534-3149, but I was in high school by then and I was spending too much time thinking about girls and mathematics. I relinquished the title of sysop and became instead a user: a denizen of the legendary Ailanthus Tree. Thanks for a site that brings back some memories from nearly 20 years ago - although my BBS is far from the only interesting one from those days that is missing from your 212 list! Let me know if you're interested in any of the others I remember... BTW I posted a message to Usenet in 2002 requesting info about the later life of RAVICS (after I sold it) - archived at and, but note that the email address I gave in the message is no longer active. That message gives a few more details about VTUG/RAVICS. I never received any replies, unfortunately, so I still don't know what happened to RAVICS later on, though I know that there were BBSs running RAVICS for at least a few years more...." - Adam Jacobs

Bronx, NY
Fever, Fever BBS
Victor M. Alvarado
It's been a very long time since I seen the name of my BBS on the monitor. I was the Sysop of Fever BBS. The system was running on an Atari Computer serving the City of NY user groups MANIA and AFUG. The BBS started out back in 1987 and pulled its plug 5 years later." - Victor M. Alvarado
New York City, NY
Flash Traffick
Josh Ehrlich, Julian GrahamPC Board
"We got started a little bit late in the game, so we had some trouble bringing in the calls. However, as we were both somewhat active in the local and national computer art scenes, Flash Traffick became a distribution site for several prominent ansi/ascii groups. Most of our callers were from 212 and 718, but we got some from as far away as 516 and 914."
New York, NY
PosterBd Net, PosterBed Net, The Posterboard Network
Tom MurphyPCBoard
"Relay Hub for BrooklynNET" - Tom Murphy
New York, NY
ACDBBS, Islam LifeStyles BBS, The ACD BBS!
Yaakob Abdullah, Larry Dipaola, Larry DiPaola
"I worked for Delta Air Lines and had ACD BBS in the NYC office. The office closed and apparently the same number ended up running an Islam BBS. I didn't run that one." - Larry DiPaola
Hollow World
Agile Member BBS
New York City, NY
Midnight Driver Data Super Highway, Midnight Driver Super Data Highway, MidnightDriver
Dave Lew, New York City, New York since 07/93PCBoard , PCBoard 15.2
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Free Internet mail and Usenet news. Tons of newsgroups. CD-ROMs with gigabytes of s hareware online all the time. We specialize in games including the latest from Apogee and ID. The best buy around. Come cruise by and see what all the excitement is about.

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: New York City, New York since 07/93. Sysop: Dave Lew. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 4 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 3000 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. $59.95 Annual fee. Free Internet mail and Usenet news. Over 800 Usenet newsgroups and increasing every day. 2 CD-ROMs with tons of shareware. Lots of games including the latest Apogee wares. The best buy around. Come cruise by and see what all the excitement is about.

New York, NY
Air Force One
"Originally started in the 80's on and for the 8-bit Atari, this updated version of the BBS was geared toward the Commodore Amiga." - Maverick
Bronx, NY
Enterprise BBS, Star Gate BBS, Stargate BBS
Nick Di Napoli (Admiral Kirk), Nick DiNapoli (Admiral), Cousin NickyCNET 9.0, 10.0, 11.5, CNET 12.0, C-NET, Wildcat!
"Went from Stargate to Stargate II and then to Enterprise BBS because it wasn't like there weren't enough systems called that already....." - Nick di Napoli

"I originally started off running C-Net then modified it like everyone else did for the games etc and eventually used Wildcat before I took it down. Phone bills then were 10x more what they are now lol. One user at a time of course. Took it down whenever I wanted to log into The Great Beyond (DDial) lol until I bought the phone line for it. I had an impressive fanbase and ran along side other boards like Top Secret BBS, Searchlight, etc." - Captain NYC

CYBEROTICOMM 212.803.5405. local access available from 201, 516 and 914. Exciting, fun. social board for adults only. Join us for chat, spe- cial interest forums, straight and fetish file libraries, personals and a shopping mall of hot products to suit your desires. Become part of a dynamic online community with an excellent male/female ratio. - BBS Magazine March, 1995
New York City, NY
METRO Online Entertainment
Bruce Kamm/Metro Online Services
32 line DLX with City Guide/Ski Database - Matchmaker - Chat
New York, NY
Amer.Info.Svcs, American Information Services, AmerIServe Public, Graphical User Interface, The Gooey (GUI) BBS, The Gooey BBS
David ShapiroPCBoard
List of BBS List Keepers: Graphics User Interface BBS/David Shapiro

ListKeeper: Graphical User Interface BBS

New York City, NY
Big Electric Cat
Robert Sweeney, Charles Foreman, Lee Fischman, Richard NewmanStride Unix
"I was one of the sysops. Originally we were set up (illicitly) in the computer room of a midtown advertising agency. It is a VERY amusing story -- pity you didn't know about it before the movie! We eventually migrated to the offices of a communications firm elsewhere in the city. I still have the Big Electric Cat user manual, with its very entertaining cover. Robert Sweeney was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2001." - Lee Fischman
Beyond Paradise #1, Paradise Wares, BEYOND PARADISE #1
Paradise King
Crystal Member BBS
Beyond Paradise #2, BEYOND PARADISE #2
Paradise King
Crystal Member BBS
New York, NY
Computers & Dreams Inc. BBS, Computers and Dreams, Incorporated, COMPUTERS & DREAM BBS, Computers&Dream
William StewartPCBoard
COMPUTERS & DREAM BBS — Simply the best BBS in New York City! Don't believe us? Call (212) 888-6565 and enjoy our FREE access and instant verification. 3 FREE and PUBLIC NODES give you access to 760mb of files and dozens of up to date registered doors. Another 3 PRIVATE NODES allow access to a jukebox of CD-Roms, USATODAY online and BoardWatch Magazine online, more time and download capabilities all for $30 per year! All modems are USR Courier HST Dual Standard!
Beyond Paradise #3, BEYOND PARADISE #3
Paradise King
Crystal Member BBS
Brooklyn, NY
Earth News Central
Jonathan GleichApple BBS, DDIAL, Galacticomm
"It was the first Multiuser apple bbs system, running three apple ]['s and a 6 gig corvus drive, then was a 12 line chat system called diversi dial, then became a 16 user galacticomm system. Died sept of 1988." - Jonathan Gleich
New York City, NY
Modem Over Manhatten (MOM)
Larry Kelly, Alif TerransonCBBS
"We were one of the very first CBBS systems in use, and we *were* the first one with multiple floppy's always online (1mb across four drives IIRC). M*O*M was heavily trafficked by the Phreak community although it was not a Phreak board per se. In late 1978 we took a KIM-1 and used it as a controller so that we could run Ward's [now modified - poorly] code to accomodate multiple lines: by the time 1979 became the year you remembered to write on your checks, we had 2 lines available on a 24x7 basis. This was *extremely* unusual in 1979: CBBS was still on it's birth curve, and only supported a single "user". I've been wanting to send this in for years, but I couldn't find any floppies (8 inchers: if there's any left, it should be obvious, right?) or flyers. Then were sitting here talking about it, and the number just popped into my head unannounced!!! Now it's yours. :-)"
Bronx, NY
Bronx BBS, Bryan Boyle's Bronx Bulletin Board
Bryan BoyleMessage-80, Connection-80, TBBS
"Built the system on a mod 1 trs-80. Had, at the time, about 150 regular users, including most of the leading lights of the phone phreaker community that met in greenwich village under the name "TAP". Also a large selection of downloadable programs for broadcast engineers. The experience of running/maintaining/hacking a beeb got me into the computer industry full-time. Still have the system I used, as well as the software. Pack rat, you know...:)" - Bryan Boyle
New York, NY
Air Force One
"Board ran on an Atari 800XL with two double density 5 1/4" floppy drives- one for the OS/BBS software, and the other for file upload and downloads." - Maverick
New York, NY
MindVox, MindBox
Phantom Access Technologies, Inc.UNIX
Internet Access, E-Mail, Newsgroups, ftp/telnet
New York, NY
Harry Newton Publications
Telephone Sales Trade Magazine Online Service
Los Angeles, CA
Twisted Dreams
"Wow, a nice blast from the past. Thank you for keeping this alive. I ran this BBS in my high school days. Learned a lot from the "community." What a great experience!" - Sid
Ghost Shadow, GHOST SHADOW
Ghost Master
Crystal Member BBS
List of BBS List Keepers: Selected BBS/Joseph Caplinger & Son
Beverly Hills, CA
HMS Queen Mary's Revenge (h/p/a) =LoL= WHQ!, West Coast Technologies, Inc.
Digitone CypherEmulex, Telegard
"Board had several names over the years, among them were Wesst Coast Technologies Inc, HMS Queen Mary's Revenge, Digital Infinity Inc, ... The System Op (real name: Michael Allen Turner) was known as Digitone Cypher aka Captain Swashbuckler aka Wave Runner -- also among a few others." - Michael Turner
Gardena, CA
S.W.A.M.P.S, The S.W.A.M.P.S.
Mike AndruschakAMIS, AMPS (Mike Andruschak Author)
"Originally a much modified AMIS, by '85 I was running my own 100% original BBS program. The final version was writen in OSS Basic-XE, running on an Atari 130XE. Extensive machine language subroutines made it the fastest 8-bit BBS, bar none." - Mike Andruschak
Torrance, CA
Your Average BBS, Your Average Remote Bulletin Board System (Y.A.R.B.B.S.)
Thomas de Lellis
"Greetings! I was the Sysop of YARBBS and author of that BBS software. What a suprise to find that anyone still cares about archiving and making available info on the existence of all those old BBS systems. The software was originally written from scratch for the PolyMorphic System 8813 in BASIC and reimplemented in Turbo Pascal and ran on a GenRad FutureData 2300 ADS and other CP/M systems. I still have all the hardware, software (and actual BBS data files from those old days somewhere - hmm, might be amusing to fire it all back up)." - Thomas De Lellis
Torrance, CA
Affiliations (throughout time): USA/Fairlight Western HQ, USA-DoX Home, NEUA Distribution Site, ACiD World Headquarters.
Canoga Park, CA
San Fernando Valley ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Lawndale, CA
Computer Components Association of Orange County
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Santa Monica, CA
Megabyte BBS
Andrew SilberRBBS-PC
"I started this BBS when I was 12-- I was a contributor to RBBS-PC starting at version 09, then I wrote my own BBS software based on my experience from RBBS. These were heady days indeed :)" - Andrew Silber
Pasadena, CA
Chris Gorman, John Borowski2amBBS, GAP, Djinn
"Ran 2amBBS from 87 to 93, GAP from 93 to 94, and a custom work called Djinn from 94 into 95... Was part of RIME network in 93/94 and went InterNET in 94. Became the commercial Unix ISP "" in 1994/95 which still has a listing of some wamblyville history online in the web pages. (Under Other Info / Company history)"
Long Beach, CA
Clockwork Orange
Nemo, Sid
"This BBS has 4 nodes at the time... I LOVED this orginal system.... and then it expanded to I believe 6 nodes around 1990. This was when the sysop (Nemo) added an entirely new bbs. So you would call your number, or forwarding number and it would get your to an inital bbs screen. From there you could the select to go to 'Clockwork Orange' or 'The Time Machine'." - Anonymous
SOCAL Corner
List of BBS List Keepers: Southern Califnornia/Mike Hefferman
Long Beach, CA
Carrier-Point Info, CPI BBS
Mark BishopTBBS
"CPI BBS was started by me (Mark Bishop) back around 1989 in a small office off Cherry Street in Long Beach, California. At that time, I was also an authorized PC-SIG re-seller of Shareware with PC-SIG being among the largest distributors of Shareware worldwide. I was using at that time the infamous TBBS multi-user BBS software running on a single 486 PC and 10 incoming telephone lines. I tinkered around a lot and amazingly with some help managed to run a single drive CD-ROM player with a PC-SIG Shareware disc in a multi-user environment. I then designed an ASCII menu program and created an online library of Shareware. Determined to make a living out of the Shareware business, and seeing the potential of BBSes and the advent of the Internet, I started a subscription online service and brought together my magazine ads for selling Shareware and that of joining my BBS. While CPI BBS eventually closed it doors, a couple of years later I re-opened it in Gardena, California but tripled the number of incoming lines and then adding a database and matchmaker site as well. Believe it or not, I had only 1 other competitor that matched my membership size and that was a small company called "Earthlink". And as the story goes, Earthlink succeeded by being the first BBS in the area to get a T1 Internet connection and then over-selling it's connection with the smart marketing idea of sending out a floppy disc with all of the dial-up programs needed to get on the Internet. That, along with a large assortment of porn on their site, Earthlink grew by leaps and bounds. I will always remember my BBS experience. I ran both the CSULB BBS (562-985-8737) for a number of years as I was both a student and later a staff member, and then CPI BBS (213) 423-4999 and then Carrier-Point Informatin BBS (310) 366-7959 and loved every second of it." - Mark Bishop
Signal Hills, CA
Peripherals Unlimited Inc. ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Long Beach, CA
Long Beach CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Pacific Palisades, CA
Pacific Brigade
Street Skater, DC-AiRWWIV
"Home site to the group "Pacific Brigade". Wrote first graphical, full color online game entitled "Space Wars" (based on Space Invaders)." - Street Skater
Los Angeles, CA
Jack FarmerWildCat 4
THE CRUSADER BBS 213.466.4482, Hollywoad/LAX 310 area. Sysop: Jack Farmer. Wildcat w/5 lines (14,400). 4 Gig online. S45 yr/no limits. 30 min. day free w/limits. Fidonet/lnternet conf's. 100,000+ files. 6 online CDRoms. Chat. Geoworks files/conf's. Fun + Files + People + Games + Info. No Adult Files. - BBS Magazine March, 1995
West Los Angeles, CA
Black Dragon Enterprises, The Snark's Abode
The Black DragonWWIV
"The only WWIV BBS that could dynamically reload its configuration file and thus become a "separate" system. Now, we call that virtualization but back then it was simply schitzophrenic!" - The Black Dragon
Los Angeles, CA
Downtown, DownTown BBS v.32bis, The DownTown BBS Main, Downtown BBS
Ken Sukimoto
List of BBS List Keepers: 96 List – 9600+bps BBS/Ken Sukimoto

ListKeeper: 96 List - 9600+bps BBS

Los Angeles, CA
The DownTown BBS
Ken SukimotoMajorBBS
From Boardwatch March 1994: "The DownTown BBS (213)484-0260 Los Angeles, California since 08/88. Sysop: Ken Sukimoto. Using MajorBBS 6.11 with 6 lines on MS-DOS 80386 with 6800 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $1.00 Hourly fee. Featuring VGA, SVGA Adult graphics. Original adult GIFs. 28,000+ adult files on 6 CD's & 4Gb of hard drive storage. Originating system for 96LIST & MajorNet Node List. All lines v.32bis; 16.8k ZyXEL & 14.4k HST available. MajorNet Node-ID: @DWN."
Torrance, CA
The CP/M Connection MBBS/RCPM
Arun BahetiMBBS
"I was the SysOp, and both numbers listed here are correct -- I did switch lines at some point. It is hard to describe the community that existed around Los Angeles, and even in the South Bay area. We had a thriving audience and solid CP/M communities -- and so little commercial activity to muddy things up. I no longer have the old archives, but would enjoy hearing from some of the folks from those days." - Arun Baheti
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Jim Grimes, Lord Jim / The SkylordCustom
"Featured Alkahest, an original AD&D system designed by Lord Jim." - Lord Jim
Los Angeles, CA
Pepperdine Univ
FrEdMail System
Hawthorne, CA
Hawthorne ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Paramount, SC
AmiCon/C-Link! International AmiConnection
Warren Peace, John HoytCNet
"AmiCon started in June of 1982 in Fayetteville Arkansas and was called Non-Prophet BBS. It has run since then with limited interruptions when the SysOp moved from Arkansas to California in 1987, then again back to Arkansas in 1996, and then from Arkansas to South Carolina in 1998. Total downtime is estimated at less than a week over that entire time period, including time down while the system was moved to new hardware/platforms.

"AmiConnection was *THE* official support board for CNet (Commodore 64, 128 and then Amiga) between 1987 and the time when it was totally abandoned by the author/maintainer in about 1999. Most of the users on the BBS were comprised of other SysOps from around the world. AmiCon was also the originator of a FidoNet-like network which was had around 500 nodes at its height. The name was C-Link!. AmiCon was an official beta test and support site for hard ware companies such as GVP, Xetec, Supra, US Robotics, as well as for many software companies.

AmiCon still operates today, in Easley South Carolina. It is telnetable at telnet:// and runs CNet Amiga. There are currently around 1000 users in the user log, but only about 100 of them are active. The most active group is a group of roll players.

In 1999, Scott Smith (GodSmith) turned over the domain to AmiCon and a good number of those visitors to the Northern California BBS (TGGH / The Gnomes Guest House) migrated to AmiCon. WarNPeace / Warren Peace / John M. Hoyt authored several pfiles/doors, and modified many more. Empire, which was a Crazy Cad / Warren Peace offering was the most popular CNet 64/128/Amiga game of all time. Empire is still supported and played on this board." - John Hoyt

"In regards to the game, EMPIRE, I can tell you with 100 percent certainly that the game was not written by WarNPeace / Crazy Cad. It was a door that they modified. I know this because I wrote the original Empire in the course of a weekend when I was in 9th grade (1983 or so - Cleveland OH area). The original was on the C-64, written in 5 parts, about 50 lines of BASIC each I think that the new C-NET of the day would POKE over each new loaded line and trick BASIC into thinking that the new lines that been typed. It was actually ingenius for the day. The game was actually based on a TRS-80 Model III BASIC game of the same name, where 4 players could play on a local machine...." - Bryan Chilcher

Hawthorne, CA
Hawthorne ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Long Beach, Ca.
Mike's Corner BBS, Mike's Corner BBS (RCP/M)
Mike HeffernanWildcat
"Home of SOCALBBS.LST, a frequently updated compilation of BBS's in 213,818,895,714,619 area codes. There were about 200 on the list, and I wrote (in assembler!) a dialing routine that could detect a modem answer, a disconnect or a voice answer, in order to verify each BBS. The List header... ** SOCAL053.LST ** April 05,1989 This is a list of public computer bulletin boards in Southern California. Many thanks to David Bartholomew and Phil Hansford for the fine job that has been done producing earlier editions of this list. I also intend to continue maintaining this list in the tradition they have established. This list may be freely copied, distributed, or compressed, PROVIDED THAT IT IS NOT ALTERED. (You may also distribute sections of the list if this heading is included.) This list is updated about every two months." - Mike Heffernan
Los Angeles, CA
Liberty BBS
David SalchMajorBBS 6.21
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Members are overwhelmingly adults with adult discussions and forums, but system is open to all. Features Internet, Web & your own home page. Other numbers local to most of Southern California and nationwide via BBS DIRECT, or telnet to
Los Angeles, CA
Digital Vision Systems, Digital Visions Sys, Digital Visions Systems
Dion KraftTBBS
"I, Dion Kraft created graphics and animation and put them up on my BBS after another BBS sysop Basi Angulo of MicroCell BBS together created a scrolling graphic that was twice wide and twice tall. The scroll went sideways and then diagonal. We called them Digipics. The mode was in CGA. The images were created on a MAC 512K and then converted to a PC file using TurboPascal which Basi programmed in. Each image was executed via a player program which had out BBS numbers as the frontend splash screen. After a while we had callers from all over the world calling! What a rush! No one had seen such graphics on a PC! We then later moved on to EGA and later scanned images were the norm. I created adult, futuristic and contemporary art on my MACs. It was a graphics powerhouse!" - Dion Kraft
The Threshold of the Twelve Galaxies, The Twelve Galaxies
Sire Doime #1SearchLight, Synchronet BBS (SBBS)
"I started this when I was working at a bank in Los Angeles. The idea was to create a BBS with a dynamic universe, where the focus was story telling by allowing the user (called a Desdine) to become active in The Twelve Galaxies (12g). Each of the 12 nodes were named after the 12 galaxies. In fact, I actually only had 1 phone line; 12g was only up when I wasn't using the PC. I used SearchLight (SL) at first because I wanted RIP support. But SL could not support traditional handles, using a "nickname" feature instead. I found Synchronet BBS (SBBS), which had a lot more features, & unlike SL much better External Door support. Never did buy it. :(

"12g never really took off. I spent a lot of time creating my BBS, setting it up to do things that my AMD 386DX 40mhz w/4MB RAM PC couldn't really do, like QWK & FIDONET networking. Friends would log on, & occasionly users would come via other BBSs. My interface was unique because it was completely different from the standard SBBS menus. I customized everything; even the .DAT files. All the default text would be consistent with 12g's Atmosphere. File transfer was called Contributions, messages were CyberTransmissions, nodes were Junctions, and chat rooms were CUBicles. I edited nearly everything I could in the TEXT.DAT file.

"Sigh, I had a lot of fun with my BBS. It "ran" from 1992 to 1995 until I had to move." - Sire Doime

Pasadena, CA
Pasadena CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Downey RCP/M, The Downey Remote CP/M Exchange Center
Mark MotleyWildCat, RCP/M
"The BBS started as an RCP/M on a Kaypro 10 and ended it's life as a DOS-based board (WildCat! with Waffle for Internet UUCP connection, DesqVIEW providing the multitasking). I ended up shutting down the BBS when my equipment was destroyed in a flash flood. By that time the Internet was really taking off anyhow, and "BBSing" was dying a slow death." - Mark Motley
Marina Del Ray, CA
Marina Del Ray CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Los Angeles, CA
San Fernando CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Norwalk, CA
Norwalk-La Mirada USD
FrEdMail System
Hollywood, CA
Metro Online, MetroOnline, The West Side, THE WESTSIDE, Westside, The Westside
Dave HarrisonMetropolis
Area’s Largest/Most Active Adult System-Chat,E-mail,Games
Los Angeles, CA
HORSE RACING BBS, 213.934.6026, LA, CA, offering the contenders racing at the following tracks: SA - HOL - DMR, Thinking a big phone bill? Not to worry,. Race data will download in about 90 seconds or less (14400 bps) - BBS Magazine October 1995
TI-World of So. Cal
J. StephensMXT BBS for the TI-99/4A
"My BBS ran a TI-99/4A running MXT BBS software. This gem actually allowed multiple Downloads at the same time!! Multi-Tasking in 1984 Imagine that!!" - John Stephens
Los Angeles, CA
Bill Weinman, Jim Lee, Los Angeles, California since 03/92Wildcat!
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Los Angeles, California since 03/92. Sysop: Jim Lee. Using WildCat 3.90P with 6 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 2500 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $52 Annual fee. Los Angeles' premium BBS. Full subscription. ILink, Cal-Link & Internet, Usenet. Quality files only. New services regularly added. All major credit cards. 6 high speed lines and growing rapidly.

BCS BBS, (213) 962-2902, Four High Speed Modems(DS) and growing. Gigs of files with the latest files added every day. Qsoftware support, Intelligent Conversations, Excellent Conferences, ever expanding on-line services. One week FREE access! - BBS Magazine November, 1994

BCS BBS, (213) 962-2902, Four High Speed Modems(DS) and growing. Gigs of files with the latest files added every day. Qsoftv/are support. Intelligent Conversations, Excellent Conferences, ever expanding on-line services. One week FREE access! - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Los Angeles’ First Super BBS Under Development

Mesquite, Texas
Dragon's Throne
Robert and SpaZzie... (Linda)WWIV
"We had MANY get-togethers and parties for the members of this board and had lots of fun and made lots of great friends. BBSing ruled! *8)" - SpaZzie (Linda Alexander)
Lewisville, TX
GreyMatter BBS, GreyMatter bbs (Right Hemisphere)
Erik Nordstrom, Eric NordstromRenegade
"GreyMatter BBS began in 1991 using the Telegard BBS software. Switched over to the Renegade BBS software and a new phone number in 1992. File sharing, online games, etc. System: Compaq Portable, 10 MB HDD, 8088 CPU, 1200 baud connection. Good times."a - Infowarhorse
Lewisville, TX
GreyMatter BBS, GreyMatter bbs (Right Hemisphere)
Erik Nordstrom, Eric NordstromTelegard
"GreyMatter BBS began in 1991 using the Telegard BBS software. Switched over to the Renegade BBS software and a new phone number in 1992. File sharing, online games, etc. System: Compaq Portable, 10 MB HDD, 8088 CPU, 1200 baud connection. Good times."
The A.I. Board, The Visionary
Jeremy GaitherRemoteAccess
"I initially set this up so I could chat with friends. I started the board while I was in junior high. I quickly met a lot of new friends, especially playing Barren Realms Elite! We had one small user meetup, and I think everyone was just surprised how young I was... I ran the board on top of OS/2, so I could continue using my sole computer. I couldn't afford a second computer just for the BBS. I developed several applications to process messages from FidoNet and shareware distribution in the background, to keep the BBS running for callers. I'm sure those experiences helped me start my career in technology. Today, I'm a software developer. Thank you to all of my friends and users!" - Jeremy Gaither
***AIK*** BBS
Richard HenrettaTriBBS, Spitfire, Wildcat!
"I started off to make the BBS with the most door games (had approx 200). Bought a CD changer from another BBS, can't remember the name, as well as a hacking files CD. placed it on the BBS. Fought against the internet, but gave in finally in 97. Still miss those good ole days." - Richard Henretta
Dallas, TX
First Time, First Time BBS
James SimmonsDLX/SDLX
"One of the largest social/chat systems in the country catering primarily to gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Had a sister BBS in Houston under the same name."
Lakeside, TX
Teledunjon IV
Mary RushTeleDunjon
"A play-by-modem Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying BBS where players and dungeon masters carried out gaming campaigns lasting five years or more."
Irving, TX
Psychlo Empire, The Psychlo Empire
Mark CoronaForum XL, XPRE
"It was run on an Atari 800 computer with 48K of memory until 1991 when it was transfered to an Atari ST." - Mark Corona
Grand Prarie, TX
The Range
Bob and LisaWWIV
"Sysop shut down the BBS after going to work for a local Internet company." - Bob
Dallas, TX
Computer Hobbyists Group of North Texas CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Garland, TX
Larry BaggettGT Powercomm, Wildcat BBS
"Originally started with GT and one computer. Ended up with 6 computers running Wildcat. Offered Internet access in the end. Then the AOL disk flood started... Users dropped like flies... miss the days though :)" - Larry Baggett
Garland, TX, 75041
Diver Down BBS/Garland BBS/PC Tech BBS, PC Tech, PC-Tech
Jon Hutto, Hutto/Garrison, Jon Hutto/variousUltraBBS , PCBoard, RBBS, Fido, PC-Board, UltraBBS
"Just a little updates. I put it up originally on a 2400bps Hayes modem and an Original IBM PC with Dual Floppy drives in 1984. I was only 13 at the time, and basically grew up around the whole BBS community. I spent many years running legitimate, and illegitimate BBS on the same number. In the 80s I think everyone did a little pirating out of their boards. In the end, the last 3-4 years I was working with Bill Rathbone, and Bob Farmer on the UltraBBS software. Mine was one of the official sites for it, and the first site to run it. In the end I ran two nodes of UltraBBS, until finally the Internet was taking over BBSes almost completely. Then I ran a Telnet BBS for a year or two before finally dropping it. Was a great time, and quite fun. Thanks for keeping the list. Hope this updated information is useful. You've kinda made me nostalgic!" - Jon Hutto
Garland, TX
Lost Island Desktop, Lost Island, The
Dennis ReclaCit? ?.?, TurboCit
"Started in 1983 when it was a lost island, since it only operated during the daytime from 6am till 10pm each day. It was in the bedroom and made too much noise. It later moved to another room where I changed from the original BBS software that I had developed to running a Citadel system." - Dennis Recla
Dallas, TX
Dallas Forum 80
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Amiga Network, AMIGA NETWORK
Masterblaster CNET
Tarkus Team Member BBS
Dallas, TX
Anarchy Online, The Anarchist's BBS, THE ANARCHIST'S BBS
Alan Bradshaw, Dallas, Texas since 06/93MajorBBS 6.2
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Categories include: Computer hacking & cracking, drugs, fake ID, fraud & con games, locksmithing, phone phreaking, surveillance and survival. Encrypted e-mail. No ID verification. telnet:

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Dallas, Texas since 06/93. Sysop: Alan Bradshaw. Using MajorBBS 6.2 with 12 lines on MS-DOS with 2500 MB storage. US Robotics at 28800 bps. No fee. Categories include: bombs, computer hacking, drugs, fake ID, firearms, fraud and con games, investigative techniques, locksmithing, phone phreaking, political, revenge, sex, surveillance, and survival. Encrypted email. No ID verification.

THE ANARCHIST'S BBS 214.289.8328, is a resource for anarchists, survivalists, adventurers, investigators, researchers, computer hackers and phone phreaks. Categories include: Bombs, Computer hacking, Drugs, Fake ID, Firearms, Fraud and con games, Investigation techniques, Locksmithing, Phone phreaking, Political, Surveillance and Survival. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Dallas, TX
-=*CCS-Online*=-, CCS-Online, ThE EleCtriC LoungE!
Corley EfurdVirtual BBS Modded
"Originally I started a BBS called CCS-Online. Afterwards I worked with a few other sysops to modify a version of VirtualBBS and turned out a shared version between myself and a few other Sysops in the area such as Bryan Erickson of Kozmik Kathouse. Shortly after I renamed the BBS to ThE EleCtriC LoungE! Thanks for keeping this information up. I was shocked to find it! Fun to think about the good old days when we had our kick ass networks running before the Internet was so prevalent. I find it very interesting that some of the mods and tools we made for our networks are just in our time now being implemented for the Internet. How cool was a auto-quoter for email with selectable quotes? :)" - Corley Efurd
Executive Connection
George SmithWildcat
ListKeeper: Employment BBS's
Lewisville, TX
The Alpha Centauri BBS
Dan RatjeOpus
"This BBS was originally part of the FIDO net, and ran FIDO as the BBS. I was looking for more punch than what was available in FIDO (at the time) and moved to OPUS. This BBS had a small user base, and was really just a step towards getting really connected. I remember posting that I had the fastest machine in town (I purchased the first 16 MHZ - 386 w/1M ram, a US Robotics 9600 and a new VGA monitor)... About 3 days after I posted that bit of info, I got a messaage from another sysop saying that he had the fastest machine... He had just purchased a 20 MHZ 386 that day. Ha! What fun we had. " - Dan Ratje
Dallas, TX
Keely Net, Keelynet
Jerry DeckerWildcat, Wildcat!
"I was the creator and sysop for KeelyNet back in 1988 when I got tired of photocopying so many papers, thinking it would be much easier to share them via a BBS. The first 6MB was all HAND TYPED by me as seed material. We had as many as 2,000 members at one point. I tried the Internet in 1994 and finally shut down the BBS in 1995 when I setup a KeelyNet homepage and populated it with 'some' of the many files that had built up on the BBS. At that time, there were 7 KeelyNet 'mirrors' of our files. The focus of the board was and is alternative science, primarily free energy, gravity control and electronic health/rejuvenation techniques. KeelyNet always encouraged the free sharing of information except where proprietary with the idea of making correlations that would lead to experiments with the end result being working technology that would better the world. It continues to this day, October 2005 with a much bigger network." - Jerry Decker/KeelyNet
Dallas, TX
The River Styx
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: 8 Cds and additional files. Play Doom,Decent and most modem games online up to 12 player. Internet access with telnet, rlogin, live e-mail and full PPP/SLIP soon. Many online games including online windows games. See other users Gifs and even hear a sound clip while you view their picture. Denton and Dallas numbers.
Dallas, TX
SDF-1 - Super Dimension Fortress
charmin (Ted Uhlemann), jello (Stephen Jones)Magic City Micro BBS
"The original "SDF" Apple ][e was purchased on July 13th, 1985 for $1065.95 by Ted Uhlemann. On June 16th, 1987 SDF answered its first call at 1200 bps. The BBS ran on the Apple ][e until sometime after Operational Sundevil (February 1990) when another local UNIX BBS '' was shutdown. This event is the catalyst for SDF's transition from running as an traditional menu BBS to that of a multi-user public access UNIX System. In late 1990 began answering at 972-436-3281 and continues to run this day. Infact, it is the only system that offers a direct UNIX login connection from major cities in the USA via a modem without the need of running CSLIP or PPP." - Stephen Jones (Jello)
Dallas, TX
Talyn's Lair
Talyn SilverGrizzly
"Text conversation boards for: Bondage, Pain & Other Entertainment Gender, Sexuality & Orientation Whatever else is on your mind." - Talyn SilverGrizzly
Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Forest (2), SHERWOOD FOREST
Robin Hood CNET
Recline Member BBS
Carrollton, TX
Datalink, DATALINK BBS, Datalink BBS-AMSAT, Datalink,Satelli, DRIG BBS, DataLink RBBS System, Digital Remote Imaging Group
Jeff Wallach, N5ITU, Jeffrey Wallach, Dallas Remote Imaging Group/Jeff WallachPCBoard , RBBS-PC
Weather Satellite Imaging, NOAA Satellite Tracking-AMSAT-NA
Twilight Zone #1
Independent Member BBS
Irving, TX
Hidden Valley RCP/M
Sysop?, Joe GattisRBBS v3.5
"Ran on an S100 System." - Joe Gattis
Richardson, TX
The Biker Board
Ryno D. BikerMaximus
"Before the internet really caught on big time, The Biker Board was the home of the bored biker inthe Dallas area. It was just a little one liner with some public chat and file areas and also many higher levels for those in the know. It was nothin' fancy but it was wide open with almost no rules at all and it was about the only board in town that anyone could log onto for free and say any damn thing they wanted without being censored or bounced off all together. Of course they were always at the mercy of all of the other users so the board always kind of policed itself. It certainly made for many amusing conversations and verbal battles but it was also a great spot to find out where all the local (biker) fun was on any given day. I started it with an old donated, bare bones 286, then traded for a 386 and ultimately had a 486 by the last year. I got married in '96 and the internet was killing my traffic so I shut it down that summer. One of my brothers, "Big Richard" Wells (RIP) of the Dallas Chapter of the Scorpions MC told me back in '94 or so about one of his brothers (Slim, with American Breed MC in Illinois at the time) who had a BBS that sounded a lot like mine called The Virtual Biker. I dialed it up one day and checked it out. Much to my surprise I found that Slim had a very similar vision but he was already light years ahead of my little bs BBS. :) His board later evolved into one of the best biker sights on the net (VBMO.ORG) and it still is. Even though I don't really do the BBS thing much anymore, I still check in with my old friends over at The Virtual Biker at least once or twice a year. It's still a great place for old school bikers and I highly recommend it to anyone in our lifestyle. I haven't checked in over there lately so be sure to tell 'em Ryno sent ya and that I sent greetings to all! Thanks to the powers that be for posting and keeping up with this list. Somehow I never imagined anyone would be interested enough in BBS history to embark on such an endeavor." - Ryno D. Biker
Dallas, TX
InnsofCourt, The Inns of Court
Arthur Geffin, Arthur GeffenCollosus, Phoenix
LAN Related Files and Utilities 1:124/6101
Rowlett , TX
Comm Link Rowlett, Rowlett RBBS
Dan KardellRBBS
"The first board was stolen when the house was broken into and a second machine was set up to replace the system." - Dan Kardell
Twilight Zone #2
Independent Member BBS
Addison, TX
The Wyrms Byte
John Bowlin, Thomas Wheeler (Co-Sysop)OPUS, Maximus
"We started it in 1989 in College Station, Texas, running on OPUS. When the Maximus system (which I still think is the best BBS software ever written) came out we ported to it. In 1991 we moved to Addison, TX (a Dallas suburb). It was shut down forever in either '92 or '93. TWB was mostly role playing game oriented, with a smattering of files and programming stuff and other miscellany. We were in several networks, including Fido, and in our heyday I think we had around 50 callers a day. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a lot of aggravation. And it was great." - Thomas Wheeler

"The BBS actually started in 1988 under the Wildcat BBS software, on an XT clone that didn't even have a hard drive (2400 baud). But I'd say 1989 is when we actually settled on the name "The Wyrm's Byte" and when we switched to using Opus and we also were running on a 30mb hard drive (same XT clone). We also ran it under a software called Remote Access (RA) from Australia for a while after Maximus (or maybe in between Opus and Maximus). We were a part of Fidonet for a long time, and also V-Net (Vervan's Wargaming Network), and Candy Net (C-Net). We ran several "Doors" games such as Tradewars and Baron Realms Elite. At one time we even ran 2 lines, but that got to be too expensive. We shut the system down in either late 92 or early 93, as I moved away from Dallas and my living situations at my new place didn't allow me the freedom to operate a BBS. At the time the system was shut down it was operating on an AMD 386 40mhz. Not sure about hard drive size but probably in the neighborhood of 100mb." - John Bowlin

Garland, TX
V.iolent I.n P.ublic
GangstaCNet Amiga
"V.i.P was a message base oriented freedom of speech board in the 2i4 and 972 area codes. One of the chosen home of the group of poster's know as the Sub Junkies or Sub-J's for short. Many talented posters roamed the message bases of V.i.P including some of the writers of the underground TR0 E-Zine. At Its time V.i.P was the only zine oriented BBS in the Dallas area. Huge archive of zines, H/P/A/V/C and so forth. Many of the text files on the BBSs are probably lost forever due to Hardware failure that eventually brought down the board." - Gangsta
Garland, Tx
Dodge City
Bernie Lawrence, Josey Wales, Bernie Lawrence aka Josey WalesFido and later Opus
"I found your site and boy did it bring back some good memories. I found my old BBS site listed and hoped that you could add the below to it as an update. Thanks for keeping the history alive! I started Dodge City in 1984 running on an original IBM PC with only two floopy disk drives. The board was mainly a message board due to limited space, but as a programmer I was able to add features to the site that no others did. Based on a old western town, the message rooms were named after buildings in town with the Saloon being the most popular. I added a back door for online games and created a shooting gallery where users could select another user and have a show down shootout in the street with the loser losing points and the winner gaining points. I released the source code which then started showing up on other sites. A generous user finally donated a 10 MB hard drive. As part of FidoNet, node 124/3, users were able to send messages all over the world. I wrote several programs related to the web sites, including a remote SysOp program called RemSysOp for managing the users database. Computers were stillin their infancy and I remember staying up until I fell asleep at the keyboard either writing programs for logging onto the different bulletin boards. In the Dallas area, we even scheduled pizza parties and Wet-n-Wild trips so that the users could actually get to meet face to face. I actually met my old girlfriend online in what I suppose was an early form of online dating. I later switched the software to the Opus bulletin board software and wrote some programs for that software as well. In 1986, after becomming a police officer in Garland, Tx, I took down the bulletin board. I'm still a police officer in Garland and still a computer programmer as well." - Bernie Lawrence
Garland, TX
Parallax BBS
Rogers CadenheadMUMPS-NET
"As far as I have been able to determine, Parallax was the first BBS to feature door games (and call them that). In a section of the site called the Zeppelin door, there was a shooting gallery, game show, and other games programmed by sysop Rogers Cadenhead. Another Dallas sysop whose name I cannot recall created a version of the shooting gallery that could run on an early OPUS system and made his source code available to others to run on their own systems, helping to popularize this early form of online gaming." - Rogers Cadenhead
Bev Freed
Product: OPUS-CBCS
Irving, TX
Squirrel Talk
Jimmy KitchensRemoteAccess, QuickBBS
"I ran this during my high school years.. It was up Feb 12, 1989 to August 12, 1992, after which I went away to college and never ran a BBS again. Fidonet address was 1:124/3106." - Jimmy Kitchens
Dallas, TX
Shadow Magic BBS
Kirby Flake (Alex K.)WWIV
"The BBS went up on Jan. 1, 1988. It moved several times (with me) and eventually went down in 1993 because I went into the army was not going to be able to support it. It was an alias BBS so my name on the BBS was Alex K. It had 2 co-sysops, the first was Zaphod. The second was Burleigh Wood, Jr. It had message boards and files available for download, as well as a few online games." - Kirby Flake
Dallas, TX
KA Electronics ABBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Blues Cafe
Mark Elson/Mike Shockley
ListKeeper: Dallas/Ft.Worth BBS List
Dallas, TX
Dallas CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Grand Prairie, TX
Fantasy Football Information Exchange
Edward Girard, Grand Prairie, Texas since 06/92
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Grand Prairie, Texas since 06/92. Sysop: Edward Girard. Using Synchronet 2.0 with 3 lines on MS-DOS with 420 MB storage. Supra at 28800 bps. $19.95 Annual fee. Dedicated to Fantasy Football league enthusiasts as a centralized forum to network information. Membership includes: stats, boxscores, injury reports, games, FF shareware, Draft Day info, predictions, player ratings, and more. Accept Visa MC. Call us.
Richardson, TX
BBS AMERICA/3RS BBS, Bulletin Board System America, BBS America
Jay Gaines
Home of DFW Online Electronic Newsletter
South Garland Mail System
Eric Hedstrom
"Hi - I am Eric Hedstrom and just ran across your site! Wow it brings back so many memories. Because I have not thought about this in ages I am not sure if I can remember more history other than the South Garland Mail system (SGMS) was originally run on a Tandy 1000. I think it had 512k and a 30MB HD! I was a DFW hub for FamilyNet and a member of FidoNet as well (duel "net" members were not that common). Starting at 2400 baud I believe I had upgraded to a 4800 (that was able to compress to 9600 baud with devices/models of the same type) before shutting it down as I went to college. I was on the Internet by 1992 which I guess ended my interest in BBS.

"I would also like to make mention of my earlier BBS (87-89 I believe) I ran a Colorama BBS on a TRS-80 Color Computer at the same phone number, it was "The Flying Fortress". It was originally started on a 300 baud acoustic coupler for a limited time during the day. Yes, I would hear the phone ring and run and answer it. I later upgraded to a manual answer 300 baud modem, then an auto answer 300 baud modem and kept the BBS up 24/7. During that time period I had upgraded Color Computers to a "COCO 2" and had a speech/sound pack that would announce who was logging in, an 80 column card and green screen, all the bells and whistles. The BBS had many message boards and many games and a download section. I also maintained my own Dallas, Fort Worth BBS list that I manually verified monthly. I finally had a 1200 Baud auto answer modem, and perhaps a 2400 before moving to an IBM PC clone (Tandy 1000) and starting the SGMS. Thanks for your site!" - Eric Hedstrom

Garland, TX
The Flying Fortress
Eric HedstromColorama
"I ran a Colorama BBS on a TRS-80 Color Computer it was "The Flying Fortress". It was originally started on a 300 baud acoustic coupler for a limited time during the day. Yes, I would hear the phone ring and run and answer it. I later upgraded to a manual answer 300 baud modem, then an auto answer 300 baud modem and kept the BBS up 24/7. During that time period I had upgraded Color Computers to a "COCO 2" and had a speech/sound pack that would announce who was logging in, an 80 column card and green screen, all the bells and whistles. The BBS had many message boards and many games and a download section. I also maintained my own Dallas, Fort Worth BBS list that I manually verified monthly. I finally had a 1200 Baud auto answer modem, and perhaps a 2400 before moving to an IBM PC clone (Tandy 1000) and starting the SGMS." - Eric Hedstrom
Dallas, TX
Public Image Limited
Kevin Boardman
"I ran this BBS from '84 until early '88. Still have my old call logs - 10,000+ calls per year." - Kevin Boardman
Richardson, Texas
KIE Richardson, Shuttle USS Richardson
Bill HayesQuickBBS 2.76
"Had a loose Trekkish Theme, with a Bridge for the main menu, holodeck for games, engineering for sponsers, and airlock for logging in and out. Fidonet messages about Star Trek, Food, and Beer." - Bill Hayes
Sherman, TX
MHMR Services of Texoma
Paul CampbellGT Power
"I ran the BBS on IBM PC and later an IBM XT. The BBS used at computer at MHMR in the evenings and on weekends. There were downloads and Trade Wars available. Although I'm not much of a programmer, I wrote an QuickBasic interface for the GT Power Door to parse the user's information to hand off to the Trade Wars game. My BBS was later part of the GT Mail network that sent mail worldwide. There was a GT BBS in the Netherlands who would call my BBS every evening to exchange mail from Europe. My BBS would call a hub BBS in Houston to exchange mail. It was an impressive email system for its time. There were a lot of good BBS's in the area like Electrodes and Doc's Office. I started off with a 2400 baud and later had 9600 which was great speed for a text based system." - Paul Campbell
Irving, TX
Balulator C-64
Roger BacakTexas-BBS
"Was originally a c-64 but after about 1 year was ran on a 16Mhz XT.... How times have changed...." - Roger Bacak
Irving, Arlington, Duncanville, Tx
Sanctum Viaticus, Second Sanctum
Mark RobbinsVarious
"I personally created and ran the D/FW BBS LIST and the TEXAS BBS LIST for over a decade, which was printed in Computer Currents, Computer Shopper mag, and more. This was done from 2 BBS's over time and a variety of phone numbers in different cities of D/FW. Every person and system listed in this historical list can be found in the remnants of my own D/FW BBS List or TEXAS BBS LIST." - Mark Robbins
Dallas, TX
Treffin's Lair
David TuckerGT Powercomm
"This actually began as a GTBBS by the name of "The Laboratory". I started working on it in mid 89 while living in Arlington, TX. When my wife and I moved into Dallas, I went ahead and had dedicated lines installed, upgraded the PC hardware to 386 class and began running under Desqview/QEMM. After a hard drive incident, I had to rebuild and changed the name. I loved the BBS world in those days! I actually went on to start an ISP in the Infomart a few years later (97). Wow, how the world has changed since those days." - David Tucker
Dallas, TX
Chuck MatternWildCat! v3.0
RONIN BBS. Your Online Martial Arts Connection. 214-938-2840 HST-DS on WildCat! v3.0. Specializing in Martial Arts we offer 200 conferences from RIME, DataNet and PlanoNet. GiGabyte drive and 2 CD-Roms. Coming soon: PDSI-006. Call back verifier for instant access nationwide. Chuck Mattern, Sysop. Dallas, TX.
Addison, TX
ABBS Teledunjon III, Teledunjon III
Janet and Wes GaigeTeleDunjon, ABBS
"A play-by-modem Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying BBS where players and dungeon masters carried out gaming campaigns lasting five years or more." Wes Gaige writes "The original Teledunjon was a experiment at University of Texas Dallas. When the Apple II was need for other, more pressing business, they gave the code to my wife who ran it on her Apple II as Teledunjon II. I ran Teledunjon III independently for a while before we were married. We then gave the code to Mary Rush who ran Teledunjon IV with it. We did move the BBS to a Macintosh and ran some commercial software whose name I can't remember for a while before we closed it down. Then we used the tele number as a FAX line."
University Park, TX
Eclectic BBS
Chuck ThompsonTriBBS, Mumps-NET
"On or before 1 January 1981, Eclectic BBS was created by Randy Morton, under the sponsorship of Eclectic Systems Corporation (now defunct). The system ran on an Apple computer, using a crude Apple-specific BBS program. Later, when some of Eclectic System's Outpost 11 computers (originally with two 5.25 inch floppies and later with one floppy and a huge 5 megabyte hard drive) came in off lease, Randy switched to the Outpost, and wrote the MUMPS-Net software. This was used, with significant modifications by Randy, and later me, until 22 August 1994.

"Three BBSes used the Eclectic name (Eclectic 1, 2, and 3), all sponsored by Eclectic Corporation and operated by Randy. Later, four Dallas BBSes ran on Outposts and used Eclectic/MUMPS-Net software -- Eclectic, Parallax, Quotron, and Alternative London Underground --all but Eclectic only lasted a year or two before going to that great bit-bucket in the sky in the late 1980s.

"On 26 March 1986, as Eclectic Systems was going out of business, Randy handed over to me the equipment, manuals, name, and responsibility for continuing Eclectic's proud tradition. On 5 November 1990, Eclectic BBS was switched to a PC-type computer (still using MUMPS-Net software), and on 22 August 1994, Eclectic began using TriBBS software.

"At one time, Eclectic was an very active discussion board, with a few games and downloadable files. However, in recent years, the remaining 15 or so active users have mostly played the old door games, with only a few discussions and no files.

"As of 5 February 2007 (my wife and I celebrated our 52d anniversary today), Eclectic still operates 24/7.

"Eclectic is the oldest BBS continuously operating in the Great Southwest -- the tradition continues." - Chuck Thompson

Doylestown, PA
Neurosis, TechOp
Blackbob (Jim Paris,
"Started in late 1993, ran until the end of 1995 (at which point it changed into Neurosis). My dad actually suggested early on that unless my BBS offered something that other people didn't, I would never get much interest, and so this one was dedicated to computer programming. I made a handful of nifty animated ANSI advertisements for this BBS, which people seemed to really love. I think these ads were probably what got a lot of people interested in calling, or at least grabbed their attention so they considered it. Had 409 users when it went down.

"Ran from early 1996 to late 1997, as a replacement for TechOp at the same number. This one was focused loosely on the demoscene, and lasted until it slowly faded out, primarily due to the fact that BBSes began to die in my area when the Internet took over. I stopped leaving my BBS online and started tying up the modem more and more, until I simply closed the door for good one day. I don't remember the closing being particularly sad; it was just something that happened. The Internet looked bright on the horizon." - Jim Paris

Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia BBS
FrEdMail System
Dublin, PA
Don Fox, WaKKo!Virtual BBS 6
"OS/2 Support Board. Online-Multi-BBS Gaming Hub. Legend of the Red Dragon, Barren Realms Elite, NARC. 16 dialin lines, added telnet capabilites. Internet email. VirtualNet Node, SCNode, OS2WORLD Hub. 5 PC's all 486 Dx266's Ran the board. 1340 users at peak. Averaged 3000 posts/emails per day. 560 Meg online, with 8 CD changers. Hobbes Mirror. Formed in 1997." "OS/2 Support Board. Online-Multi-BBS Gaming Hub. Legend of the Red Dragon, Barren Realms Elite, NARC. 16 dialin lines, added telnet capabilites. Internet email. VirtualNet Node, SCNode, OS2WORLD Hub. 5 PC's all 486 Dx266's Ran the board. 1340 users at peak. Averaged 3000 posts/emails per day. 560 Meg online, with 8 CD changers. Hobbes Mirror. Formed in 1997." - Don Fox
The Lord's Keep
The WandererWWIV (Mac)
"Running that BBS was one of the best memories I have from my early Computing days... Tip o' the hat to The MACgician, Corwin of Amber, Hari Seldon, Sexy Biomajor, Wolf Blade, Elrod the Albino, Saverio Mercurio and Aztec Ace. Thanks for the Memories." - The Wanderer
Hatboro, PA
Traveler BBS
Edge and vamp..CNET
"It was in an apartnment, it was on an AMIGA 3000, and it rocked."
Buccaneer'S Den #1
Network Member BBS
Buccaneer'S Den #2
Network Member BBS
Morrisville, PA
Arcads, The Plane of Shame
DrakkhenT.A.G. v. 2.7c
"Arcads, the Plane of Shame, was an official UA/CiA distribution board and hosted a number of networks and active message boards. It was one of the few boards in existence to ever successfully use Intermail with T.A.G for networking. Arcads was impressive both graphically and for the full range of message boards, networks, and HCAV file content it contained. Sysop: Drakkhen Cosysop: Dragon Master" - Drakkhen
Langhorne, PA
.ZIP Your .FLI / Compu-plex Online, .Zip your .FLI BBS, Comp-u-Plex BBS
Nathan CobleighMaximus
"Known to his friends as "Nate", the Sysop of this BBS (age 13) was one of the greatest of all time. His website was unique in design as it ran the premier software of its time and offered the ability to board an elevator with different virtual floors. The message forums would be on one floor, the games on another, and files on the last. He learned a lot about the Maximus system from his friend, Josua Mazess, who ran the Opus Penguin or Outland BBS until 2003! Both their BBS's were far superior to other local BBS's in content, membership and design.

"In 1994, (age 17) Nathan received an award from the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce for his successful website Comp-u-plex BBS.

"After the BBS days ended, Nathan focused on the internet and the revolution that was coming. In 2001, (age 21) He created a company called eOrders LLC. ( The company generates increased revenues for restaurant owners by enabling their customers to order their food online. The company has grown under the leadership of his close friends Tedra Cordisio, Wade Neumeister, and Jason Maher. In an unexpected and very unfortunate event, Nathan passed away in 2004 at only age 24 from complications during a surgery. His company passed to his parents whom have successfullly grown it in his memory. Nathan Cobleigh was a true pioneer and visionary of his time and is missed terribly by his friends and family." - Jason Maher

Feasterville, PA
Mission Control BBS
Marvin The Paranoid Android, Carl's LindburghWWIV / VBBS
"We started as a BBS called "Moon Base Station Three" which got changed when several users said the name was just too long.. I ran this BBS mostly when I was in Junior High school as a modified WWIV board, and in its later years, switched to VBBS, since it supported WWIV doors. We participated in WWIVnet as node @2573." -Christopher Herff, AKA "Marvin The Paranoid Android
Pandoras Box, LGNP1 (login:BBS)
Phil Eschallier
List of BBS List Keepers: Open Access UNIX Site List/Phil Eschallier

ListKeeper: Open Access UNIX Site List

Philadelphia, PA
Harrowgate Uplink, Harrowgate Uplink Services, The Realm of Hellfire
Tom Creary, The ReaperRenegade, Telegard
"I owned it, I ran it. I really miss it. Never forget upgrading it to that 286 with 16 megs of ram! And the change from 2400 to 14.400 WOW! Look at me now. I really do miss it. Thanks!" - Tom Creary
Info 80, Information 90 BBS, Information-90
"Info 90 was run by Danny Uff. He was a super nice guy, and this was the BBS I first cut my teeth on after I moved back to the states in 1995. When I think of dialing a modern, it's actually the tones for 215-434-2237 that play in my head first." - Steve Custer
Allentown, PA
Wasted Youth BBS
Steve Henry (aka Cool T)Renegade, Telegard/Renegade
"This was one of (if not THE) first BBSs dedicated entirely to the underground bbs art scene." - Steve Henry
Hatboro, PA
The Gonzo BBS
Dave HallPDP-11, WWIV
"BBS was originally run on a DEC PDP-11 with a home brewed program written with the TSX-11 indirect command processor (hence the name "Gonzo"). Changed to a PC-compatible around 1990 and ran WWIV from then on." - Dave Hall
DSC (Datamax/Satalink Connection), Dsc BBS, DSC BBS, DSC/VOICEN ET, DSC/VOICENET
Ron BrandtPCBoard
List of BBS List Keepers: Pennsylvania AC 215/609/302/Ron Brandt
Kennett Square, PA
Death's Head
Rasputin (Tom Gamble)WWIV
"This board actually ran off an old IBM PS1 (remember those). I believe I changed the name of this board once and it even changed phone numbers for a few months. Once, we even organized a picnic to meet everyone. Although this sounds nice, most of users were a little on the arguing side. I ran this board while I was a junior and senior at Kennett High School and most users were local to that area. The board also focused on hacking and cracking and other stuff that I abandoned after I turned 18. We had a great BRE tournament going upon which we took first place (competing with about 10 other boards). After receiving the prize it was discovered that someone (wonder who?) managed to find a flaw in the game and exploited it again and again. Anyway, the board was a lot of fun to run. -Rasputin (sysop)"
Perkasie, PA
Chaotic Order
Wade FulpRenegade
"This is Wade Fulp, Sysop of Chaotic Order, aka Red Dakota. CoSysops were Kevin Moyer and Tom Fulp. Tom Fulp, my brother, went on to create where I am now employeed as a site administrator." - Wade Fulp
Philladelphia, PA
Insurrection BBS, The Insurrection
The Icon WarriorWWIV, Telegard
"Originally from the 301 (now 410) Baltimore area, I started The Insurrection during my college years in the 215 area code. Consequently the board was down during the summer months but I remember users quickly joining back up. I ran WWIV for the first year then switched to Telegard (can't remember exactly why). The board ran on a USR Courier HST/DS,386/25Mhz with 387, 4mb RAM, 2 320mb ESDI Hard Disks that made the computer sound like a Jet was taking off. I also had one of the first CD-ROM drives for the board which hosted a number of the "classic" apps in the files section. I seem to remember being in a WWIV type net but for some reason that doesn't sound right since Telegard boards were banned from WWIV net. I've been thinking about putting The Insurrection back online for the heck of it. Keep checking" - The Icon Warrior
Yardley, PA
Midnight Peace BBS, Starbase 2000, Starbase One BBS
The Vulcan (Tom Woolman)ARB BBS and others
"This was one of the earlier BBS set up in Bucks County. It was such a cool board! I started it in 1987 on a HEAVILY modified Commodore 64, running an early version of ARB BBS software. That modified C64 had an extra video chip (VID chip), 2 5.25" 1541 model 170k floppies, and two "massive" high density 5.25" 1.44MB floppy drives. We had a huge war board, role playing game message boards with some outrageous game titles that the SysOp and friends invented. We had a great download section for some of our early custom programs, and we used to have several BBS parties, and sometimes even some girl users would show up! Best memory: The Starbase 2000 BBS vs. Shadows Keep BBS laser tag battle. It was held late on a Saturday night at Edgewood school, around 1988. The BBS started out being called Starbase One, and ran on that Commodore 64 for about 2 years. Then around 1988-89 I upgraded to an Amiga 500 and had a "massive" 20MB external hard drive, and started running new AmigaBBS software. The name was changed to Starbase 2000. Finally towards the end of it's reign and my senior year in high school I changed the name to Midnight Peace BBS. Other funny memories: hacker forums, hidden message boards, busting on The Wing and his retard friends and plotting revenge, hacking Haven of Rest BBS which was a sucky religious loser BBS, and meeting a lot of interesting and also a lot of strange people. Good memories!" - The Vulcan (Tom Woolman)
Yardley, PA
In The Dark
Commander Kang or Dark LordRenegade
"The BBS was originally located in the Levittown area and was known as Starbase 911. We moved to Yardley and renamed the board In The Dark. Notable cosysops were Egghead (now known as Rewster), Merlin, and Kronos." - Commander Kang (
Philadelphia, PA
Club 69, Club 69 BBS
Robert HooperTBBS
"Gay Affilated BBS. Features: 9 users online at once. Live chat with other users online, private chat. Message board, Online Profiles, download Gif format pics, Z-modem connection with Digi Board modems. BBS had by FAR the highest users per day in the tri state area. Averaging 480/590 users per day. Was broadcast LIVE on WPVI channel 6 TV with Lisa Thomas Laurey, giving news report about Club 69 BBS. Fujitsu hard drive - 672 meg cap, running 486 at 125 MHz clock speed, modified refresh times, 2400 baud. Chat was automatically deleted within 24 hours. Messages/profiles posted were also automatically deleted after 30 days. Users had 45 min free daily, 120 min for contributors (all of 3). Users had to log in at least once in 30 days to stay active. Handles only, no real names, over 18 Only. Sysop Stud, Philadelphia PA. Note - Was great for users but expensive to operate. Way ahead of its time!" - Robert Hooper
Philadelphia, Pa
P.H.U.G., P.H.U.G. Philadelphia Heath Users Group
William Le'MonWildcat
"P.H.U.G. was Philadelphia Heath Users Group Now known as C.E.S.O.P. Computer Education Society of Philadelphia. Bill Le'Mon (my father inlaw) ran the BBS out of his basement until they moved. The Users Group is still out there but do not have the membership of 20 years ago nor do they have the yearly events of many years prior. Great group of people! If you want further information on this family run venture visit and send them an e-mail / - Paul"
Cyber Dreams
Odin (Randy Ward), Midnight Bard (Brian Black)WWIV
I was on WWIVnet, ICEnet, and started my own net, CYBERnet. It was running WWIV (modded) and was up from 1993 through 1996. I still have reg. codes for WWIV, tradewars, and BRE... ::sigh:: - Randy Ward
Philadelphia, PA
Maxwell Smart (Scott Corsetti), Captain Infinity (John Bradley)GBBS (later GBBS Pro)
"Maxwell Smart founded KAOS in late 1984, and ran it until April 1986. Captain Infinity took over the board at that time, and ran it until it closed. (Source: KAOS ran until about 1989 or 1990 (date approximate). At some time before it finally closed down, Captain Infinity moved out of the house where the system lived, leaving KAOS running in his old room. The system would sometimes go down, and stay down for days at a time, until the Cap'n could either visit it, or relay instructions to his mother for rebooting it. The software was not really stable enough for "lights out" operation...." - Pat
Philadelphia, PA
Clockwork BBS, ClockWork the BBS
Sloan, Philadelphia, PA since 05/93
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Philadelphia, PA since 05/93. Sysop: Sloan. Using MajorBBS 6.21 with 19 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 1200 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $10 Monthly fee. FIRST MONTH FREE!! We offer ChatLink and MajorNet. We also have over 6 Gigabytes of Shareware and Freeware available from CD-ROMs and many other files, including MAC, on disk. PLUS we have over 20 online multi-player games. We support RIP.
Homeless Toaster, Alex WetmoreOpus, Telegard
Also known as 215-JOY-HACK. "Ran out of the Friends Select School." - Alex Wetmore
Ghoul's Lair, The Ghoul's Lair
SubGhoulVBBS, Telegard
"The Ghoul's Lair ran on a 386. I think I've got some old floppies in a shoebox somewhere with some of the customized menus etc." - Subghoul
Lansdowne, PA
High Voltage BBS!
Steve BascianoWildcat
"High Voltage BBS!, was started in 1986. I was 15 years old. Originally using a commodore 128 with a 300 baud modem. Over the years I saved money from working and kept upgrading as much as I could afford. Computer equipment was outrageously expensive back then. I eventually upgraded to a Radio Shack 8086 processor computer, then 80286, 80386, and then finally a 80486 processor computer. I was using Wildcat BBS with windows DOS and Quarterdeck's Desqview and QEMM programs which allowed me to run multiple nodes. In the final years of High Voltage BBS!, I was running 3 nodes, lots of registered online games, many chat boards, utilized two different relay email systems, and had a huge user base. It was a great learning experience and made many friends with people all over the world as well as the local other BBS sysops. Eventually private BBS's lost user interests due to AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve. Even though all three of those systems were extremely expensive and charged by the minute for most features!!!" - Steve Basciano
Philadelphia, PA
Reality Cubed BBS
Lou Gentile, BadthraxRenegade, PC-Board
"Lou Gentile originally started a BBS back in the Summer of 1994 called Reality Cubed BBS. The BBS was a file, message and news sharing system that started with one phone line, running RENEGADE BBS SOFTWARE ( Cott Lang ) on a 386 PC with 8mb of ram and DOS with lantastic connected over a peer network to two(2) other computers to share a whopping 1 gig of file space. In February of 1996 the BBS had grown to be the biggest RENEGADE BBS SOFTWARE system of the time. It was running on a 486/AMD Prototype 150mhz CPU, 64mb of ram, DOS 6.X with 10 gigs of SCSI filespace, Fido-Net and other newsgroups, over 30 online games (doors) and 10 nodes all accessible over the internet and via phone lines. The BBS had grown to big and Lou needed to upgrade the software and hardware to a more stable and flexible system.

In 1997 Reality Cubed BBS moved to PcBoard and had over 1000 registered users, 10 phone lines, internet acces via isdn/telnet/Dial-up, over 50 games (doors) and 10 gigs of online SCSI file storage. The BBS was free to the general public and was running PcBoard v15.X registered for 50 nodes! It was considered at one time to be one of the largest BBS's connected to the Internet via telnet.

In the Summer of 1998, Reality Cubed BBS said goodbye to all it's faithful visitors and was taken offline due to a move to a new location and the popularity of the World Wide Web.

Today, Lou Gentile will be trying to revive the BBS scene shortly with a new project due out January 2006! Stay tuned to his website at for more details!" - Lou Gentile
The Magic Bus
Matt Payne, Ambler, Pennsylvania since 06/93
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Ambler, Pennsylvania since 06/93. Sysop: Matt Payne. Using MajorBBS 6.11 with 08 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 850 MB storage. Zyxel at 19200 bps. $5 Monthly fee. PHILADELPHIA'S FASTEST GROWING BBS! 8 lines up to 19.2. 15 games including Swords and Sorcery, Inter-national chat every night, World-Wide Mail Transfers using Mailink, 6 CD-ROM'S online, and much more!
Trevose, PA
Qtach2/QNX Help, Qtach2/QNX Support, Rat BBS, RATS BBS, Sec Tec, SecTec, The Rat, SecTec BBS
Thomas Lynch, Tom LynchQtach2
"I ran this system and the Philly Vertex echomail collection system for many years. It originally started in the mid 1980s in a SWTP 6809 with dual 180k 8-inch floppy systems with a 300 baud acoustic modem running CP/M. Years later in the same apt complex a pretty sharp guy who eventually ran the entire Zone 1 Fidonet email system named George Peace. I would walk to his apt and we woudl drink pepsi and watch the lights blink on the hard drives (big 40 meg units!!!!) and supervise the echomail getting processed and write DOS batch programs. (its 2013 September and i am on Long Island for many years, this is great stuff) had this url since my son was born in 1994 and i took the systems down and let the internet process the packets and email." - Thomas Lynch
Willow Grove, PA
Book BBS
Ken Taylor, Business & Computer Book Store
Information on 2000 Computer Books - 800 order number
PC-Ohio PCBoard (216)381-3320 Cleveland, Ohio since 09/85.
Anterra Network, The Anterra Network
Steve FergusonWildcat!, WildCat 3.9
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Hatboro, Pennsylvania since 03/90. Sysop: Steve Ferguson. Using WildCat 3.9 with 5 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 10800 MB storage. US Robotics at 16.8 bps. $5 Monthly fee. Philadelphia area's largest BBS. Over 53,000 files and 700 message conferences from FidoNet, WildNet, ThrobNet, AdultNet, ElNet, and RimeNet. The best game of Trade Wars in the 215 area code.
Reading, PA
RoundTable, Roundtable BBS, The Round Table BBS, THE ROUND TABLE BBS
Brown & McCoy, Mike Brown/Dan McCoy, Brown&McCoy, Dan Mccoy, Dan MCCoyPCBoard , PCBoard 14.5a
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Reading, Pennsylvania since 03/90. Sysop: Dan MCCoy. Using PCBoard 14.5a with 7 lines on MS-DOS 80386 with 2500 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $20 Annual fee. Free two week access for all. Engineering & AutoCad specialty system. 50,000+ files technical, Windows, DOS util & more. 400+ gigs on 6 networks. USA Today, games, & news. Member USN and ASP.


THE ROUND TABLE BBS 215-678-0818 USR v.32/v.42bis at 19,200bps. Six phone lines — NEVER a busy signal! PCBoard 14.5a based with 1.3 GB HD and 1.2 GB CD-Rom Capacity. 51,000+ files w/extended Engineering, AutoCad, Programming, 3/90 by Sysops Mike Brown and Dan McCoy. Two week free trial for all. Subscriptions range $30.00 to $45.00.

THE ROUND TABLE BBS 215-678-0818 USR v.32/v.42bis at 19,200bps. Six phone lines — NEVER a busy signal! PCBoard 14.5a based with 1.3 GB HD and 1.2 GB CD-Rom Capacity. 51,000+ files w/extended Engineering, AutoCad, Programming, 3/90 by Sysops Mike Brown and Dan McCoy. Two week free trial for all. Subscriptions range $30.00 to $45.00.

Wyomissing, PA
The Round Table BBS
9600/14.4 v32/v42bis HST
Philadelphia, PA
Herp-Net, Herpnet, Satronics, Herpnet/Satronics TBBS, Tele-Master:Satronics
Mark Miller, Mark BillerTBBS
Reptile and Amphibian Studies – Poison Snakes/Toads/Fish
"This was a major center for spawning mid-90s 'zines." - Mogel
Philadelphia, Pa
Ghost BBS, The Ghost with the Most! (Old Star Wars BBS)
Paul and MicheleRenegade
"This was me (Paul) and my wife Michele's Board until we moved out of the city. We caried many Door games like BRE, SRE and Legend of the Red Dragon. Hosted leages and carried many message boards for other local BBS's using Front Door 2.9. We were a single node BBS but had many callers."

"The internet has pretty much killed the BBS idea. But my wife still bugs me to put up another (at least she could play her door games again) :) Thanks for the opertunity to write you and I like what your doing! - Paul SYSOP (hehehe that looks wierd seeing sysop again)"

Croydon, PA
Storm Front BBS, THE STORM FRONT BBS, The Storm Front BBS
Bill DennisonWildcat, Wildcat!
"Started on a Packard Bell using Wildcat!, the system ran for 13 years until the power went out one day and I decided that it was time to switch it off. It still sits in the garage; I can't bear to get rid of it." - Bill Dennison
The Wiz's Hideout
Brian ReichertIvory BBS
"The phone number given is the phone number of the time my BBS was up and running. Since then the area code has changed to 610. Infact, the phone number is still in use at my parents house for their computer to access the internet. The hardware specs of The Hideout in it's day was:

1 Commodore 64
1 512K Memory Expansion Unit
2 1541 5 1/4" Floppy
1 1571 5 1/4" Floppy
1 1581 3 1/2" Floppy
1 IEEE Hi Density Double Sided Drive (I don't remember the model)
A generic 2400 Baud Hayes Modem

I love the idea of this list. BBS's were a significant part of my life as a teenager and influenced me to start a career in computers. May the history of the BBS live on. Most kids today won't even know what a BBS was."

Brookhaven, PA
Time Continuum, The Time Continuum
Dan Pilone (Whiz Kid), Joe C (Milkster)Image BBS, Telegard, Renegade
Started running Image BBS on a Commodore 64 with a Lt. Kernel HD (space measured in MBs!!) then moved to Telegard / Renegage BBS on a 286 then 386. Such an amazing time to be part of BBS history. Because of long distance phone call costs it was so neat to create these virtual, but local, communities.
Philadelphia, PA
Jeff N MillerMajorBBS 6.12
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 04/87. Sysop: Jeff N Miller. Using MajorBBS 6.12 with 22 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 2550 MB storage. US Robotics at 28800 bps. $15 Monthly fee. Philadelphia's friendliest BBS. 38 multi-player games. Files for IBM, Amiga, MAC, Windows. Local & national chat lines. Internet, Usenet, Majornet, Worldlink. RIP support. 30 days free for new members. King of Prussia: (610)992-1720
Philadelphia, PA
The Dragon's Den
Collin Rodolitz
"I started my BBS when I was around 13. I ran it on an Atari 800XL with a 300 baud modem, both a gift from my grandfather. I used BBS software written in Basic, but I don't remember the name. Little by little, I made edits to the software to add small new features here and there and to give it a more custom feel. The BBS was named CHR's board when I first started it and shortly after I renamed it to The Dragon's Den. I set it up just as a fun project. As soon as I had been on a few BBSes and got a hold of the software, that was it. It sparked my love for programming after I printed out the basic code and started figuring it our little by little... it's no surprise I'm a software developer now.

"I really got a kick out of people 'Paging the sysop' and I was usually up pretty late chatting with my users who paged me. My sysop name from Dragonmaster Bink, if I remember correctly. I used the name Bink after a character in a book I really loved at the time A Spell From Chameleon.

"The sad thing was the reason I eventually shut the site down... the floppy disk with software I had customized so much, for such a long time and that had all my user's accounts on it corrupted and I didn't have any more backups! I didn't want to start over making all the changes I had made, so I gave it up." - Collin Rodolitz

Philadelphia, PA
Jeff MillerMajorBBS , MajorBBS/Worldgroup (MBBS/WG)
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Philadelphia's friendliest BBS. 45 multi-player games. Files for IBM, Amiga, MAC, Windows. Local & national chat lines. Live Internet services. MajorNet, Worldlink, Chatlink. A Boardwatch Top 100 BBS. 30 days free for new members. Telnet or
Reading, PA
Reading BBS
FrEdMail System
Levittown, PA
Futile Frontier
JayRenegade, Telegard
"This was definately a hackers BBS - back in the day when hacking was 'cool' instead of a business. It also hosted the largest collection of virus source code available at the time - something on the order of source (asm, c, etc) for about 18000+ viruses. It was a public BBS with a definate hacker side to it - you had to get special access to know it even had a hacker side to it. Regularly was full with calls from across the globe - had some regulars from the netherlands call up several times a day! Was fun!" - Jay
That Stupid Place
"8-month old DTO support BBS run out of Mogel's mother's basement." - Mogel
Upper Darby, PA
The Web ~W~
Deedler and VeilMAJOR
"Alternative Lifestyles and a tight knit community, regular bar nights at 'Pocket's' in Manoa. Yes, my life was never the same."
Lakewood, OH
The Last Stand
John C. Rowland, Jason KraleyWaffle
"Offered UUCP access to Internet mail and Usenet( and Barren Realms Elite (multi-player game) amongst other things..." - John Rowland
Cleveland, OH
Cyberdyne Systems:VSI
iCE Breaker, ICE BreakerShockWavE:PRO
"Home of ShockWavE/ShockWavE:PRO BBS Softare. Member Board of CIA/ACE. HQ of Cynic Magazine. HQ of PuNk Digest. Cyberdyne Systems had gone throught a few name changes, and revamping of the system before sticking to the current name. According to people in the scene, iCE Breaker and his BBS contributed greatly, and often helped out when and where he could. Some of the users that frequented this system: Ur'Lord Pyro, Ms. Jewels, MCI Sprinter, Lord Tracer, The Undertaker, Zealot, Mercury, CoIL, AdRock, and many others. The BBS was mainly a message based system. It had few warez. It didn't need to. It had cool users who posted and that's all that mattered." - iCE Breaker
Cleveland, OH
Skid Row
SpidermanCNet, Image, Ivory
"One of the first commodore bbs's in the area to have a 20mb hard drive, lots of storage." - Spiderman
Euclid, OH
Drive-Thru BBS
Dave Solema, Jim O'NeillSearchlight
"Our tagline was "Would You Like Files With That?" Ugh." - Jim O'Neill
Brunswick, OH
Al HawkerGAP , Citadel, C-Net
"HCS BBS was actually started in mid 1983. HCS started on a CP/M system running Citadel for a short time. I then switched to a commodore 64 machine running C-Net BBS software. It allowed the Sysop the ability to write door "modules" in BASIC that would swap and overlay themselves into the "center" of the main BBS BASIC code. If I remember correctly, I think you were allowed roughly 100 lines of BASIC code to write your door modules. HCS was pretty high-end at that time. I had 3 serial drives (I think they were like 174K or so) and a Commodore tape drive. And...I was running a 300 Baud Modem RS-232 modem. That was "smoking" for a BBS at that time. [Big Grin]. I next upgraded to a C-128 which allowed both Commodore BASIC and CP/M OS modes. At that time, HCS was one of the first, if not "the first" in the Cleveland area to run at 1200 Baud and had a 1 Meg hard drive. I eventually wrote my own BBS software that linked with C-Net and took advantage of a 512K RAM Expansion for the C-128.

"Not long after, I switched to my first Intel PC... one of the infamous "IBM Compatibles" of the time. It was quite a step up. Not only was it a 286, but it was one of the first XT "Turbo" models... a screaming 8 MHz with a 20 Meg Drive! [Grin] From that point on the BBS continuously grew... from 386s, to 486s, to Pentiums that were networked, running multinode BBS software, and 56k lines. HCS even went through having its area code changed from 216 to 330 when the phone company decided it needed more numbers in the Cleveland area. That explains why your collected BBS lists have it listed as both area codes over the years.

"I had originally tried RBBS, PCBoard, and several other popular board software packages, but in 1987 I switched to GAP and I was hooked. GAP was written in C & Asm, it was fast and had a lot to offer. Kenny Gardner did a great job of developing and supporting it. HCS became a development test and support site for GAP until I shutdown in 1997. If you should ever come across an old GAP BBS manual, you'll find sample graphics and configurations with familiar references in them. [grin] At its high point, I was running the 99 node version of GAP BBS software, however, 10 lines were the most HCS ever had active. It had all the normal features like Door Games & Utilities, Relayed FIDO mail, Gapnet mail, Numerous Forums, and the works.

"In 1996 or so, the Internet became easily accessible to everyone and the boards started a rapid decline. The slow, dedicated ANSI/ASCII boards just couldn't compete with the graphical worldwide accessibility. I held out and kept HCS running until 1997, however, BBS traffic had declined so drastically to the Internet that it was just no longer feasible. So in 1997, after 14 years of being online with many wonderful users... HCS shutdown." - Al Hawker, Sysop, HCS BBS

Bigfoot BBS, Total Eclipse, BIGFOOT'S BBS
Bigfoot Quartez
Quartex Member BBS
Elyria, OH
Tower Of High Sorcery BBS
Raistlin MajereWildcat BBS, MajorBBS
"Really Cool, Warez BBS Known Members, Raistlin Majere, Pyro, Viper, Linquiest, ZeroCool10101, The Rouge, Bruno B. Battlehammer, Knarf421, Bishop, and too many others." - Raistlin Majere
Independence, OH
Damage Incorporated
"Damin was responsible for writing the UUCP to FutureNet bridging software that allowed the FutureNet BBS system to send/receive electronic mail and news on the Internet. All of the FutureNet sites were accessible under the domain. Damin and Josh Thompson actually met, for the first time, after knowing each other for 14 years in 2004 at the Astricon 2004 convention in Atlanta, GA." - Damin
Rocky River, OH
The Clinic, Clinic, The
Doctor Quack, Doctor QuakeMetal / Future Vision 4
"The Clinic opened for operation on Feb 1, 1986 on 216-835-9273 in Westlake, Ohio running on an Apple ][ Plus with an Apple-Cat II 103/202 modem running Tele-Cat // version 4.6. In January 1987, the system upgraded to a "Woz" Apple IIgs. In December 1989, the phone number changes to 216-892-HYPO. The 10,000th caller is reached on March 31, 1990. On April 30, 1990, a new modem, the USRobotics Courier HST Dual Standard is put into production. In June, 1991, The Clinic moved to Rocky River with the 216-333-4364 number. The system remained online until October 5th, 1995 (approximately 2 weeks prior to the birth of Doctor Quack's first child!) Co-Sysops of The Clinic BBS were Doctor Bogenbroom, Friday Knight, Kelson Haldane, Damin, and Evil Genius." - Doctor Quake
Wadsworth, OH
The Airliner BBS
The PilotBBS-PC!
"This was an Amiga BBS set up for Message Board RPGs." - The Pilot
Cleveland, Oh
Doom's Retreat
Ur'Lord Pyro -K Of TFDC-NET
"Doom's Retreat was the ultimate in concept boards. It's mods made it feel like a real and solid place in modemia. Some of it's users were: Shadowspawn, The Enchantress, Dark Mistress, Apprentice, La Femme, Aphrodite, Faust, FanG, Gumbshoe Grant, Durak, TDK, Road Warrior, Trinity, Rifka, Alpha Wolf, Ishtar, Line Noise, Jammer, Ms Jewels, Disk Invader, The Huntress, Ms Jewels, Tempus, and many more. At one point Ur'Lord Pyro -K was running 2 SFD drives (one of them bought from The Engineer of The Fourth Dimension), and became one of the fastest C-Net BBSs of it's time. Many people attribute Doom's Retreat wih forming and shaping who they are today! Ama Semper." - Ur'Lord Pyro -K Of The Fourth Dimension.
Elyria, Ohio
The Trading Post
Frank McCourrySearchlight, Wildcat
"The Trading Post was a small BBS that provided Doors games such as Legend of the Red Dragon. It's main focus was the propagation of shareware and freeware. This BBS initially ran on a Commodore Colt PC10 computer with a 10mb Hard drive and shared CD Rom Drives. When the BBB was shutdown in 1996, it was running on a 386 custom built computer with 20 CD Rom Drives. The trading post had one of the largest shareware libraries in Lorain County." - Frank McCourry
Cleveland, OH
Case Western Reserve FreeNet, Cleveland Free-Net, Cleveland Freenet, DOC-IN-THE-BOX, Free Net (Case Western), Free-Net, Free-net BBS, FreeNet (Case Western Reserve University)
Case Western Reserve, Tom Grundner, CWRU, Case Western University/AT&T/Ohio BellFreeport
The Software (Freeport) it ran on was created and developed at the University (CWRU) - Froggy (Mr. Death)

Cleveland City Info/Public Library - Free Internet Mail Box

Cleveland, OH
PC Ohio, PC-Ohio 1, PC-Ohio PCBoard (5 nodes)
Norm Henke, Norman HenkePCBoard , PCBoard 15.1
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Planet Connect satellite connection. 22 email networks including the Internet as 100,000 files, 250 game doors, 5000 conferences. USR V.34+ 33600 modems at 216-691-3030. Now with full Internet access.

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Cleveland, Ohio since 09/85. Sysop: Norm Henke. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 50 lines on MS-DOS with 15000 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $52 Annual fee. Planet Connect satellite connection. 22 Email networks including the Internet as 100,000 files, 250 game doors, 5000 conferences. Hayes V.FC 28800 modems at 216-691-3030.

Ground Zero
George Burgyan (Vector), John Minadeo (Stealth)CNet
"A talk BBS ran off 1 meg of floppy space. Had around 30-40 regulars at its peak. A great little community board without all the warez and nonsense. Also had a couple cool online games to keep people busy. I miss that poor old thing." - George Burgyan (Vector)
The Wine Cellar
List of BBS List Keepers: Cleveland Area 216/Eric Rickin
East Liverpool, OH
Systems Plus BBS
Larry MerrimanWildcat
"We ran Wildcat until 1995 then went to Excalibur through to 1997. Turned it off then started an ISP. In 2000 I brought both online and are running via telnet / web / or old client software." - Lerry Merriman
Cleveland, OH
Homes OnLine, Homes OnLine, Inc.
Paul MoonMajorBBS , MajorBBS 6.21
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Searchable databases of real estate for sale with online color photos. Mortgage and other real estate related services. Very user friendly. Call 800-896-9002 (voice) for advertising info. Free DCTERM software also at our web page:

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Cleveland, OH since 06/94. Sysop: Paul Moon. Using MajorBBS 6.12 with 2 lines on Novell DOS 7 80486 with 250 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. No fee. Searchable database of real estate for sale with online color photos. Advertising is open to the public & agents. We do all the scanning & data input for you. Call 1-800-896-9002 (voice) for advertising info.

Uhu Information Service
Gergely TapolyaiSearchlight
"For the first two years, I ran a Telix script as the BBS, with quite a lot of users. I also managed the Wine Cellar List for a few years, which was the autoritative BBS list for the 216 area code." - Gergely Tapolyai
Cleveland, OH
Searchlight Software Technical Support, Searchlight BBS, American Banking Systems, Seqrchlight Software
Frank LarosaSearchlight
Product: Searchlight BBS
Garfield Hts, OH
Top Cat BBS
Kit KatWildcat
"Was originally run by Top Cat then taken over by Kit Kat in 1994." - Kit Kat
Cleveland, OH
Book Stacks Unlimited
Charles Stack
200,000 Book Titles Database – Online Ordering
Youngstown, OH
Rusty & Eddie's, Rusty & Eddie's BBS, Rusty & Edie's BBS, Rusty & Edie's PCB, Rusty and Edie's BBS (33 nodes), Rusty n Edie's, Rusty n' Edie's BBS, Rusty&Edie 1, Rusty&Edie's, Rusty-N-Edie's, Rusty n Edie's BBS
Russ/Edwina Hardenburgh, R. Hardenburgh, Russ HardenburgPCBoard

2400 baud

2400 baud

2400 baud

Youngstown, OH
Rusty n Edie's BBS

HST 14.4k/v.32bis

HST 14.4k/v.32bis

HST 14.4k/v.32bis

Youngstown, OH
Rusty & Edie's BBS, Rusty n Edie's BBS
Russell Hardenburgh

Hayes V-Series

Hayes V-Series

Hayes V-Series

Youngstown, OH
Rusty n Edie's, Rusty n Edie's BBS
Akron, OH
ABBS Akron Digital Group, Akron Computer Group, Akron Digital Group, Digital Group CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Parma, OH
The Fourth Dimension
John JonesC-Net
"I was a member of a group called "The Alternate Reality" (TAR) and also "The Fourth Dimension" (TFD). These groups had a long list of some of the best Commodore BBS sites in town. They were the most popular in the area. All of our BBSs had over 250 users, with a high rate of daily callers. All were 24/7, and most started when 300 baud was a baby. We had the first 1200 baud BBSs around.I wish I could remember more now." - John Jones
Akron, OH
Saturday BBS
Dan Berlyoung, John GruverSearchlight
"Apple and Mac oriented. Also had a large collection of GIF and JPEG graphics. Also, Apple and Mac shareware repository." - Dan Berlyoung
All Star BBS
Chemistry Member BBS
Cleveland, OH
Railnet, RAILNET
Rick DeMattiaTabloid-80 then Waffle, TAB80 then Waffle
"Railnet started out on August 28, 1984, as a single-line BBS on a TRS80 Model 4 (in Model III mode) running the Tabloid-80 BBS program - a BASIC program with versions for Apple and TRS-80 computers, published in a book and keyed in. Since it was all BASIC I was able to improve the software pretty readily, and added some assembly-language routines that made the speed bearable and improved functionality quite a bit. The board started with 2 180k floppies, later expanded to 4 180k floppies and ultimately in the TRS-80 configuration a 5meg hard drive. Users peaked at about 160 active in a 30-day period. In April 1991 the board moved to Waffle on an IBM-XT home-built clone, since the sysop was interested in email and Usenet news. The move pretty much killed the board's user activity as most of the users were put off by the UNIX-like command-line interface. In 1992 the board moved to Bedford and a new phone number (as listed in this list) and quickly migrated to Waffle on an AT&T 3B2 computer. That incarnation lasted until the board closed down in 1999. The board offered internet email and selected railroad-hobbyist related and other Usenet newsgroups from September 1991 until is 1999 shutdown." - Rick DeMattia
Parma, OH
Dimension Hatross I, The Ultimatum
Dalamar Do'Urden (Lance Gentile)UFPBBS Express!
"My board was board as The Ultimatum in 1987 running @ 300 baud and on an Atari 130 XE. It ran various software, always something hackable to make it look unique. Message boards were #1. It later ran on a 20MB hard drive! In the conversion to the PC, it ran a hacked Telegard version among some other experiments. I was the Cleveland UFP node.

"After 1991, I moved in / married Julianne Glover of The Edge of Dementia, and our boards merged to become Dimension Hatross III: The Edge of Dementia. It ran Aftershock, Searchlight, and lastly Renegade. RIP - 1994. We had two lines at its peak (14.4k). I still miss it!" - Lance Gentile

Cleveland, OH
Disk Connection
"One of many multiline BBS systems that came as a later generation of CNet systems. Operated by Handyman who often had swap meets and was very helpful to the community as a whole. He later ended up throwing the computer in a closet and one day just shut it off... Very popular system at it's time. Was at one time part of NASA (North American Sysop Association)" - Editor
Cleveland, OH
Crazy 8 Ranch, Crazy Eight Ranch
ChromeCNet, C-net
"Another NASA (North American Sysops Association) board. Although this one wasn't always up, for whatever reason, but it did have a 9600 baud modem, which was rare at the time." - Editor
Flip Flop, Time Vault
James Barry, Jim Barry
ListKeeper: Cleveland Area 216
Cleveland, OH
Flip Flop, FlipFlop BBS, The Time Vault, Time Vault
Jim Barry (of , Searchlight 4.0
"I'm not sure when FlipFlop started, but it was one of the two best BBS' in the 216/440 area code, as far as I'm concerned. It was a 10-line board and one day it just... died. I know that Jim Barry now runs, but I have not kept contact with him." - Jafit

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Cleveland, Ohio since 03/89. Sysop: Jim Barry. Using Searchlight 4.0 with 4 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 340 MB storage. v.32bis at 14400 bps. No fee. We don't have alot of rules. Just treat the other users with respect. Home of the Wine Cellar Cleveland BBS List. Free. What's the catch? There isn't one. Then who pays for this ads Oh, that crazy Sysop Jim. Figures. See you on the Flip Flop.

North Olmsted, OH
Absolute Zero, Oriel Window, Threshold
Michael Ryan, Neil RossinSearchlight
"Part of the original INFO screen: This BBS (Bulletin Board System) is called Oriel Window? The SysOps (System Operators) are: NEIL ROSSIN & some mike guy. Oriel Window? is mushed into a Micro _X_perts 486SX computer with 4 MEGS RAM, a 250 MEG Colorado tape drive, 212 MEGS of Hard Drive space at 25 Mhz clock speed with 2 2400 Hayes compatible modems and a Smart One 14.4 Fax Modem running off of 3 scrolling lines. The Operational System is DOS 6.2 & DesQview 386. And we didn't have to butcher anyone else's computer to get it that way, either. Special Thanks to Craig McGee for lending us a 2400 modem!! This BBS became operational on November 1, 1989 under the name Threshold of Madness. At that time, Threshold was hidden in a computer at a Ford Dealership on Clevelands west side, with all operations being handled remotely. Eventually, as changes occurred over time, the BBS needed to be moved. Residence of the program was moved to its present area on November 9th,1992. The name was changed to Oriel Window? on Friday, December 18th, 1992 at 13:25hrs. It's present area is situated in Township 6, Range 15 from the original Connecticut Land Company (the Western Reserve) in the 17th state to enter the union of The United States Of America (being bearings of Latitude 41 degrees north, 24 minutes, 6.649 seconds, Longitude 81 degrees west, 55 minutes, 29.178 seconds), on a class M planet third of nine from a spectral class O star at sector 001 in the Alpha Quadrant." - A. S. Baile
Champaign, IL
University of Illinois
FrEdMail System
Champaign, IL
Univ of Illinois
FrEdMail System
Champaign, IL
Hacker's Anonymous BBS
Russ Blakeman, Matt MayerFido, Maximus
"This BBS was run on an IBM PC/AT 5170 with 640k ram, 20 Seagate ST-225 20 mb hard drives and a 2400 baud external modem. The machine was part of UofI C-U and lived on a table in the graduate student's office in the Theoretical Chemistry building on campus. I ran the BBS remotely from 89 to 90 having never seen it physically until then when the HD crashed. I also ran Midwest Softsource BBS from my family housing on Chanute AFB during the Hacker's Anonymous period and afterwards until Chnaute closed in 93 and I went to Wichita, KS and started another there." - Russ Blakeman
Urbana, IL
Mitch DuszynskiDeadlock/WWIII
"This small town feel BBS was set up like a community where all were welcome. Originally started on a Commodore 64 using Deadlock BBS software (home BBS for the software) it had many customized features, online games, and heavily used message boards. It was eventually switched to a PC using WWIII software in the latter years of its existance." - Mitch Duszynski
Urbana, IL
FOG RBBS-RCP/M #14, FOG - 14
Jonathan Block
Matt HuckeWWIV
"VALHALLA began operation on June 12, 1992 on a 286 with 80MB of disk space and a 14,400 bps modem, running DOS 5 and WWIV 4.

At that time, a board could be in only one network (using WWIV's proprietary networking), and there was a schism between two major networks, WWIVNet (managed by the author of the software, Wayne Bell "Random #1@1") and WWIVLink, which had broken away about a year before. I joined WWIVNet and became "Starship Trooper #1@2750". Within the next year, however, the software was modified to support multiple networks, and VALHALLA joined WWIVLink as well, as well as several others.

Most of the networked "sub-boards" (newsgroups) were related to science fiction, role-playing games, C programming, and WWIV sysop discussions. One user of my system was Tim Skirvin, who was made co-sysop because of his frequent contributions to many "subs", and later became a well-known Usenet personality.

Source to WWIV was available to sysops who had paid the $50 registration fee, and we exchanged "mods", or modifications, on networked sub-boards. I created a few trivial mods, but spent much more time developing external utilities, mainly related to WWIV-style networking. Among these were "ELN", a more graphical version of "L-NET", a viewer and editor for spooled messages awaiting transit to the next node, and "STRIPIT", which intercepted incoming messages and applied various filters -- basically implementing system-wide killfile functionality.

In December of 1992 the 286 system was upgraded to a 386/25 with 4MB of memory. I hoped to be able to run the BBS under Windows 3.0 and take advantage of multitasking; I quickly learned that Windows was unable to service the serial interrupts fast enough, and the high error rate made any connection unuseable. A month later, I upgraded to OS/2 2.0, which was much more able to handle a high-speed serial connection, even when other programs were running. Like several other local sysops who had come to the same conclusion, I quickly became an OS/2 advocate (and added several OS/2 advocacy subboards).

Also in early 1993 I joined Fidonet, where WWIV systems were rather rare, due to the complexity of the gateway software.

The board remained extremely popular, with its single phone line in use almost constantly, until August of 1993, when I relocated to the 312 area code (Chicago). In its next incarnation, it was known as "A Clockwork Orange OS/2" - Matt Hucke

"History of this BBS is at"

Champaign, IL
Bikers Home
"The first biker bbs in central Illinois that I knew of. slim was quite a strange guy. There was alot of stories and bike pics..etc he had a program called sherry or something like that for chat. He also had an extensive interactive bar and shop guide. We had some great times.. and all got together at the local bars. Many female users said that they got the number off stall walls :) He went on to start the virtualbiker web site as well as the vbmo around 94 or 95 I havent heard from him in many years. Thanks for keeping things like this alive!" - Anonymous
Champaign, IL
Bloom County BBS
Sun KwokUBBS
"I ran Bloom County from 1986 to 1987 while attending the University of Illinois until I graduated in December 1987. Many users took an alias from Bloom County comic strip at the time. We had all kinds of folks, from The Pooch (Jeff Schomer, age 12) to mostly college age users. Some of the users would get together at my college apartment at 604 E. White Street to play Risk, eat pizza, or just hang out. I was also friends with Helen Whatley (Unnamed BBS), Dale Creekmur (Tranquillity II) and Russ Price (CatStar BBS). Helen and Russ are classmates and we had several classes together! We were in the Computer Science curriculum. The sysops in the area were a pretty tight group at the time. We would gather monthly (hosted by Dale, usually) and talk about running our BBS's, users, and so on. It was a great time. I still have a printout from my old Apple ][ with all the users names and addresses. If anyone would like to get a hold of me you can email me at" - Sun Kwok
Urbana, IL
Deep Space
Rawley Greene
"I finaly lost the BBS when the computer crashed, but I was put out of business by the Internet and the freenet that popped up here around 1995 (Prairienet). I went by the nick names Captain Picard, and switched over to Skybok, which I've been using ever since. I started working with BBS's in 1992 when I helped Keith with his after school bbs that ran Maximus. Keith is blind, but that didn't stop him from making a kick ass BBS. He learned from Jim Danley who ran Lucid Dream using Maximus, who is also blind....Once I got a 2400 baud modem in 1993, (I was 13) I started up my bbs right away, using the Maximus software and I talked my mom into buying me a phone line for the thing. I got Keith and other sysops to spread my number around and soon got plenty of callers. I built a large collection of MOD and sound files on my BBS, and also had a large collection of door games, including Tradewars, Land of Devastation and others. Later that year I joined Fido net as a point off of Afterschool BBS. I was point 1:233/8.1 a few months later I got my own node at 1:233/18 I carried alot of news groups aimed at music and such." - Rawley Greene
Urbana, IL
Urbana School District
FrEdMail System
Decatur, IL
Smokin' Joe's, Smokin' Joes
Joe ProsserPCBoard
"Smokin' Joe's Computer Corner & 2/3 Board were part of the Central Illinois Tri-Connection." - Anonymous
Decatur, IL
John Riley and Robert KingTriBBS, ProBoard, Synchronet
"SLASHER BBS was started by John Riley with the help of Robert King, SysOp of Planet Caravan BBS, which later became God and Country Node 2. It started off in Feb. of 1993, as a private BBS for the two users, John Riley and Robert King to quickly exchange files and chat if needed. In March of 1993, we both decided to open our BBS to the public. TriBBS had a high price for it's registeration, so the two SysOps started looking for other software to run their BBS. In early or mid summer of 1993 Rob King was introduced to Dave Wright, SysOp of God and Country Node 1. He ran God and Country Node 1, using ProBoard BBS software. ProBoard was hardly crippled at all in it's shareware state, and Robert King suggested to John Riley, he switch over to ProBoard as he was doing. He was also going to become God and Country Node 2. John switched over and several users were happy. Infact one even donated a 28.8 Baud Modem which was the fastest speed at the time. SLASHER BBS ran in Decatur, IL until around April of 1998, when the SysOp moved to Tupelo, MS. He looked for other local SysOps, but had found only ghostly traces of the old BBSes. However with the help of some online SysOps, John Riley turned SLASHER BBS into a telnet ProBoard BBS. After a few years, and ProBoard being murder by Pat Clawson, John Riley, finally switch over to a Synchronet system.... Which he still mods every chance he gets to make it more like his old ProBoard system. You can reach SLASHER BBS via telnet @ telnet:// Thank you!" - John Riley

""SLASHER BBS was started by John Riley with the help of Robert King, SysOp of Planet Caravan BBS, which later became God and Country Node 2. It started off in Feb. of 1993, as a private BBS for the two users, John Riley and Robert King to quickly exchange files and chat if needed. In March of 1993, we both decided to open our BBS to the public. TriBBS had a high price for it's registeration, so the two SysOps started looking for other software to run their BBS. In early or mid summer of 1993 Rob King was introduced to Dave Wright, SysOp of God and Country Node 1. He ran God and Country Node 1, using ProBoard BBS software. ProBoard was hardly crippled at all in it's shareware state, and Robert King suggested to John Riley, he switch over to ProBoard as he was doing. He was also going to become God and Country Node 2. John switched over and several users were happy. Infact one even donated a 28.8 Baud Modem which was the fastest speed at the time. SLASHER BBS ran in Decatur, IL until around April of 1998, when the SysOp moved to Tupelo, MS. He looked for other local SysOps, but had found only ghostly traces of the old BBSes. However with the help of some online SysOps, John Riley turned SLASHER BBS into a telnet ProBoard BBS. After a few years, and ProBoard being murder by Pat Clawson, John Riley, finally switch over to a Synchronet system.... Which he still mods every chance he gets to make it more like his old ProBoard system. I finally have purchased the rights to the ProBoard software, and went back in 2006 to using it. We are working hard every free chance we get to completing a 32Bit and 64Bit version of ProBoard. I may no long live in Decatur, Illinois, but you can reach SLASHER BBS via telnet @ telnet:// Thank you!" - John Riley"

Danville, IL
Danville High School
FrEdMail System
Springfield, IL
Springfield District
FrEdMail System
Springfield, IL
Fantasy Land, Fantasy Land BBS
Steve Horrighs, Steve Horrighs, JrSpitfire
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Springfield, Illinois since 12/91. Sysop: Steve Horrighs, Jr. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 4 lines on MS-DOS with 10000 MB storage. US Robotics at 28800 bps. $30 Annual fee. Simply the best. 5+ Megs added daily. Lots of doors. Thousands of message echos from more than 9 national mail networks w/ 3 adults only networks. 1/3 of files online are adult related. Fast online instant upgrades with VISA, MC. Download on first call.
MidWest IBM SoftSource BBS
Russ BlakemanFido, Maximus, Proboard
"Ran this BBS in conjunction with running (remotely and physically) of Hacker's Anonymous on the U-I C-U campus. This BBS was my own personal BBS run initially on a Sanyo MBC-555-2 with 4 floppies (no HD) using Fido then upgrading to a 286 era machine with 40 mb RLL HD and 2 floppies and 2400 baud external modem. It evolved to other BBS platforms to eventually having BinkleyTerm for mail/front end, door games, Fidonet, etc. Closed it down in early 1993 when I had to pack to move for a move to Wichita/McConnell AFB as Chanute was closing." - Russ Blakeman
Laporte, MN
Kicker's, Kicker's Hole in the Wall BBS
Leo Andersonvaried
"Kicker's was an ongoing experiment in what could be done with no cash. It would still be on/off if that house hadn't been lost in a fire (not computer related)." - Leo Anderson
Ely, MN
Boundary Waters BBS
Gary Knopp/InfoNorth
Canoe Trips/Resorts/Fishin/Wilderness in Minnesota
Celtic Frost BBS
Beowulf (Tony Mattson)CNET, RPGBBS
"I started out with 1 2400 baud node with a 7.5 Mzh 68000 processor. It grew to three nodes on a 25 Mzh 68030." - Beowulf
Duluth, MN
Kerowyn's Haven
Jennifer McNittRenegade
"I was the sysop of this gaming focused BBS. Detrix was my co-sysop. I ran the BBS in Duluth until about 1995. It moved along with me to the Twin Cities area where I then kept it running until 1997." - Jennifer McNitt
The Wormhole
Andrew Langager, Mark Finn, Carey BironPegasys
Development Headquarters for the Pegasys BBS System
Duluth, MN
The Vault
Zaphod Beeblebrox (Ole Lund)Ascii Express
"Great warez site back in the day!" - Anonymous
Duluth, MN
The Carbon Abyss
Jeff Rosati, Telik NetslayerWildcat
"It was real cool to see us on the list. I miss the days of anonymity that the BBSs brought. I remember going to BBS parties and only a handful of people knew who I was. Really miss the years with Loki, Artemis & Wolf. Fun times and good friends." - Telik Netslayer
Duluth, MN
Net 2802 Echo Coordinator, Northern Minnesota Net, TBNT, The Board Not Taken
Roger Martell, Lori Martell, Lori Amendola, Lori Amendola MartellRenegade, Telegard
"What a kick to see TBNT listed here, thank you!! I miss the days of door games and 5-6 nodes online. The local community was great fun and had a lot of wonderful people in it that I still try to keep in touch with - although sporadically. Thanks for putting this bit of nostalgia online for folks!" -Artemis, TBNT
East Grand Forks, Minnesota
Red River Telecommunications
Richard RybackiWW2
"There was so much fun running this BBS.. Since then.. I kept all my friends since.. I enjoyed all them years with them.. My real friends.." - Richard Rybacki
Detroit Lakes, MN
Detroit Lakes JHS
FrEdMail System
Cloquet, MN
Shipwreck, Shipwreck BBS
Scott WillieSearchlight
"I was the Sysop for this BBS. It was just nice to see that you have such a huge collection of history here. It ment alot to me to run this system for the time I had it. It was great fun!" - Scott Willie
The Echo Chamber
Timothy HouckPegaSys
We owned the source to PegaSys and were probably the only BBS running it. It was really fun to be able to customize your own BBS software. It was written in Turbo Pascal. - Timothy Houck
Rochester, IN
The BoatHouse BBS
William "Corky" Wilder, Bob "Crash & Burn" Keen
"I'm not sure how long Bill had The Boathouse up and going I was a member from the late 80's till 1997 or `98. He was driven out like many of the BBSs by local internet service. I believe he held out longer that most due to the fact the he did carry part of the backbone of the UUNet on that mess of systems in what could be euphemistically called a living room. It was great to have access to ALL the news groups that were out there not just a few that the ISP tell us we can get. Bill always went out of his way to help anyone trying to get a BBS going or to try and keep one going. He was the same with his members. If your system was down he'd dig till he found the problem or the part. You "NEEDED" the latest Blue Wave or whatever he would track it for you. I miss him and the Friends at the boathouse." - Dave McDougle
South Bend, IN
Flag Net BBS
Carey Treesh (Flag Master)C-Net Amiga, Cnet Amiga
"Flag Net started out on a Commodore 64 originally in Niles Michigan at the phone number of 616 (now area code 269) 683-7373. Always running Cnet software, my goal was to be the longest lasting most up-time message base(not download file based) BBS in town. Im proud to say we are still on-line today with our non-Y2K compliant software, its a bit buggy, but still up an running. To access flagnet bbs, telnet to: telnet:// or our old link may still be up... telnet //" - Carey Treesh

"Flag Net BBS is still on-line via telnet. Our ip address changes, but we try to keep the name active. To access, telnet to The original telephone number was 616-683-7373, then moved from Niles Michigan, to South Bend Indiana and changed numbers to 219-232-7373. In 1999 we added a telnet in port via a local ISP called Quantum Connections. We are no longer affiliated with them, but have a registered domain name now. The Amiga 2000 with 2 gig scsi hard drive lives in my home in South Bend. All modem access has been terminated to keep cost down. This BBS not well attended too, and activity is very low. But despite this, I made a commitment when I was just a kid with an Commodore 64 to keep it going. Im proud to say, we are still up and running, with all data in-tact since 1994 till today. Message bases, "G-files" and even some "P-files" can still be activated." - Carey Treesh

Elkhart, IN
AMIS Hart City BBS, HART CITY, Hart City BBS
Ron BlessingForem ST, AMIS, Fido
"Hi Jason, I was the Sysop of Hart City BBS. I started it back in August of 1982 and I can't verify this but I believe I was the second BBS in Indiana. Originally the system consisted of: Atari 800 - 48K (Newell Fast Chip Installed), Atari 810 Disk Drive (appx: 90K), Atari 850 Interface Mod., Hayes 300 Baud Smartmodem, NEC PC-8023A-C Printer. The software I started with was the A.M.I.S. software from MACE, which I ended up making a number of enhancements to. Several years later I moved to a Tandy 2000 and then finally to a PC clone system. Eventually, I just couldn't keep up with the size of the other BBS system around me. I must admit I had the most fun with the Atari and miss those early days. There were a LOT of great people running BBS systems and unselfishly willing to help anyone that needed it. I still have my 800 stored away and wouldn't give it up for anything. Thanks for remembering." - Ron Blessing
Warsaw, IN
Ambition, Amiga Online
Chad Study, Mark Krenz
"Ran on an Amiga 500 in Chad's house." - Mark Krenz
Granger, IN
Chocolate Lowfat Milk BBS, The Fool On The Hill (TFOTH) Online
Joshua RailtonTriBBS, RemoteAccess
"I was only 14 years old when I started this BBS from my 8086 computer after getting my first modem (2400 baud) and finding other boards like "The Great Beyond" and "The Squawk Box" and having so much fun with it. At some point, I found out about a Zoom promo that allowed SysOps to buy a 14.4 modem for a special price and I jumped on it. Although I had to pay for the extra phone line myself, I'm so grateful to my parents for being open to allowing me to do this, which really helped shape my whole career." - Joshua Railton
South Bend, IN
Party Line TBBS
Rebecca KingTBBS
"Party Line was a 3-line bulletin board service, run from the home of Rebecca King in South Bend, Indiana, running multi-line TBBS software. It was a node within FidoNet (#227:160). While another local BBS later claimed use of the 160 node, FidoNet nodes were never reused and there is some content on the Web that indicates that the node number was reported in error. While the bulletin board was accessible free of charge, membership required the submission of a copy of one's drivers license. Features included Netmail, multi-line chat, Freeware/Shareware downloads all within a 2-hour limit daily limit." - Rebecca King
South Bend, IN
Flag Net BBS
Carey TreeshC-Net Amiga
"Still up and running, available (now) via a telnet port at" - Carey Treesh
South Bend, IN
Robert LehmanMEBBS
"MaxNet Echomail Coord, Aminet Midwest Regional Star. South Bend's Commodore Amiga Technologie Support Board. A proud member of the Michiana Area Sysops Association." - Robert Lehman
Schererville, IN
The Night Time, The Night-Time BBS (24 hrs)
Bob NightingaleWildcat
"The Night-Time moved to Hammond, IN in 1992 and changed its number to 219-989-1716. In '94 I changed to the name to Ham'nd Eggs to reflect running from Hammond. Night-Time was a play on my name and the fact that the board only ran from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.--on a 1200 baud modem. My (now ex-) wife insisted on a separate phone line when we moved to Hammond. Both systems ran Wildcat, although Ham'nd Eggs had a short sprint under Spirfire." - Bob Nightingale
LaPorte, IN
LaPort Area Network, Laporte Area Network (LAN)
Dave MerrickTriBBS
"Simtel Archive, Doors, home to custom plugins for LORD and TW2002." - Dave Merrick
City Limits!
John Good, John Good (Pontio)Renegade
"Host for CityNet, local Fido-style network. Still intact, and considered putting back online, but will most likely go online via the web. officially registered, but on hold for now. In the interim, check out the old website at" - Pontio
Fort Wayne, IN
Scott "The Shadow" Cramer, Keith "The Punisher" CramerWWIV
"We ran Shadownet in Fort Wayne for over 4 years. We started with a 1200 baud modem, then bumped to a 2400 baud modem. We ran briefly at 9600 baud, but shut down soon after. The phone rang off the hook all night long, Our mother in her 60's learned how to reset the computer after crashes. We held Shadownet pizza parties where upwards of 40 people would attend. Our home became known as Shadownet central. We had many users trying to earn an invite over. Users wanted to know what we did on the other side of the computer. We met many of our current friends through the BBS. We were widely known as the Shadownetters. Those were some good days. Kinda geeky, but still good." - Keith Cramer
Fort Wayne, IN
Illusions Unlimited
UsYr Illus, Lupey, Flirt, Beameup Scotty, Pontio, Dedhed, and othersRenegade
"It was sad to see it go. Dang Internet. Anywas, the number may not be exact, it had four in its time. Been recreated many times on the net, current version can be found at ." - UsYr Illus
Fort Wayne, IN
The Tower
The WizardRenegade
"Long ago and far away when the world was small there was a great community here until the internet washed it away. I will always miss it, and you. Thanks for calling! Shouts out to all friends in the present. And all of those who have slipped away. :(" - The Wizard
KSI Public, KSI Public BBS
Joe McIntosh, Joe MclntoshWildcat
ListKeeper: Educational BBSs

ListKeeper: Educational and Indianna BBS

Isles of Euphoria, Shrouds of Mist, Terrorist International, The Place to Be
Mystic Walker (Jason)TAG BBS
"Every time the system crashed (which was usually a crappy 40mb Seagate hdd dying) I reloaded, and changed names." - Mystic Walker
Portage, IN
Last Chance BBS, Last Chance Data Systems, LastChance
Dennis WoodPCBoard, PC-Board
"This started out as a test bed for another sysop in the area who was too chicken to convert over from RBBS to the brand new (at the time) PC-Board software. From there on, as they say, the rest is history. When Last Chance finally shut it's electronic doors in 1991 there were over 200 registered users and the system had added a second line. Two dedicated Intel 286 workstations answered the phone with US Robotics HST modems and a third 386 machine was the network server, running on the then brand new Lantastic network hardware and software. The decision by the telephone company (GTE) that this was now a "business" because I solicited donations from users to try and offset the ever-increasing operating costs was the nail in the coffin of this BBS. The entire system was sold intact to a hospital in Dyer, IN and used for staff access. I was fortunate enough to work as an installer and consultant to them for a short while and oversaw the installation of a multi-disk CD-Rom drive (brand new technology at that time) added to the system that allowed access to a vast medical database for the use of doctors and hospital staff. To this day I remember fondly the many people I met thru this BBS, including a couple of online romances that sprung up between users. While the Internet has opened up a vast new world of information and global communication, I still miss the small friendly community of people that frequented my BBS. Thanks to all of you, should anyone who remembers me be reading this." - Dennis Wood
Michigan City, IN
Irish Connection BBS
Bob GriffinWildcat
"4-node BBS relocated from southern California to northwest Indiana." - Bob Griffin
Michigan City, IN
Magicland BBS
Tim Downs
"4 lines at one time. We started with 2400 baud modems and ended with 56k modems." - Tim Downs
Griffith, IN
Excaliber, Excalibur BBS
Jeff ReadyPCBoard , Wildcat, PC-Board, PCBB
"I was the SysOp of this BBS, which was a project started by my dad and I together when I was in the 7th grade as a sort of father-son project. We started with Wildcat software which we used for a long time, briefly used Quick BBS, and finally ended up on PC-BOARD as we evolved into more sophisticated things like participating in FIDO-NET. We started at 1200 baud and one computer, which I would have to take offline if I wanted to call into another BBS because we had just the one. Eventually, we added another line, had two PCs networked together with LANTASTIC, and got a 16.8k US ROBOTICS modem with the special "FOR BBS USE ONLY - NOT FOR RESALE" placard on it because of the special pricing availble to SysOps.

"I remember being amazed at the whole FIDO next message board/email system -- being able to send a message from the local BBS, then watching as our system auto-dialed a system in Chicago at night, which would then dial some other system, and eventually the message would make its way to the intended recipient. An email and a reply might take days to complete, but it was still electronic and free, which was just the coolest thing ever. Little did we know then what those early email-relay systems would evolve into.

"We kept the BBS going even while I was in college, although from '93-96 the whole BBS thing was really in its twilight. For a number of years we won the prestigious (LOL) "Northwest Indiana's Best BBS Award" - heck we may well have won that ever year such voting actually took place -- at least 3 or 4 times anyway.

"I look back now and can't believe how much things have changed, but since I got out of school I've been a technology entrepreneur, I've started a number of internet related companies, raised venture capital, did the dot-com thing, and here I am still at it -- and I probably owe it all to running that BBS with my dad when I was 13 years old. My first "real" business out of college was an ISP in 1996, which was really nothing more than a more modern BBS, with dial up modems and the whole bit.

"The funny thing is that you can't even talk about the BBS days to people that didn't experience them first hand, because it all seems so foreign - yet if you were there, the evolution to where we are now is plain as day.

"Anyway, thanks for having this site - I stumbled onto it by complete accident as I was checking a caller ID call I missed, and somehow this came up. It really has brought back some memories."

"Now if I can just remember how to play Tradewars... Thanks again." - Jeff

Chesterton, IN
Restoration Rock
Curtis TaylorPC Board, PCBB
"Carried Christnet, Phileonet(host), started on Tandy 1000. I started knowing almost nothing except BBSing seemed neat and I wanted to run a Christian BBS - ended up running a relay network." - Curtis Taylor
Gary, IN
The Village, Village (B)
Number 2BBS Express Pro
"I had a blast running The Village...Didn't know anything about BBS'ing at first. Got a Atari 800Xl and a 300 baud modem and started going online. Met Nick Hard and Glenn Holt of N.W.I.P.C.U.G. and learned a LOT from them. Upgraded to 1200 and 2400 eventually as money permitted...( the kids were still young then, and I'd just bought my house! Ran the BBS on a 40 MB Control Data Wren II drive...pretty good sized in those days, some folks were running boards on 8 in. floppies!!! Nick moved for health reasons, and I haven't seen Glenn in years, but I made a lot of friends over the board." - Number 2
Hebron, IN
Dwayne's World BBS
Dwayne & Karacinda DobsonSearchlight
"10 Lines, FRED Chat, 1000's of downloads available. Member of SL-NET and RIPNet. BBS was RIP Enabled. Many Door Games as well. BBS started as one line and quickly grew to 10. We spanned multiple calling areas which were long distance. This allowed users from greater distances to interact, chat and become friends. We featured FRED Chat written by Robert Mikkelsen of Flight Line BBS in the Tampa Bay area." - Dwayne Dobson
Hebron, IN
Dwayne's World BBS
Dwayne Dobson, Dwayne & Karacinda DobsonSearchlight
"10 Lines, FRED Chat, 1000's of downloads available. Member of SL-NET and RIPNet. BBS was RIP Enabled. Many Door Games as well. " - Dwayne Dobson
Novi, MI
Nuclear Meltdown
"Single node BBS with various door games and a fairly active message board. Many long nights of chat sessions." - Atomic Internet
Ferndale, MI
Comm Connect, Communication Cnct, Communication Connection, FERNDALE
Jeff SquiresT.A.G. , Image 1.2 - TAG
"I started Communication Connection on a Commodore 64 with Image 1.2 software and after getting a PC switched to TAG software. I enjoyed running the board and the many users I had call the board. At it's peak Communication Connection was on 4 lines and getting over 100 calls a day but buy the end in 1998 the call had dwindled to less than 5 and I decided to pull the plug. I miss those days and the users of my board." - Jeff Squires
Farmington Hills, MI
E Oakland Hub, FARMINGTON, Forest of Wayreth, The Forest BBS, The Forest of Wayreth
Bryan Stanbridge, Bryan Stanbridge MIRenegade
"All the information is essentially correct. However, since I was only 7 in 1987, that's not when I started the board. It ran from 95-99, as best I can remember. We ran Renegade the entire time, but dropped the "of Wayreth" part a little over halfway through the run and just became The Forest BBS. (I've been looking into restarting it as a telnet board, but haven't found a package I'd like to run yet). Cheers, Bryan Stanbridge (Sorcerer)."
Troy, MI
The Holy SinnerTAG
"Quaz-A-Tron was actually run for about 3 years, until I moved to (248)879-9571. The BBS has several other names, including "The Local BBS", and "Satan's Restroom"." - The Holy Sinner
Troy, MI
Neverland, The Neverland BBS
Mike ProszkowRenegade
"I can't believe I found this listing. Just so happens that I was the Sysop of this board (aka Big Cheese). It actually began as the Midnite BBS, which was extraordinarily popular. Went I left for college (U of Michigan) in 1997, I changed the name to The Neveland BBS (or "TNL"). The rise of the 'net of course was the fall of the board. I do miss it a ton, and have the whole BBS (Front Door, Renegade and all of my doors) on a floppy disk and even backed up to a CD now. Good times." - Mike Proszkow
The Uptown BBS, The Uptown BBS , Uptown BBS, The
Graham TippettMaximus CBCS 2.01
Graham is around at
The Uptown BBS
Graham TippettMaximus CBCS 2.01
Graham is around at
Comox, BC
Rod & Rene's, Rod & Rene's BBS, Rod 'N Rene's BBS
Rod ArmstrongRBBS
"Rod & Rene's BBS was the Western North American hub for Fido-Net. It had 6 telephone lines at its busiest time. It had features such as online dating (I still know some of the people who are still married today) Online Buy Sell & Trade, 100's of Games. The original BBS started on a 2 line Apple II computer with a 300 & 1200 baud modem. Once it moved to the PC platform many bbs softwares were tried, settling on RBBS. The original 300 baud modem was built by myself using components available from Radio Shack." - Rod Armstrong
Tacoma, WA
The Total Access Board, Total Access
Dick FairchildTBBS , TBBS (The Bread Board System)
"We had the first BBS in Tacoma and ran for 19 years. At one point we had 16 lines (14 Tacoma and 2 Seattle). We had a satellite feed for Fidonet mail and newsgroups. Was pretty cool for its time. Nice to see that somone has taken the time to compile this piece of history. Keep up the good work Jason." - Dick Fairchild
Tacoma, WA
eXile BBS
ChBooth (Nyk)WildCat
"Originally called Soylent Green BBS (1985-1986) renamed eXile BBS by SysOps Nyk and Yaj" - Nyk
Tacoma, WA
Cesspools in Eden, USWoRSt Communications
TheWard3n, The Cowboy, TheCowboy, NC-17LiQUiD, ViSiON-X, Oblivion/2
"USWoRSt Communications, LoC World Headquarters -/- DNA Division Headquarters. lol.. The good ole days.. You currently have cesspools in eden.. next to it in the list, not sure where that came from.. I ran that BBS on a 8088 Compaq at the start and then upgraded it to a 386/20 with a whopping 10GB of space.. Ran a Dual HST 14.4K modem..woot! I was 13 when I started it and 19 when it finally shutdown.. Then along came IRC..:)" - TheWard3n
Copperas Cove, TX
Fire and Ice BBS, The Arctic Zone BBS
Ice Gunner, Puppy LuvProBoard
"FidoNet, BRE, Falcon, modest file database, adult option, one line. Sister BBS to The Iceland BBS in Killeen." - Ice Gunner
Madisonville, KY
Udo's Cantina
Kyle DavisSynchroNet, Excalibur
"Madisonville had a good number of BBSes in the late 90s. Udo's was one of the later ones. I ran it from my own system under, first windows 3.11 then 95. The fastest modem we had was a 33.6, but that was towards the end of 98, most of the time we had a 14.4 It was a fun time, but the arrival of the first ISP really limited the activity. Them where the days." - Kyle Davis
Houston, TX
Heaven on Earth, Intrepid Confusions, Optical Dilusions
Darwin, Eric Scalf, VoyagerTAG, Renegade
Washington, DC
Asia Club, Asian Penpals!, World Club Online, ASIAN PENPALS
Alex ClarkeMajorBBS, Worldgroup, MajorBBS 6.21
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Romance, friendship, love, correspondence. WorldClub BBS features a rotating filebase of 300 GIF photos and bio-data of attractive Asian ladies overseas who desire American penpals. Also: Asian XXX graphics, adult japanimation, adult Asia travel info, and much more. Internet newsgroups & e-mail. Adults only. Instant access. Call today.

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Washington, DC since 03/94. Sysop: Alex Clarke. Using MajorBBS 6.21 with 4 lines on MS-DOS with 800 MB storage. Supra at 14400 bps. $.50 Hourly fee. Featuring an exclusive penpal file-base of beautiful Asian ladies desiring American men for correspondence, friendship or romance. GIF photos and bio-data. Call for Instant Access. Also: Chat, Games, Adult Files.

ASIAN PENPALS, 301.203.0281, Romance, Friendship, Love, Correspondence. World Club BBS features a rotating filebase of 200 GIF photos and bio-data of attractive Asian ladies overseas who desire American penpals. Also: Asian adult GIFs, Adult Japanimation, Chatlink, Forums etc. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

ASIAN PENPALS, 301.203.0281. Romance. Friendship, Love. Correspondence. World Club BBS features a rotating filebase of 200 GIF photos and bio-data of attractive Asian ladies overseas who desire American penpals. Also: Asian adult GIFs. Adult Japanimation, Cfiatlink, Forums etc. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Potomac, MD
The Courts of Amber
Jeff Riordan (Corwin)GT-Power
"I'm already on the list but wanted to fill in the missing bits. Ran the BBS out of my bedroom in a group house I lived in for a while. Only had 20 regular users who were almost all real life friends but had 50 registered users when I shut down. Was part of the GT mail Network as well. Amazing how many memories these names bring back to me. Had a blast learning basic coding and modding on Doors programs and email relays." - Jeff Riordan
Lutherville, MD
261-Elsewhere, ALPHA, Avi-Technic, Aviculture (parrots) OPUS 109, AviTechnic, COMP-U-TYPE, HUMBLE, SoftWare Dist, The Freemason BBS, AviTechnic 1:264/662
Tom Hendricks, Dawn Toler, T. R. Hendricks
Software Distribution System - BBS Utilities
Ft. Washington, MD
The Dojo
The Karate KidGSBBS
"Evolved from DMBBS. Heavy use og medium res graphics. Ran 24/7. GS = Grafix Suppliers. Written by Vigilante and The Karate Kid. Offered customization with colors and graphics. It had a karate game mod." - The Karate Kid
Southern Maryland, Southern MD , Southern MD RBBS, Southern MD RBBS
Gene Talley, Gene Talley & David TalleyRBBS
"Operated most of its life on a 6 MHz IBM AT. Maxed out at 2400 baud. It was well known for having an excellent files section. Went to a second line (301-373-5355) somewhere around 1989. I used DESQview to multitask on the AT to achieve the multiple lines. Loaded up on expansion memory as well (EEMS Quadram boards). Oh yeah, I did get a new motherboard somewhere along the line to get a faster 286." - David Talley
Silver Spring, MD
MIDI-Thru, The Midi Thru BBS
Steve JonesQuickBBS
"WOW! Amazing.. Just on a whim, I googled for my old BBS name, and here's your list. Who knew anyone remembered this stuff, let alone had so much detail.. Started w/ 1200 baud on a 5-slot PC and eventually ran a 9600 baud Codex modem on a 12 mhz 286 with 50 meg hard drive. Somewhere I have an old backup of that machine :-)" - Steve Jones
Gaithersburg, MD
InterMission BBS, No Montgomery Co Lcl Hub, Taesar's Palace / Intermission, Taesar's Palace Adult BBS
David Christian, Monique Arnow, Monique Arnow (with David Christian until 93)Maximus
"At our max, we had over 1600 paying users with 4 lines. We weren't the largest but we tried to keep it personal and made friends with all of the users. Shut down finally after the Internet and the larger services became popular and subscribers had gone way down. We also had a front page article of the Washington Post that we were part of in November of either 91 or 93. It was a series of articles dealing with how "adult" bbs's keep children from accessing anything adult rated." - Monique Arnow
Revelation 5 Node
Tdt Member BBS
Rockville, MD
Emil SinaRenegade
"Capri was an artistic chat BBS hosting a message-routing network." - Emil Sina
Potomac, MD
Celestial Happenings
Surface, Rob AllegarWWiV
"This BBS had over 300 users at its peak. My highest daily call volume on record was 103. I got the source code to WWIV and began modding -- teaching myself C with the WWIV source code started my current career as a systems architect and J2EE guru. I don't think I would have been a CS major if it were not for this BBS. I still have most of the messages from 1993-1994." - Rob Allegar
Pasadena, MD
Devil's Courier, The Devil's Courier BBS
Greg HammondWWIV
"The Devil's Courier BBS once held one of the largest collections of software on the East Coast. Peak busy times were very often over 1200 minutes/day for the last 3 years of operation. At the time it was taken offline, TDCBBS was using a USR Courier HST 9600 modem, 25 MHz 386DX Clone system with 8MB RAM (yes, that was 64 1Mx9 parity DRAM chips), MS-DOS 5.1, and had over 1.8 GB of SCSI disk storage and 2 single-speed CD-ROM drives - quite a bit for 1988. If you are a former user of TDCBBS you are encouraged to contact the previous owner at" - Greg Hammond
Amiga Exch., Amiga Exchange
"Amiga Exchange was the BBS home of an Amiga disk-based magazine of the time by the same name, Amiga Exchange or "A.X. Magazine." The board hosted both IBM and Amiga files and featured an active Tradewars game." - Anonymous
Camp Springs, MD
Ap Di BBS, Application Programming & Development, Inc., APDI
Mark BurnettWildcat
Greenbelt, MD
Real Life
"Originally ran on a TRS-80 Model I, then model 4. Around 92/93 it switched to an Apple IIgs and EBBS software. I took it over from the original Sysop in spring of 88, and while not 100% certain, it was probably 98 or 99 when I finally took it down (due to the usual reason of no one calling BBS's any longer)." - Jyri Erik Kork
Baltimore, MD
Silicon Chalkboard
"Run on an Apple ][e with a 3.5" floppy in the Friends School of Baltimore computer lab in the Science Building. Unsure when the board was taken down." - Tronster
Salisbury, MD
Computer Garden BBS
Milford P. Webster
Treasure Hunting - Metal Detectors - Online Catalog
Coin of Realm, Coin of the Realm, Coin of the Realm BBS, Tools for Knowledgeworkers
Dan Wendling, Daniel Wendling, DWendling/JS ChristiansoPC-Board, PCBoard , PC Board
List of BBS List Keepers: Conservation/Nature BBS List/D.Wendling/JS Christianso

ListKeeper: Conservation/Nature BBS List

Silver Springs, MD
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Hex, HEX - Handicapped, HEX BBS
Richard BarthPC-HEX, CUSTOM
List of BBS List Keepers: Handicapped Issues BBS/Richard Barth

ListKeeper: Handicapped Issues BBS

Columbia, MD
Programmer'sCor, Programmer'sCorner , The Programmer's Corner
Gary SmithCustom
"This was one of the larger BBS's in the country. At its peak, I supported 20 lines, with some eventually having access to the Internet (before browsers). The Internet ultimately killed it off. This was also a subscription service, which had almost 1000 subscribers in 1992." - Gary Smith
Laurel, MD
The Honey Board
Heather JamesOPUS
"I started the BBS when I lived in Laurel, Maryland, moved it to Silver Spring, Maryland for three years, then moved it Virginia where it was during the fading days of BBSes when folks started going to the internet in droves." - Heather James
Main Frame, Main Frame , Main Frame (A. Bilski), Mainframe #1, The Main Frame BBS, The Mainframe BBS, WDN, World Data Net, World Data Net (Andrew Bielski/Tony McClenny), MAIN FRAME BBS, WORLD DATA NETWORK
Andrew Bilski, Andrew Bielski/Tony McClenny, Andrew Bilski/Tony McClennyPC-Board, PCBoard , PC Board, PCBoard v15.1
MAIN FRAME BBS, (301 )-654-2554. PCBoard v15.1. Online since 1984. Now with 16 lines, voice support and 28.8 Kbps modems. 24 hour online Internet access via Telnet Gigabytes of files, 6 CDRom's and close to 1 00 doors. Hundreds of networked conferences. Guest accounts and online subscriptions available. Please give us a call. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

MAIN FRAME BBS, (301)-654-2554. PCBoard v15.1. Online since 1984. Now with 16 lines, voice support and 28.8 Kbps modems. 24 hour online Internet access via Telnet Gigabytes ot files. 6 CDRom's and close to 100 doors. Hundreds of networked conferences. Guest accounts and online subscriptions available. Please give us a call. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Iceman's Castle
Bulls Eye, Iceman, Vincent BlackshadowEmulex, Genesis PC
2400 baud, 63 megs!
Frederick, MD
Advanced Data Services, Advanced Data Services, Incorporated, Advanced Data Services Inc.
Blaine BrodkaPCBoard
22 line PCBoard with 5.5 GB of Files
Columbia, MD
F.C.C. PAL Hotline, FCC (EMI data), FCC Public Access Link, Federal Communications Commission
301-725-1072, FCC, Federal Communications Commission
Equipment Authorization Status Advisory Service
Lexington Park, MD
Mark Khatiblou, Andy AndersonOpus
"T.C.B stood for The Corporate Board and was run as a service for the Computer store A.O.M. Since we had piles of used equipment to use the BBS went through several incarnations I can't remember what equipment we used except for the prized USR 9600 HST and the 100MB Disk drive LOL! Anyway in my opinion this was the best of times in the fledgling PC market, everything was so new and exciting. " - Mark Khatiblou
Rockville, MD
CPCUG BBS , CPCUG Member Info eXchg, CPCUG MIX BBS, Member's Only, Members only, CPCUG Member Info eXchg (Michael Kane), Capital PC User’s Group BBS
CPCUG MIX, Michael Kane, CPCUG Staff, Capital PC Users Group/Roger FajmanPC-Board, RBBS, PC Board, PCBoard
One of the oldest PC User’s Groups – 5500
Clinton, MD
Intercom, IMS Intercom
SLIP/PPP Provider
Greenbelt, MD
Infinite Perspectives, Perspectives, Perspectives BBS
Carl Dickson, Frank AtleeRemote Access, Rmt Access
List of BBS List Keepers: Desktop Publishing BBS/Frank Atlee

ListKeeper: Desktop Publishing BBS

Olney, MD
Jeff BlanchardWWIV
"Used to run tradewars tourneys, had lots of files to download. " - Jeff Blanchard
Potomac MD
Beta Systems East
Kevin StrishockCIE
CIE BBS Software Home
Rockville, MD
P. UribeCosmic
"Ran own software written in Basic/Assembly L. on an Atari 800 and a Hayes 300 modem." - P. Uribe
New Castle, DE
Inner Word BBS, Inner World BBS, The Inner World BBS
Brian Funk, Drew MehanAcos
"Credit system with Knights of Roundtable theme and paying members got higher Surnames!" - Drew Mehan
New Castle, DE
The Basement BBS
David KnightSapphire, Search Light, Wildcat 5.0
"Started with a Beta version of Wildcat 5.0 and moved up to the full version once it was available - (3 lines) and also a telnet port. It retained the Doors, File Downloads and network mail. This was a BBS that utilized HTML pages. It was a great source of education in telecommunications and future INTERNET work. This BBS was listed in Sysop News,Computer Shopper and the Deleware Valley Telecommunication Guide." - David Knight
Talk Radio BBS
Vince Boehm/Dave Osburn
ListKeeper: Delaware AC 302
World Chaos
Master Bard
Independent Member BBS
Newark, DE
DolphinWare Software
Kristopher T. LiuVBBS
"One of the few VBBS systems that actually had a node on WWIVnet, and ICEnet. Also Known as the DS BBS." - Kristopher T. Liu
Elsmere, DE
Starfleet Command
Randall Kobetich
Sci-Fi Echomail Sci-Fi Echomail
Rising Sun, DE
PlayPen BBS
Tony BrowningMajor BBS
"For a few years, the dream of running a successful bulletin board was on Tony Browning's mind. In 1993, that dream became a reality. In July of 1993, Tony became a father and three weeks after that big event, another event happened. Tony's dream started taking shape. In August 1993, Tony Browning's PlayPen BBS went online. Originally, PlayPen was supposed to be a small private board for friends, but word rapidly spread about a new BBS in the area. Over the course of five years, PlayPen grew. It became known as Delaware's Best. Then on September 30, 1998. the unthinkable happened. PlayPen BBS came down, closing its doors forever. This was not an easy decision for Tony to make since PlayPen was his baby. But down it came."
Black Bag BBS, Black Bag BBS (150/101), BlackBag, Delaware Hub, The Black Bag
Edward Del Grosso, Edward DelGrosso, Ed Del Grosso
List of BBS List Keepers: Medical Issues BBS/Edward Del Grosso
Dover, DE
Northern Lights
Cyrus Long, Mike CarpenterMajorBBS
"Mike moved Northern Lights to Seattle WA in 1994 when his wife Stephanie was done with her military commitment." - Anonymous
Wilmington, DE
St. Marks High School
FrEdMail System
Fort Collins, CO
another friggin bbs., Another Friggin' BBS
Gully Foyle, AbbubT.A.G.
"Initially started in Harrisonburg, VA, but moved to Fort Collins, CO around 1993. There were three incarnations of the board (one in Virginia, two in Colorado), but the longest stretch it ran was under the 225-2293 number in Colorado. Gully recently came across an archive of the site from around January, 1995, and I'm considering sticking it up on Telnet." - T. Miller
Denver, CO
Batcave BBS
Ron Fick (The Caped Crusader)CNET 128
"I knew the sysop personally and wanted to make sure he was listed and credited. This man helped MANY folks in the BBS scene." - Kenny Kant "KenDog"
Denver, CO
Denver Free-Net
University of Colorado Health Science
Free Community Online Service - Health Info
Denver, CO
Earthquake Epicenter Data , USGS Quick Epicenter Determin.
US Geological Survey Earthquake Info Center
Earthquake Epicenter Data - Geomagnetism7E2 800-358-2663
Denver, CO
HotelNet, The Digital Inn
Steve AdamsTBBS 2.2
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Denver, Colorado since 03/94. Sysop: Steve Adams. Using TBBS 2.2 with 10 lines on MS-DOS with 17000 MB storage. Intel at 14400 bps. $10 Monthly fee. 18 CD ROM's online, satellite Internet/Usenet News Groups, Fido Echo Areas, Internet Email. USA Today, Boardwatch. Great message areas, Ultrachat, games. FREE OPEN HOUSE! Type "open" as access ID during registration. Home of HotelNet online H&R services.
Littleton, CO
DLS InfoNet
Jerry McCarthyWildCat 3.91
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Littleton, Colorado since 11/92. Sysop: Jerry McCarthy. Using WildCat 3.91 IM with 5 lines on MS-DOS with 8300 MB storage. Supra at 14400 bps. $14.95 Annual fee. User friendly with the personal touch. Large file database, 110 file areas, well maintained. Extensive Windows area. No upload, download ratios. Internet e-mail & 120 newsgroups. RIP graphics. USA Today. Time Bank Door. Free trial period. Give us a call.
Aurora, CO
Jon AlmonMajorBBS
Free Demo Line
Broomfield, CO
Mercenary Guild BBS
Battlemaster, Warlord, AssassinEzyCom
"Mercenary Guild BBS started with one phoneline and some simple message board only software package on a Amiga 500 computer. 4 months later it evolved to Tinity BBS Software, unique in that it was written totally in AREXX Scripting Language which ment if you wanted a feature write a script for it. Late in 1992, I bought my first PC and added EzyCom BBS to the system. I added a second line and upgraded the modems to a whopping 28.8 at that time. Warlord joined the sysop Team and helped managed the messages and files database. Assassin joined and remotely operated an adult section, which was later discontinued at the request of a majority of users. Mercenary Guild shut down operations in 1994 when the internet started stealing away the users." - Battlemaster
Denver, CO
Tony CarpenterRemote Access 2.0
"I originally started this BBS in Auckland New Zealand in 1992 as 2400 baud was becoming a big thing. I went from a single node BBS, called Tc's Muzak BBS running on a 386sx25 with a 40MB HDD running DOS 5.0 with Qemm and DesQview to a dual node P75 with a pioneer 6 stacker CD running under OS/2 then Windows 95 at the end. Over the years I was involved heavily in various project mail nets. And was an active area co-ordinator for Fidonet in a place called Wollongong NSW Australia in the middle of it all. I still feel the world and people in general lost a much more personal connection when BBSing as it was fizzled out. At the height of my BBS I had over 1000 users and an average traffic of 48 per day online for various times totally about 22hrs usage a day." - Tony Carpenter
Denver, CO
The Stock Market BBS
Jim Pritula
Financial Data -- On Line Trading Financial Data -- On Line Trading
Arvada, CO
Bird Info Network, Bird Information Network, Colorado Connection
Terry Rune, Dave McClauggage
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Arvada, Colorado since 12/90. Sysop: Terry Rune. Using TBBS 2.2 with 5 lines on MS-DOS 80386 with 800 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $60 Annual fee. 16 CD-ROMs online, games, Internet, FidoNet, EchoNet, Home of the Bird Info Network, BirdNet, game contests, all RIP system. Over 32,000 messages online, Board-watch Magazine, Colorado Weatherline, VISA/MC online. Visit us today.

Breeding, Raising, Taming, Exotic Birds

Breeding, Raising, Taming, Exotic Birds

Denver, CO
James Barry
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Denver, Colorado since 12/93. Sysop: James Barry. Using NovaLink Pro 3.1 with 5 lines on Macintosh with 1600 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. No fee. Your place for political discussion, political files and political news. Rush Room. Full Internet access available including telnet, mail and 100's of newsgroups. 1,000's of Mac shareware files. Home of NovaWorld Network. Macintosh GUlclient & RIP

INFOPORT BBS, 303.429.0291, Telnet to, your place for Political discussion, political information and news. Rush room. Full 24 hr Internet access including telnet, 1 00+ newsgroups, mail. 1 000's of Mac shareware files, Mac GUI, RIP graphics, ANSI. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

Liquid Sky
Ty Babcox, Ronin
"I was Ronin, the co-sysop of Liquid Sky BBS from 1994 to 1997. Not long after I left, Ty sold it to a user and it moved from Boulder to Evergreen, where it stuck around for a few more years from what I understand. It was a MajorBBS running TW2002, Tele-Arena, MajorMUD, and some other games, but people spent most of their time in the chat room. As the Internet started heating up, it also offered SLIP connections. I met someone on there, married in 1998, and we have two kids. I also met some friends I still have today. I was really into the BBS scene in the mid-90s in Denver, and it was good to see a lot of names I'd forgotten." - Ronin
Boulder, CO
Into The Wind
Dana P'Simer, Donley and Dana P'SimerQuickBBS and SHEDIT
"Dana is the creator of the Shamaal Editor, a full-featured BBS mail editor. We ran the board for the benefit of programmers." - Donley P'Simer
Boulder, CO
Bill Thoen
Graphics Information Systems/Mapping topics
Big Boy's, BIG BOY'S BBS, Big Boy's BBS
Willis Morrow
ListKeeper: Colorado AC 303/719
Karb0n, Nuklear PhusionRenegade
"This was the HQ and starting point of Colorado's most notorious hacking and phreaking group, "TNO" (The New Order). The group published a 'zine called "COTNO" (Communications of The New Order). Flatline, as a result of its association, became arguably the best and most well-known H/P board in Colorado at the time. Flatline was busted in 1994 when four members of TNO were taken down. After that, the group went under the radar, but still persisted in other places and with newer members."
Colorado Springs, CO
FOG - 45
Ken Moon
Colorado Springs Osborne Group (FOG AMO #133) member Colorado Springs Osborne Group (FOG AMO #133) member
Boulder, CO
Auto Comp. Tele Service , NIST ACTS
Nat. Institute for Standards/Technology
Automated Computer Telephone Service - Sync PC to NBS Time
Denver, CO
File Bank, Inc, The Comm Post, The Comm-Post, The File Bank Inc., The File Bank, Inc., THE FILE BANK, INC.
Bartee & Westerberg, Brian Bartee, Bartee & Westerberg, Girard Westerberg, Bartee WesterbergTBBS , TBBS 2.2
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: ASP & AOP approved BBS with one of the finest collections of IBM compatible files. Many free download areas including extensive libraries of astronomy programs & data files. 500+ message areas, online games, chat & more. Vast files areas including adult files. With 24 lines & 35Gig of hard drives. VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover welcome. Voice support: 534-4538.

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Denver, Colorado since 01/93. Sysop: Brian Bartee. Using TBBS 2.2 with 22 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 21000 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. $10 Monthly fee. ASP Approved BBS & one of the finest collections of IBM-Compatible Shareware. Many free download areas including extensive libraries of Astronomy Software & Data files. Message Areas, Online Games, Chat. VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover Welcome. Voice: 534-4538.

THE FILE BANK, INC. (303)534-4646 ASP Approved BBS Available Nationwide via CRIS. Outstanding collection of IBM-Compatible Shareware. Many FREE file areas including extensive libraries of Astronomy Software & Data files. Vast Ham Radio, Programming & Aduit file areas. $7.50/Mo Visa/MC, Amex, Discover. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

Merger of ‘Microlink B’ and ‘The Comm-Post’

16 Line File Library - Radio Comm/Astronomy - USA Today

16 Line File Library - Radio Comm/Astronomy - USA Today

Pueblo, CO
The Pueblo Towne Crier
Mick OcchiutoTowne Crier v 2.0 (modified)
"Originally built based on BASIC and machine code hand entered from a TRS-80 Microcomputer magazine, this BBS ran on a 48k TRS80 Model 3 with a 5 meg. hard drive and a 300 baud modem. We maintained over 10,000 downloadable files and had interactive games (casino with personal cash accounts, T.A.G. etc.), online chat and many other features. The BBS had over 2,000 paid members (a $10 annual fee) from all over the world who called in regularly for files, chat and games. When we had to close shop (part for a job relocation and part because technology was moving away from the TRS-80) a big picnic was held for me as the SysOp and over 50 local memebrs were in attendence. It was great fun!" - Mick Occhiuto
Aurora, CO
Royal Fush
MaverickC-Net 128
"I ran this BBS a long time ago... Still have all the Commodore stuff." - Maverick
Denver, CO
Denver Exchange, The Denver Exchange 104/909
James Craig
Denver’s Most Diverse Gay/Lesbian Info Service
Pinecliffe, CO
Pinecliffe, Pinecliffe bbs 1.2gb!, PINECLIFFE BBS, Pinecliffe BBS, CBD Systems, Inc
Craig BakerOpus , UltraBBS 2.09 Beta, UltraBBS 3.01c
PINECLIFFE BBS, (303)642-7463, Pinecliffe, Colorado since 01/82. Sysop: Craig Baker. Using UltraBBS 2.09 Beta with 14 lines on MS-DOS 80386 with 9500 MB storage. USRobotics at 14400 pbs. No fee. Largest BBS in RockyMtn area. FREE ($20/yr gets 2hrs/day. $100/Lifetime membership.) 60,000 zips. CD-Roms online. Games. Home of CDBREG — allows immediate upgrades with credit card. Sysop also a computer store. NightOwl Rom $59. Help us grow. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

PINECL1FFE BBS, (303)642-7463, Pinecliffe, Colorado since 01/82. Sysop: Craig Baker. Using UltraBBS 2.09 Beta with 14 lines on MS-DOS 80388 with 9500 MB storage. USFtobotics at 14400 pbs. No fee. Largest BBS in RockyMtn area. FREE (S20/yr gets 2hrs/day. S100/Lifetime membership.) 60,000 zips. CD-Roms online. Games. Home of CDBREG — allows immediate upgrades with credit card. Sysop also a computer store. NightOwl Rom S59. Help us grow. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Product: UltraBBS

Crystal Firestorm, Vector Sigma
Jeff TaylorCustom
"The software (Crystal Firestorm) was written from scratch. The bbs started out on a C64 with an 800k floppy drive, got bumped to an Amiga 1000, still with a single floppy (this is when the name changed), and finally to a 286 with a 40Mb hard drive." - Jeff Taylor (Shadowdragon)
Adams County, CO
M&D's Travelling Circuits, M+D'S TRAVELLING CIRCUITS BBS
Marshall Barry, Michelle (Dede) WeisblatCCBBS (Chuck Crayne-BBS)
"So much to say. M&D's was originally started in Sherman Oaks, CA in 1984. It was an extension (i.e. complete replacement) for "The Travellers (Travesty) RBBS" which was running part time since 1981 in my various apartments around town. Hey, it was something to do while I was out of town, consulting, and being away from friends and family -- The people I'd meet via BBS were either Geeks (like I was) or someone who would be interested in one. Biggest problem - Very Few Fem-BBSers (at the time). Oh, back to the story...

"After a while, I began to hate the RBBS software, and didn't really like much else out there. So, another Sci-Fic Fan out there, Chuck Crayne, and I began to talk. He had been running CC-BBS#1 in the South Bay for quite a while - and didn't really see a lot of things to do with it. It was nice, friendly, and - dare I say it? Yeah (Hi Chuck!) moderately dull. So, the fool I was, I said "Hey, how about I run your software, debug it a bit, maybe add some things to it? Huh? Huh?" (OK, I wasn't THAT much of a Geek). Anyway - we did it. July 1, 1984 - with the able help of the love of my life (Michelle - aka Dede Powell - Weisblat) "M&D's Travelling Circuits (CCBBS#2)" came up. Neat software, for the time. Ran TWO lines (native IBM-PC COM supported two ports) plus a console. Multi-task, multi-thread, security (including one-way encrypted passwords). WAY ahead of its time. But, neither Chuck nor I had much time to put it into a form for "sale" (sigh) it was too much of a "labour of love"

"Time Passes. Dec 5, 1988 M&D's goes down in Sherman Oaks, and Dec. 11, 1988 it "magically" reappears in Louisville (not looie-ville) Colorado. Only running one line, at the time, it sits in the FRIGID basement of a house on the top of the hill. What's so important about that? Uh, other than a chair, a refrigerator, and a stove, and the table it sits on, there is neither persons nor property in the house, and there wouldn't be until Dec. 20th, when our furniture arrived. (That is another, long, albeit unrelated horror story!) M&D's Travelling Circuits lived there until August 1990, when it "travelled" again to its final location - unincorporated Adams County, CO (Westminster, Thornton area). It moved into a house - along with (you have the info from the FidoLists) TelePeople, TelePurple, and TeleCircuits - those all part of FidoNet 104, becoming known as the "*69" group (104/69,169,269, and 969).

"Alas, CCBBS never became "fidonet" capable - it just wasn't part of the original design concept, and having the BBS "be down" to process mail was just anaethema to us. It became a "home away from home, a place for wanderers and friends" for many years. Too many. It did many things - supported many groups of people, had its "invisible" sub-sysops. Our eldest daughter, Meera, became the main Sysop of the system for a while, added gaming groups to it, did a lot to keep it alive for much longer than it had a right to be in the mid-90's "Internet" era... But, it was "PRIVATE" in the way that what you said stayed there. People had to WANT to be involved there, not have what you wrote go around the world 100 times and more. Type locally - stay local.

"Anyway - in April, 1997, we wandered into the back room and heard a horrible, heart-rending, squeeeeaaaalling sound. The 20 meg (yes, MEG) hard drive that had been the only real upgrad to the ORIGINAL IBM PC (8088!) had crashed. Yeah, I had a backup (about 3 weeks old, not a big deal, really), but we looked at the machine, and the fact that it was getting about 2-3 calls a day, mostly people checking in "for old times" and not for much else. It took a while. We put up a minimal system saying "We'll be back - in the meantime, for a good time call 'TeleCircuits' at 303-426...."

"But, our "zest" for BBSes had pretty much died by then. We had a computer business to run (we had refered our clients to M&D's for shareware downloads and support, but they prefered to talk to us on the phone for some reason (wan smile)), and so much else to do than BBS. Beside which, it really didn't support FidoNet even then... people weren't calling much... and I couldn't figure out how to justify a REAL computer (snort!) and a phone line to that small a BBS. We gave her a real, honest, burial in late August, 1997. We buried the hard drive in the back yard and donated the real, original, IBM PC to the Whiston Bide-A-Way home for ancient and dismembered computers (Whiston was a good friend and also a part of the *69 group) along with our Hyperion and a few other systems. M&D's Travelling Circuits became a memory.

"It was one of the first multi-user BBSes around. It ran, other than movement, continuously for almost 13 years. It began with the idea of "1984" and having a way to communicate, other than the "government approved" ones, a died of hyper-accellerated "old age" in a time when regular BBSes, the "solo node, not connected to anything", were (already) an anachronism. It's still remembered, or was until we finally gave up the phone line (we used it for an outbound voice line for a while - it would really wake us up when it rang!). It served a need, handled (at its peak) over 200 calls a day, and I don't know how many calls total. At the end, it was really down to 1 or 2 a day, some days, none. Curse you, big bad Internet!! And bless you as well for taking up the slack.

"Now when I say BBS, or BBSing, some people still remember what it was about. Sigh..." - Marshall Barry

Bob WhistonTBBS
"Actually this BBS has been up since 1982 - 1983, first under Jim Starke. In 1985 Bob Whiston purchased all the equipment and software and moved it to a new location with Jeff Tensly of Jaguar's Networking Labs as the `resident SysOp'. In 1991 the old hardware and software, APPLE IIe+ and ELITE, was `retired' and the first version of the present software TBBS [M16] Multi-line was installed on a DOS `box' w/ 386DX33 MB and 2 12.0K baud modems. At this time the hardware and software was moved North to just outside of Platteville, CO and Bob Whiston took over as `resident SysOp'. FIDOnet connectivity was finally realized in 1994 with the, *finally*, installation of a FX line into Metro Denver by `USeless Waste'. In about 1996 the CPU was `upgraded' to a 386DX40 and later that year a pair of SupraFax 24.0K modems were brought online. Later on, when Supra finally offered the 33.6K `upgrade' the modems were brought up to this and have remained in service since. When `USeless Waste' decided that there was a new Area Code needed in Colorado the BBS's FIDOnet line, actually out of Platteville, CO, 303-785-0217 was changed to 970-785-0217. The BBS has always been the `origin' of The Denver Metro and Front Range Scanner Echo along with also having served, for 1999 - 2000, as a FIDOnet HUB between NET 104 in Denver and NET 315 in Greeley CO up until the disbanding of NET 315. The future plans for the BBS include, beyond keeping the `local' dial-in, an eventual InterNet presence and TeleNetability as eventual hardware and software will allow." - Bob Whiston
Louisville, CO
Boulder County, Boulder Echo Hub, Denver Area Net, King's Market BBS, KINGS MARKET, The King's Market BBS, King’s Market BBS 104/115
J Burt, Jim Burt, Jim & Karen BurtTBBS
400 MB Book, Writers Area - TRS 80 Support

400 MB Book, Writers Area - TRS 80 Support

Parker, CO
Realm of Lost Souls
Spencer HansenWWIV, Worldgroup
"Spencer stared with WWIV and joined that family early on. He then made his system Mulit-Line using VBBS as his second system. His WWIV was highly modified thanks to some help from his friends, Barry and John. He then later purchased MajorBBS and Worldgroup. Then the Internet came about, and put an end to most all BBS's." - Spencer Hansen
Lafayette, CO
Micromanic, GDP Technologies
Bill Mullen, Tom Getty’sWildcat
Outstanding IBM Shareware on a small system

Outstanding IBM Shareware on a small system

Evergreen, CO
Empire of the Dragon BBS
Online since 1992, and still dialup (56k!) as well as telnet. EOTD BBS has been a big part of the 303 BBS scene for over 15 years. Worldgroup with Worldlink, forums, retro file libraries, and door games such as LORD and TW2002.
Aurora, CO
Sound Doctrine BBS
Tim WilliamsTBBS 2.2
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Family & Christian BBS. Open to all. Totally free with access to Internet e-mail. Programmer, technical and gerneral files. Order free material. Unlimited time allowed with many kinds of message boards. Beginners ask for our free manual and starter kit.
Aurora, Colorado
Reggae Land B.B.S.
Grandpa Reggae (Lane R. Ellis)C-Net 9.4 through BBS-PC, C-Net 9.40 - 11.1a, BBS-PC!
"In 1984 I first put the Reggae Land Bulletin Board System on-line, open only between the hours of 10:00PM and 8:00AM on weekdays since I had only one phone line at the time. I used a Commodore 64 computer and a single 140K Commodore 1541 disc drive, along with a 300 baud Total Telecommunications modem, with Prospective Software's C-Net 9.40 B.B.S. software. I customized the software quite a bit, as it was written in fairly simple BASIC language, and designed all my own custom Reggae Land menus, which I took great pride in.

"Reggae Land grew in size over the years, becomming one of the largest and most loved B.B.S.'s in Colorado. Before moving to an Amiga based setup, Reggae Land at one point was running off of 2 1541 disk drives and 6 SFD-1001 IEEE drives. Once running on the Amiga platform and BBS-PC! software I was able to customize the system to my hearts content, which I did to the tune of over 1,000 different menus, the equivalent of todays individual HTML pages. Using Reggae Land was almost like playing an incredible and witty text adventure game, with twists and turns available that just weren't available on-line anywhere else at the time. One year it was voted the best B.B.S. in Colorado by Chet Solace and his "Final List", and was frequently listed in the "Computer Shopper" magazine.

"Someday I'll re-establish Reggae Land on the web, having it both as a time-capsule into the past and as a fully-functioning giant web site. I'd love to make contact with any of the 1,000 plus old-time Reggae Land users!" - Best Regards, Grandpa Reggae (Lane R. Ellis)

Aurora, CO
The Board of Directors
Larry CoulsonWildcat, WildCat 4.0
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Aurora, Colorado since 08/91. Sysop: Larry Coulson. Using WildCat! 3.9 with 1 line on MS-DOS with 350 MB storage. Hayes at 14400 bps. $25 Annual fee. An information exchange service for entrepreneurs, managers and business professionals. We feature only the highest quality business related shareware. Message base includes Fido and Bizynet echos.
Aurora, CO

Oneline Networking Expositions

Oneline Networking Expositions

Oneline Networking Expositions

THE TIKKI ROOM, The Tikki Room with Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse (Jack Stephens)Renegade
"Hi there - I saw my BBS 'The Tikki Room' listed on your site. I think it's just great that it's on there, and I didn't submit it to you originally! Wonderful. That BBS was one of two that I ran at the same phone number. The other was called THE ABYSS. My handle on Tikki was Mickey Mouse, and on The Abyss it was Lt. Commander Data. You can see my interests were (and still are) Disney, Star Trek, James Cameron films. The BBS started out on an Amiga 1000 using CNET I believe. After a while, I switched it over to an IBM PS/2 running Renegade. The BBSs both featured some cool ANSI graphics, message boards that were fairly active, Trade Wars 2002, and a bunch of great local people of various ages, mostly young like me! I was in middle school and high school (at Laredo Middle School and Eaglecrest HS) when I ran the BBSs. I ran them out of my bedroom and my dad's home office. He was very generous with offering his computer when he did not use it, and a phone line for the cause. Running these BBSs was great fun. I also called quite a few BBSs around that I also saw listed. I remember several that weren't listed, such as Fuzzy's BBS, The Back Burner, The Gridiron, Denver Matchmaker, Star Trek BBS, The Grotto, and a few others. But, since I don't remember their phone numbers, I guess I cannot add them. I am sad to see the passage of the days of BBSs, and in general the days of computers that existed where computers were a hobby, a special interest, a new and amazing idea. Now, everyone has one, and those days are long gone. I like the internet - but it doesn't have the same character or charm as did the old BBSs. It's hard to be a computer geek now! Oh well. It was fun and the memories are great. This is a totally awesome Oh well. It was fun and the memories are great. This is a totally awesome site to have set up. Let me know that you got this!" -Jack Stephens
Aurora, CO
E-Soft, Inc., eSoft Inc, eSoft Inc Technical Support, TBBS eSOFT user board, TBBS HQ SUPPORT, TBBS Support BBS, eSoft Product Support BBS, eSoft, Inc
Phil Becker, Phil Becker/eSoft Inc.
Home of The Bread Board System (TBBS) BBS Software

Product: TBBS

Denver, CO
"World HQ for the F.U.C.K. e-zine..."
Denver, CO
Blackout, Prototype BBS
Phrenic/KanedaPublic address (Mac)
"Anime, Files, Audio philes." - Phrenic
Littleton, CO
ADP Audit , ADP Audit,SAS,Wr, The Professional System
Bob VoorheesTBBS
"Sponsored by the Denver chapter of the EDP Aduitors Association (EDPAA) now the Information Systems Audit & Control Association (ISACA)." - Bob Voorhees
Denver, CO
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL), C.A.R.L. Library Service
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
Citation to 4 Million Texts in Colorado Library System FREE
Aurora, CO
Jabberwocky, The Horizon BBS
Andrew Strotheide, (Alias I[E and Lodestone)
"I got into BBSes as an elementary school kid messing around on my Apple ][+. I had a 300 baud modem, but it eventally died. I then installed an old 110/300. Sometimes 300 got flaky and I used 110... Quite a bit, actually. Things happened very slowly in the 1980's (especially when you were a relatively poor kid with ancient equipment).

"My family got a brand new computer for Christmas of 1991, a 486DX/33. :) I hadn't used a BBS in a couple of years, but as soon as we got that thing, I knew I needed a modem. With a 2400 baud modem, I got back into BBSing. As a seventh grader, I had a lot of time to dive into learning. A few months later, I bought a 14.4k modem and On June 10, 1992, I opened a BBS which I called "The Horizon," running Telegard 2.7. The board was named after my school, Horizon Middle School, but it was really more of a metaphor for the way I saw computers. I had been constrained to the Apple ][ for so long that I didn't really see the future of things; getting into a new computer and meeting more people online gave me an eye into the future of computing, which is what really solidified for me the fact that I would someday work with computers for a living.

"I ran the BBS very diligently. I worked so hard to have good file storage, up-to-date information from the industry and about viruses and whatnot, and a good, solid community of local people. Ultimately, the board had many teenagers, but we managed to keep a pretty steady crowd of older people. I think our youth was refreshing to them. That, and we had really lively discussion and intelligent people. There were about 100 regularly active people registered, and about 200-300 user accounts in the system for the year or so that it was a heavily used one-line BBS.

"I eventually restructured the board and named it "Jabberwocky." Running Telegard 3.0, it was supposed to bring a new energy to the BBS scene. Unfortunately, as most BBS operators who used Telegard will tell you, the BBS niche had started to expire, and Telegard 3.0 was too little, too late. It was either for the third or fourth anniversary of the board that I changed its name, either June 1995 or June 1996. Unfortunately, it didn't last too long. In August of 1996, I began my senior year of high school. I had a girlfriend, a job, did lots of partying, and had too many other things to worry about. My poor little 486 with its 14.4k modem was also too slow and the internet was starting to take hold. I closed the doors to the BBS in November of 1996. (tear)" - Andrew Strotheide

Littleton, CO
Shadowmire Keep
"It was also known for the frequent little "user gatherings". Some of the gatherings included Woddy's Pizza on Leetsdale near Quebec as well as the, then recently-opened, Laser-Quest near Hampden and Yosemite where frequent Shadowmire Keep visitors, Malice and Shard had become members. BTW, nice job on the site!" - D. Spanel

"Hi there...thanks for the kind comments on my BBS - I was waxing nostaligic and came in contact with some old Keepsters (as we were called back then)...started browsing around and found your site...but I closed the BBS in 1997 rather than 1996(It ran from 1991 thru 1997)...I had planned for a few months that the last day would be July 31, was very sadly coincidental that the real Princess Diana who was my namesake as Lady Di died on that day...almost minutes from the time the BBS shut down..." - Lady Di

Nucla, CO
Alcun Atirutan, Starcraft/2, USS Alcun
Keith ThomsonQuickBBS , Remote Access, LoraBBS
"I ran this BBS for 6 years, up until I went to college and no longer had the phone number. The original name was Alcun Atirutan, because the sysops lived in the Nucla-Naturita area. Shortened to USS Alcun when I went to a space based theme, then Starcraft/2 when I decided I didn't want a Naval space theme, but an Airforce based space theme instead. This was before I had heard anything at all about the game Starcraft. This was on Fidonet at 1:15/42. Towards the end, the phone number switched to 970-864-2227 when the 303 area code went to the eastern side of Colorado." - Keith Thomson
Littleton, CO
Empire Of The Dragon, EOTD BBS
IcedragonMajorBBS , MBBS, Worldgroup
"We ran from 1992-1996, similarly to TcP's 20 Miles North of Nowhere, as we both ran them out of the same location. List currently has it as 1995-1996; we were definitely up for more than a year, 4-line MajorBBS, which ran from at its insception, MBBS version 5.31 all the way to Worldgroup 3.0; 1000+ users. Currently reviving it, trying to even get the old phone numbers back. (Unlikely.) But will be going back online in 2008, dialup." - Icedragon
Denver, CO
D Link-1, D-Link 1
Robert Wells, Bob Wells, Jerald CapeProprietary and Wildcat!
"Dr. Bob Wells (WD?GSE) is now a silent key. I run D Link-1 in the Denver Area now on one of 30 IP adresses in 63.227.33.x as there is no hosting. This is to challenge the BBS'er to "dig" for it. D Link-1 was and is designed for teaching beginners the wiles of white-hat hacking and network troubleshooting. From it's very beginnings, using a pair of 300 baud modems and software written in BASIC the BBS was there for learning. Since Bob's passing away, I have resurrected D Link-1 with both Dial-Up and Telnet access. There is even a Packet Node and EchoLink/IRLP VOIP feature on the telnet connection, along with five remote desktops accessed via VNC for member use. As far as I know D Link-1 is the longest running BBS in the history of cyberspace. At least here in colorado." - Jerry, KA?TXW
Lakewood, CO
Boardwatch BBS, Boardwatch Magazine, BoardWatch Magazine BBS, USA Today Distr, USA Today Distr , USA Today distr. bbs, Boardwatch Magazine BBS, Boardwatch Magazine Online Info
Jack Rickard, Boardwatch MagazineTBBS
Distribution Service for USA Today/Boardwatch/Newsbytes
Bluefield, WV
The Outer Limits
Mark TurnerMetroBBS
"The BBS was in West Virginia initially and run on an Amiga computer using MetroBBS. Then it moved a few miles across the state line into Virginia. The complete phone number changed. Later, the area code changed, too. So, it went through three different phone numbers. It also jumped from the Amiga to an IBM clone, so the software changed to Synchronet." - Mark Turner
Charleston, WV
The Wall BBS
Sean BreedenAll American BBS
"The Wall BBS was operated by Sean Breeden from 11PM to 8AM 7 days a week. It ran for about a year on a Commodore 64 with a 1200 baud modem. There was a small, but active, message board with a different disk full of software that rotated every 2-3 days. It had two 1541 floppy drives, so disk space was hard to come by. The BBS software was the "All American BBS" by Nick Smith." - Sean Breeden
Smithers, WV
The Alternative
Jeff TomasekRemote Access
"This was a nice little BBS. On average we had about 15-25 callers a day depending on if it was a holiday / weekend or not. The message boards were never that active as the board was mainly a graphics BBS where people could download pictures of thier favorate celebs both legal and not so legal (if you were under 18). The other draw was 2 seperate running games of LORD, a.k.a. Legend of the Red Dragon ANSI based online game. Lots of memories here!" - Tomahawkeer
Cat Eye, The Cat Eye, The CatEye BBS
Doug Moore, Douglas L Moore IIPCBoard
ListKeeper: Cave Exploration BBSs
ICEBBS, The Inner Circle
John Pinson - Iceman
"From within The Inner Circle, where the name came from, those from the early days of computing may remember. Started with a Commodore 64 on a SFD 1001 floppy drive in Southern California's Orange County. Built the system up to a C128 running with Ramlink and CMD 100 Meg Hard drive. Connected with other great boards of the area (Expanded Universe, Dudley's Place, Swampland, Purple Dragon among others and the CTUG of Orange County (Commodore Technical Users Group). Moved the system to Wilmington NC in 1991 and expanded more with a Super CPU, 16 MB Memory and 4 GB Hard Drive. (Remember, this was on an 8 bit computer that ran at 1 mhz, with 64k of internal memory standard). Had to move again in 1993 to Huntington WV where the system remains today, although it has not been actively used since 1999, but it is still my favorite computer. To my knowledge, The Inner Circle was the largest and fastest Commodore 8 bit BBS in the world. We had callers from around the world (I won't tel l you how they paid their LD bills though) Software, Started with the old All American BBS before hooking up with a fellow in Virginia who ran a BBS called the Dailey Exchange by the name of Greg Pfountz and was running Color 64 the next week. While running Color 64 in Orange County, we had a new user, a young kid that turned into a real programming whiz that went by the handle "The Ant" who was known to the rest of the world as Adam Fanello the author of Color 128 and then the best bbs program ever written for the 8 bit Commodores called Centipede. Over the years we met and conversed, had excursions and outings with many thousands of computer users. Today's internet is fun, but not as personal and interactive as those "good old days" when SysOp's and users connected with each other. To all of those that ever called, chatted or shared "warez" Thanks!" - John Pinson
St. Albans, WV
Prime Rasp
Bill Dempsey, Scott Patrick, Chris HigginsHotline, QBBS, RandomAccess, Vision/X, Oblivion/2
"Miss you guys greatly. Remember the WARS! SAGE vs SABE! FYD Software - "F$#@ You Dunn!" Hahaha. Great Times. Prime Rasp. Every one hated it, but everyone called it." - Anonymous
Charles Town, WV
The Bit Bank, The BitBank
Jamie Willingham, J. WillinghamQuickBBS , PCBoard
"I started TBB (as my users affectionately called it) as part of my search for knowledge about serial communications and programming. No one in our local calling area had a BBS, and access to online services were available only by a toll-call. TBB first went online in the spring of 1990. Daily usership grew to over 25 users at its peak around 1995, thanks primarily to a core group of impulsive emailers (bless them!) who also liked to compete in the online game 'doors'. Once the 'Net became a local call away, usage dropped off sharply, I decided to pull the plug on March 1st, 1999. I was blessed (?) with just about every type of user that most SysOps discuss, from the file- and game-hungry kid to the supportive 'Co-SysOps'. To mention any of them, I'd have to mention them all. Together they made up an experience that I will never forget." - Jamie Willingham
Charleston, WV
Aesopian Systems
Jason DunnProBoard, RA, FrontDoor, PC-Board
"Also ran for a while. :p" - Jason Dunn
Poca, Wv
Caddilak BBS, PyroTech BBS, The Palace of Exile
Charles King a.k.a. Dark Angel, Angus M. Killmoore, Peace Frog, Caddilak ManRemote Access
"Specializing in hard to find 'How to blow stuff up' text files. As short lived as it was I tried my hardest to provide anarchists around Charleston with as many Pyro/Phreak/Hack files as possible. Wrote several of the pyro texts myself, if anyone has any files by the above mentioned aliases, I would love to see them again, can't believe some of the things I did in 8th grade... lmao." - Charles King
Dunbar, WV
Deckers Cafe', Dragons Dawn Inn, The Dragon's Dawn Inn
Rob Vaughan, Robert A VaughanRemote Access
"Deckers Cafe' was the Science Fiction Sister Site to Dragons Dawn Inn. The two BBS's ran off the same registered version of Remote Access with a unique front-end and setup structure." - Robert A. Vaughan
Pax, WV
WV Wolf Pack
Wesley WilliamsSuper BBS
"I ran this board from 11pm to 6am and was at the time southern WV only adult BBS. It was a beast of a system running on a IBM clone with 4 old MFM hard drives 2 of which were hanging out of the case without the cover in place! I was using a table fan to help keep the drives and motherboard cool! I was on FidoNET node number 1:2620/9.0 and in December of 1994 I shut the board down and re-opened it as Wolf Pack BBS when I moved down to New Orleans and was running it on PodsNET, and was awaiting to get back on FidoNET when my system died." - Wesley Williams
Charleston, WV
21st Century Connection, 21st Century TBBS
Bob Vaughan
"Oldest BBS in the State of West Virginia, created and operated by Bob Vaughan." - Robert A. Vaughn (Son)
Miami, FL
Millenium Force
ScorpiusVisionX, Renegade
Miami, FL
"I'm really fuzzy on this one, but somehow the phone number came to me so I wanted to submit it since it wasn't on the list. The details I am sure of: the phone number, the city/state, and that it was active in 1996. Not even 100% on the name, but I'm sure it had "stretch" in it. Guess this isn't that helpful, but maybe some other idiot can help us preserve this arcane information." - C. Miller
Primitive Future, PRIMITIVE FUTURE
Crystal Member BBS
Perrine, FL
Check-In BBS
Dave GameRed Ryder Host
"One of the first Macintosh BBS Systems in Miami, it grew to two lines and took calls from all over the world. It was killed by Hurricane Andrew." - Dave Game
EUROPEAN IMAGES BBS: Hundreds of original, adult, imported images! Very active, friendly message areas... Why pay for images scanned from convenience store magazines? (305) 256-2672, (305) 256-2675. Multi-line HST/V.32/14.4K/ 9600/2400/1200 WILDCAT 3.0 1M FREE Demo Account!
EUROPEAN IMAGES BBS: Hundreds of original, adult, imported images! Very active, friendly message areas... Why pay for images scanned from convenience store magazines? (305) 256-2672, (305) 256-2675. Multi-line HST/V.32/14.4K/ 9600/2400/1200 WILDCAT 3.0 1M FREE Demo Account!
Miami, FL
Face Florida Atari Computer Enthusiasts
zz top (carlos)forum ii
"Ran at the time with SAR- southern atari remote ran my Steve and Treasure Island ran by Egar the saltine. It was a bbs and user group.." - ZZ Top
Miami, FL
Face Florida Atari Computer Enthusiasts
ZZ Top (Carlos)Forum II
"Ran at the time with SAR and Treasure Island. It was a bbs and user group.." - ZZ Top
Miami, FL
The Snake Pit
Green IguanaCelerity / Vision X / VABBS
"I started my BBS because in 1993 with a 14.4k modem and a 386 running at 40 mhz. I think my original hard drive was all of 170 megs. I started with a free copy of Celerity, but the software was unstable because of the crack. Too bad, I really liked Celerity. I used Vision X for a while, but it had the same problem so I bought Virtual Advanced BBS. For door games I had L.O.R.D., Usurper, LORD 2, Planets TEOS, TRADEWARS (the all time best door game), and more. It was a lot of fun, it all ended when the BBS computer hard drive gave out. I let the BBS die because my 1998 everyone was going to the internet. It was a sad day." - James Carlin AKA Green Iguana, Sysop The Snake Pit BBS
Miami, FL
RadTrans, Radical Transfer, RadTranS
Mark Graham, Radical UserRenegade
"Started on a Commodore 64 in 1984, cant remember the software, then in 1989 moved to a 386 PC. Door games; L.O.R.D., Usurper, LORD 2, Planets TEOS, Tradewars, and ECHOMAIL." - Radical User
Martin BuenoThe Major BBS
"Los Pinos has been one of the first BBS in Latin America, with first operation in Argentina in 1984 running on Commdore 64. On the 90', the BBS reach other points in America, including USA, based in Miami,Florida, near the office of galacticom." - Martin Bueno
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Superdemocracy Foundation BBS
Tim StrykerThe Major BBS
Online Democracy/Political Culture for the Future
Miami, Fl
The Intruder BBS (TiB)
Randy Lion SanchezRenegade BBS
"I ran this BBS during my late teenage years. Not many BBS's listed here used Renegade BBS software. Renegade was one of my favorites because of it's flexibility. It's a shame what the internet did to the BBS community, but I will never forget those file transfers, and cool SysOp chats! Well, it was fun while it lasted. I took it down because it was time for me to get out of the house and start my life! 1 line and 28.8bps, ANSI based, and a few door games as well. Legend of the Red Dragon anyone?? :) " - Randy "Lion" Sanchez
Miami, FL
True Colors, True Colors BBS
Michael RobertOpus, Maximus
"What memories your page just brought back!! I ran True Colors BBS for six years, under two numbers since I moved during that time. New number became 305-595-0313. Running a BBS was the coolest experience of my life. It meant staying up late making changes to the system, trying to find new ways of attracting callers and of course meeting the most amazing people. Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night,looking at your computer screen and seeing someone typing an email. Was like you were never alone. People that use the internet now have little idea of the BBS world that existed. The knowledge and experience I gained through running a BBS has stayed with me and furthered my career in information technology." - Michael Robert
Miami, Fl
Odyssey & Passion BBS, Odyssey BBS
Artie AyalaRYBBS, Telegard
"I was amazed today to read thru the textfiles and see my Odyssey BBS and Passion BBS listed. Like many others have said, It sure brought back many fond memories. Some of us throughout the country were involved at the time in sending messages to the troops during "Operation Desert Storm" using a software provided to us which I can't recall at the moment. Thanks to the BBS's of the time the soldiers were able to get mail much faster than with the traditional snail mail. I congratulate you on a great job with the movie and putting such a great piece of history together. My best to you and all those who took part in the pioneering of the net ... Artie Ayala - SySop Odyssey & Passion BBS 1987-1991" - Artie Ayala
Deerfield Beach, FL
StarGazer, Stargazer BBS
Cory CoddingtonWildcat, Wildcat!
"BBS had 2 nodes and over 50 calls per day =) Was ran by a 12 year old at the time =) I'm 24 now. (2004)" - Cory Coddington
Pembroke Pines , FL
Moderator Help & Info, SunShine, Sunshine BBS, SunShine PCB, Sunshine PCBoard
Michele Stewart, Michele Hamilton, Michele Hamilton-Stewart, MicheleHamiltonPCBoard
"It's 2013 and amazing to see a list of people I once knew and how the world has changed since I first discovered computers. Back in 1989 I started with a self built computer that had a whopping 40 meg hard drive and an enormous 2 megs of RAM plus an 8" floppy drive. I made so many friends and thanks to Fidonet, the years running Sunshine PCBoard are among my fondest memories. The local, national and international friends made, the pot luck holiday dinners, the good times, the bad, the conventions, my marriage to Peter Stewart and the kindness of people thousands of miles away that I never met, but knew better than the neighbors next door. Until it's close in 1997, my BBS was my lifeline to the world and I am privileged to have been a part of computer history and it's future. We proved it's a small world, the Internet just took over to make it easier to do what we'd been doing all along. If anyone is still around, feel free to email me at Yeah, I'm a Mac baby now. LOL"- Michele Hamilton
Internal Affairs
Spy Hunter
Trsi Member BBS
Plantation, FL
High Society BBS, Tessier Technologies
Reseller of multipe BBS projects
Fort Lauderdale, FL
3rd Dimension, The Third Dimension Online!
MajorBBS , WorldGroup
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: 16 lines, Running Worldgroup! Features too many to list! Internet Access, Slip, CSlip, PPP, Telnet, FTP, IRC, WWW, Gopher, Usenet and MORE! Online Weather, Shopping, Travel, Sports, Vast File Libraries, Lively Chat, Multi-player Games and MUCH MORE! Free two week guest access. Secure Adult Entertainment Offered. Get ONLINE Today!
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Silicon Beach, Silicon Beach BBS, SiliconBch
Lautenschlager, Eric ThavRBBS, Wildcat , WILDCAT!
List of BBS List Keepers: South Florida Area 305/407/Eric Thav

ListKeeper: South Florida Area 305/407

Miami, FL
Nervous System
David LandowneCommunitree
"This was the 5th BBS to open in Miami and eventually became the last one which did not require a password. It ran the Communitree software on an Apple ][ with 280K of floppy storage. The program was all in RAM so the floppies were entirely available for (compressed) messages and the index. There was nothing to break in to, all the messages were available, so there was no real security need for passwords. Another feature was the fairwitnesses, people with passwords, who could hide messages they thought were inappropriate. The messages were still available to the persistent hackers until I deleted them. After a few years Bob Scheel took over as sysop and eventually ported the concept to different hardware." - David Landowne
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Terry WoodwardWildcat , WILDCAT!
THE LIBRARY BBS, Multilines, 2.2 GigaBytes, Huge Adult Section, 16,000+ GIFs, 75 Conferences, Online Games, Download on first call. 305-581-4983
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Silent Morning BBS
David ReinaWWIV
"Silent Morning first was online in 1987 as a Commie (Commodore 64) board using Color 64 software. It was briefly known as The Power Station. It had some down time and then went back online in 1990 as an IBM system. It then moved to another location and took on the number listed in 1991 and stabalized until I publicly announced my waning interest in the BBS and an official termination date of the BBS. Some of the regulars posted their dissapointments. It was sad but I preferred to take it down rather than allow it to turn into a grave yard. If my old users want to find me, I'm at" - David Reina
THE FETISH NETWORK BBS, Inject your modem with the finest in leather alternatives. Join Goddess Dianna Vesta & other famous Mistresses & FehshisL 16 lines. Lots of files, shopping, high speed modems, Worldlink, Kinklink, National Local access 305.583,8407, - BBS Magazine October 1995
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Galacticomm BBS, Galacticomm Demo System, Galacticomm Inc, Galacticomm Major BBS, Galacticomm Technical Support, Galacticomm, Inc BBS
Richard Skurnick, Tim StrykerThe Major BBS
Product: The Major BBS
THE FETISH NETWORK BBS, Inject your modem with the finest in feather alternatives. Join Goddess Dianna Vesta & other famous Mistresses & Fetishist. 16 lines. Lots of files, shopping, high speed modems. Worldlink, Kinklink, National Local access 305.583.8407. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

THE FETISH NETWORK BBS, Inject your modem with the finest in leather alternatives. Join Goddess Dianna Vesta & other famous Mistresses & Fetishist. 16 lines. Lots of files, shopping, high speed modems. Worldlink, Kinklink. National Local access 305.583.8407. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Miami, FL
Electronic Link (Original), Westwood BBS
Vincent MedinaCNET
"Was the original Electronic Link, later the name was willed to Alan Criado who revived the site from Commodore 64 based to a multi line PC based running Esoft TBBS (Awesome one of the first multi person chat rooms and had an internet, fidonet portal). Later it became one of Miami's 1st Internet providers: Electronic Link .or. - In the late 90's The entire Biz was sold to another ISP in Homestead somewhere and the name rights went to a telecom company I think?"

"What memories, I remember my dad telling me to turn that sh!t off and get to bed!!! hahahahaha.... I love it. 2 Lines on a C64 later a C128 (New name Electronic Link) with link 6 floppy drives and westridge, hayes modems later USR, Smarteam." - Vincent Medina

Miami, FL
The Forth World
Marvin the Martian, Fatal ErrorRenegade
"WHQ for AWS (artists with style), bbs went through many phases.. it started as your basic bbs.. and then shifted around from warez, hpvac, bbs mods, then art.. at the end it was just hpvac/art/bbs mods... nothing more.. it used to be considered one of the "elite" in the area.." - Dan Rodriguez
Orlando, FL
Bill VermillionCONNECTION-80
"I put up the first 24x7 BBS in Orlando on July 1, 1981. The software was called Connection-80. I was listed the hardbound book that listed all the BBS in the US that came out sometime after I brought my BBS up.

"I'm a pack-rat so somewhere I still have the original TBBS manuals, and even have my first computer, the old original Radio Shack Model I that I got in 1977 - two days after Christmas after a 3 month wait. It was the 4th Radio Shack computer sold in Orlando.

"That became the orignal BBS machine. The Connection 80 software would hold only about 80 or so messages. The TBBS used a database type approach to store message and capacity went way up. I then moved to 80-track double density drives with the TBBS software and that was 360K per drive and I could keep a great many more message on line.

"When I moved it to the Max80 with the 8" DSDD floppy drives with 1.2MB per disk things got better and faster. Limits like that seem quaint in today's world.

"I moved to TBBS - and serial number as recall ws 23, with the first 10 being reservered and were for local testing in the Denver area. I ordered TBBS to be shipped when it was released. I got it and had one file missing and they set it up for transfer. I was up and running before the hour was out. Dave Ebert at the company said I was the first TBBS East of the Mississippi and may have been the first up and running outside their test machines in the Denver area. I later gave up TBBS and moved to a BBS on a Radio Shack 16 written in BASIC that I bought, and then in a couple of months moved to be a usenet leaf, and shortly thereafter a node. At it's peak I was in the top-500 sites monthly - and that was in the days when the full usenet feed was not too large. When the daily feed when to 100MB/day I dropped the alt.binaries, and finally all the alt groups." - Bill Vermillion

North Lauderdale, FL
The Nine Muses BBS
Jim Jones
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: North Lauderdale, Florida since 04/94. Sysop: Jim Jones. Using MajorBBS 6.12 with 8 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 4500 MB storage. ZyXel at 16800 bps. $.50 Hourly fee. FREE trial period. National Chat linkups 5 nights a week. Chat with 100's of others. Over 4 gig of files on-line with no up/dnload ratio. Daily news and monthly publications. Over 200 MajorNet forums. Online multi-player games. Much more soon! Call now!
Pompano Beach, FL
Logic Circuit, Logic Circuit - Logicom, Logicom, Logicom Inc
Edward BushThe Major BBS
Galacticomm reseller
Palm Beach, FL
Atari CC of Palm Beach
ATASCII only -- Atari Computer Club of the ATASCII only -- Atari Computer Club of the
Lauderhill, FL
The Jungle BBS
Chris GeroyWildCat
"Just wanted to add to all my friends I made in Ft. Lauderdale the following: Divorced in 1995, moved to South Dakota and married my soulmate (4 years + now) and believe it or not, we met by accident on the internet (go figure). I was proud to be involved in the bbs community back in the hayday, I miss my friends, but am happy where I'm at. I ran Wildcat and I remember when I finally got it all configured and up (I was in Pompano Beach at the time), I got up the next a.m. and checked my log, and it was a guy in the bldg next to mine whom I'd never met, but we became friends. I went to his door and knocked, and told him I had a problem with his log-on and introduced myself. We'd been neighbors for 3 years and never had met until then. It was fun being a node for fido-net, and when I first got Inter-mail successfully configured, I actually felt like I'd accomplished something. Retired from land surveying and started new career in Outside Plant Design for the telcomm industry, designing Fiber In The Loop and Sonet rings. Have my own recording studio and still play with some bands when I have a chance. If anybody remembers me, just wanted to say Hi and hope all is as good with you as my life is for me now. Cya L8r (still remember how to do that!)" - Chris Geroy
COMPUBASE 305.748.7791. 0409. 0004. The new kid on the block. 3 high speed 14.4 nodes. We welcome users of all ages, Adult section for 18 + callers. 1 GIG of capacity and growing/expanding. - BBS Magazine March, 1995
COMPUBASE 305.748.7791. 0409. 0004. The new kid on the block. 3 high speed 14.4 nodes. We welcome users of all ages, Adult section for 18 + callers. 1 GIG of capacity and growing/expanding. - BBS Magazine March, 1995
COMPUBASE 305.748.7791. 0409. 0004. The new kid on the block. 3 high speed 14.4 nodes. We welcome users of all ages, Adult section for 18 + callers. 1 GIG of capacity and growing/expanding. - BBS Magazine March, 1995
Sunrise, FL
Psycho Ward, The Psycho Ward
Psycho MurdoctorThe Major BBS
"The Psycho Ward was started by me in 1987 using GBBS II on a Franklin Ace 1000 (Apple clone).... and upgraded to a PC in 1989 using The Major BBS from Galacticomm (I wrote several online games for them), after which a second line was added (305-749-3637). It remained a two-line BBS for several years, until I finally took it down to "move on with my life". The major focus of The Psycho Ward was an RPG based on the Transformers cartoon, but there were other discussion areas and RPGs (such as AD&D and Wrestling), and it was a proving ground for many of the games I wrote." - Psycho Murdoctor
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Telelink BBS, TELELINK BBS !!!
Marc LiveseyWILDCAT!
"What a flash back! This was the ultimate learning experience. Started on a 286 and a full meg of memory - didn't have room inside the computer for the 2nd hard drive, so it just hung outside the box. Thanks to Onyx - tyler for helping me get started. Up and running for 6 years. I miss the users and the fun. Internet killed the BBS community - but such is life with growth." - Marc Livesey
North Miami, FL
FIDO/SEADog Radio Broadcast, NET 135 ECHOMAIL HUB, Power Mail Link, Power Station, Region 18 PCP EchoHUB
Miguel "Mike" LombanaFido, Seadog, DBridge, Opus
"Wow, hard to believe it's been 20 years! I started the Power Station as a place for my listeners when I was a jock on Power 96 to dial up and keep in touch with what was going on at the station. Suddenly it grew from being a pet project to a full time / part time job! I even ran all the echomail for the entire region for a period of time until the long distance bills got beyond my meager DJ salary.

"I was always trying to be one step ahead, I was one of the first, if not the first, sysops in Miami to run with a USR 9600 HST baud modem purchased under the sysop program, had a full meg of ram and the box was an XT clone with a whopping 10 meg hard drive! The original box was a clone with an 8086 processor later upgaded to an 8 mhz 8088 thanks to a sysop in California that worked for MicronPC and finally a 286 setup by Peter Adenaur from AMS. I somehow managed to be a beta for a host of systems including the Opus BBS system which ran until the end powered by a DBridge front end.

"Many thanks to Chris Baker from Miami-Fire who came over on a rainy day to help me get all the script files fixed, Marc Ache' for helping with all the betaware he scripted, Chris Irwin for allowing me to beta DBridge and Peter Adenauer for helping me to build a new mega box to run the show!" - Miguel Lombana

Palm Beach, FL
Alternate Universe
ATASCII only -- Atari Computer Club of the ATASCII only -- Atari Computer Club of the
Miami, FL
South Florida Computer Group CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue). Ran part-time from 6:30-8:30pm.
Star Net O.M.E.G.A Atari
Guy Ferrante (Star)BBS Express PRO
"Outstanding Atari Multi-line BBS Full ATASCII/ANSI/RIP Xlation 500 megs online storage hrs 24/days 7 Bauds: 300-19.2 - 2 nodes" - Guy Ferrante
Big Pine, FL
Kanda's Lair
Jeff Thompson, AKA Kanda' Jalen EirsieOPUS, GBBS
"The third incarnation of Kanda's Lair, Became a Fidonet node, Served mail to the Crow's Nest in Key West. Big Pine being situated between the nearest Fidonet node in Miami, and Key West. Key West being (at the time) a long distance call to Miami, I was ideally placed to be a "Hop" as Big Pine was NOT long distance to Miami or Key West. KLAIR was on 2 Networks at this time, GBBSNet (national) and FidoNet (international) Didn't get too many callers but did a LOT of mail transfer... I remember that a number of us "wildcat sysops" formed a sort of coalition against one of the local PCBoard Sysops in Key West, as most of us thought at the time, that he was a real jerk - The Kanda's Lair Tagline of "No Limits" really ticked him off psycologicly." - Jeff Thompson
Miami Springs, FL
Sarah ConnorCelerity, ViSiON/X, Aftershock
"The board went through quite a few names. Fantasia was the last name it held, before i took it down around the time of sundevil. affiliated with INC, iCE, Fairlight and a few others i can't even remember at the moment." - Sarah Connor
Miami, FL
Ground Zero BBS
Eric Limegrover, Eric Limegrover (Phantom)Remote Access/Telegard/Custom T.A.G
"I ran this board under a variety of different bits of information. Man, the memories and friends that developed while doing this. The internet killed the sense of community that was so precious to me back in the day." - Eric Limegrover
Eric A. SeidenPro-Line
"Still up and running and accepting callers. (Formerly Pro-Miami but I have no information on the start date. It ended 8-23-92 when Hurricane Andrew hit it. The sysop was Nelson)" - Eric Seiden
Miami, FL
Bruce RaskinMajorBBS
8-line MajorBBS run by Dade County Public School system. Obviously intended for ""educational"" purposes, but ended up mostly used by local nerdy teens to chat in Teleconference. Was notable for being one of the few outright free to use multi-line MajorBBS boards around.
Saskatoon, SK
Micro City Saskatoon
"Was a 24 line MajorBBS in Saskatoon from 1993 to 1999. It had almost 4000 registered users by the end, most of the account were fake but I would guess between 800 and 1000 of them were real accounts. In 1997 MC shifted to Worldgroup 1.0 which is where the problems began. Frequent crashing ensued and soon after the BBS community was swallowed up by the internet. Main features were teleconference, the roll playing game Arena, and Galactic Empire. Some effort was put into a web based revival of Micro City but it went nowhere as the domain name Microcity could not be secured and the user database was irretrievable." - Lobo
Regina, SK, CA
Shaun Koltun, Shaun Koltun and Chris KoltunRemote Access
"MENZOBERRANZAN was established in April of 1994 by Chris and Shaun Koltun. MENZOBERRANZAN was running on a 486SX/25 with a 2400 bps modem, upgraded to 28800 bps later. It had 4 Megs of RAM upgraded to 8 later. MENZOBERRANZAN had two hard drives. The first was a 202 MEG drive, the other was a 1.032 gig drive. In the end MENZOBERRANZAN was running on a PENTIUM 100MHZ with a 56000 bps modem, 4X and 1X CD-ROMS, a 5.1 gig and a 1.032 hard drives and 8 megs of RAM on March 30th 1996 upgraded to 16 megs of RAM. My last posting before shutting the BBS down about 2 weeks later looked as follows:

Tuesday, October 20 1998: Well, it's been almost a year since I've written here... obviously I haven't been taking care of this BBS like I should. Many of you who have wrote messages to me haven't recieved a responce. Well, it's because I rarely log-on to the BBS anymore. Anyways, I have 2 main reasons for not watching the BBS as I should. 1: The InterNet. The pull of the InterNet and it's Multi-player Games such as StarCraft and others are where I spend all my time when I'm on my computer now. You say that I sould make time to maintain the BBS? Well, that brings about my 2nd reason. 2: Since I upgraded the computer from a P100 to a P200II half (Jan.) the doors haven't worked... half the BBS utilities I used to use don't work. A fellow SysOp says that it is the new P2 processors, they don't allow some old programs made in Pascal to run anymore... so I have disheartantly given up with it. Anyways, the BBS may shut down. My brother and I are getting a Cable-Modem for the Inter-Net and this BBS may be shut down as a result... within the next 2 months. Shaun Koltun

In the end I think we took over 14,000 calls - having only 1 phone line that wasn't all that bad. We had 2 people who called over 500 times, and 1 who called over 1000 times. Over 9000 files were transfered throughout the years." - Shaun Koltun

Regina, SK
C.U.G.S. BBS (Commodore Users Group of Saskatchewan)
Barry Bircher, Tristan MillerEBBS 128
"For most of the BBS's life it was run on EBBS on a Commodore 128 with several ancient Commodore 4040 dual disk drives to store the message boards and file database." - Barry Bircher
Regina, SK
Aaron Wardcustom
"The sysop wrote his own BBS software using QuickBasic 4.5." - Aaron Ward
Regina, SK
Myrkul's Realm
Tristan MillerC*Base 3.0
"Also known briefly as the Lycanthrope's Den. The system was run on a Commodore 64 with JiffyDOS, a CMD 20 MB hard drive, a TurboMaster 4.09 MHz accelerator, numerous 1541 and 1581 floppy drives, and a 2400 baud modem with a custom RS-232 interface. The C*Base 3.0 software was later patched with special networking code from Gunther Birznieks and became the only Commodore BBS in Regina to be networked with BBSes in other area codes." - Tristan Miller
Prince Albert, Sask
Computer Answers BBS,, Kilroy's World, Prince Albert Echo 1
Todd ChamberlainWildcat, DLG, Excelsior
"This BBS has undergone MANY changes and revisions over the years. AFAIK, it's the oldest BBS in Saskatchewan, and most probably one of the oldest anywhere. It certainly was the first BBS in Prince Albert, the first to have multiple lines, the first to have online games, the first to offer HST & 56K, and the first to use an optional graphical terminal program.

"When I was in grade 12 (1981) I got a Texas Instruments TI99/4A and began programing to beat the band. Later that year, I got a job at a Video store selling Vic 20's, and our company communications were done over 'DataPac' Packet service, where I was fasinated with the online services and games (Wumpus Hunt!!!) that were avaialble on DataPac connected computers.

"Around Christmas 1982, I had one of the first Commodore 64's available, and the first order of business was to program a BBS program and to get it online. Within a few days, KILROY'S WORLD was online in a very primative form. Over the next couple years, I wrote what I modesly called TWFBBS (The Worlds Fastest BBS) plus I added 4 Disk Drives for the largest online file library and message base anywhere, 300 Baud modem, in all it's glory!

"In 1985, I went to see my first Amiga 1000, and one look at the Boing Demo and I was sold. I bought an Amiga 1000, an Extra Disk Drive, the extra memory and a modem. My Commodore 64 BBS software was in BASIC, so it was relatively easy to translate to the Amiga, and within days, the faster more powerful Amiga BBS was online, complete with two 880K drives (WOW, over 1.7 MegaBytes!). Shortly thereafter, commercial Amiga BBS software came available, and I finally retired TWFBBS software in favour of DLG Pro, which in allowed me to add a second modem and to become Prince Albert's first multiline BBS, and the MultiTasking allowed another first - online games.

"In 1987, I opened a retail computer store, Computer Answers, and with the introduction of the Amiga 2000, we could add a hard drive, and eventually Multi-Serial boards to support 8 modems. We also changed the name of the BBS from 'Kilroy's World' to 'Computer Answers BBS' to better reflect where the loot was coming from to finance the operation. The store also allowed us to expand the number of lines - we had 2 lines dedicated to the BBS (764-0088 and 764-0888) but after hours, we also added the three store business lines to have a five line BBS - unheard of at the time. We also constantly kept on the leading edge of modem technology, moving to 2400 baud, and 9600 baud Intel modems as soon as they were available. We also took advantage of USR's BBS/Sysop offer and moved to HST/Dual Standard modems to support both HST and V.32 standards as soon as they were available.

"I should also give a nod to other BBS Pioneers from Prince Albert - Howard Weitzel, Ken Harrison, Glen Outlette, Mark Warner and Trevor Cook to name ome of the most notable. They ran the gambit - Howard worked was a middle aged man working for SaskTel, while Ken Harrison was a 12 year old with his Atari ST, but all with the same passion for computers and telecommunications that I had.

"By 1997, we had 8 dedicated lines, with an automatic hunt group, and a 1 GigaByte SCSI Hard Drive. DLG Pro had served us very well, but there were a limited number of games available, and Boardwatch magazine had ads and reviews for WorldGroup and Wildcat software that caught my attention. We choose Wildcat, largely because they were supporting this new graphics protocal named 'HTML'. We just a feeling it was going to catch on. ;^) In January 1997, we moved to Windows and Wildcat software, again brining several more 1st to Saskatchewan - Graphic Terminal program and FidoNet communication. In July 1997, we added the Wildcat 'Internet Connectivity Package' to allow us to migrate from the BBS to the ISP World, and was born.

"Over it's lifetime, Kilroy's World / Computer Answers BBS had 1107 registered users and accepted 2,168,944 calls. Yes, I said 2 Million, 168 thousand, 944 calls.

"Currently (as of March 2006) our ISP Business offers Internet Connectivity via Satellite and Wireless Internet accounts, but we still offer 64 dialup lines for 56K - V.92 modem users. Our Wildcat BBS software no longer answers the modems, this is now done on Total Control V.92 / PPP modem pools, however, we still run our Wildcat BBS / Telnet / Files / Message base at the center of it all. Of course, most new customers have no use for it, and no idea that it's even there, and with the advent of fle sharing and forums, the Wildcat file & message bases are no longer unique. However, every now and then when I walk into the server room, I look at my 64 port Modem Racks, network switches and firewalls, plus a dozen servers doing DNS, Mail and Hosting services, and I have to smile - Man! Now that's a Big BBS!" - Todd Chamberlain

Regina, SK
Bale Buster's Bug Bustin' Board, Bale Buster's Bug Bustin' Bullitin Board
Matthew OrnawkaRemoteAccess
"I was the sysop of Bale Buster's for about 4 years all in all, in different locations, and it actually went through a name change once. That I regretted, because I the BBS lost alot of its patronage, citing that the BBS lost its "feel".. and a couple of months later I changed it all back.

It was alot of fun running that BBS, which took quite a bit of work, mainly because I ran it on a 8088 with a 5 1/2 and a 3 1/2 inch floppy for the first year of its existance. Keeping enough free space available was a challenge.

There was were some large BBS's in Regina at the time, but there was a trio of BBS's which I was a part of, that were considered to be the most fun to be on, at least in my mind, because of the amount of conversations happening on them at any one time.

I have to admit, the advent of the Internet killed bulletin boards, and I do not even know if any are around anymore.

I think you are doing a great service to their memory and contribution to computing. And thank you for remembering." - B6

Prince Albert, SK
Monkey Heaven
Glen OuellettemeBBS
"Multiline BBS, had 3 lines but I forget the other numbers it had (I think 922-5700 5701 5702 but I could be mistaken). Was the first multiline BBS in Prince Albert, the Amiga made that possible (all 3 modems were in one computer). Was also the only BBS to feature multiplayer online games (over 50 different games including a few self-authored games). Monkey Heaven was the Canadian hub for MEBBSnet (similar to FIDOnet, but smaller and targeted mainly at Amiga BBSes) and the Canadian support site for meBBS BBS software and a number of Amiga BBS boardgames. Monkey Heaven BBS went down when I moved to Saskatoon to go to UofS, reopened a single line BBS there for a couple months but it wasn't the same so it eventually shut down forever. Besides, the internet was the way of the future. :)" - Glen Ouellette
Prince Albert, SK
Computer Answers, Gateway to Balumnia
Mark WarnerMaximus
"Gateway to Balumnia was an independant BBS, run off a 486DX66 with a 14.4kpbs single line modem. It was a functioning FidoNet node, and primarily used by its members for playing door games and sending email." - Mark Warner
Regina, Saskatchewan
Onyx RCP/M
Cris Ball
FOG Remote System #50. PRACSA member FOG Remote System #50. PRACSA member
The Underground Deus
Simon Giles, SysOpDeus
I started writing the Deus BBS software in 1989, while in still high school, in Borland Turbo Pascal. It started out as a stand alone dialup MUD, but pivoted into a fairly typical message focused BBS system after I realized I wasn't going to be able to afford multiple modems and phone lines.
Saskatoon, Sask
The Improv
Jim ChometaMaximus
"Alias BBS with a Theatrical Theme. Focus on users with any type of post-secondary education. Wonderful, miss those times a lot" - Jim Chometa
Casper, WY
The N.E.A.T. Suite
Michele SiedenburgRemote Access
"The name of the BBS was based on the N.E.A.T. chipset. (Newly Enhanced A.T.) from Chips & Technology. I ran the BBS using Remote Access and Frontdoor on a 386/40 AMD processor, running OS/2 and later upgrading to OS/2 Warp. All the games ran through OS/2 using batch files! Popular games included Planets, L.O.R.D.(legend of the red dragon) and Baron Realms." - Michele Siedenburg
Amiga Wasteland
Independent Member BBS
Laramie, WY
Lukanary BBS
Jason ScheuermanWWIV
"Galactic Warzone was the best door game ever!!! Of course Food Fight came in a close second :-)" - Jason Scheuerman
Cheyenne, WY
Wyoming Department of Education
FrEdMail System
Great White North, GREAT WHITE NORTH
Fairlight-Dist Member BBS
Kearney, NE
Penguin Crossing BBS
Tableau DoubledayTriBBS
"This BBS is gone. I shut it down officially earlier this year, because absolutely no one had an interest it anymore. BBSes have died off, sadly. Also, I went off to college this year, and with zero callers, I thought it would be futile to continue the BBS. But, I had fun running it. I still try to keep in touch with the BBS world." - Tableau Doubleday
Holdrege, NB
PCjr, PcNebraska
Steve ClarkFidonet
"During this time I headed the PCjrNet section of Fido net. We had close to 20 nodes in our group. We also did alot of work with IBM and US Robotics to try to get the PCjr to run up to 2400bps with an external modem. Great job! Thanks for the interest!" - Steve Clark
Morton, Il
Morton Unit School District
FrEdMail System
Macomb, IL
The Underworld
The Mole and The SorceressUniversal BBS (UBBS)
"First BBS on WIU Campus! Ran on a cloned Apple ][ with a 2400 baud US Robotics Courier modem, 10 MB external hard drive (about the size of a shoe box)." - Greeny
Normal, IL
The Dark Side [ASV]
Dark LordWWIV
"I lived in Bloomington in 1993. Don't know how long The Dark Side preceded or followed my stay, but it definitely ran WWIV, local and networked message boards. I stopped by the sysop's home once, probably to drop off a donation to the phone bill; recall the house having properly been in Normal. He was a high school student, as were the board's core participants. This culturally differentiated it from other local dialups I frequented.* I have the impression a few older sysops regarded it a den of juvenile delinquents, but in my own experience, a clever, hospitable and especially fun bunch. *There was a subsequent board originating out of this set, don't remember the name. I think it ran VBBS with strictly local message boards. Featured an online game its sysop had collaborated with another member in writing -- involved moving your character across a grid of post-nuclear Oklahoma threatened by mutant "tards."" - Kousotsu
Peoria, Il
Bradley University
FrEdMail System
Hacker's World BBS, Hackers World, Reg 11 EchoCoord, Region Echo Mail Hub 3, Hackers World BBS
Martin BelckeWildcat
v32b, v42b 14,400 bps
Peoria, IL
Hacker's World 2 BBS, Reg 11 EchoCoord, Region Echo Mail Coordinator, Hackers World BBS
Martin Belcke
USR HST Dual Standards
Peoria, IL
"Was a Great Graphics bbs, Had over 10 CD-roms online at it's peak and had over 5 gigs in files stored on a local hard drive. Unleashed BBS had 6 phone line going into the bbs using one number and later on in it's life the sysop added 5 telnet nodes Rumor has it that the sysop Daphantom was going to bring the bbs back online through telnet only as a history thing, but havn't heard anything more about this." - Daphantom
Peoria, Il
Heartland Free-net
Peoria County Board/Bradley University
Community Online Service - Free Internet E-mail Boxes
Peoria, IL
Norwood School District 63 BBS, Norwood School District BBS
Sysop, Denene GallionSearchlight Software
"This BBS was started with funding help from the Village of Bellevue and Business Donations. It was started in order to give students, facilty and the community an 'online' experience. Everything from online educational game playing to message boards to homework assignments were obtainable on this system. This project came about before the internet was very accessible and was a labor of love on my part. Denene Gallion"
Peoria, IL
Future Link
Murrel RhodesMajorBBS
Some history of this BBS:
Bellevue, IL
BearWhiz, BearWhiz BBS
Denene GallionSearchlight Software
"Multi-Line BBS (the other number was (309)697-9523 ) Without John Smith of the PC Connection BBS BearWhiz would never have been 'born'. He was my mentor in getting it all started. Special thanks to John!" Denene Gallion
East Peoria, Il
Range World Online Insanity And Information Service
Range & his co-SySauce, CloseappleRenegade
"Range World was dedicated to freedom of speech and information. The majority of its file section was dedicated to textfiles of all kinds, from anarchy to collections of recipes." - Range
East Moline, IL
Terry TharpForumST
"Began on an Atari 1040ST w/4mb RAM, 2x65mb SCSI HD's Lotsa doors, 2 Lines, Later moved to Champaign, IL (HookNet II) then to Moline, IL (HookNet III+ (ForumPC/PCBoard on 386DX33)) FIDO'd all the way!" - Iron Chicken
Moline, IL
The Luney Bin BBS
Nick Hammond
"Began on C64 1200 BPS, then commodore 128d 2400 bps, finally amiga 500 dual standard 9600, then 14,400." - Nick Hammond (Banana)
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Amber , Amber,WWIV , Amber,WWIV autho, WWIV Support BBS
Wayne BellWWIV
Support for WWIV BBS Software
Manhattan Beach, CA
MMB Forum, TEAMate Unix Bulletin Board
Bob Baskerville/MMB Development Corp.
Demo/Support for TEAMate BBS Software for Unix
AMULET:vc Virtual Reality
Dan D. GutierrezWildcat
"This was the first BBS devoted to virtual reality technology and was highlighted in one of the first issues of WIRED magazine. Billy Idol used to frequent our BBS before his fateful motorcycle crash." - Dan Gutierrez
K & L TeleCatalog, K & L TeleCatalog, K&L BBS, K&L BBS
A drunk driver killed Spanky at the age of 16.
Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Castle Kzin
"Used WWIV-NET to great advantage as the BBS was mostly Fantasy Role Playing Game oriented. Iron Horse's Hz Castle, Shotar's Castle Mythril, and Black Dragon's Black Dragon Enterprises (BDE) boards were closely associated and linked with common boards and online games that were similar. Castle Kzin had regular breakfast meetings that were well attended and held at "Roys Mill" on Sepulveda Blvd (Torrance) just East of Maple and West of Crenshaw. These meetings were very important to some of the growing technical minds of the area and were fun for everyone. One of our users (Lone wolf) was a real loner, and due to lack of communication on several levels committed suicide in the late 80's. There were extra efforts made after that time to offer discussion to anyone who felt too alone, or in trouble to share, even one-on-one and avoid that kind of teenage loss." - B'lith
Santa Fe Springs, CA
Hotel California, HOTEL CALIFORNIA
HOTEL CALIFORNIA, 310,407,1300. Full Internet! Telnet. IRC. FTP, WWW, Usenet, 50 CD-ROMs— over 40 gigs of files, Aduh GIFs, movies, games & utilities. Adult and standard chat w/Worldlink 24 hrs, Multiplayer games online— DOOM, Heretic, MUDs, 64 lines— 14.4 & 28.8! Free guest accounts. Unlimited access. Local to Los Angeles/D.C. Telnet to 1 65.90.141 .2 - BBS Magazine October 1995
Long Beach, CA
The Home Office Online
Don BearorPCBoard 15.2
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Long Beach, California since 03/94. Sysop: Don Bearor. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 9 lines on 486-50 with 1000 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $25 Annual fee. For people who want to be self-employed or work at home. Many how-to pamphlets to read online or down-load. 4 BBS Boards on each line; Main board, Windows board, Office board, Network board. Logon as "DEMO ACCOUNT", password "DEMO" to take a peek.
Mike's Southern California Corner, SOCAL Corner
Mike Hefferman
ListKeeper: Southern California
Long Beach, CA
Castle Mythril
"The BBS was mostly Fantasy Role Playing Game oriented. BBS physically was on border with next zone so many messages were passed freely from one zone to next at no cost. Also called once a night overseas to get messages. Regularly attended Castle Kzin breakfast meetings. Many discussions on games, gaming, and writing of programs occurred as well." - Shotar
Long Beach , CA
Why Not RBBS, Why Not RBBS-PC, Why Not?
David Scott, David A. ScottRBBS, Wildcat , RBBS & Wildcat
"We were one of the first BBS systems in our area to offer users both Internet email and access to Usenet Newsgroups using a UUCP feed." - David Scott
Los Angeles, CA
The Link BBS, The LINK BBS
Samuel Koh
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Los Angeles, California since 09/93. Sysop: Samuel Koh. Using WildCat 3.91M with 4 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 8000 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. No fee. FREE Access to Internet! Free membership to California's BEST System! We have it all! News, Stocks, Weather, Magazines, Business, Hobbies, Computers, & Shopping. Local Access to (213)-(818)-(310) Areacodes. Call Today and LINK to the Future today!
Los Angeles, CA
Business BBS, The, The Business BBS
Jim Appleby
Utilities/Support for Microsoft Windows
Torrance, CA
Torrance Unified District
FrEdMail System
Milliways IIN
JosephA Cup of Seagulls
"MW has a web page at , sort of in effigy but I do keep updating the picnic page with each year's picnic info. (the millipicnics started around 1992 and have continued past the lifespan of the BBS itself.)

you can get all kinds of info about mw (including pictures and some of the public textfiles from its early days) off the webpage." - Joseph

OUTLAW BBS, 310.657.5775 for Windows, Multline, Multi-interest, animated graphics, Adult XXX. GIFs & services.FREE trial period, full GUI (Graphical User Interface) for real Windows point & click operation, advanced BETA site, Download FREE - BBS Magazine November, 1994
MODEMBOY BBS, 310.659.7000, Gay/bi/curious, Instant access, free chat, global access, 32 lines, 2400/14400bps, 1.2 gig downloads, color GIFs, friendly, campy fun! - BBS Magazine November, 1994

M0DEMB0Y BBS, 310.659.7000. Gay/bi/curious, Instant access, free chat, global access. 32 lines. 2400714400bps, 1.2 gig downloads, color GIFs, friendly, campy fun! - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Illusions, Illusions BBS, llIusions BBS
Jim Walton
List of BBS List Keepers: California AC 310/Jim Walton

ListKeeper: California AC 310

Culver City, CA
Miller's Party Board, MPB
Jack SternMajorBBS, Worldgroup
"Miller's began in part as a break-away from Modem Butterfly after some of the future staff got into a series of disputes with the MB sysop and decided they could do things better themselves. I was on board from the beginning to about 1998. It started as a raunchy collection of misfits (the "Party" in the name was well-deserved) but gradually turned into a gaming board with the ascent of the internet. It still exists as a telnet-only MajorMUD board." - Jack Stern
Los Angeles, CA
L.A. Networking Systems', L.A. Networking Systems' BBS
Lance StewartWildcat, Wildcat!
"BBS had more than 1,000 active users, with more than 100 unique callers per day. BBS included thousands of public domain and shareware applications, dozens of discussion groups, and several popular doors, including TradeWars, The Pit, and Sink'em. Co-founder of South Bay Mail network, which began as shared conferences between L.A. Networking Systems' BBS and The Source! BBS (Chip North, sysop). Network grew to be hosted on more than a dozen BBS's in the Los Angeles area. Author of Address Book for Wildcat! which became a popular Internet address book application for users of Wildcat BBS software as many sysops began to move to the Internet in/around 1993 by providing Internet email for their users." - Lance Stewart
West Los Angeles, CA
Chris Kleinbub, Tony SpataroWWIV
"Achieved some local notoriety for its homebrewed graphic terminal software, featuring support for 16-bit images and vector graphics." - Chris Kleinbub
Los Angeles, CA
Data Core BBS
Matthew Schoen/Delta Enterprises
25 line Major BBS
Norwalk, CA
The Forbidden Zone
Robert Burrows BeltairWWIV
"I was the SysOp of The Forbidden Zone. It was taken down in a failed attempt to save my marriage. I had a "square headed girlfriend". There were deeper issues and we still ended up divorcing a short time later." - Beltair
Harvey, IL
The Town Crier BBS
"First BBS I ever called after acquiring a 300 baud modem for my Radio Shack TRS-80. Remember it like it was yesterday...." - jjo31420a
Grayslake, IL
NixPix Person-To-Person
Larry GreenOracomm
"17-line chat board. Renamed MindScapes in 1993. Part of the loose-knit NixPix network (Denver, Chicago, Grayslake, Tennessee) until the renaming. Featured in "The Joys of Cybersex," by Phil Robinson and Nancy Tamosaitis (Brady, 1993)."
A Clockwork Orange OS/2
Matt HuckeWWIV
"This BBS was a continuation of "Valhalla" (217-352-3682) after I relocated from Champaign to Chicago in the summer of 1993. For the first nine months, it was part-time, because I lived in a University dorm and had only one phone line. Due to the limited hours, it did not have much of a local user base - it primarily existed so I could stay in contact with my friends in the WWIV sysop community. When I moved into an apartment where I could install an additional phone line, I requested a number where the last three digits spelled out "OS2". With this move, it did gain some more local users, but its primary purpose was the distribution of my software and maintaining contact with other WWIV sysops. My handle was "Starship Trooper", and WWIVNet address was "1@3250".

I continued to work on several WWIV-related utilities that I had begun developing in Champaign. One of these was a network spool file editor for OS/2 Presentation Manager GUI.

In January of 1995 I took a job as sysadmin at a local ISP. After that, I had little time to maintain the BBS at home or to work on its software. I turned over the source code and distribution rights for my WWIV utilities to a sysop in St. Louis. The BBS went down permanently in late April, 1995." - Matt Hucke

Chicago, IL
C.F.O.G. Two, CFOG - 2
Bill Kuykendall
FOG (FOG AMO #80) member supported system. PRACSA FOG (FOG AMO #80) member supported system. PRACSA
Chicago, IL
CCS BBS, Chicago Computer Society, Ddsw1, MCSNet (40 lines), MCSNet (Chicago)
SLIP/PPP Provider
Chicago, IL
Thunderbolt (A), Thunderbolt (Inc.), THUNDERBOLT!
ZeusMajorBBS 6.21f
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Chicago, Illinois since 02/91. Sysop: Zeus. Using MajorBBS 6.21d with 10 lines on MS-DOS 80386 with 16000 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $10 variable fee. "Where the GODS come to play.." mythology-themed BBS! MajorNet, NetAccess netmail, ChatLink, InterLink, Interactive Games, Oracles, Online News/Magazines, RIP Graphics, INTERNET access & MORE! FREE demo access. Rates low as $0.01/hr. Family rates, too!
Phoenix, PHOENIX
Tarkus Team Member BBS
Arlington Heights, IL
Computerland (New Format), NET-WORKS CLAH
"Apparently a part-time BBS run at a Computerland, later transferred elsewhere." - Jason Scott
Wheaton, IL
MCMS Metro West Database
Terry Haas
"It was originally running from my shop in Wheaton and then moved to the city where I had a computer mail order business and store. It ran on a TRS 80 Model 3, initially on the built-in floppy drives, and used a 300 baud modem. Upgraded it to a buggy beta version of a US Robotics 1200 baud, and also purchased a Corvus 5 MB external drive. I think at the time it might've been the only BBS using a hard drive (probably because nobody else was dumb enough to spend $2,000+)." - Terry Haas
Chicago, IL
Insane Domain
Aaron YeltonHermes, Firstclass, Hotline, FRST
"This was one of the first BBSes I can remember running on a Mac. I think Aaron originally ran Hermes on it, but I forgot if he went to Hotline then First Class, or the other way around. Anyway - it was a friendly bunch, and the regulars would meet in real life fairly often. I haven't heard from any of them in over a decade. Too bad - I miss that bunch!" - Jay Duff
Chicago, IL
Skyway BBS
Robert Newton, Chuck Goestbbs
"This was a short lived BBS. We tried it when our old software was end of lifed at the Zoo BBS. The secondary number you listed, 312-274-9982 is non-existant. We did have a voice line at 312-274-9981. Again, these numbers changed with the area code split and became 773. This bbs actually was the precursor of our current firm, Digital Interplay which is an internet service provider." - Chuck Goes
Chicago, IL
American Archive, Ye Olde Archives
JohnRosengarten, John RosengartenPCBoard , PCBB, RBBS first week, PC Board after that
"This was a hobby of mine, I started with a 1200-baud Hayes modem and one dedicated line, the name was ye Olde Archive the first year or so, but later people complained that the name was too far down the alphabetized list and we changed it to American Archive in 1987 I recall.

We also were the first (or maybe the second, hard to tell as there was no central registry) IBM-based BBS, running on an IBM-XT with a ten megabyte HDD the first year. Soon a second, 20-MB Seagate half-high drive was purchased from Elek-Tek in Lincolnwood and we has a total of thirty Mb of disk space.

About 25 Mb of space was available for downloadable files, mostly programming languages, file utilities, device drivers and how-to files. We always worked with ShareWare authors to keep the latest versions of programming utilites available.

Features included programming forum, sale-trade forum and the ever-loved Adult forum. Users had to send me a xerox of their driver license by US Mail to access adult section. Adult pictures were very tame, mostly bikinis and tasteful nudes.

When explicit photos were uploaded we would delete them, as Attorney General Ed Meese (remember the draconian policies and intrusions of free speech that characterized the Ronald Regan era?) was proposing harsh penalties for anything indecent.

In 1988 we went to two lines and a third was added in 1990. We had a 3-Com server and five dedicated computers at its heighth. At the end (1992-1996) we had five US Robotics Courier HST (56 kbps link speed) all externals so I could impress visitors to my basement with the rows of blinky lights.

With the universal adoption of the Internet, few visitors came after 1995 and in 1996 we finally pulled the plugs. We want to thank the many people who donated time, hardware and cash to support American Archive. John Rosengarten (Ye Olde Sysop) now works as Internet Administrator at a small nameless government agency." - John Rosengarten

Chicago, IL
Chinet, Unix - Chi-Net [wlcrjs], chinet
Randy Suess
UNIX System offering Internet Mail
Chicago, IL
Computer Room, Personal Computers of Chicago
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Wood Dale, IL
Trade Mark
"I ran this BBS on an Atari 800 and Atari 800XL systems. Storage was on four Atari 1050 drives, all having the eprom chips to double its capacity. There was at one time Trade Mark II and Trade Mark III when it was cool to franchise the name :-) Remember passwords = pirate and phreak numbers?" - Teleprompter
Countryside, IL
The Byte Board
jaxtrxSelf Written
"Fun story - Originally I used computer to download games, after a rather large phone bill, I was informed to find a way to have people call me or the modem would be taken away. So dug through the Commodore C-64 manuals and taught myself enough machine code and BASIC to write a BBS. Feature and refinement wise, it "bit"(lower quality) compared to the CBBS of the day, hence "bytes" board but I did sell a couple of copies and had an active message and file base for a part time BBS." - Jaxtrx
Chicago, IL
RCP/M RBBS Xerox Midwest, Xerox Midwest RCPM/RBBS
David LowyRCPM
"This was one of the 1st BBSs up on the Xerox 820 SAM (Simply Amazing Machine) an early commercial CP/M system with an initial whopping 482K space on two 8' floppies!" - David Lowy
The Outer Limits
Ralph KenyonWildcat and PC Board
"I remember this bbs. He had a node 1 of 312-395-5865. His node 2 was 312-395-1992. He shutdown OL after talking to John at Lakes bbs. I was a supporting user on both. I remember both Ralph and John taking time to call me and say they are shuting down." - Pete
Dark Side of the Moon, The Dark Side of the Moon
Chad Hendrickson (Dioskilos)AMIS, Carina
"An Atari 8-bit BBS that started with a highly modified version of AMIS and ended with Carina II. The final few months saw a switch over to a custom built Atari ST BBS program called "Matrix" written in GFA Basic by Mike Szewczyk. If anyone has a copy of Atari ST Matrix BBS software, please contact" - Chad Hendricks
The Glue Ball
Vid Kidz, Barney Badass, Mr. //cCBBS
"The Glue Ball was a message base/pirate board running modified Commodore 64 CBBS code, 3 1541 drives and the 300/450 Commodore modem. The multiple 1541 drives were obtained by fraud at a local Zayre store when we discovered that buying a drive then returning the box with a brick in it and claiming that the drive didn't work. This is not cool, but it is history. The Glue Ball was possibly best known for the writing contained upon it, as the welcome screens were constantly changing and tended to be fairly imaginative. The name Glue Ball is a reference to an aspect of particle physics that I'm too stupid to explain. Vid Kidz was taken from the name of the design team of the coin-op video game Robotron. The name Barney Badass was selected as it was the name Vid called Barney the day they met in the cafeteria of Mather High School in 1983. That meeting would also develop into an early Chicago punk rock / surf band called The Defoliants, whose career lasted 5 years. An early song by that band was an instrumental called "Cold Start 64738", which should entertain any C64 head. Modifications to the code were done often under a programmer's tool for the 64 called Sysres, a kind of wrapper environment for C64 Basic code. It was admired because of its ability to display all variables in the code using the "dump" command, which also caused much snickering." - Barney Badass
Chicago, IL
Chicago CBBS, Chicago Area Computer Hobbyists' Exchange (CACHE), Ward and Randy's Chicago CBBS
Ward Christensen, Randy SuessCBBS, CP/M CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980).
Chicago, IL
Crossroads, Crossroads (B) {743}, Crossroads {743}, The Crossroads BBS
John Kristoff, NitelineTelegard, RemoteAccess
Chicago, IL
Emergency, Emergency , Emergency BBS, Emergency Public
Clark StatenMajorBBS
" was originally a "BBS." It was established in the mid/late 80's on a 286 desktop that cost about U.S$3,000. It orginally had one and then two dial-in phone lines, with an eventual increase to 16 available accesses. We were among the original WorldGroup BBS's and operated it until 1995, when we formally went to different software on the World-Wide Web. This was our initial entry into the on-line world and it included e-mail and messaging on FidoNet. All communications were done via modem, though in it's late stages, we also had highspeed (56K) that were internet access. Our first modems were Hayes, at 1,200 baud, then 2,400 and eventually 5,600. We then had a dedicated 56 frame-relay internet connection. Finally, we got a real highspeed (1.54mb) line into our office. The rest is history and available in various formats and iterations at We were on-line, at least intermittently, before 1991....not sure exactly when we went on-line all of the time....think it was when we got our second computer. Please also see: On Becoming a Techno-Nerd...By Clark Staten, EMT-P I/C at: for additional history on what became" - C. L. Staten
Chicago, IL
Cybertech, CYBERTECH
Independent Member BBS
The Electric Cafe
Seth Tisue (Dr. Strangelove)GBBS Pro
The Electric Cafe was located in Wheaton, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). It operated on an Apple II+ with a 1200 baud internal modem. It was primarily a discussion board, especially about music and politics. I'd be delighted to hear from any of the board's old users; visit me at" - Seth Tisue
Chicago, IL
Lakeshore Modem Magazine
Patrick TownsonApple ][+ with a variant of Apple ABBS
"We did social issues discussions, I think there were about 20-25 regular users. About this same time, I was an assistant sysop for Chicago Public Library BBS phone 312-235-7200. I also worked a little with Jerry Ablan with his THINK! BBS. I 'got into' Usenet as a newsgroup Moderator on comp.dcom.telecom (a position I still hold today, 2006) and I also maintained in those days a forum on Compuserve. I grew tired of the old 'single server' style machines and decided to close Lakeshore Modem Magazine at the end of 1986 and go full time with Usenet; by that point I had about 35,000 participants in TELECOM Digest (comp.dcom.telecom). Old users from Lakeshore Modem Magazine are invited to stay in touch at" - Patric Townson
Nemesis-Dist. Member BBS
Chicago, IL
The Wild Side, Wild Side 7 Node, Wild Side C-NET COMMO, WILD SIDE [6NDZ], WILD SIDE [6NDZ]
Rick Anzaldua, Baby Bear, Analog Kid CNET
Rebels Member BBS
Chicago, IL
The Dark Side 312
Exilic XythNetworks, GBBS, AE Pro, GBBS Pro
"Memories. I got my first copy of "Net-Works" from the owners of Ghost Ship I (312) 528-1611 and Ghost Ship II (312) 644-5165 (so named for their pirate proclivities) along with one of the early SSI games, "The Warp Factor." I think these two programs actually filled 2 discs. It was a heavily modified version of Net-Works with no documentation and I had no idea whatsoever how to program such things so I had to learn by poking through the code and experimenting. This must have been around 1984 or something as I had just gotten an Apple //e and those hadn't been out very long (1983) when I finally got mine. I even had that ugly dual disc drive thing that sat on top of the //e too. I don't know who thought up the casing color for these things but I am convinced it came out of a Miami design convention.

"It took me several months to modify the thing well enough to try and open my own BBS, which looked for several months suspiciously like the two Ghost Ships that birthed it. It wasn't until GBBS Pro came out (along with its "ACOS" language) that "The Dark Side" finally got its own look.

"The Dark Side was primarily a text file (called G-Files then, I still know not why other than that's what they were called on RIPCO, "General Files" perhaps?) and eventually a rather prolific Apple II pirate software BBS. I don't think I paid for a single piece of software after I bought the //e. This is significant because I remember one weekend when my friend and I went in together to buy a bulk of 1,000 floppies. We filled them in three weeks and had to buy another case. We were all very much impressed with the boards in California back then, as they all seemed to have the newest games sooner than everyone else and all the boards in Chicago were always trying to get a connection to Cali boards whenever something came out. I'm sure my parents freaked out over all the 213 phone calls at some point but having Aquatron (Cracked by The Freeze!) before everyone else in 312 was worth even a serious shouting match.

"Somewhere in there, right around the time we went to 9600 baud from 2400 I think, I managed to put my hands on an external 20 meg hard drive for the Apple //e I had. It was made by some firm called "CMS" (all traces of which have since vanished), was the size of a large 4 waffle toaster and sounded like a King Air spooling up the engines on the tarmac when you turned on. COOL! The thing must have weighed 15 pounds and it was totally featureless except for two LED lights on the front. Green (power) and red (activity). Ugly as it was it ran reliably for as many years as the BBS was still up.

"At some point a good friend of mine opened "The Courts of Chaos," the sister system to "The Dark Side" and also a GBBS board and also shamelessly pirate oriented. I think we made some attempt to hide things by making the files section "private" (with a sucker public section filled with, and I'm not kidding, desert recipes, though I doubt most of the users even noticed them since going straight to the files section was SOP) but I doubt anyone was fooled for very long.

"By 1988 I figured the way to really get the word out about a BBS was to write a popular text file and stick the number of the board on the bottom (and top and middle) of it. I penned "The Modern Speeders Guide to Radar and State Troopers" early that year. (You can still find it all over the place via a Google search so I guess it worked!). I actually did more research on this little project than I ever did for anything in grad school many years later. The phone was busy all the time after that and though I used to love to hear it ring reminding me that someone was logging on, I was happy to install a switch to shut the damn ringer up at this point. Even the separate Radio-Shack "flashing ringer" got annoying and found its way into my junk drawer along with the old, 300 baud internal Hayes MicroModem //e.

"Things had pretty much peaked back in 1987 though with the release of "Airheart," by Dan Gorlin. After that passed through The Dark Side everything else seemed to pale in comparison. (Well, Karateka was pretty cool). People started to spell "Pirate Wares" with a "z" at the end and drop the word "Pirate" all together. Folks started getting arrested for text files. I graduated High School. I discovered EFNet. And that was pretty much the end of The Dark Side. Looking back at how serious the government was taking such things I'm surprised I didn't end up another teenage hacker felon. Instead, I got a law degree." - Exylic Xyth

Chicago, IL
The Rest of Us MUG, TRoU - The Rest of Us MUG
Jemiah DuffFIDO
"I took over this BBS from Brian Wink and Steve Levinthal, who ran it for The Rest of Us MUG (Macintosh Users Group). It ran on an XT-class IBM with a 40MB HD and a 2400baud modem. Thanks to Steve and his friends at US Robotics, we were given a brand new Courier HST/V.32bis Dual Standard modem and could connect a whopping 19,200bps! Of course, the backchannel was only 450bps, but for BBSing, it was great. I also got the MUG to upgrade the hard drive to 80MB - I thought I'd NEVER be able to fill that up! I was 16 years old, a Junior in High School, when Brian asked me to save his marriage by taking over the BBS for him. LOL. It seems Brian was spending too much time online, and not enough time IRL. Of course, being 16, I had no RL, so I was happy to take it over. I was elected by the MUG to continue running the BBS until I left for College in the summer of 1990. I learned a ton, and it's amazing now that I think about it, how much of that information still comes in handy even today, in 2003. I found this by Googling for my first name - thanks for the trip down memory lane!" - Jemiah Duff
Hinsdale, IL
Aims Dynabyte, AIMS, Hinsdale, Ill., CHICAGO, Janus Software Group, RCP/M AIMS Hinsdale, RCP/M RBBS AIMS, Hinsdale RCP/M
$$$$ Subscription service only $$$$ Subscription service only
"This BBS was listed as using CCBS, however I used it for years and they always ran PCBoard. He used the default bland theme that the BBS software came prepackaged with, the menus were all yellow, it wasn't much to look at. I remember he had 5 phone lines and the BBS was so popular they were always filled up. Mostly people were playing door games. Though, some messaging and file sharing went on as well. I'm not sure if the number is correct, I just copied it from the list. I do believe this is the same board though. Hope this helps." - Blakesteel
Chicago, IL
Compu Erotica , Compu-Erotica, CompuErotica [Fee], CompuErotica , CompuErotica [$], COMPU-EROTICA BBS!
TigerCustom 5.5
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Chicago's LARGEST adult BBS with nearly 1 million served! If you like your chat hot, you'll love CEBBS. Alternate lifestyle chat-conferences, erotic shopping, active party calendar, unique features, internet mail and more! Women free after v/v. V/MC/D.

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Chicago, Illinois since 07/84. Sysop: Tiger. Using Custom 5.5 with 32 lines on DEC VAX 3500 with 1500 MB storage. US Robotics at 38400 bps. $.15 Hourly fee. If you like your chat HOT, you'll LOVE CEBBS! Alternate lifestyle chat-conferences, erotic shopping, active party calendar, unique chat features, internet mail and MORE! Chicago's premier adult BBS with over 500,000 served! Women FREE after v/v. V/MC/D.

COMPU-EROTICA BBS!, 312.902.3599. Chicago's largest adults-only system, serving open-minded adults for years! 32 lines running on VAX mainframe/USR Courier v.32bis, using unique custom software system with features found nowhere else! Rates as low as 1 50/hour; local dialups nationwide. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

Chicago, IL
Lincoln Park Zoo, The Zoo, Zoo BBS, Zoo [Fee], Zoo [Fee] (10 lines)
Micky BernalDLX, DLXB
"The bbs still continues via the web @ . This also changed phone numbers to 773-743-9791 with a change of ownership to Chuck Goes in March, 1990. Kept operating as a dial up until 1999." - Micky Bernal
Chicago, IL
Forum 80 of Chicago
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Chicago, IL
The Conference Tree, UNICIN: University Conference Information Network
Jim LimberConference Tree, Conference Tree (tm)
"This system was a continuation of my interest in social communication via electronic media. Working at a University and having founded the University of Chicago Computer Club in 1975, I had some continuing interest in my lifelong hobby of technical communications. Ham Radio started it off in 1959, and the M.I.T.S. Altair Computer 8800 8-bit kit (serial # 243?) at an affordable price 1974 shifted me from the radio frequency realm to landline. At that time Bill Gates was my Altair Interpreter Basic Language consultant- he was the co-author, if I recall. When the U of C Computer Club disbanded in 1977 spring semester to form the U.S. Robotics Corportation (named by Stan Metcalf), I was left without enough to do to keep me busy and interested in the evolving virtual world. Conference Tree software was innovative and efficient, operating at 300 baud which was deemed the optimal speed for personal communication via keyboard, and for not sending boilerplate spam messages at high-speed (1200 baud). Various groups made it their home for several years, because the threaded tree-branch nature of the messages was quite convenient to select and extend a given topic of discussion.

"When Apple gave zillions of computers to high-schools in substitution for paying taxes, the hackers and spammers made it too difficult to continue operation of a respectful, non-bigoted Conference system without constant checking for truly disturbing postings of everything you might imagine that is offensive, threatening and indicative of a culture gone bad. I eventually just pulled the plug in frustration and it sits to this day- an Apple One (maybe Two) bootleg motherboard kit, I think, in a dish-rack in my kitchen pantry, buried in dust and clutter. The dates of operation are approximate- I don't fully recall that far back from today (May08)" - Jim Limber

Downers Grove, IL
Atlantis, Crosstalk
"In 1986 this was called Crosstalk, sysop "Scanners Inc." (Chuck Wolf). He graduated from high school and sold the hardware to me, I took it over with the same phone number. From 1987-1988 it was called "Atlantis", I was the sysop, handle "Zeno"." --Eric Weeks
Hartland, MI
Hartland Pride, Hartland Pride BBS
Mike RyanWildcat 3 under OS/2
"I closed Hartland Pride in 2003, due to a lack of callers.. At one time, Livingston County had as many as 30 BBSs running. The Internet surely had a huge impact on us, as well as many of the Sysops leaving home for college. I don't think there are any BBSs online at this time.. I am a member of the Livingston County Computer Users Group: I enjoyed running HP, and have many fond memories." - Mike Ryan
Utica, MI
Diskwiz BBS (Atari)
Don PeruskiWizardry
"Hard to say exactly when the board was up. I need to get my Atari computer back up, as I think I still have my BBS on a floppy here somewhere. :) You have a cool site. I was happy to see my 90's IBM version BBS, but was hoping to find info about my 80's BBS as it was very popular for a few years. I had the first Atari 835 modem BBS in existence. 300 baud!! Then went to a 1200 Hayes compat modem. :) Jim Steinbrecher gave me some beta drivers and I modified his software to work with mine. Ahhh...the good old days. Darn hormones destroyed everything when I got in my mid to late teens. :( hahaha" - Don Peruski
Perspective Software
Product: CNet Pro 3
Detroit, MI
DeCom Enterprises, DeComm Enterprises
DeWitt Mulhearn, DeWitt R. MulhearnQuickBBS
"At time I ran a BBS from my home and enjoyed doing it. Time has changed with the internet and all and I beleive that BBS's have turned into BLOGs. It is good to see that my board was noticed. THANKS!" - DeWitt R. Mulhearn

"I think the BBS listing and it's information being around for this long is GREAT. I enjoyed that time running DeComm Enterprises. At the time I was using QuickBBS with the help of some friends. It would be nice to hear from anyone during that era that was working with BBS's. Since then I have relocated to Chicago, IL, so like the BBS's, CB-Radio's and cassette tapes time goes on and now we have the internet. Would love to hear from any fellow Sysops. Thank You." - DeWitt R. Mulhearn

Detroit, MI
John's Corner, One Way Christian BBS
John KupelRenagade (Conversion)
"Hi All, I ran this delightfull BBS from '87 - late '91. I had a great helper in redesigning and adding to the Renagade software. Brian Giles was a great help and encentive to keep the system running. I ran the system on a Commodore 64 and as it was only 300 baud we had to rewrite it to work at about 600 baud. In about the later part of '88 we upgraded to a 1200 baud modem and we called it a bee Boo modem because it was a two toned (mid to low) looking for which mode it would connect with 600 or 1200 baud. One Way was designed and ran to promote living a Christ like lifestile and to educate others on the Salvation plan. I met my Christian wife (Sheryl) through running this system. the system ran till late '91 from the Commodore to the software being redesigned for an IBM Clone system and was dropped in late 1991 due to lack of calls and interest.." - John Kupel
Dearborn,, MI
Big Blue Globe, Tari ForeST, Tari Forest/Tech/Blue
Anton MaljeOasis 4.x, later Renegade
"Originally started in Plymouth Twp., MI. on an Atari 800XL with an Atari 400 handling the connection or deferal to recording a voice message. The original name was 'Tari Tech and it supported the eight bit Atari family and ran on the first version of Oasis Jr, which was a small but powerful ML program. In 1988 the system followed me to Dearborn and eventually evolved to Oasis 4.3, and later 4.6. With 4.6 the BBS acted like 4 BBSs in one as 'Tari Tech, 'Tari ForeST, Big Blue Globe and Spiral Springs; supporting Atari eight bit, Atari ST, IBM (and Amiga), and a place for Philosophy and Metaphysics, which sadly didn't get much use. At that point I was running An Atari 130 XE with expanded memory and CSSs "Black Box" with a couple hard drives. Eventully I ended running the system on an IBM clone I put together runn ing Renegade for the last few years but by then usership had declined to a trickle. After '99 calls were down to a few calls per WEEK. The heydays were back when the Merit Dialouts were available and the western 313 area BBSs recieved calls from all over. I was also networked via Oasis for a number of years with seveal boards including two in New Zealand. I really miss the old BBS community." - Anton Malje
Mt.Clemens, MI
he erial

ort, Serial Port TBBS, The Serial Port

Stu JacksonTBBS
"Hello, Just wanted to say HI and what a great site you have! I almost said "board"! I ran The Serial Port for those very fun years and enjoyed it very much. When we moved to Texas, the board went with me, but alas, never caught on. About that time, the internet was picking up steam, and BBS business was on the decline. I still have the (486) computer, CD drives, software, and a ton of 14.4 modems in the basement. Maybe some day I'll fire it up, just for laughs! Of course, there's always Ebay, the ultimate BBS!! Great job on your site!" - Stu Jackson, X-Sysop, Lansing, MI"
Semco, MI
SEMCO CBBS - Macomb County
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Taylor, MI
The Cutting Boad, The Cutting Board
"Started on a Atari 800XL with a MPP 300 baud modem, using AMIS software from MACE. (I was a member at 14.). Switched to a Signalman 1200 baud modem and revised software. Upon receiving one of the first IBM PC-AT's in 1985, switched to Fido software. In 1986, started dating - so the board was shut down! (Note: Your listing showed the name as Cutting Boad, instead of Board. The name was a play on the word Board, although I was producing short films at the time, and my film teacher was working with Michael Moore on Roger and Me.) Ps: Great documentary!" - Doug Geiss
Rockwood, MI
Gateway Online, Gateway On-Line
William Mullen, Bill Mullen, Jeff BreitnerMajorBBS
Interactive Chat,MultiplayerGames,Usenet/Internet,E-mail
Roseville, MI
The WORD Exchange, The WORD Exchange (CfC #47), Word Exchange
Michael Sly
"The WORD Exchange was a Christian BBS that actually started in Warren, MI running Telegard and then later, Maximus. About 2 years into it (1991) we moved to Roseville, MI and I switched software to Wildcat. The BBS went offline around 1993." - Michael Sly
Taylor, MI
The Basement
Darrin Gorski, Darrin Gorski (BIG D)T.A.G.
"FIDO node 1:2410/340. We played a lot of SRE/BRE." - Darrin Gorski
Utility City BBS
Eric KimminauRenegade, Telegard, Celerity, UBBS
"I actually started this board down in Dallas on a original IBM Xt, 8Mhz, 1MB ram, 10MB Harddrive. It slowly grew in size and went multi-line in 1987. My board was geared to people looking for any and every kind of utility: anti-virus, disk compression, diagnostics (PCTools & Norton 1.0!), modem dialers, BBS software, toolkits, ascii art and BBS doors. I think at one time I had about 30 doors running on my boards. I ran DOS based software under DesqView/X for the last 3-4 years so I could run both nodes from a single system and have a 3rd local node for maintenance. I became the South Central US USTG (US Telegard Network) which them became the ITCNet FIDO Network regional Host working with Jack Reece, Paul Maner and Jack Schofield (who took over for me when I moved to Michigan). I am listed in the ITCNet Guidelines here: and on the Routing map here: These (USTGNet, ITCNet) were FidoNet style networks but it wasn't a part of FidoNet per se. We were a standalone, isolated network (because FidoNet was such a big bunch of wankers at the time). Then I moved to Michigan and became not only the North Regional Hub but the Central US Zone coordinator and a regional FidoNet hub. Serviced Auburn Hts, Leonard, Auburn Hills, Sylvan Lake, Milford, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, CLarkston, Waterford, Taylor. I was the first to distribute out the huge M.O.D. Bust info I participated in a number of "Warez" and "Cracking" groups. With three other friends we started "S.A.T.A.N" and released the first crack for the original Mech Warrior game. If only I had thought that this info would ever be needed. I donated about 200GB of tape backups and my tape drive to Goodwill about 2 years ago which had 8 years of FidoNet, USTGNet and ITCNet netmail and BBS lists. Such is life. My BBS went down when I started getting serious about Linux. I started the internet newsgroup and had one of the first FidoNet/ITCNet to Internet News gateways. Shouts to Freddy Krueger and the ElmStreet Crew, BK, Jim Kitchen, Charlie Riess, Jack Reece, Paul Maner, Jack Schofield, Midnight Oil (1 & 2), Cool Hand, INC, THG and RAZOR. I now run BeamSport, which is really just another BBS. I have now come full circle." - Eric Kimminau
Westland, MI
SEMCO CBBS - Westland
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Detroit, MI
Club II, CLUB II BBS, The Club, The Club II
Terry Conklin, Terence Conklin, UnknownFido/Renegade
"Came across an old email that mentioned your site, and I can help with the specifics of my own boards, which are a bit off. However the story is a bit complex, so I'm not sure how you would choose to represent it, so here's the chain of events. My system, The Club, (Not "Club I") came online in either late 1980 or 1981 (no records of the actual date exist so call it '81) on a TRS-80 Model 1 on my own software, at the phone number 313-334-8877. The original modem was a Radio Shack non-auto-answer unit and I answered calls manually at first(!) In fall '83 I moved to East Lansing, (Michigan State,) and The Club came with me, and opearted full time in our dorm room, a 517 number. Since there were a lot of calls, I set up a second system, "The Club II", (not "Club II or Club II BBS") on the Detroit number, on a DOS box. The Club and Club II did limited message and file sharing to tie the communities together. In '84 it was up in the dorms again, then I met my wife and we moved into our own place, and it went up on.... 517-372-0004? We were there a year and then picked up a new house, and with it the 517-372-3131 number, so that'd be 1985. I ordered multiple lines, and another TRS-80. A year or so later I rewrote the system on Unix with a multiport card. The Club continued to operate at 372-3131 until December of 2000. The Club II is still up, still at the original 313-334-8877, (though the area code was changed to 248,) and it's also telnet'able at, though there are essentially no callers now. I'm not sure how you would want to map that into your listing format, but as I've maintained a BBS at the 334-8877 number for ~25 years now, I'm pretty sure your existing entries need an update. ;-)" - Terence Conklin As a footnote, I still have The Club's original hardware, that TRS-80 Model I, overclocked 200%, still running strong. On rare occasions, I've had a 'retro' day and allowed people to log in to the original hardware via telnet (through a PC.) At this point though I'm starting to see disks losing sectors, as I believe I'm at the chemical age limit of magenetic media.
Grosse Pointe, MI
SEMCO CBBS - 110 Baud Only
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Grosse Pointe, MI
SEMCO CBBS - 300 Baud Only
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Novi, MI
Novi Wood Community School
FrEdMail System
The Hole #2
Dytec Member BBS
The Hole #1
Dytec Member BBS
Pirate'S Heaven, Pirates Haven
Fusion Member BBS
Lincoln park, Mi
Chaz's Place, Chuck & Laura's, Future World, Logic Control, Midnight Rider, N.I.B., N8QXP BBS, Rising Sun BBS
Charles Adkins, Ken PletzerT.A.G.
"WOW! I can't believe someone really remember my BBS's!!! I became involved with BBS's via Ham radio, a old friend of mine, mark N8JCF, sold me or gave me a ZOOM 2400 baud modem that he had laying around... and at the time, I was using for packet radio (which was big in ham radio back in the early 1990's) a WYSE Dumb terminal, which was given to me..... and later I used some sort of dumb terminal given to me by mike, N8NQP... anyhow... packet was become quite the bore and Mark suggested that I try online BBS'ing, something I'm sure he regrets to this day...;-P

anyhow... I became "smitten" with the Idea of online BBS'ing... however It wasn't the first time I called BBS's.. I used to call them, when I lived in Detroit.. I used to call "the graveyard" a C-64 BBS back in the day.. anyhow... after seeing "Soapbox the BBS!", I decided to run my own... and the rest is history...

I never did have alot of I wasn't much of a Files BBS.My system ran originally on a 8088 IBM XT, with a green screen monitor, 20 meg hard card, 640 base memory and swapped to the floppy drives, everytime the system would do something... I was running FrontDoor 2.02, Gecho 1.00 and T.A.G BBS all from this system... I picked this system up from the Sysop of "Soapbox! The BBS", basically gave me the system for nothing! I ended up selling the blasted thing for some ungodly price... funny thing, my bbs outlasted Soapbox bbs! hehehe... the Original name of my bbs was "Lighting Bolt BBS" Which made it's debut in 1993 or so... Somewhere along the line, I convinced my grandmother to get a loan for over 2K to get me a 486/66 DX2 System.. with 64 megs of Memory, a 540 meg hard drive and sound blaster 16, and a cheapy video card. man, I thought I was the king shit! (and I was for a while...) ran that system with a BBS on it for about 2-3 years. Anyhow... later I upgraded to a Pentium 1 clone machine and run the BBS from that the last name of my board was called jus that... "The Board" and I switched to maximus BBS for a while... and that, for all accounts was a BIG MISTAKE... anyhow... went back to T.A.G. and that's when the BBS scene basically Died! AOL went to $19.95 a month unlimited access and I basically got involved in the internet, and my BBS suffered... so, in or around 1994... I pulled the plug on the BBS for good.

Chuck and Laura's was my idea (stupid as it was...) of getting my Ex-Girlfriend involved with the BBS'ing scene... Her handle was "Groominator" (she worked for a dog grooming shop, she was from near jackson, mi) I never did marry here... We broke up and she's remarried and living near Kalamazoo, Mi. I never was able to settle on a name to reflect my personality. I just went with something that worked... I miss the BBS days...(or daze....) and wish they'd make a come back as Telnet BBS's... Thanks for remembering me and bringing back alot of good and....not so good memories for this old Sysop!" - Chuck

Livonia, MI,
Rambo's HQ, Voice II
Dale SirkleVOICE, Oasis, Tag
"I was the SysOp of Voice II BBS. The system operated on an Atari 800XL on a homemade software program written in Basic. The software was written by Jim Samples, the SysOp of the original Voice BBS. Jim Samples also wrote the program Word Challenge, which was an exceptionally popular version of the word game in the newspaper. VOICE was an acronym for Voice Of Independent Atari Computer Enthusiasts. I bought his system and software directly from him. I don't remember if he shut down the original VOICE at that time or if he was just upgrading. It was a very good, original software program that was exceptionally easy to modify. I later changed the system over to Oasis software and then again to TAG. At the end of it's lifespan, the BBS was renamed Rambo's HQ." - Dale Sirkle
Farmington Hills, MI
Enterprise Elite =THG=, Enterprise!, Enterprize Amiga
Scott SaboCNET, TAG, Excalibur
"Hello, I just found this site and noticed that the information for my BBS was wrong. I started my BBS on a C64 running C-Net, I had a Lt Kernel and 4 SFD's (A lot of space for the day) I don't remember when I switched to a pc, but I ran TAG software for a long time. I got into the AMIGA for awhile and called the board Enterprize Amiga for awhile then when I got into the elite scene, I called the board Enterprize Elite. During the early 90's my ex wife (The Not So Humble Babe) was a member of THG and then she formed USA and joined with Fairlight to form USA/Fairlight cracking group. My board was the eastern HQ for USA and a member site of THG for awhile. All of this came to an end the day that the Feds, Secret Service, and the Farmington Hills police came knocking on the door. While I ended up getting off (Since I had nothing to do with the credit card stuff that she was into)I had to quit running the elite bbs for awhile, I switched to public domain but I ended up allowing elite software after awhile (Old habits die hard)I did continue to run the BBS until I moved and even then I put it back up for a few months but the internet killed the BBS world and I took the system down in 1998. In the last few years, I ran Excalibur software, it looked cool and let me display background pictures for each area on the board, this worked well with my Star Trek theme. I don't know if he will ever see this, But I have to give credit to Vern Looney of the Looney Bin BBS (Long gone C-NET board), he gave me my start as a co-sysop and tought me all about the Detroit bbs world. Despite all we have with the internet, I really miss the good old days of running a bbs and the community that it offered." - Scott Sabo
Dearborn, MI
CuLaR, CuLaR Systems
Vector VoxRenegade
"I was the sysop. The board was part of RPGNet and was up for the above listed years. Thanks for this blast from the past." - Vector Vox
Detroit, MI
Financial Users, DeFOG's RBBS-RCP/M
Bill Rice
FOG Remote System #26 -- Detroit FOG (FOG FOG Remote System #26 -- Detroit FOG (FOG
Canton, MI
Cause & Effect, The Digital Underground HQ
Dan Joseph, Dan Joseph / AarzakTelegard/Celerity/PCBoard
"We shut down on our 6 year anniversary. Good to see these archives." - Dan Joseph
Detroit, MI
Psycho Zone
TMPsychoCnet DS2
"The psycho zone was in Mount Clemens, Michigan. TMPsycho is...The Master Psycho. My son and I built this BBS on a Commodore 64. The main reason that I say that you have us on this list is..HORST MANN would compile these BBS numbers from an actual log on and log off. If he could log on to and log off your computer, your BBS would make the HORST MANN LIST. This list was downloadable and was a high point in the creating of a BBS if your number was on the list." - Paul LaCroix
Comm Breakdown, Communication Breakdown
Brian DowneyTAG
"One of the largest boards in the suburbs from 1994-95." - Brian Downey
Mt Clemens, MI
Mt. Clemens Comm. School
FrEdMail System
Livonia, MI,
PRAISE BOARD, The Praise Board
Burt LeSargeWildcat
"The Praise Board was the second Christian BBS to be in South East Michigan (I'd give credit to the first but I can't remember the name). In its glory days I had 4 telephone lines incoming, a satellite dish to continually receive hundreds of FIDO Mail topics. Twice daily weather reports (automatically updated via a script I wrote that logged in to what was the beginning of the internet (ALL TEXT) and get the weather info. To top it all off I had 24 CD ROM Disks of free, or shareware software utilizing 4, 6 disk pioneer drive changers on-line, pulse whatever I could cram on my 80 Gig hard drive. As far as I know it was the largest system in Michigan at the time. It consisted of 5 networked, DOS, multi-tasking computers (DeskView) to do background processing and handle live callers. The computers were located on my closet floor (grin). I averaged over 100 calls per day, and to think that was alot back then. Now my Websites receive thousands of hits per day. Those were the days!" - Burt LeSarge
Livonia, MI
Tower of High Sorcery
Scott Rogers aka RaistlinTAG, Renegade, MajorBBS
"The Elite Boards of Elite Boards, aka the board that is so private you cant call it. That and the phone # changed alot because of call fowarding. Illegal stuff? Not really, just trying to be as sneaky as possible. Had lots of pirated games and XXX files on there you know:) FOr those 75-100 people that had accounts it was an interesting blend of folks who called in on one of our fowarding #'s we had installed at my CoSysOps houses. The # listed here was the real # which only a few people actually had. I enjoyed running the BBS, but had to take it down alot unfortunately because I was still in high school at the time and didn't have a computer of my own, like now. So in an effort to relive the old days I started the Tower again online is the telnet code. Although Synchronet is not the same as the other softwares I used to run, it enables the user do still get the feel of the BBS as it used to be. There were many Tower of HIGH Sorcerys in the country. I remember once I got the major BBS running in the later years with a few phone lines and was able to link to other systems, so I had to be called 'The REAL' Tower of high sorcery. What a battle it was in those days. Looking over this list, remembering how many of these I was a member of was unbelievable. Wishing that these people would put up BBS's online would make it all worth while. Thanks for the memories!" - Scott Rogers
Strawberry Fields
Dan Boujoulian (Sgt. Pepper, Augie, Cereal Killer)T.A.G.
"Users Nostalgia page : Strawberry Fields Users Forum: " - Dan Boujoulian
Livonia, MI
Burt LeSargeWildcat
"The CDS MEGA BBS was operated by the owner of Custom Designed Systems, Inc. Burt LeSarge CDS built & serviced custom designed computer systems from the component level and serviced companies like Ford, Chrysler, Isuzu & hundreds of others. This gave the BBS an unusual advantage by constructing a system with the latest cutting edge technologies of the time at wholesale prices. For perspective, an 80 "MEG" hard drive was $1000 at the time. Although the BBS was established to promote the company it represented; it was in place more as a result of passion for the computer revolution that was taking place at that time than to generate new clients, although it did that too. So... that explains the "CDS" part of the name. The MEGA half of the name came from the number of free Downloads, email, FIDO NET Mail and incoming phone lines available on the BBS. Having "four" 6 disk Pioneer drive changers for a total of 24 CD ROM's live on-line plus a humongous 80 MEG Hard drive; the 2012 equal to a 3 TB Hard Drive. Callers would often spend hours just looking through the data base of names of files available. As we all know now, the power a network interface like an RJ-45 or wi-fi brings to a PC over a single user modem is enormous and is the largest contributing factor hardware wise as to the demise of the BBS revolution. Makes one wonder where we will be in another 20 years. Beam Me Up Jesus! (Date wrote: 7-26-12)" - Burt LeSarge
Ypsilanti, MI
RCP/M RBBS Schooner Cove, Schooner Cove (Ypsilanti) RCP/M
Michael P WesleyRBBS, BYE
"Ran on a Xerox 820! CP/M. Worked on ZCPR public domain version of CPM. (customizations) Distributed CPM User Group files. Helped many a user get connected by customizing MODEM software for them (written in ASM and at their homes) They wanted to experience the BBS world. Exchanged messages with Ward Christenson alot concerning status of XMODEM and other work he was doing. Shutdown when the BBS popularity was more than I could handle as a hobby in my spare time. Thanks for remembering!" - Michael P. Wesley
Livonia, MI
The Electronic Miasma
Thomas CikoRenegade
"The board ran on an IBM 386 with 210 MB of hard disk space. File library highlights were Phrack archives, The Anarchist Cookbook, some Apogee games, and install disks for Windows 95. The doors Usurper and LORD were also available." - Thomas Ciko
Redford Township, MI
V O I C E, V.o.i.c.e., V.o.i.c.e. Bbs, Voice
Jim Samples, The Editor - Jim SamplesSpitfire , Highly modified A.M.I.S, A.M.I.S.
"I picked up the free AMIS software as a 10k download that very basically allowed incoming phone calls at 300bd. When I was finished with the software it was over 200k and had to be split and loaded in as modules. It had grown into probably the first (or at least one of the few) Bbs's that was a Multi-line Bbs with MultiChat and online games. All written by me. I never told anyone how I accomplished such a large program (for that time) to load so quickly, but at the time I created three 1 meg ramdisks on three Atari SEs and that's where everything resided. Later 3 Other Bbs's ran my system as well. Big Al at The Locker Room, Don at The Boiler Room, and Dale Sirkle at Rambo's HQ. I think Dale was only 12 at the time. Good for him. V.o.i.c.e. Bbs was the of the longest running Bbs's in Michigan. Running for 13 years from '83 until '97, and multiplexed through three computers. The good old days." - Jim Samples
Dark Shadows, SATAN'S PLACE #1
Legend Member BBS
Inkster, MI
Robot Factory, The Robot Factory
Mr. Robot, Ragnar
"This BBS was run by my father (Ragnar) and myself (Mr.Robot). We started with a 110bps modem and only running part of the day. we quickly realized we needed to be up 24 hours and my father had a second line installed into the house (313-563-6177) to dedicate to the operation of the BBS. I was young, early teens in the beginning. My father did most of the software writing and I did a lot of the hardware building and site maintenance. We had a short run where 2 friends tried to run The Robot Factory West and The Robot Factory East. The phone numbers escape me as this was over 20 years ago. They did not last long as they realized they did not have the drive and desire to run the sites. There are many great memories with running the BBS and being part of the Pre-Internet." - Mr. Robot
Dearborn, MI
The Gate, The Gate BBS
The GatekeeperTAG
"I am the SysOp of the former BBS in the Detroit area known as The Gate. I think it is a great thing you are doing here. How I would love to make contact with all of the friends I made on the BBS's. Anyway, please add my name and email to my listing. Bill Lewis - I appreciate it!!"
Royal Oak, MI
Guild Grey Bandit , Owl's Nest, Guild of the Grey Bandit
Sysop: Grey Owl Co-SysOp: Time Bandit
I was the cosysop. My handle was Time Bandit. It used to be called the Owl's Nest after the Sysop John (Grey Owl) but we played D&D and formed a guild and he renamed it to ""Guild of the Grey Bandit"" in that spirit
Troy, MI
Peanut Gallery
Brian MintzFidonet
"Our BBS ran on and was dedicated to supporting the IBM-PCjr. PEANUTgallery was a membership organization that sold peripherals for the PCjr. The name was based on the original code name for the first real home computer - PEANUT. I remember sysop chats beeping at me late at night in my bedroom :-) Thanks for the memory." - Brian Mintz
Ann Arbor, MI
Hal 9000, Hal 9000 , HAL 9000 BBS
Victor Volkman, Victor R VolkmanPCBoard
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Ann Arbor, Michigan since 03/88. Sysop: Victor R Volkman. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 10 lines on 80486 with 2800 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. $30 Optional fee. Archives of all Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) software on line. Large SciFi GIF collection. Internet, Usenet e-mail and newsgroups from around the world. Special file areas devoted to Star Trek and The Prisoner TV shows and much more.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sounds of Silence
Leviathan (Zach Williams)Renegade
"My e-mail address now is If you ever visited my board, drop a line! I would love to hear from a few old friends. I enjoyed every day of running that board, and regretted the day I took it down for a long time. :( I suppose real life and everything else had to come into play someday. Thanks for all the good times." - Leviathan"
Clio, MI
The Forgotten Realm
Craig BuikeTelegard
"I am surprised to see this historical record. Glad to see that someone has done this. I started the BBS while in high school. Ran it on a 12/286 with 40MB hard drive! Eventually lost interest in maintaining the BBS (became more interested in spending that time with girls!). It was a great experience. I kind of miss the BBS hopping I used to do." - Craig Buike
Lake Orion, MI
Cat's Meow, The Cat's Meow
Catherine Lahti (Kitty)TAG
"Hi, great to see the old site listed! It was a sad day when I took it down. I'm still friends with some of my BBS friends. I saw someone else commenting on missing the sense of community -- I totally agree! I still remember the first BBS party I hosted at my house and how cool it was to meet all my friends in person! The BBS was a major part of my life! I'm still around..." - Kitty
Mad House, MAD HOUSE
Independent Member BBS
"Sawblade BBS started around 1986 (I was in 6th grade) on a Commodore 64 with an SFD1001 and 1541 drive running C-Net 11.x software at 1200 baud. A few hardware changes and I eventually got a 20 megabyte Lt Kernal. Eventually moved to Image software when it came out. 2400 baud, then eventually 9600 and 14,400. Later got a 50 megabyte drive for the Lt Kernal. Sawblade started in Waterford, 360-4337, and in the summer of 1990 moved to White Lake and the new number was 698-4824. During the good days of Commodore BBSs, Sawblade was rarely idle. Pretty active message boards and a good selection of files to download. Active to the point, that i had to limit time allowed online, and disallow 300 baud downloads.. I became good friends with my CoSysOp, Rad Brad, whom I've maintained a friendship with over the decades. We recently reconnected and have gone down the rabbit hole of.. a couple of young teenage boys who spent their days playing on the commodore computers. Sawblade ran until I moved out of my parents house in 1996. By the mid 1990s, the board was very slow and only got a few calls per day. What a great time to run a Commodore BBS. Thankful for the experience, and for all the people" - Shane Klug
Westland, MI
Auction Pit, The Auction Pit BBS, The AuctionPit
George Sanders, QueueRenegade
"Started out running Tag, switched to Renegade, and then switched near the end to Oblivion. Games featured were Lord, Solitaire, Duck Hunt, Poker, Slots, typical BBS games of the era, multi-line chat, warez (when warez wasn't porn and everyone knew what "elite" REALLY meant.)" - Queue
Tony's Corner, Tony's Corner RBBS, Tony’s Corner
Tony Bauman, Tony-Bauman, Horst Mann
List of BBS List Keepers: Detroit Area 313/Horst Mann

ListKeeper: Detroit Area 313

Warren, MI
Computers Inc, Computers Inc. Data System (CIDS), Computers Incorporated
Raymond Roney (Fisherman)Cnet 10.0 then Image 1.x
"Started off running the BBS on two Commodore FDDs. Later added a 20MB (HUGE!) Lt. Kernal Hard Drive & we thought "We'll never fill up 20MBs!". It was one of the most popular BBS's in Metro Detroit and it even competed with some of the multi-line BBS's of the day. It was rare that it wasn't busy (which was good and bad--bad only because I needed to check E-Mail & Such). We had Online Gaming, Message Boards, and many many files for download. It was a fun and exciting time in the world of Computers and I'd do it again if I could." - Raymond Roney
Warren, MI
Castle Wolfenstein
Steve Reschke, Master Saboteur (Sabby)Atari BBS, AMIS by N.A.S.A.
"We rocked!" - Sabby
BBS Name, Skynet, Sycom Amiga, Sycom Design Software
Tom Dietz
Westland, MI
Hell On Earth
MichaelT.A.G., Renegade, Iniquity
"I was the sysop of Hell on Earth. I was only in my early teens and had a lot of help from the 313 community in setting up my BBS. It went live Christmas Eve of `91 and I can still remember the handle of my first caller: Pogo. It was a great time in computing and I know we're all nostalgic for it. I'm rebuilding my original Compuadd 286 which I first used for the BBS before moving on to a 386. Thank you for maintaining this list!" - Michael
Algonac, MI
Motor City Underground
Motor City MadmanCNET
"In addition to running this BBS, I was the author of Phone Man term software for the Commodore 64." - The Motor City Madman
Troy, MI
The Kid Klub, TROY AMIGA
Steve KuoC-64 C-Net and self developed Amiga A-Net
"BBS first started off as The Kid Klub BBS running on C-64 with one floppy drive. Later an SFD-1001 (over 1 Meg!) floppy drive was added. After the C-64 to Amiga transition, I developed my own BBS software (informally named A-Net). The Kid Klub was then renamed to Troy Amiga BBS. The new BBS featured a 20 Meg hard drive. Sometime 1991 the hard drive finally quit and that was the end of my BBS hosting days." - Steve Kuo
ag0ny, Killing Fields
Christopher Anderson, Azrael and Tourian, Chris AndersonOblivion/2, Renegade
"I (Azrael) ran this board for a year, and made it into one of 313's two ANSI art scene boards. About half of the 750MB hard drive it resided on was filled with art packs, files which were, at best, unpopular with the 313 people, who were primarily interested in warez. Because of that, the board only lasted a year, and when I took it down in January 1996, it was getting about three calls a week. It was much fun to administer, though. " - Azrael
Detroit, Mi
In the Flesh
Harold WillisonTAG
"This was a private BBS. The Community of BBS'ers in Detroit was quite large. There were quite a few folks dialing in to all the local bbs's but only a few who actually knew what was going on. Most of the public BBS's had a hidden section that you could get to if you knew one of the sysops. My BBS was where the sysops were hanging out. We had a database of all the users, the names and phone numbers they used when they filled out their registration. It was through this database that we were able to identify when a local news persona set up a BBS dedicated to hacking/phreaking as a sting operation. You want it raw? You had to call In The Flesh. 313.841.SKIN." - Harold Willison
Pontiac, MI
CMS School Net, Oakland County Schools
FrEdMail System
Harper Woods, MI
Over-Look Hotel, The Overlook Hotel
Mr. Bad, Device NakAtari Amis
"I was the SysOp.... Mr. Bad was my "original" handle, but changed when I went 24/7 with the BBS. 2nd BBS in Michigan to be 2400BPS.... (Crazyhouse was the first)." - Device Nak
Highland, MI
FIDO #69 Sailboard, Sailboard, Sailboard BBS, The Sailboard
Jim KovalskyRBBS/FIDO
"Those were the days of fighting with GTE to try and keep my phone line working! I remember having my XT with an Amdek amber monitor, a 15Mb external drive and a TRUE Hayes 2400B modem! That was what $4,000 would get... Thanks for the memories!" - Jim Kovalsky
Mt. Clemens, MI
MicroChip , Microchip RBBS, The Microchip, Microchip BBS
Dave Marker
Downloads for all computers Downloads for all computers
Project D
Dan Carcone
Energy Member BBS
Livonia, MI
Adventure Source, AdventureSource
Mark WilliamsMajorBBS 6.21
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Livonia, Michigan since 06/94. Sysop: Mark Williams. Using MajorBBS 6.2 with 8 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 1200 MB storage. Supra at 14400 bps. $50 Annual fee. Dedicated to Kids of any ages. No adult files, supervised. Have your kids dial-up! Thousands of shareware titles - sci-fi, arcade, adventure, educational games. RIP fully supported. Teleconference, E-Mail, and online games. Free trial & free downloads!
M.C.U.G. Anchor, MCUG Anchor
"The MCUG Anchor BBS listed @ 313 977-3739 was started by me and the Michigan Commodore 64 User Group (MCUG). Initially I had to start the BBS on my own dime because our steering committee fought me about it over liabilities. This was in the 1984 time frame. We started out with the BBS 64.3 software written by Steve Punter. Besides myself, our SYSOPs were David Veatch and John Little. We had several phone numbers in adjacent calling areas pointing to the BBS main number (586) 977-3739 here in Sterling Heights so people from Roseville, Detroit, Mt. Clemens and surrounding areas could make local calls to it. As a result of the BBS our User Group grew to over 500 members (that's why I started the BBS, I knew it would drive our membership). The BBS and our group grew so popular we had many uploaded programs posted on the BBS for download. We had so many programs uploaded (written by members) that we had a "disk of the month" at our user group meetings based on the best quality uploads to the BBS. I still have hard copy lists of the program names that I am looking at as I write this that I can scan in and send to you if you would like. This was all run on a Commodore 64 and an external modem. After 1985 I left the User Group to run for Congress and before I left the group I passed along the BBS to David Veatch, John Little and the late Art Farazutti to run in my absence. As I understand it, the BBS continued to serve users through the early to middle 1990s." - Bill Osipoff
Wild Warez, WILD WAREZ
Skid Row Member BBS
Ann Arbor, MI
M-Net, MNet RBBS
"M-Net is still up and running, and I still occasionally visit, though I think it's 100% telnet/ssh access now. I don't think they've had dial-in access for a few years now. I used a few BBSes here and there, over the years, but m-net was the first truly multi-user environment I came across. In it's dial-in heyday, there were something like 15 dial-ins, I think. This was before the internet took off, and before we had any kind of internet connectivity. But, we would get people dialing in from all over the world, cause, at the time, it was possible to telnet to and "grab" a dial-out modem in Ann Arbor, and dial out to a local AA number. So, we'd get people from all over, dialing in to m-net.

"FYI, several years ago, m-net merged w/ another BBS listed here, called Arbornet. As a result of that merger, m-net is reachable to this day, at, or just

"Finally, a good history of on-line conferencing in the Ann Arbor area can be found at: It mentions m-net, arbornet, and a few other systems as well." - Mark J. Bobak

Ann Arbor, MI,
The Nervous System
Rich WeinkaufFIDO
"What a pleasant surprise to find a reference to my old BBS out here on the net. I ran The Nervous System out of my office at Parke-Davis in Ann Arbor, providing mainly information on C programming and systems development (I was a systems analyst at the time).

"I was shut down unexpectedly one day when I was called into the MIS Director's office- a "Tiger Team" hired to find system security vulnerabilities had discovered my modem hooked to a work number, and I was busted. Despite my explanations and block diagrams showing the system had no physical connection to our mainframe and network, they said I could either disconnect the modem or they would escort me to my car. I chose to continue working there and pulled the plug.

"That was a fun time- when BBS sytems evoked an atmosphere while you were connected. Each was infused with the sysop's personality. And perhaps because they were text-based, the picture a user conjured up in their mind while connected was far more personal than today's graphic-intensive web experiences." - Rich Weinkauf

Saline, MI
The 'Sci-Fi' BBS
StarFleet (ala Lewis Donofrio)
"I ran this two-line (line two was 313-944-0409) fidonet memeber board with tradewars online games and other applications that I thought others would enjoy. I hadda few memebers who sent in donations but it was mostly an expensise hobby but I got a chance to meet some great sys-op's from the 313/734 (they change area codes. Thanks for the thoughts though the years. Lewis (Starfleet) Donofrio going QRS....L8r $#@! No Carrier." - Lewis Donofrio
St Louis, MO
Game Grid
"I found an old calendar and it lists January 18, 1984 as the first day of Game Grid, and lists the phone number as 227-4542. At the time, the 227 prefix was probably Ballwin MO, but that's in the St Louis area. I don't recall anything else about it, but I bet it was one of my hacker buddies from Parkway West High School who ran it. I presume the name Game Grid comes from the movie TRON which came out in 1983." - Anonymous
Mill Dog BBS, Mill Dog BBS -28.8 Only, Mill Dog BBS 28.8 Only, Skip's Doghouse
Skip Attaway
Pacific, MO
FishNet Node One
"Ran on a TRS-80 Model IV with 4 floppies. Written entirely in assembly language by Paul Becker. Lightning destroyed its modem in 1989 and the board was retired." - FishHead
St. Peters, MO
-=Inner Circle=-, -=Inner Circle=-
Mike Seiler
"Wow! This list is sooo cool! For some reason I was thinking back about The Lonely Guy BBS. This guy wrote his own BBS software, and sold it. I decided to purchase this software, and open my own BBS on my Commodore 64. I was shocked to see someone had remembered my BBS and had it added to your list....very cool. I also recognized many BBS's that I visited from your list. I also remember having a Wargames dialer that I would run throughout the night looking for other modem signals. I can't remember the software I used - might still have it - but it was written by The Lonely Guy BBS, and might be called such. A friend of mine had even created a "fantasy" WWF League and we had added it to the BBS. Those were some fun times!" - Mike Seiler
Imperial, MO
Zero Hour
"This was an ansi art BBS. It was the WHQ for FiRM (Freaks in Revolutionary Modding)and the WHQ for gravity (ansi art group)." - Pitt
Bong City, CyberSpace: 2001, Late Night and Mid-Day BBS
"You can find me at if any of my old BBS acquaintances see it and want to e-mail me." - Danny
Cape Giradeau, MO
Dutchie Help, Morgana, Micro Tech BBS
Mike Bryeans, Micro Tech
Support for OSIRIS Multiline BBS Software - IRIS Mail
High Ridge, MO
Video Game Underground (VGU)
Night Stalker, NefariousWWIV
"Oh how I wish I could find my backup of those crazy ANSI opening screens I spent so many hours ripping off & modifying. After discovering my handle was not only used by someone else nearby, but the "handle" of a notorious murderer, I changed it to Nefarious. And a big "Long Time No See" to S&V, Smoldering Wig, and the sysops there with whom I enjoyed some good times in the real world. Those were the days." - Nefarious
Ballwin, MO
The Mirage
BlackhawkCustom Written - Commodore 128
"The Mirage was loosely affiliated with The Oasis... We called the group "SaharaNet BBSs", and there was one other in St. Charles whose name I don't remember [The Caravan, maybe?]. This BBS first ran on a Commodore 64 and later on a 128. Written in BASIC and lots of Machine Language, it ran on a single floppy drive. I particularly remember one gal called Mission Control, and a couple of odd fellows like Gandalf, Gryphon and a few others. I still have the old disks...somewhere... What I wouldn't give to be able to boot those and go read some 15 year old messages! Typical things closed it down... Mostly just paying that darned monthly phone bill. Wow... Those were the days, when 1200 baud was considered FAST!" - Blackhawk
Saint Louis, MO
Hobby Shop BBS, New Node, The Hobby Shop, The Hobby Shop BBS
Todd YoungHermes
"The Hobby Shop BBS was run on Hermes then upgraded to NovaLink and finally upgraded to FirstClass. It was one of only Three Macintosh BBS's serving the Macintosh Community. We have a message forum: We also carried FidoNet, and had online games. I was the Sysop: Todd Young." - Todd Young
Overland, MO
Captain Howdy's Hideout, Dark Side of the Moon - Phase II, Fresh Air BBS, Net Echo Co-ord, Network 23, The Dark Side of the Moon-PHASE II, The Hideout
Matt Henry, Matthew G. Henry, Matthew HenryOpus
"The BBS was known under all of the following names: Captain Howdy's Hideout (ran under WWIV software), The Hideout (ran under WWIV software), Dark Side of the Moon (WWIV), Opus Network 23 (Opus), Dark Side of the Moon - Phase II (Opus), Fresh Air BBS (Opus)." - Matt Henry
Barnhart, MO
VINET BBS, Vinet BBS (Mon-Sat 24 hrs)
Mary Voss
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Barnhart, Missouri since 06/94. Sysop: Mary Voss. Using MajorBBS 6.21 with 2 lines on MS-DOS with 345 MB storage. Infotel at 14400 bps. $50.00 Annual fee. Vinet BBS offers a variety of information, including Classified Ad's, Internet Mail, Contests, Teleconferencing, Games, Program files, and more. Try our 30 day free trial offer and decide for yourself.
Chesterfield, MO
Cooter Poker, The Cooter Poker
"I just still wish i had my uncomplied or even the complied version of my site, lol...." - Nivek
Maryland Heights, MO
Spider's Web, The Spider's Web
The TarantulaGBBS
"I was the SysOp of this BBS (my name's Chris Crandall). It ran on an Apple //c with a single floppy drive. Bought the software from some random guy in Colorado (I think). Always dreamed of adding a 2nd floppy drive to allow for more messages per board. My friends and I tried programming some little online games onto it but were never really successful. WWIV came to dominate BBSes in St. Louis around this time and the GBBS software kind of sucked anyhow. I did meet my girlfriend of 5.5 years by breaking into her session to chat. Not sure that was a good experience when all is said and done. The Junk Drawer was probably the best and longest-standing BBS in the area." - The Tarantula
Offworld, Offworld (E-Mail to Sysop), Offworld BBS
Joey Jay
List of BBS List Keepers: St. Louis AC 314/Beth Brooks/Phydeaux Soft
Fire Escape's BBS, Fire Escape's BBS (New #)
Fire Escape, Beth BrooksWildcat Interactive Net Server
Home of the 314 BBS Directory (Source for some BBSes on this List)
St. Louis, MO
Dust in the Wind, The Land Forgotten, Tito's Disco & Tatoo Parlor, Wide World of Cheese
Tito, TheTotal PackageWWIV
"I ran this board from the middle of my freshman year of high school until I left for college in August of '97. At one time we were one of the strongest one-line boards in the St. Louis area, To this day I'm still good friends with several people from that time period. Good times I tell you." - TheTotal Package
Maryland Heights, Mo
The Lost Resort
Cronus, Red KnightC-Net v11.0, v12.0
"It was My BBS. it was up for about 6 months. It had a small but loyal following. I have spotty records that can be available upon request. It was quite cool coming home from school (I was 16), and having a community waiting for you when coming home. Many factors contributed to it going down. My message base Disk Drive (my Drive 9) was an old 'Blue Chip' clunker that I bought for $50 died,(I replaced it with a borrowed 1571), the added fact that I went through 3 power supplies (because commodore computers couldn't stand the strain. ~ ironically enough, a method that worked to keep the computer from locking up was to crack open the commie's keyboard and point a regular desk fan right onto the chips! what a concept!) I have a picture of that if you'd like.. oh yeah, I even had an anti-board cousin.. some 27 year old loser (claimed he was anyway, could have been 16 like me (running a BBS up in Spanish lake, Mo.) dedicated to making my life hell.. downing my board, calling the phone company & getting my phone number changed, all sorts of things.. funny that. I have buffer logs of his BBS & not mine. :S go figure." - Cronus
Fire Escape's BBS Direct. HQ, Fire Escape's BBS Directory, Fire Escape's BBS Directory HQ, Fire Escape's Directory H.Q., Fire Escape's Directory HQ, Fire Escape's HQ
Fire Escape, Beth BrooksTriBBS
ListKeeper: St. Louis AC 314
St. Louis, MO
Show Me BBS, The Shoe-Me BB, SHOW-ME BBS, The Shoe-Me 8B
Bob PatelWildcat , Wildcat 4.1
SHOW-ME BBS, 314,770.2342, One of the fastest growing BBSs in St, Louis. Special discounts on CDRoms. Free access. Running Wildcat 4.1. Hayes 28.8 modems, 17+ Gigs online. Serving the Adult audience since 1992. Call today. - BBS Magazine October 1995
Affinity BBS, Affinity BBS (New #)
Adult BBS, Pay System
Florissant, MO
T.E.N. (Technology Education Net)
FrEdMail System
Florissant, MO
Dog Pound BBS
Matt Smithhighly modified WWIV
"Was a C64 BBS prior to WWIV upgrade." - Matt Smith
Above The Law
Submission Member BBS
St. Louis, MO
ABBS St. Louis, St. Louis Forum 80
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
St Louis, MO
Great White North, NET-WORKS Great White North, The Great White North
The HoseheadNET-WORKS, Network on an Apple II+ clone
"The Great White North was based on the Second City Television program characters, Bob and Doug McKenzie, who had a faux community access program on this comedy show. These two Canadian "brothers" would sit around in toques, drink beer, and eat donuts while insulting each other as "Hoseheads or Hosers." The BBS was hosted in an apartment in a St. Louis suburb by an orthodontic resident from Saint Louis University. As the BBS was hosted on a standalone Apple II+ "clone" with a 4 Meg floppy disk changer, it was up 24/7. The mailbox would tell you if you had "beers in the cooler" and besides the typical discussions (where plenty of "hoser speak" was used), a continuing story thread permitted users to add a few paragraphs to the story and take it anywhere they wanted to go. The number of users grew exceeding fast and an excursion with the Sysop, The Hosehead, was organized to White Castle and later a picnic. Tee shirts were designed and a booklet filled with odds stuff and collected materials from the website was even created for some of the interested users. Sadly, the beloved GWN died during the first year that the Sysop had moved to Michigan (almost to the real Great White North) and began straightening teeth." - The Hosehead
Columbia, MO
Columbia Public Schools
FrEdMail System
Mehlville, mo
Network 23, The Coliseum
Russ Chott (Mr. Spock), MijaCogeo (Russ Chott)C-net 10.0, 11.0, C-Net 12.0
"A good BBS. it had a "Full 1/2 meg online!" Which meant 2 commie 1571's ('cause they could be double-sided) Russ also ran "Network 23" on the same phone number, It was C-Net 12.0."
St. Louis, MO
RCET's FrEdMail, Regional Consortium
Barb Clements
FrEdMail System
St. Louis, MO
Deja Vu, Deja Vu BBS South
ParaPsykotic, ParaPsykotic & Swami, ParaPsykotic (aka Tony Bossaller)Color64 BBS, Color 64, Color 128
"The system ran a highly modified Color 64 system and eventually upgraded to a Color 64 V128 setup which was just as modified. The system ran mostly independent while I was in college which is where the "South" moniker came from, but there never were any other Deja Vu systems. At the closure time, it had 16 Megs of memory, 80 Megs of HD storage but was still at 2400bps as the Swiftlink would not work properly." - Tony Bossaller
Eureka, MO
The Twilight Zone, Twilight Zone
Joe WolfNetworks modified by Joe Wolf
"One of the first BBS's in the St. Louis, MO area." - Joe Wolf
NightOwl BBS, The Night Owl BBS
Gary JohnsonWildcat Interactive Net Server
Used ISDN to allow 99 incoming phone lines
St. Louis, MO
Tandy Terminal
Tom WyrickCustom
"The first BBS I ran was "Tandy Terminal", which you have in the list, but don't have my name (or anyone else's) listed beside it. The Tandy Terminal ran on a Radio Shack/Tandy Color Computer 2, using software I wrote myself. A couple other people in the St. Louis, Missouri area purchased copies of this software and ran their own BBS's using it. I named this custom software "Dial-a-Color". Later, this board changed into "The File Cabinet", which originally ran from the same phone number as listed for Tandy Terminal, but was run on a PC compatible using Telegard, and later, the Renegade BBS package. Next, I moved into an apartment in the Spanish Lake area, and set my BBS back up as "The File Cabinet II", running VBBS software. This one is in also your list." - Tom Wyrick (King TJ)
St Louis, MO
AE Line: MRH, Hollywood & Vine, Hollywood and Vine
Mr. Hollywood, Mr HollywoodAE (Ascii Express)
"Apple ][+ running AE, Novation AppleCat 1200 Baud Modem, 2 Apple floppy drives + 16 KB ramdisk. Mostly kracked arcade-style games for Apple ][, but also contained a file which listed other working BBS phone numbers." - Mr. Hollywood

"You already have a listing for this BBS, but I found an old calendar and it lists January 27, 1984 as the first day for the Hollywood & Vine BBS which I ran. I left town to go to college in fall of 1984, so I presume it only ran until I left, which was September 1984. The other info you have listed for the BBS seems correct, though I think the software was properly titled ASCII Express II (AE II) or ASCII Express Pro (AE Pro). I don't recall which version I used." - Anonymous

Syracuse, NY
Midnight Auto Parts, Midnight Auto Parts BBS, N.A.S.I.X., nasix
Patrick J. GleasonOracomm, Bulletron
"It went on-line for the first time on October 15, 1987 and is still operating today, though in an evolved form. In 1994 we added TELNET access to the traditional compliment of dial-up modems, and in 1995, added HTTP access. In 1998, the traditional dial-up phone lines were discontinued, and in 2001, the TELNET interface was turned off, but the HTTP interface continues to this very day. This evening, I (the author of the software that runs Midnight Auto Parts BBS) am mentally debating switching back to dial-up access only, as a measure to ensure greater privacy and anonymity for the end-users." - Patrick J. Gleason
Syracuse, NY
"This was my BBS. I ran it until I moved in 1997 and had to give up the phone number. I ran a few different BBS packages over the years, which I tended to highly modify (VBBS with homemade light bars, for example) and I wrote a few simple door programs to supplement features I wasn't happy with (a much more detailed one liners was the only one I supported for any amount of time.) Renegade was the software I used longest. This BBS was completely anonymous, not requiring any real registration other than a handle. All accounts were immediately active with a 60 min time limit and no d/l quota. Many sections of the BBS allowed completely anonymous posting. The file sections were almost all text based, and I still have an archive of a large amount of the files." - dIZ
Syracuse, NY
ChipHead BBS, Chiphead's Delight
David N. JunodFido
"This board was Amiga Only. I still have the computer & hard-drive last used when this board was shutdown when I moved to Malvern PA to work for Commodore on the Amiga OS."
Michael J. BettuaRemoteAccess
"I was the sysop of what was a high school BBS. I created it, it dissapeared as soon as I left due to lack of an operator from within the school. The actual number of the BBS had is not available. As for whether it is obtainable through more research I do not know.

As for Bytronix BBS [(which is listed in your database!!! :-)], it is gone, but (much to my surprise) not forgotten. Thank you. As for the dates of operation of Bytronix (dial-up) BBS, I'll just stick with what you have on record, although I do know that the time period was longer then what you have listed. However, it was (unfortunately) frequently down for reasons beyond my control. For the record, Bytronix Dial-UP BBS will return. Old Style. When and for how long I do not know. But it will be back in one form or another with at least one dial up phone line. More if enough interest can be generated." - Mike Bettua

Marcellus, NY
ShockWave Rider, Shockwave Rider
Eric LarsonOpus, Remote BBS, FrontDoor
"This BBS spanned the time from when I first became interested in such things until I had to relocate to NJ due to my job being relocated. It was a file intensive single line system running on Fidonet serving the Macintosh community. After moving to NJ it really never rebuilt the user community and was shut down after a couple of years. At one time the Berkeley Mac Users Group rated it the number 1 Mac oriented BBS in the country. I still have a collection of post cards from callers from all over the world that visited Shockwave Rider." - Eric Larson
Bernhards Bay, NY
SuperNature, Supernature (X-ZoTiKS Home Support)
Justin YeddoX-ZoTiKS
"I ran a small support board for an experimental WWIV/Telegard "hack" (based on TG 2.5g and some WWIV s/c) between 1994 and 1995. I had about 20 clients of the software across the US and some in Canada. The software was called X-ZoTiKS. The BBS was open to the public as well and I had about 30 or so registered users and an open guest account where people could sign on. A lot of out of towners also called the system because I had probably the hugest collection of BBS software and source codes around. Great times, I miss it." - Justin Yeddo
Phoenix, NY
Phoenix High School, Phoenix HS, Upstate NY Net2608 NEC
Larry Curreri, Fred RobertsOPUS
"This was a High School BBS which started when Jack Crawford from the Finger Lakes BOCES started what was know as the K-12 Net. Along with the Fido net network, this BBS provided message areas in both the Fido-net network and the K-12 Network. It became the CNY hub for the K12-network and also one of the nodes for the new net2608. It was a dial up system with one line and went off line when the Internet became available." - Larry Curreri
New Hartford, NY
Paridise Graphix
Tom ZalewskiWildcat
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: New Hartford, New York since 04/94. Sysop: Tom Zalewski. Using WildCat 3.9 with 2 lines on MS-DOS with 1300 MB storage. Boca at 14400 bps. $24.99 Annual fee. Specializing in Adult Graphics Featuring TIFF images, Online Adult Games. New Scans added Monthly.
Herkimer, NY
The Darklands BBS
David Maury, Terry RivenburgTriBBS, Remote Access
"Along with David Maury Terry Rivenburg was a SYSOP for this board. The Board was hosted at Daves house but was mostly run by Terry Rivenburg. Both guys are good friends of mine. BTW the documentary brought back so many awesome memories that i decided to start a telnet bbs so i could play B.R.E again. man i loved that game. Thanks again." - Deadbody
McPherson, KS
McPherson USD #418
FrEdMail System
Newton, KS
The Trail BBS
Jason KleinWildcat!
"I operated this BBS with APCi MPGS software for several years. The MPGS software allowed us to play four-person id games (Doom, Heretic, Hexen) via dialup modem instead of direct serial connection. We retired the BBS once online multiplayer gaming became a reality (ie: Quake 1)." - Jason Klein
Newton, KS
The OtherBoard
Travis TaylorWildcat, Wildcat!
"I remember using this BBS from 1996-2000, though I was told that it existed long before I was around and via conversations with Travis, know that it was online through at least 2000 because he also provided dial-up ISP services for several years. Travis moved out to California a few years ago." - Jason Klein
Newton, KS
The OtherBoard
Travis TaylorWildcat, Wildcat!
"I remember using this BBS from 1996-2000, though I was told that it existed long before I was around and via conversations with Travis, know that it was online through at least 2000 because he also provided dial-up ISP services for several years. Travis moved out to California a few years ago." - Jason Klein
La Harpe, KS
Beyond Engineering, Beyond Online, BEYOND ENGINEERING ONLINE
John Heard
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: La Harpe, Kansas since 07/94. Sysop: John Heard. Using MajorBBS 6.21 with 2 lines on MS-DOS with 2800 MB storage. Microcom at 28800 bps. $60 Annual fee. Be our 144th subscriber and receive a 14400bps modem. Free downloads from Demo area. Thousands of ACAD, Engineering, Gifs, Windows, DOS Utils, Online Game Connection and more. We are on FidoNet 1:14/689 and MajorNet@BEY.

BEYOND ENGINEERING ONLINE, 316.496.2020 Large file base includes Engineering, ACAD, DOS.Windows Utilities, GIFS, Games, DOOM Utilities, Amateur Radio, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME CONNECTION supporting DOOM, F-15 Strike Eagle and other Modem Playable Games. FidoNet, MajorNet Forums and E-Mail. Serving you from the center of the USA with High Speed Pentiums Supporting RIP & ANSI. High Quality 2400-28.8kbps connects plus voice Support Available at 316.496.2682. Dial us up and check us out-Free Downloads from our Demo library. You'll want Beyond Engineering to be your Cyberspace Home! - BBS Magazine November, 1994

Wichita, KS
Red Flag, Red Flag BBS
Ken JacobsWildcat, Wildcat!
"Registered Tradewars 2002 door provider. FidoNet member." - Ken Jacobs
Ansi Hell
Fresh BWWIV 4
"Just a little single line BBS in Wichita Kansas that specialized in message boards and ANSI art." _ Brian Engler
Wichita, KS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Newton, KS
Mother Board, Motherboard
Martin (Marty) Sadowsky, Don RiggsTBBS
"These numbers accessed the same BBS. I recall spending many hours dialed up to the MotherBoard at 28.8k to access the internet. The BBS was moved from Newton, KS to Sedgwick, KS around 1994 so that they could take advantage of an SBC (Southwestern Bell) rate center loophole that allowed them to relay local calls between the NEWTON KS rate center and the WICHITA KS rate center since their lines were considered a local call from either rate center. My first year or two of dialup internet access was provided via the relay service provided by this BBS. Our only other option at the time would have been to call into the dial-up ISP in WICHITA KS via a long-distance call. Hats off to Marty and Don for their several years of service and harassment from Ma'Bell." - Jason Klein
Indianapolis, IN
AmigaSource, Doomsday Dungeon
Andrew Gray, Andrew grayTransamiga, Custom
"A BBS I ran from when I was about 13 through 17, when I had to take it down for various reasons, and shortly thereafter got on the Internet. Was run on an Amiga and started out using TAG, then Petra which I custom-coded door games into, and then ended up with Transamiga. Had great fun while running this, and learned a lot, and met quite a few people." - Andrew Gray
Portable Hole BBS, T.A.S.T.E. - The Atari ST Exchange
David McNettFoReM ST
"FoReM-Net Node 20"
Indianapolis, IN
The Doctor (Doc or Tom O'Nan), Thomas O'NanPrime for Apple //e
"I ran this BBS for many years, it started out in Terre Haute, Indiana and then moved to Indianapolis. The main point of this BBS was the wonderful message system and it's e-mail. In those days the BBS community was primarily a place where IBM files were exchanged, not much interest was made on community and comversation. This BBS was outside the norm in that there were very few downloads and literally millions of messages. It ran on a single phone line with a sysop screen where I could see what was going on. At the end the system had passed over 11 million e-mail messages between the users and there were over 40,000 messages on the active system. The end came when a few BAD users found a weakness in the error correcting modem technology and began war dialing the system to lock up the modem and shut down the system, this always required the sysop to manually reset the system, the software was never upgraded to allow for the error correcting modems to work right. In the end, the system was too hard to maintain after months of the war dialing and was shut down. The children who were responsible for the shut down, in the end, were found out and did pay the penalty, but a good and fun community BBS never recovered and soon the Internet came and BBS times were over. It was fun while it lasted." - Thomas O'Nan

"I'd like to add something about the TARDIS bbs. I was one of it's users and think it's a shame what happened to it, we all loved this bbs for many years as it was a community. But more than that Doc provided something different, a ladies only section that was really for the ladies only, I mean he let us run that part of his board, even he stayed out of it, he had a couple of other ladies who were cosysops who ran the ladies board. During the BBS years when a female got on a BBS it was usually a nightmare with all sorts of people hitting on you, Doc didn't allow that, he kept the peace, he also didn't allow flame wars like you'd see on many other boards. I know that you also didn't want to get on his bad side, if you did, you would loose your privileges, one user got way out of hand at one time and Doc didn't kick him off, he just restricted him to the Red Button and Logoff commands. The bbs itself was pretty neat, it was based on the Doctor Who TV show and had many references to the show placed in it, but if you didn't know anything about Doctor Who, you could still get around, there was a general bbs room, a science room, a teen room, the ladies room, an adult room and a few more. There was a little download area for those would couldn't live without one and there were a few games. He also had a strange sense of humor, like a command button called THE RED BUTTON (never push), and warnings all over the place about not pushing the red button, of course you HAD to push it, and guess what, you were instantly logged off and disconnected, no damage though. He also had an Eliza program that many thought really was The Doctor, a couple of simple games and if he was there, you could page him to chat. Because some people would monopolize the board playing games there were time limits, this helped because it was only a single line BBS, if you participated a lot in the conversations, you would be given more time. It was neat, I'd sometimes take much of my time reading everything that people had to say, then I'd have to come back again to say what I wanted to say, Doc ended up giving me two more hours of time because I was a good girl :) I don't know where Doc is now, but I've always wanted to thank him for doing what he did and putting up with us. Thanks." - Tilly M

Muncie, IN
NoWhere BBS
Chael HallChaelBoard
"Due to increased competition for the phone line and a waning interest in running the BBS, I took it down. I had already begun running mailing lists on the Internet. I went on to run an anonymous FTP archive, gopher site, and anonymous remailer. I still run several free mailing lists and web sites at" - Chael Hall
Indianapolis, IN
The Midnight Flyer BBS
ScorpioC*Base BBS
"Ran off of a Commodore 64. Co-Sysop: Spunky, Modspak/Trivia Guru: Morgan, Game/Modz tester: Cougar. Subop of public Forum: Styles, Subop of classifieds: Apollo, Subop of Game Hints & Tips: Kanga, Supop of Arts and Entertainment: Vox, Subop of Hardware/software help and pinch, Subop of U/D forum: Disvader" - Scorpio
Indianapolis, IN
Dan TaylorVirtual BBS; Color64
"Started out as a single node system running on a C-64 using Color64 BBS software runnning in all basic. System had a 256K Ram Expander and 8 disk drives chained together...a real nightmare to keep up and running. Finally switched to VBBS, eventually runnning 2 nodes on 1 machine using Desqview, then finally 2 machines networked running Windows 95 with 15 cd-rom drives for downloads. After 11 years and an unforeseen move, it was time to throw in the towel as many users decided it was time for the internet. I learned a lot, loved running the system, and made several friends over the years." - Dan Taylor
Indianapolis, IN
ClassiComputerFieds, T-CON, Traders' Connection, TRADERS' CONNECTION, Classi Computer Fieds, TCON
Steven Edsall, Steve Edsall/Trader Newspaper, C. Hanrrahancustom
TRADERS' CONNECTION, Featuring the largest classified ad database in the world! Search over 500,000 ads from independent classified ad papers across the U.S., quickly and easily. But that's not all. T-CON also offers national e-mail, live chat, special interest groups (SIG's), tons of files, technical help and advice, and lively discussion groups covering everything from politics and religion to photography and aviation. T-CON is everything you would expect from a full-service, national BBS. National access available for as low as $2/Hr. Try us out — Free! Dial (317) 359-5199 for a free demo, to join or to find the local access number for your area. You will be impressed with all we have to offer. Call toll free 800-753-4223 voice for more information. - BBS Magazine November, 1994

Online System for Classified Advertisements

Mars Hotel BBS, The Mars Hotel
Jay ZachRBBS
"I ran this bbs when I was around 21-22, from my room, in my parent's basement. I wanted to start a site themed on grateful dead fan stuff, since I didn't know of many. I ended up finding some long distance ones, afterward. It was great fun, and my first real experience with open source, which I try to use exclusively now." - Jay Zach
Haven BBS
Ian M. ShotCitadel/UX 5.72, MajorBBS 5.505b
Still available on the web at or telnetting to
Kokomo, IN
Elusive Dream =THG=, The Elusive Dreams =THG=, ELUSIVE DREAMS #1
Toy Man (THG - WHQ), The ToymanPC-Board
"The Elusive Dreams - The legends of legends, for over 2 years, this was the fastest bbs in the world, if your group wanted to be known and claim to have released something first, you HAD to upload it to this board to have any credit. Closed down a while back. Evidently I never got validated there. ACiD HQ. (PC-Board) (You have this listed as Indy when it was Komomo) I knew the real name of the ToyMan (out of respect it I wont let it out.) - Anonymous
Indianapolis, IN
End of Infiniti
Aaron AbelardPC-Board
"Part time as I only had one phone line for both inbound and outbound. Started at 2400, hit 9600 and 14400 before moving to the internet. I had an account circa 1994 and switched to IQuest in 1995 when I started working there. Dave Julius was also an IQuest employee. ;)" - Aaron Abelard
Indianapolis, IN
Guru Meditation, Westside Development
Matt BartonRemoteAccess
"I started Guru Meditation in January 1991 on my first PC, which was an 8088-based system with CGA graphics. I was about 14 years old and in the 8th grade. The system eventually got upgraded a few times, winding up on a 486-based system by the time it went offline.

"In early 1995, I had discovered the Internet by using a friend's shell account at IQuest, making the BBS mostly unavailable (since I was hogging up the phone line). Eventually, I took the board down in June 1995, shortly after graduating high school.

"I learned so much back then and had a lot of fun doing it, especially from being a member of Net 231 FidoNet. I still have friends who I met years ago via my BBS, including the friend who let me use his shell account at IQuest. And to this day, I still have my user data files and most of the logs archived away on my file server."

Paragon, IN
Martinsville School District
FrEdMail System
Anderson, IN
DeepFreeze BBS, The DeepFreeze BBS
Rick SchaeferRemoteAccess, D'Bridge
"This was my BBS during those years early in my 1st marriage. I had some very unique, 3-D looking menus in text format and also used it to distribute some of my software that I had written at the time. I shut this down in, I believe, 1996 when the internet was just starting to show up on the scene. I STILL miss running my BBS. Finding this site was a blast and seeing all those people's names that I used to hang out with during this time period was a nice flashback. Of course, we all fell out of touch over the years." - Rich Schaefer
Anderson, IN
EAST CENTRAL IN NET, NET 2255 ECHOMAIL COORDINATOR, Net 2255 Treasurer, The I O Board, The I. O. Board, The I.O. Board, The I.O. Board BBS
Bert HappelOpus , Fido, Maximus
"The BBS began as a daytime, weekdays only system running on my single phone line in my apartment. Over it's lifetime it answered nearly 100,000 calls and had a user database of nearly 500 callers." - Bert Happel
Marion, IN
Paul JohnsonWildCat
"I started this BBS because of my love for the game of DOOM. I was endorsed by John Romero from id Software and he actually added my BBS and BBS info into the README.TXT file that was shipped with every copy of DOOM from v1.4 to v1.8. I was the only BBS at the time that was endorsed by id software. My BBS was growing so large that I had to add 4 additional phone lines to accept all the new traffic that the README.TXT file was generating. I loved running this BBS, it was a chance for me to do things that I would not have gotten to do had I not taken the steps and had such a passion for a small game called DOOM. Those were some of the best days in my entire life. I could say much, much more about my time in the BBS era but you wanted comments and not biographies HeHe! Thanks!" - Paul Johnson
Lafayette, IN
N4ZDU super BBS
Robert L. Gilmore ((N4ZDU)PC Board
"I operated this BBS for about 5 years on two phone lines,I dont remember the other phone number. Glad to see it still lives at least in spirit form ! Thanks to all that were members. I am a general class ham radio operator and that is my call letters still today! Robert (N4ZDU)"
The U.S.S. Stargazer BBS
Bruce ScottWildcat
"I Started my BBS in 07/01/1994 or thereabouts and took several test calls from a friend of mine to get the bugs worked out. I believe my first fulltime online call was on 08/01/94. I joined FIDO Net in 1995 and my FIDO Address was 1:231/15.0. I spent 2 months learning all the software to run the BBS as well as the ANSI software and other editors to make the things work. I think the batch files were the biggest thing to overcome. The hours of editing and trying to get all the batch files to work together and alone as needed was a real brain buster for someone that only had a computer for 4 months. My BBS was; The USS Stargazer BBS, sysop; Bruce Scott, BBS Software; Wildcat, modem was 28.8 USR Duel HST. I started the BBS on a 500 meg hard drive on a 33 MHz CPU in a Packard Bell I bought at Walmart." - Bruce E. Scott
Road House, RoadHouse BBS (ASP), RoadHouse BBS (ASP) [FAX], RoadHouse,music, The Road House, The Roadhouse BBS, The RoadHouse BBS (ASP), Unicorn Software Technical Support
Richard HollerQuickBBS , RemoteAccess
ListKeeper: ASP BBS Member List
Indianapolis, IN
Central IN Fidonet, Myers Investigations BBS, The CopStop BBS
David MyersFidoNet
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Indianapolis, Indiana since 12/86. Sysop: David Myers. Using Renegade v7-17 with 1 line on MS-DOS with 3200 MB storage. Zoom at 28800 bps. No fee. Indiana's only Law Enforcement & Public Safety BBS. Open to the general public as well. Over 3.2 gigs of software. SafetyNet, PoliceNet, FidoNet. Over 30 online games. World HQ for the PoliceNet Search & Recovery diving echo.
The HideOut
Derek CragerWildcat
"I ran a one line BBS until my good friend Guy Damlovac(Shuttle BBS), moved here. We played with PC Board on DOS. Used a memory swapping utility to get DOS to support two lines. Within the summer I switched to OS/2 and had three lines running with no problem. The internet came to town in mid 90's and I ran WildCat via IP over the internet for a short time, but the thrill died away as other internet tools evolved. Great thrills. Great times. Great Friends." - Derek Crager
Indianapolis/Carmel, IN
The Forest BBS
Ted E. Bear and RomanaVBBS
"I loved BBSing and this was one way to give back to the local BBS Community. I tried several BBS packages and landed on VBBS. We held several social gatherings so local users could meet each other off-line, including the annual canoe trips. I miss the good ol' days. BTW, the phone number conveniently spelled THE-BEAR (was I full of myself or what?)" - Ted E. Bear
Indianapolis, IN
PBS-BBS, Public Brand Software 1, Public Brand Software BBS, Public Brand Software Technical Support
Tony MoletaPCBoard
List of BBS List Keepers: ASP BBS Member List/Bob Ostrander
Indianapolis, IN
Internal Connection, The Dungeon, The Hollow
"Started out on a 386 box running DOS and TRITEL/TRIBBS on a single line. Ended up as a 4 node board running a heavely modified VBBS install on a 486DX2 66 at 33.6k. Was one of the largest door game boards in the area with several registered door games including a very large Trade Wars, LORD, and Solar Realms section. Also had a large file section with multiple cd-rom changers (remember those?) and tons of HD space for the time. Was a blast, but as with the rest of the BBS world, died when the internet moved in." - Plower
Russiaville, IN
The Board Of Oblivion
David D StantonEBBS, Genesis Deluxe
"The SysOp was 9 Years Old (Born 2nd July 1974) making him one of the youngest SysOps when the BBS was opened." - David Stanton
Russiaville, IN
The Board Of Oblivion
David Stanton (aka Armisis Aieoln)EBBS Genesis Deluxe and Many Others
"The BBS moved from time to time so the number changed, Bill And Teds was a neighbor BBS. Started on a C64 evolved and ended on a 486. Peak User count was over 275 registered and active users." - David Stanton
Ruston, LA
PENUltimate, The Penultimate BBS
Robert C. BullockGalacticomm
"Originally ran on a 386/16 hacked together pile of parts with a single line. Eventually grew to 3 networked machines providing Usenet, 3 dialup lines, and PPP dialup unlimited connections for $19.95 a month. Ran on Galacticomm software then Worldgroup. Ruston's 1st fulltime BBS with Internet access. Main pipe was a dedicated 28.8 modem connection to Bayou BBS in Monroe via a Windows NTAS 3.51 Server. The network on the BBS side ran on Netware Lite, OS/2, NTAS and DOS for the Worldgroup machine. I, the sysop, left to become an officer in the Air Force. I should have stayed and ridden the Internet boom." - Robert C. Bullock

"I had a sort of hack to get the connection from Ruston, LA to Monroe, LA. It wasn't close enough to get the unlimited 'local optional service' (I think it was called that) for phone calls. I had to dial a town in the middle that had the phone permanently forwarded to Monroe. :) Cute eh? But it was much cheaper than a dedicated line of any sort, and back then, even two people over a 33-38k connection still wasn't bad. I had a satellite feed at 19.2K of news and files from some company I forget, so that added to the content. I had a small dish on the roof that ran down to the downlink modem (there was no send capability) and the DOS software for it ran in a window on the OS/2 machine. Slick! Some days I still wonder if I could have expanded it and become more successful. The guy I left in charge didn't take advantage of the opportunities at that time, and eventually shut it down even though he only had to cover the costs of the phone lines etc. which should not have been hard to do at $20 a month for a subscription." - Robert C. Bullock

Natchitoches, LA
The Barter Town
"Apple ][+, Apple //e 20 MEG Sider Hard drive"
West Monroe, LA
Plain & Simple BBS, Plain & Simple SLBBS, Plain And Simple SLBBS
Tim AntleySearchlight BBS
"Located in various locations around Monroe, LA, in the late 80's and early 90's. Initially running on a Tandy EX 256mB (with no HD) on a 1200 baud and migrated over time to a 386/66mhz with over 60mBs(!) of storage and three nodes at 9600bps. Known for extensive colorful and animated ANSI graphics and the innovative Searchlight BBS package - was a beta site and dealer for the software. Board also hosted the 'Executive Council' which met almost weekly at a pizza parlor. Missed the boat on that new 'internet' thing... but what good times those days were." - Tim Antley
Lake Charles, LA
Third Coast bbs
Polly StewartExcelsior
"Third Coast was begun in Houston in 1993 and originally ran on an Amiga 2000; it restarted in Lake Charles in 1994 and eventually ran on an Amiga 1200. Using Excelsior software we had plenty of message bases (20-30) and a lot of great online games that were not the same old pc bbs games; including the never to be forgotten "Hack and Slash"! I believe it was the first and best (only?) Amiga bbs in southwest Louisiana. Ahhh... those were the days when we thought there was nothing better than bbs'ing!" - Polly Stewart
Lake Charles, LA
Lake Charles Overboard, The Lake Charles OverBoard
Dale LeDouxRed Ryder Host
"The first and only BBS in southwest Louisiana running on a Macintosh. Multiple message bases, on-line games and some of the first graphics available for download." - Dale LeDoux
Shreveport, LA
COBB (Commodore Oriented Bulliten Board)
Rick Cramer
"Run on Commodore 64, Automodem 300 baud, 5MB Commodore Hard Disk." - Rick Cramer
Sulphur, LA
JJSouthwest Louisiana
FrEdMail System
Shrevport, LA
Bossier City, LA
Sharon AikenWildcat, WINS
"Is now a telnet board as well as a dial up.." - Sharon Aiken
Bulldog'S Friends #1, BULLDOG'S FRIENDS
The Bulldog
Scoopex Member BBS
Waterloo, IA, 50701
Realm of Shades, The Realm of Shades, The Realm of Shades BBS
Mark Steel, Brian HoagGT, GT Power
"Always had the latest, coolest door games. First to bring LORDnet and Solar Realms Net to the area." - Brian Hoag
Waterloo, IA
The Land of Mordor BBS
Luke Weber, David Wire, Jason Williams (The Dark Council)WWIV
"My friends and I ran this BBS when we were around 13 years old, we were the youngest SysOps in Iowa at the time." - The Dark Council
Cedar Falls, IA
Area Education Agncy 7
FrEdMail System
Davenport, IA
Matthew Reed
Quad City Osborne Group (FOG AMO #102) member Quad City Osborne Group (FOG AMO #102) member
University of Iowa, I.S.C.A.Citadel
"I.S.C.A. is widely believed to be the largest free BBS ever to exist. Accessible from the Internet at telnet://, it currently has over 6,000 active users, 300 of which may be online at peak times of day. Over its lifetime I.S.C.A.'s file repository at has been one of the best known FTP archives on the Internet, and I.S.C.A. made the entire file archive available to dial-up users using Xmodem, Ymodem and Zmodem. (The dial-up file service was discontinued around 1997 though the archive is still available via FTP.) I.S.C.A. stands for Iowa Student Computer Association, a University of Iowa student group. The group is currently researching ways to bring the virtual community experience of the traditional BBS to modern environments such as the World Wide Web."
ComputerPlumber, The Computer Plumber, The Computer Plumber BBS
Art Petrzelka, Arthur PetrzelkaWildcat
List of BBS List Keepers: Engineering Related BBS/Arthur Petrzelka

ListKeeper: Engineering Related BBS

Power Station, POWER STATION
Midnight Maniac
Independent Member BBS
Dubuque, IA
Galaxy BBS
Sean HeberWorldgroup
"It ran Worldgroup software, had internet access, and telnet support. It eventually turned into Dubuque's first ISP, so that is why it didn't really last too long (the internet was already coming to take over everything)." - Sean Heber
Palm Bay, FL
The Slug BBS
Michael AdamsRemote Access
"Started as a Spitfire BBS, but went to Remote Access around 1997. Used it as the development platform for a number of LORD 2 IGMS, as well as the "TEOS LORD" world. Was FIDOnet 1:374/163" - Michael Adams
Brunswick, OH
Rassi's Retreat
Paul BenderRemote Access
"This BBS started when I lived in Nashville, Tn. Originally, it was a part-time BBS, and grew into a full time system. When I moved to Green Bay, WI, I kept it online. Again, when I moved to Brunswick, I brought the system with me. Sadly by that time the Internet had grown to the point where the local BBS scene just wasn't flourishing like it once did, and I took the system down. I am now online at" - Paul Bender
Akron, Ohio
Akron Connection, ECHO HUB 500
Terry RussellRemote Access
"I was the SysOp of this BBS. I run it non stop for 14 years. Originally it was on an Atari 800, with an Hayes 300 baud modem. At that time I was running a modified version of Amis BBS program. The name was Atari Express, and remained that way for about 6 years. At that point I want to attract more than the dewindling Atari userbase and decided to switch the name to Akron Connection when I switched over to an Atari 520ST to run it on. I run Michtron BBS software at that point with a 20 meg HD and supported Atari 8bit, Atari 16bit, C64/128, Amiga, and of course IBM compatables. Less than a year later I switched to a IBM clone and become a beta tester for Tim Purves PC version of Michtron BBS. Over the years I made many friends and met many people. Many are friends to this day. One such friend is Don Crano. He was the sysop of Rubber City Atari BBS. His BBS ran non stop for 1981 until 1997 I believe and was the oldest and longest running BBS in our area. Because of our strong ties in the Atari community we joined an Atari usergroup "Cuyahoga Vally Atari Users Group" Eventually become President and Vice President of it and I also was the newletter editor for many years. Well you have awakened many memories of a great era, thanks and I'm looking forward to reading your work." - Terry Russell
Cleveland, OH
Al HawkerCitadel, CNET, GAP
"A friend of mine happened to be searching for something and came across your list. I figured I might as well give you the correct info. HCS BBS was run in Brunswick, Ohio, but was always listed as Cleveland because I relayed FIDO and several other nationwide mail packages. HCS was actually around since 1983 and started originally running Citadel on a CP/M OS, then I went to a CNET board on a Commodore, and eventually a multi-node GAP BBS running on a DOS/Windows systems. The GAP version of HCS BBS ran from 1987 to 1997 by itself. My GAP software was licensed for 99 nodes, however, the most nodes I ever ran was 9 or so. I wrote several doors for GAP and PCBoard systems. When I started the Board, I was running 300 baud (high speed for that time) and was at 56K when I shutdown. You'll even find HCS listed in the GAP BBS manuals (if you could find one). Just thought you'd like a little better detail. Thanks... Al Hawker"
Wadsworth, OH
Grizzly BBS
Chris HarperMaximus BBS
"Fidonet NET 2215 Coordinator / Founder - Started Grizzly BBS on a 3 floppy disk Tandy HX with the assistance of Dan Steil of Pegasus BBS. Soon after upgraded to a new computer with Hard drives." - Chris Harper
Dover, OH
The Realm of Insanity!
Damian Green, Damian Green (Peacemaker), Danyal Bayer (Zelda)Renegade
"Wow, I just realised that we were listed! Well.. Damian and I went to school together. Don't remember why we started our own BBS, just that we did. The Realm was pretty popular, and between our board, Illusions, Dagwood's Castle, etc, we used to have local "modem meetings" where all of us from the various boards would get together. Damian handled most of the technical end, I was the moderator/voice verifier/random sysop. We also requested some of the FidoNet echoes, which was a pretty big deal for us. We had to take it down when Damian graduated, but it was fun while it lasted!" - Danyal Bayer
Canton, OH
Hall Of Fame, Hall of Fame BBS, Northeast Ohio, Stark Hub
Dennis HaddoxTriBBS
"Still online with 2 dial in lines - 330-456-0483 and 330-456-0484. It also has 2 telnet nodes that can be connected to at This bbs went officially online in 1992 and is still online and active in 2001." - Dennis Haddox
East Canton, OH
Digital Insanity, The Matrix
Fastjack, Liquid Reality, BloodbathTelegard, Citadel, Renegade, VBBS, VABBS
"The original matrix bbs was run out of my mothers house 10pm - 3pm nightly. It was run on a 486dx/50 with 8mb ram and a 110mb hard drive. At one point it had two lines, one being dedicated and the other being a the main phone line coming into the house. Then I moved to my fathers house in louisville, OH and the board was renamed to digital insanity and the number was 330-875-2045 on one of the two lines it had at that location. Later I changed the software to vbbs and redid all the ansi graphics. At some point a name change occured and it became mayhem and then when I moved to va it became digital insanity again. Each time the board changed names I changed names with it.

"The actual bulletin board itself was primarily messages, text files, and doors as far as the public was concerned. A few people (Gatlin, Tsunami, etc) had further access to the system where various items of questionable legality were stored. The community in stark county was *great*. I miss alot of the guys from back then, some of my best computing memories were at 3am bs'ing around with other sysops and playing door games with em.

"Ironically my bbs involvement later around 1996 it got me one of my first non-contract technical jobs at an ISP... i quite literally knew *everyone* that worked there from the bulletin boards in the area and had helped two of the admins to setup networking software with their bulletin board systems. Fast forward to 2005 and I started at a new job as a networking/systems guy and find out my boss and I had chatted frequently after the board moved to louisville... so in one way or another my bulletin board experience have greatly shaped my career in computers and let me meet alot of great people." - Fastjack

Akron, OH
Commando - Fred FranksWildcat
"I originally started this BBS in West Akron to focus on local sports and called it Sports World, but quickly determined that the door games was the focus of most end users. Many of my neighborhood friends and others would login for the gaming experience. In 1996, my family moved to Bath, and I lost many of my Kent user base, (which was fairly significant) because it was long distance at that point in time. It was still busy because LORDS II was out and I custom developed a large amount of that game for the community (both my BBS and others. The plug-in was IceLord Keep). Also at that time I started to chat with new users that were the SysOp of The Dark Portal and his sister. They both lived in Copley. Long story short is the sister (whom I had not met in real life (IRL)) introduced me to a friend of hers online, and shortly after we met IRL in January of 1997. Fast forward 11 years to 2008, we are married and have little 2 boys. I am a CIO for a fast growing company, and am only 27. The BBS experience and community has made a huge positive impact on my life." - Fred Franks (Commando)
Akron, OH
Mark Birdsill, DarkWindExcelsior!
"What a honor to be listed in your archives! Thanks for your efforts. I was in the military and moved to Barbarton, OH in 1995 as an Army Recruiter and promptly set up Shadowlands. It had been Nebula in Clarksville, TN when I was stationed there. It was run on an Amiga 2000 with 4 MB of RAM and a few 235 MB hard drives. I bought out another BBS owner and got all his files and CD ROM drive. I don't remember the name of his board but he ran CNET and was tired of running a board. What a time! Shadowlands had two lines and quickly had regulars, I remember one in particular, a student from Kenmore. We chatted a lot but I can't remember her handle, she was a great user and I wonder what became of her. In 1998 I was sent to Ft Campbell in KY and never ran a BBS again." - DarkWind
The Neutral Zone (Mobile), The Neutral Zone Mobile
Scott DalgetyWWIV, Proboard
"I miss it?

Started as WWIV in 1992-1993, operated out of a University Lab, then moved off-site in 1993. At one point there were two nodes in Mobile, and one in Atlanta via WWIVnet. Made a switch to Proboard in 94, added to FidoNet, but switched back after many complaints from the users. Eventually closed its doors in 1996-1997 (can't remember) when I sold the computer. Everyone had moved to the internet as the new medium of BBS style communication.

The Zone came back briefly for a while in 2000 using an OS/2 machine and a comm port/ethernet conversion utility - most of the original members signed up again. Red Dragon was defeated, etc. Eventually usage fizzled out. The zone was taken down and is just waiting for the collapse of the internet so it can come back. . ;)

Great site. I took a trip down memory lane with this one. Regards." - Scott Dalgety, (Stingray) Sysop of the Neutral Zone Mobile

entropia, oblique strategies, The Whale Zoo
IM, Insect Mother, Lynne Edel, Lynne MillerHAL, C-Net 64, C-Net 128, Atredes, Skyline, Paragon, E-Link
"During the Commodore 64/128 years, RLE graphics viewing was hacked into the software long before the official author (Ken Pletzer) added it to the package. Also, development of the original 'murder motel' happened here in Greensboro, 72 lines in c-net to write a game was not enough, so another sysop (Steven White, Magic Foam BBS) a BBS user (Sean Wagle) and I came up with the concept of loading modules. *somewhere* around here I still have the dev floppies and print-outs. will keep you bookmarked, and if they turn up, will contribute. "The Zoo", as it was always called despite the other names, was always a testing ground for new ideas in BBS software, hence so many different packages; Skyline for the Amiga was the most interesting because it was almost a preview of what web graphics are if one accessed it with an Amiga term prg called 'Skyterm'. a number of games and other oddities were developed on it by a user named Shane Killian. as with murder motel, his concepts still float around in various incarnations on several platforms. one of his games invited the computer to play at midnight and it ended up scaring the #$#! out of us.. there was absolutely no semblence of A.I. code in the game, but somehow the computer would take over the whole BBS after about a week of play everytime it was re-started.. spooked all of us!

14 years of online insanity and "meeting" so many wonderful people, I agree with you that the BBS is a part of computer history that should not be forgotten. (What is really odd is that I've been on the internet for the same number of years and have yet to find the "warmth" that the local dial-ins always offered.

Thank you for creating this site, it sure brought back a lot of great memories!" - Lynne

Thomasville, NC
Basic Connection, SPO\!BBS
Paul Sullivanpropietary
"Custom developed BBS software by the sysop (Paul Sullivan)." - Paul Sullivan
Winston-Salem, NC
Empire! BBS
"I was the SysOp of this BBS. What a great thing to see, my old BBS listed! Kudos to you." - Michael Dymott
Gainesville, FL
The Virgin Forest, The WARLOCK's Castle
McArthur Sandridge, Allyson Sandridge, The Warlock (McArthur Sandridge)Maximus
"The Virgin Forest was seperate from The Warlock's Castle. Two completely different bbses. Mine was run on spitfire and wildcat from 1988 to 1989. His was probably self programmed and ran from 1989 until 1990 or so. I would really appreciate you separating them. My name, at the time was not Sandridge either, tho we were married - in fact, like The DragonsKeep BBS ( 352-375-3500 ) sysOp, "The Dragon" - my name was supposed to be a mystery to its users. My handle on The Virgin Forest was Dryad. We had a live party once a month at my house. The big draw was that the parties were BYOB, we had arcade games and pinball in our kitchen, a couple of computers to play games on, and we played marbles on the livingroom floor. People would bring food and the parties would go on all night. The BBS lasted approximately 8 months - as long as my marriage. The last party was my fairwell party and it was held at someone else's house. Once I left, Buddy (McArthur) started The Warlock's Castle. I don't know anything about that, I was too busy living life.." - Ally

"As stated by "Ally", The Enchanted Forest and The Warlock's Castle were separate BBSes. My on-line handle was Warlock as her's was Dryad on her BBS. The computer and phone number was the same as it was my house, I paid all of the bills, so everything was mine and did not go away when she and I split up." - McArthur E. Sandridge

Crystal River, FL
Black Sunday, Citrus County HUB, Citrus County Net, The Night Line BBS
Bryan GugelmanSuperBBS
"I originally started Running my BBS after my friend Ben Marshall's Dad Bill Marshall ran The Dead Pool BBS in Beverly Hills, and I found it interesting so I did it... I started on a 386sx/16 with a 40 meg hardrive when I was like 13 years old. After a year and a half of struggling I finally figured it out and kept regular increases in callers.. Once the Internet took hold it slowly choked my callers out and I laid the board to rest..I was the 352 Fidonet Cordinator.. Email was a job during those times. Anyone that supplied FidoNet can vouch for me on that one.. The board ran Under a Odd name from time to Time Black Sunday I believe. But The Night Line is what it was regulary refered to. The name came from having to run it from 9pm-6am until I got my dedicated line 6 months after I started... Rest In Peace." - Bryan Gugelman
Hernando, FL
Genesis II BBS
William Keenan, IISearchlight
"Hosted "Crying Out" e-Zine thru the 90's." - William Keenan
Renegade Outpost I
Douglas MoyesMBSE Under Linux
"The software being used was MBSE under Linux (instead of writing my own), and had limited success with getting Fidonet to work reliably, in part, due to me not being able to monitor the machine for months at a time due to submarine deployments and the fact a calling card was used for the long distant phone connections. Due to no high speed internet service in the area at the time (besides ISDN), the site was never connected to the internet. The board had two 56k dail-in lines-- one primarily for FIDONET, and not available 24/7, the other line was up 24/7 till the BBS was shut down. The BBS was a failed attempt to resurrect BBSing after it's rapid demise in 1995. It used ANSI art for a Renegade-based BBS I was developing in 1994. The ANSI art was designed to load quickly on slow modems (I used a 2400 baud modem in the 1990s), and was hand coded to minimize color changes and extra codes added by TheDraw. It ran for about a year, and then shut down. I still use the BBS name for subdomain of my company website,, which is used for non-business and more personal project. I just might resurrect it some day as a telnet/ssh BBS to show people learning about computers a part of history, and mostly for giggles... I might even add a dial-in line." - Douglas Moyes
Lacey, WA
Le Maison De Metal, Le Masion de Metal
Larry EggersSpitfire
"After going private for a short time (about 1 or 2 months) Le Maison De Metal BBS is once again open to the public 24/7. At one time (just a scant few years ago), Le Maison De Metal was one of several thriving BBS's in & around Olympia, Washington. Now, it's the sole survivor." - Larry Eggers
Lacey, WA
The Mosquito Byte BBS
Joe MorrisMaximus
"Made from a lot of homegrown software. Totally free, home of the original ONLINE! magazine." - Joe Morris
Barrington, RI
The Stronghold BBS
Michael Donnelly, Josh IsraelRenegade
"Created by Michael Donnelly, the board was a forum for debate and discussion of politics, religion, and music... as well as a haven for Barrington computer users. The BBS was also popular for its doors." --- Josh Israel (replacement SysOp when Michael went to college)
Coventry, RI
The Void
Kris AndersonRenegade
"This BBS was moderatly popular with BBS users becuase of its affiliation at the time with the ANSi Art group ACiD. And was a base for many Rhode Island discussion groups." - Kris Anderson
Coventry, RI
IBM World II, IBM World II BBS
Marcy Crossman, Marcy C/Mike M Wildcat
"I was a Co-Sysop on IBM World BBS with Mike Mendillo (401-272-4739) before I opened up my own, hence the II on mine. We had a lot of fun in those days and never dreamed that we would eventually have what the Internet today has to offer. I had my own Newsgroup - WinCnet - run by women. We were winking at all the guys since there were few women running much of anything back then. We did FIDO transfers and reached as far as Brazil. No men were allowed to read the group on our boards and 'most' of the other SySop's went along with it for the most part. Hard to believe it was only operational for 2 years since it felt like a lot more. One of the more interesting things that happened was that lawyers from IBM contacted me and told me I had to change the name of the board since it was infringing on their name. It looked all serious, like my little BBS was a threat. I never did change the name - posted the letter for everyone to see. In 2000 I ended up living just down the street in San Jose, CA from one of their sites.

"We also had IBM World's Kitchen run by a guy who was in school at Johnson & Wales but I can't for the life of me remember his name. Mike and I were Co-Sysop's on it. As time goes by, and we get a lot older, we often find ourselves looking back at what was and how it became to be what we have now. :-) I was on a tech group the other day asking for help with a modem issue and we ended up talking about old BBS days and what we ran for software and what our background was and programs etc. Nostalgia. Good thing I got my modem answer pretty quickly. :-)" - Marcy Crossman

Providence, RI
Mike Umbricht, Michael UmbrichtVMS DCL
"I no longer run this system as a BBS, although I do still own the computer. It is a vintage 1980 Digital Equipment Corp. VAX-11/750 running the VMS operating system. There was no BBS software, per se; each person who logged in would get a DCL command line prompt. The system did have a message board, and there was DECnet mail and Phone for chat. It was also connected to the Internet for a while with the name" - Michael Umbricht
Providence, RI
J&W University, Johnson & Wales University
M Labbe/D Leckie, Labbe/Mcconeghy, Students, M Labbe M McConeghyPCBoard
"In the late 1980s I was the Chairman of the academic Computer Science Department at Johnson & Wales University in Providence. We trained programmers in FORTRAN, Pascal and COBOL, Systems Analysis, etc. I met Mike Labbe online about 1985 -- he had run a BBS from his home (Eagle's Nest) and we got him to come to JWU as IT staff. We set up the BBS first as a demo with our comp majors, and then later when I moved to the Science Dept I used it for what we would now call distance learning with students in my Environmental Science and Chemistry classes. It was a great success and I wrote a couple of articles about it for Educational Journals. Mike left JWU about 1994. We were inactive online for a couple years, and then became very early Web users at the instigation of IT staffer Anand Sampath." - M. McConeghy
Warwick, RI
Towers of Camelot
Jason Place (Merlin/Maerlyn)Renegade, TriBBS
I started Towers in my junior high school days (7th grade) on a 2400 baud modem and a single dedicated phone line I convinced my parents to get me for my birthday. It was never a huge BBS, it was perhaps 100-150 or so people at its peak around 1994-95, and was mostly dedicated to lots of board games. LORD, Tradewars, BRE/SRE/Falcon.s Eye, and a ton of others. Door.sys was a such a pain. Anyway, thanks for compiling the list, it was fun looking over it and getting nostalgic. :)" - Jason Place
Tiverton, RI
Mega Drive, Megadrive
Drew DunnRBBS
"Wow, did this bring back memories! Megadrive was really a 286/10MHz system with an astounding 104MB of hard drive space. Back in the day, a system like that was pretty powerful. 386's hadn't quite hit the market and memory expansion came in the form of big ISA cards with socketed DIP chips. Megadrive had a 2400bps modem (pretty darned fast for the time) and was one of the most popular BBS's in Rhode Island. We had users from as far away as Russia and Australia! The BBS ran RBBS software because it was free. In 1991, we packed up shop and moved to San Diego where the BBS was reborn as Sleepless Nights..." - Drew Dunn
Pawtucket, RI
Chowdanet BBS,, RI
Brad Shipp, Craig HealyWildcat
"Chowdanet has been running continuously as a FIDO system. 1:323/120 is still in operation. Also at telnet://" - Brad Shipp
Warwick, RI
World Trade Center
Steve Franko
"I ran this bbs in the mid-80s mostly a C64 trading site with a medium sized community participation (~300 mostly active users)" - Steve Franko
Eagle's Nest, Eagles Nest,!, Eagles' Nest, Eagle’s Nest
Mike LabbePCBoard
List of BBS List Keepers: Rhode Island Area 401/Mike Labbe

ListKeeper: Rhode Island Area 401

Hack & Slash, The Rhode Warrior
Robert HurstRPGBBS
"As the story goes, I was the sysop using the RPGBBS software I developed commercially for Amiga. It would evolve later to become both a standalone BBS as well as a DOOR (Amiga CLI), which became instantly popular as "Hack & Slash" for 100s of Amiga BBSes around the globe." - Robert Hurst
Drop A Line BBS, Drop-A-Line BBS
Jacques Bouchard, Jacques L. BouchardRenegade
"I remember that he had problems running it, so stopped. Than he moved. He's still a good friend."
Murray, NE
BeaverNet BBS
Greg GerkeDLG (Dialog) Pro BBS/OS for the AMIGA by Telepro Technologies, DLG (Dialog) Pro BBS/OS for the AMIGA by Telepro Technologies
"This BBS ran on an Amiga 2000 with maybe a couple hundred megabytes of disk and perhaps 4-8MB of RAM - a really loaded Amiga. I didn't have many callers, mainly because it was a long distance call from nearly everybody on the planet. And those that did call for some reason were expecting adult oriented items for some reason. Dunno why that was; at the time I lived in Beaver Lake, NE which is where the name came from. Can't imagine where they got the idea there'd be porn ;)" - Greg Gerke
Omaha, NB
Late Night, Late Nite
John PatrickPCBoard
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Omaha, Nebraska since 12/89. Sysop: John Patrick. Using PCBoard 14.5a with 10 lines on MS-DOS 80386 with 8500 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $3 Monthly fee. GIFs (33,000+ HiRez Adult), ShareWare, Online Games and much more. Nebraska's #1 mature GIF source. Home of the LNxxxnnn.GIF series.
Quasar BBS, The Solar Wind
Tom Kimzey, Merlin DePeel (Co-sysop), Tyler Theobald (Co-sysop)UltraBBS
"The story was pretty simple - once I got my first 1200 baud modem I was hooked and once I had the resources I decided I would start up my own BBS. I ran through a variety of (Free or Cheap!) BBS software as much as a learning process as anything before finally settling on UltraBBS. It was a lot of fun setting up all the various workings, creating ANSI menus with TheDraw, setting up the good door games (Operation Overkill, TradeWars, Global War, etc) getting on RelayNet and Fidonet, and even shelling out ~600 bucks for a brand spanking new US Robotics 14.4k Dual Standard under the SysOp program. I met a lot of people and had a good time - I remember chatting with a large number of SysOps listed in the 402 area code at one time or another. Those were the days!" - Tom Kimzey
Gretna, NE
Jim ShepardSpitfire
"This board was a part of G.O.S.S.A. (Greater Omaha area Spitfire Sysops Association), a loosely organized group of sysops headed by Curt White (Abort, Retry, Fail)" - Greg Wolkins
Omaha, NE
Galaxy BBS
Matt Koske (Talon)Major BBS
"16-Line Major BBS. Was one of the most popular boards in Omaha in the 90s as far as online gaming and social interaction." - Matt Koske
Omaha, NE
Curt WhiteSpitfire
"This board was sysop'ed by Curt White, founder of G.O.S.S.A. (Greater Omaha area Spitfire Sysops Association), a loosely organized group of sysops headed by Curt White." - Greg Wolkins
Omaha, NE
Club Oasis
Greg WolkinsSpitfire
"This board was a part of G.O.S.S.A. (Greater Omaha area Spitfire Sysops Association), a loosely organized group of sysops headed by Curt White (Abort, Retry, Fail)" - Greg Wolkins
Omaha, NE
The Mystic Cloister BBS
Troy J LichtasSPITFIRE
"I miss all of my users, especially Ross Hartman. Very special thanks go out to Michael McDonald (Phantasm's BBS) and Dean (Blastoff BBS) for all your help and all the fun times. I want to thank Martech software for developing Tradewars 2002 as it was this software that inspired me, originally, to run a board in the first place." - Troy J Lichtas
Lincoln, NE
StarCruiser Epsilon
King's QuestorGBBS
"Apple //e System. 24/7, 2400 baud, 60 Meg, File Xfer, Games." - King's Questor
Lincoln, NE
Lincoln Public Schools
FrEdMail System
Lincoln, NE
Pershing Elementary School
FrEdMail System
Omaha, NE
Mark WillisWildcat
"I came across this and think it's fantastic. I ran a board called Infomill and did mail relays to rivercity. Shut it down as the advent of WWW took over :)" - Mark Willis
Lincoln, NB
Cyberspace, Cyberspace BBS
Bill Richman, Chris RadekMajorBBS , Major BBS
"Ten lines, featuring our own "graffiti wall", multi-user chat with custom chat "actions", Galacticomm "Flash" games, "Galactic Empire" multi-player space war game, "door" games, tens of thousands of files for download, and thousands of (mostly) great users. We had some really good times (along with a few "not-so-good" ones) and met a lot of really nice folks." -Bill Richman, Sysop, Retired, Cyberspace BBS
Hawg Wild!, Hawg Wild! BBS, Inc.
Nate Chase, Bob SaveryWildcat
"Hawg Wild! BBS Inc was the official name of the company and Hawg Wild! BBS was the name of the system. Nate also sold computer equipment and services and the BBS was a paid membership BBS, so it was all incorporated to legally protect us. During the time frame you have listed, Nate Chase was the sysop. I was the Co-Sysop starting back in about 1991. Nate sold the system in 1996 and I took over as Sysop. In 1995, we moved the entire system to my house in LaVista (but never changed the location so as far as anyone knew, it was still an Omaha BBS). In 1996, Nate wanted out, and the system was sold to Top.Net (The On-Line Pitstop guys). Since Rob Beagle's house was already full of equipment from their system, I was "hired" on to maintain and Sysop HawgWild. In 1998 my (now) ex-wife booted both me and the BBS out. The events were not entirely un-related! :-) Rob, Jim Logan (Co-owner/Sysop of the PitStop) decided at the time to close the doors. Much of the files and equipment were merged into the Pitstop, with the internet side of things continuing on for a while (but never developed and eventually killed off as well.) Amazing what google dredges up in it's somedays! I'd forgotten about a lot of this! Thanks!" - Bob Savery
Omaha, NE
The GAM, The Glorified Answering Machine, Universal BBS
Mark Thomas, JD RhoadsHermes
"Started as a way for other Mac users to share information and shareware, UBBS quickly became a resource for more than 80 paying users. We had two phone lines because that is all my software and hardware could manage at the time. We used US Robotics Courier 56k modems and had a whole 2Gg Seagate hard drive. I was only 13-15 years old when I started and operated UBBS (until I found cars and girls). It was some of the most memorable times of my life, thank you everyone who supported UBBS." - JD Rhoads
Omaha, NE
Blastoff BBS
Dean Langholz, Jeremy KusekSpitfire
"Special thanks to all out there who called Blastoff BBs and to all the other Sysops who ran Spitfire." - Sysops of Blastoff
Omaha, NE
The Back Door BBS
Barry Bottger, Dave EidsonSpitfire
"The Back Door BBS was a public board and an online access point for the Stage Door Music and Record Shop in Omaha." - Dave Eidson
Omaha, NE
Jim BayerDRBBS
"Edgucation, Design, Graphics, and Education. Ran on a PS2 M80 at a whopping 2400b." - Jim Bayer
Omaha, NE
John/Tom SchulteBasic DOS Languate/Commadore 64
"My brother and I ran this BBS system off a Commodore 64 with a single floppy storage. We had many great memories from it and now am HTML'ing is across the Internet." - John Schulte
Omaha, NE
T.A.L.C-CFC#6, T.A.L.C.-CFC#6
Debbie ClementTBBS
"I started in the BBS world, actually back in like 1982, with a Radio Shack Computer, called the Color Computer 2, with a 300 baud modem using software called the Best BBS. The best thing about the software, was it was written in basic, so I could tweek it. I thought was really cool when the 1200baud modem came out, spent a fortune on it as well, and I thought it really 'zoomed'. I later changed computers, and software (to the TBBS system) and at the same time, changed the name of the board to Firm Foundation, and ran that board using the phone number 402-592-4840, which I ran until April of 1990 in Omaha. After that, I moved to Brookfield, IL and ran the board from there with the same gear until August of 1993. From there, I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and ran the board for another year or two. Thought that the internet was a joke (boy was I stupid about that!), but in the end the board became too much to run and too time consuming and I shut it down sometime in 1995 or 1996." - Debbie Clement
Battle Creek, NE
The Edge BBS
Jason HerrickKBBS
"The Edge - Where reality ends; lol - it was based in a small town local to Norfolk, NE. I remember the games (doors) and users the most. I tried to bring an intergalitic feel to the BBS by offering as much MPG experience like Barren Realms Elite. Brought a real sense of community when their was common ground to gain against another BBS. I believe I added a second node in 1994." - Jason Herrick
Bellevue, NE
RBBS The Meeting Place
Lee David RimarRBBS
"I was the sysop of this BBS, which I had completely forgotten about until Jack Winslade reminded me of it a few years ago. Once JSW tickled my memory, I fondly recalled... It ran on a heavily modified Kaypro II computer (upgraded with a 10 MHz Z80, a 1 megabyte RAM disk, and quad-density 5.25" floppy drives). Hot stuff for the early 1980's. The original reason I set up the BBS was to get U.S.Robotics' "sysop deal" on their new, amazingly fast 1200 bps modem!" - Lee David Rimar
Bellevue, NE
Black Ice
Ashley MortonSpitfire
"A long time ago, I was into cyberpunk and stole (yes, STOLE) the name from a novel that I liked a lot. My friend and partner in crime, John Costello and I put this up first on a Tandy 1000 ex :) Then later on a 286-16 we put together out of spare parts from various sources. I remember buying two 340 meg RLL drives for the board and yes they still work. Join G.O.S.S.A in the area, (Thanks Curt and Sparky) and I can't remember why it went down, but all good things have to end. My thanks to ALL who were there for us from the beginning to the end and to my friend John, wherever he may be." - Ashley Morton
Dale BotkinWildcat
"When taken offline, hardware was sold to Friends BBS and software became Castle Rock. We ran Tradewars, Fidonet, too much stuff to remember. 24/7, 2400BPS, 100MB on line!" - Dale Botkin
Calgary, AB
Lunatic Haven, Lunatic Haven BBS
The Dreamer, Lawrence ChenCit68k3.27, Citadel 68k
"Basically, you have the info right about this BBS....except that I started in 1987 and then halfway through 1990, I moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta (403-526-6957)

"In 1992, I changed software to DLG Pro and continued until 1997 when I finally pulled plug....I was on Fidonet, USENET and a hundred of OTHERNETs. But, it was getting way to expensive to just be a free BBS. Plus the users were changing...they either wanted real Internet access or multiplayer games. And, I wasn't going to invest in either approach. (plus a few months later I got laid off, and most of the system disappeared).

"Wish I kept records though. The only historical record I have, I guess, is a picture I took in 1996....see my website ( Sure wish I kept some of the various text files from those days....especially the logon banner.

"Sure is a nice trip down memory lane reading the other familiar BBSs from around Calgary and Medicine Hat. Will have to read it more depth when I have more time." - Lawrence Chan

Calgary, Canada
Knights of the Round Table
Craig Schock
" In 1984, some friends of mine and I formed a computer group called the Knights of the Round Table (or KoRT for short). In 1986, membership in this group increased considerably when we all enrolled in first year at the University of Calgary. At one point, one of our members (Sandy Rhodes) got a personalized licence plate (KORT) and put it on her Diablo El Camino. KoRT became quite the social club and we had a lot of fantastic parties. I guess it fell apart when half of the membership flunked out of University (probably because of too much partying and hacking) and many of the members went their separate ways.

"Around 1988, I started experimenting with full screen editing and a much more rich user interface using curses. My time was getting spread far too thing, and I eventually had to abandon the BBS. It's funny... at the time I never thought I would be looking back, missing the BBS scene in Calgary. But it really did represent a golden age!" - Craig Schock

Calgary, AB
The Deep
"NONAME Distribution Site" - Anonymous
T-80 BBS, T-8000 Info System, T-8000 Information System
Brian Simpson, Stephen Decarie
ListKeeper: Alberta AC 403
Badger's Hole BBS, The Badger's Hole
Martin Dettbarn
"I started the Badger's Hole in 1990 on a single line 2400baud modem, running Quick BBS and a 30mb hard drive. As time went on and file/msg boards grew, I of course had to upgrade the hardware. At the peak, I think I had several hundred megs of disk space and added a second dialin line."

"The name of the BBS came from an online game I played at the time called TradeWars. During this period, I didn't have a BBS but was an active caller at the Computer Connection in Calgary (which ran the TW game). My game partner and I had a little planet which was named 'The Badger's Hole'. As time went on and I had more interest in starting up my BBS, I needed a name -- for some reason that little planet came into my mind and The Badger's Hole went online."

"I believe I was just in the last year of Junior high when the BBS went active, throughout high school I ran it and really enjoyed it. In 95' when I took it offline, I was a little sad as I basically had it up and running for 5 years straight. Over that time I tried Quick BBS, Remote Access and finally PCBoard (PCB was a fantastic software package) For mailers I started on BinkleyTerm and moved to D'Bridge as part of the FidoNet network. Calgary was a great place to run a BBS, the SysOp community seemed fairly tight knit and a very good group of guys. Thanks to Bernd Bosemeyer for helping me along the way with hardware / software issues, a very good person."

"If it wasn't for the cursed Internet I'm sure I'd still be running it :)" - Martin Dettbarn

Calgary, AB
Mental Ward Nine
Jason NieckarRemote Access
"Insanity at its best!" - Jason Nieckar
Calgary, AB
Hub for 121-300, Inner Sanctum, LEC, The Inner Sanctum BBS
Nathan AlexanderMaximus
"Really like what you've done here with the BBS List. I thought I'd forward in some additional info to you about the Inner Sanctum: The Inner Sanctum BBS was activated Dec 1992 and was taken down around May 1998. The first computer that ran the show was an XT (8088) with 640K ram, 20 Meg Seagate MFM HD and 2400 baud Zoltrix internal modem. Thankfully the system was upgraded from that to a 286, 386, 486 and finally a Pentium 200 with 400 meg HD. The Inner Sanctum joined Fidonet I believe in 94 but don't quote me on that. The node address was 1:134/174 and then I was reassigned a new node of 1:134/222. In the last couple years I devoted lots of time to helping new Sysops establish their BBS's or assist them in repairing it. Some of them were Gators BBS, Kitira's Revenge BBS, Little Dog on a Pillow BBS, Hog Wild, CMD BBS and a few others that slip my memory at the moment. If you were a member of my BBS or was just around back then, please drop me a line. Would love to hear from you." - Nathan Alexander
Calgary, Canada
The Fourth Reich
Jim Butcher
"Jim was once contacted by the Jewish Defense League because they thought the name of the board was anti-semetic." - Craig Schock
Nucleus Information Service
David Berzins
"Yes believe it or not that BBS is still alive and kicking. (admittedly via telnet only now ). is the current number. I was one of the original members and am now a staff member here." - David Irons (Dox.)
Jeremy Birkett
ListKeeper: Calgary Alberta AC 403
Southern Alberta, THE MESS HALL
Fred Towner
"Fred was a good friend, a gourmet, and a good soul. RIP." - Bruce Waldie
Calgary Alberta, CANADA
Cannibals Anonymous
Travis ChaseJetBBS
"The first name of the BBS was the White Porcelin Drinking Bowl, then it was changed to Cannibals Anonymous a couple months later. The BBS had only 1 line and ran on an IBM PS/1 486 at first it ran 2400bps and later 14,400bps and after that 28,800bps." - Travis Chase
Calgary, AB
The Dawn Patrol
Kevin KindleTSX-BBS
"Started off in Red Deer in 1988 running QuickBBS v1.0, then Searchlight BBS, then Lynx BBS and then Osiris XLT. In 1991 it moved to Calgary and in 1995 it was upgraded to the multiline TSX-Online. In 1997 it grew into TDP.Net, a 12-line Internet Service Provider. In 1999 it was bought by another ISP." - Kevin Kindle
Echo A Call On, ECHO A CALL ON
Cave Member BBS
Calgary, AB
Lana 'Stratus' Berringtonlogicomp C64 beta test
"No long essay, no narrative.. but I was amused to find my old phone number and old bbs name listed on the internet. Alas, my name wasn't there for posterity.. and I can't for the life of me remember the name of my software which was I was beta-testing for a friend who wrote it in (although he's still a friend, so I'll email him and ask!). I ran this baby on a Commodore 64 with first, a 300baud modem, then a 1200 baud modem. I had 2 X 1541 5.25" drives and 1 1581 3.5" floppy drive, running 24/7 with a big Sears fan strapped to the top to keep them cool. There were probably about 15-20ish regulars in the forums (of which there were 2-6), and I often got 60 + calls a day. We had a few meets as several of us overlapped on other boards. Thanks! I look forward to seeing my name up in lights! :-)" - Lana Berrington
Calgary, AB
Grimlor, Quest To Qualivar
Peter WarrickHomegrown
"Named changed to the Dataline at sometime (I think that's what it's called.) Also I'm not sure what Grimlor is in reference to?? I think I still have the original 5.25" disks I wrote the first version on (doubt if they still have any data on them though.) It eventually migrated to 3.5" disks and then finally to a whopping 20meg HD.. LOL." - Peter Warrick
Calgary, AB
Great Galaxy of Andromeda, PartyTime!
Robin LeeRemoteAccess
"I ran this BBS around that time frame... although I think I stopped running it when all the other Chatline type BBSes came out (and when I moved out of that house). I was part of a couple of "fidonet" type networks in 91/92, including Fidonet. I had a lot of games on my BBS (Tradewars, with others like it), and a bunch of others... all that information is probably on an old hard drive sitting at the dump... my only gateway to it is probably through my old "telix" login... Thanks for keeping that list up... its something that i hadn't thought of in ages." - Robin Lee
Calgary, Canada
Wizards Realm
Jayson Hanes
"Without a question, one of the most successful bulletin boards in Calgary's history. Getting online was next to impossible. Jayson Hanes was a good friend of mine. Whenever I was over at his house, there was always someone connected to the BBS. When the modem would hang-up, there was less than a second delay before the next caller was connected." - Craig Schock
Calgary, Canada
The Twilight Phone, Zapple Bbs
Blake Stone
"This BBS had an interesting feature called "Smurfs". Basically, you could turn "Smurfs on". If you did, all text sent from the BBS was sent through a filter which would randomly change words to "smurf". For example: the phrase, "She went down to the bar and got smashed" might become "She went down to the smurf and got smurfed". If you were in an odd mood or just wanted some laughs (the results could be surprisingly funny!) it was worth trying out." - Craig Schock
Calgary, Alberta,
The Great White North, The Great White North (TGWN)
Bill (Billy) BairdImage BBS V1.2a
"I noticed this pillar of Commodore 64 BBS history in Calgary was not credited with the operators' name and I felt obligated to add some details out of respect to the man and the memories this board had on a (then much) younger man. Bill was a regular at the Calgary Commodore User group meetings and ran the BBS for many years. I have many fond memories of the active message boards and rousing games of Empire. Bill and I discovered a bug in Empire where answering no to the right series of questions (where one would normally answer yes) would cause the program to re-credit you with the years' crops even though you hadn't played your turn yet. A few cycles through this and the rich would get richer very quickly. Bill had me fix this bug and patch the program, the first time I'd fixed a bug in software. 20 years later, I still write software for fun. Wherever you are Billy, thanks." - John Finlay (The Zap)
Calgary Alberta
Hells Hole BBS
Sam Roar
I loved having this BBS. I got it set up with the help of Garry Moore from Gators BBS (Also in Calgary). I found this while trying to look for Mr Moore. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.
The Realms Of Doom
Eugene SoRoboBoard, Remote Access, QuickBBS
"This is a fantastic list and brings back many fond memories of my BBSing days. "The Realms of Doom" was originally named "Crimdrac's Bloodied Lair" after the Dracolich from SSI's Forgotten Realms game "Curse of the Azure Bonds". Later, I renamed it to "The Realms of Doom" to capture a broader fantasy world. The names I chose are rather morbid, but at the time I actually envisioned hope in a dark world where heroes would emerge, bringing their light. I was only twelve years old when I started operating the BBS. I owe many thanks to my Dad for buying the family a C-64, 300 baud modem and separate phone line to support my endeavour. Also, many thanks to Billy Baird (TGWN) who was a true pioneer and inspired me to create my own BBS. Thanks also to the operator of Infinite Loop BBS (which seems to be missing from this list) who spent many hours helping me configure Remote Access. I ran many newsgroups on the BBS (ie. MetroNet, FidoNet) and offered disk space for uploading/downloading programs. However, online games were definitely the heart of it, especially Seth Able's LORD, Dustin Nulf's Operation Overkill and Chris Sherrick's Trade Wars. My experience as an operator took me through many developments in technology. I believe I started with a 486sx/66 running MSDOS and experimented with Windows, DESQview and OS/2, as well as multiple BBS platforms such as QuickBBS, Remote Access and RoboBoard over the years. I always had to juggle providing the best experience for my users while also using the same computer for my own purposes. I shutdown the BBS when I graduated from University and went to live overseas. By this time the Internet was already taking over the world of BBSing!" - Eugene So
DLG HST, Telepro Technologies
Tom Conroy
Product: DLG Professionali
McNAMARA SOFTWARE BBS, McNamara Software Node #1
"This BBS was run by a Dave McNamara. It got to 4 lines in the final years and had very popular message boards on general computing of the times. In the late 80's there were monthly meetups near the campus of the University of Alberta where I met some of it's most frequent users in real life. By the early nineties the sysop suffered some serious health issues (neck pain) and became increasing paranoid with his postings the message boards. He alluded to so preY2K like apocalypse of computer systems (IIRC) and would kick off users if they argued with him. Longtime users choose to ignore the behaviour. For me, between heavier med school studies, moving away to residency and the rise of the web, I missed the slow decline of the board. When I returned back to the city in 1996 I dialed in again for old times sake. It still existed but was a shadow of it's former self." - Simon Ng
Edmonton, AB
Athabaska BBS
Stephen DownesMaximus
"Used to support distance education students in philosophy for Athabasca University Critical Thinking 252 course" - Stephen Downes
Edmonton, AB
Chocolate Wastelands
Shaun Betchuk, Snapdragon (Shaun Betchuk)Renegade
"Wow, those were the days. I used to be part of Fidonet and ran my own network, ChocoNet, which had 9 nodes in Edmonton. I went through about 5 phone numbers before it just ended up dying to the Internet. :( I'm still around, still using Snapdragon as an alias, going on 13 years now." - Snapdragon
Edmonton, AB
Mike Amra BrownBBS Express Pro!, Force
"Originally "Atari Programmers and Computer Hobbyists' Exchange", Apache started on an Atari 600XL with a 30mb hard drive and 2400 baud modem. It was mostly a role-playing BBS, one user at a time. Switched (always regretted it) to the PC and Force about a year into things, and stayed that way until a lack of interest on my part shut it down in '92, almost exactly four years later. A.P.A.C.H.E. became even more role-playing oriented and so the name now stood for "Anarchy Prevails as Chaos Hoards Evil", yea, stupid now, but it was the eighties and I wanted to keep the name Apache!" - Mike Brown
Edmonton , AB
The Junkyard BBS
Dave SlomanWildcat
"The Junkyard and The Adventure BBS were the Start of Adventurenet one of the largest gaming and Messaging Networks in the world over 170 nodes in North America as well as 170+ nodes in Australia and New Zealand The Adventure net was started By Bernie Vodovnik and Dave Sloman as a way to communicate between BBS's and grew from there." - D. Slowman
Edmonton, AB
Kevin's BBS
Kevin UmbachPunter Clone
"Kevin wrote a fully functional BBS system that looked and felt like Steve Punter's system. It was written in C64 basic and was so large it had to be compiled in order to squeeze into the 32K of memory available for BASIC programs. A SFD1000 drive provided a whopping 1000 blocks (1MB!!) of storage space for uploads and data which seemed huge in those days. One memorable bug with the system was that it would crash on the 13th day of the month due to a single character being used to store the message day. Character 13 in ASCII is a carriage return and this caused an error when read back from the message files." - Kevin Umbach
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Russ McElroyHomebrew
"HATCOM BBS (Yes, always in ALL CAPS) was the first bbs in Medicine Hat. The board was a TRS-80 Model 1 computer with homebrew software written in BASIC with a little Z80 machine code to push the bits through the serial interface to the 300 baud modem. The modem was connected to a homebrew autoanswer device that would pick up the line when calls came in. The line was picked up so quickly that this speed became a hallmark of the bbs once there were others to compare it with. Later the hardware was upgraded to a TRS-80 Model 3 computer and autoanswer 300/1200 baud modem. The system sported four double-sided 80 track floppy drives for storage." - Russ McElroy
Linden, AB
Scott SinclairRemoteaccess
"This was my first and last attempt at a BBS. I fired it up when i was about 15 years old, starting with friends only, running at night, tweaking the interface, testing out different front-ends, finally settling on RemoteAccess. Version 2.52, if I remember correctly. I made a few ASCii menus and tried my hand at a few ANSi screens, which didn't work out so well, so I had a member of AciD make me a homescreen. That is about the same time I joined FiDONET. I ran this BBS starting on a 386@33MHz, with a 40MB hard drive and 1MB of RAM, and a 9600baud modem that I put together from parts that i got from my uncle who was in the IT business. I then migrated the system to a 486DX66 with 4MB of ram and a 120MB hard drive, with a 28.8 USRobotics modem that I received as a gift from a local computer dealer. At that point, I had joined FidoNet and was running a few door games. In june of 2000, my family and I moved, and shut down the phone line, and the system along with it. I credit much of my computer knowledge to the experimentation and operation of the BBS. RIP HALO, 1995-2000" - Scott Sinclair
Compu-Farm BBS, Hub for LD Nodes
Bruce Waldie
"I was the sysop for the Compu-Farm BBS in Olds,AB (403)556-4100 from February 1985 until its demise (sometime in 1997 to 1999 when it converted to a web site). At the time that I took it over, I know that it had been in operation for at least 18 months already, so that makes its start date 1983 at least. We didn't get a lot of callers in the early days but they were wide spread because we spread agricultural information and there were not a lot of sources (BBS) for that at the time. We grew the Compu-Farm BBS to a Canada-Wide BBS System of Fido-Net based boards of over 13 BBSs that had well over 1300 callers a day! And then the Internet happened... Good thing in the end." - Bruce Waldie
Calgary, ALB
Beyond Reality BBS
Dylan OrrRemote Access
"My god .. this BBS went up and down so many times was a direct affinity for great ANSi/ACSii graphics.. had some help earlier on with basic setup from NO Limits BBS . .I believe his name was Minh Tran; I ended up setting up another by the name of The Luxor BBS with a friend. As most sysops. Everyone started to want winsock .. running an internet connection. At the time .. I ended up having little time. And with the release of such games as AO and EQ, Netstorm and other addictive online games. BBS pages became history. I ended up frequenting several other bbs'es myself Such as 'The quantum' bbs (who's sysop (shadowmage) was named Carl Roett :) Quanum .. Genesis on and off. Then eventually made my home on Mainline BBS. Made many friends along the way.. Wish things would of stayed local and dialup .. much friendly bunch.. only rumors anymore. Still find it amusing when I found the "LEGEND OF THE GREEN DRAGON" Web page for the 'brand new' online game.. (scratches head) Bar.. a bar.. named.. umm Seth.. hey.. There's Daisy.. Think I've been here before (cough) lord (cough) :P Anyhow thought I'd post this and hopefully if yer policy permits add my email to my BBS desc and see if any old skool people would drop me a line.. perhaps we can hook up. Moved from Calgary, AB, to Compton California, Currently in Chicago Illinois USA, moving back up north soonish. :P" - Dylan Orr
Camrose, AB
Tandy Computer Support Group, TCSG
Brian K. HahnMustang
"That BBS moved to Millet, AB with the number 780-387-2237, and ran until February of 1994. The SysOp wrote many programs which were distributed as far away as Florida. The users of this group were from all over Canada and the US, with over a dozen from the UK. Today this BBS is being revived as both an website and dial up BBS. More information will be available at This site is mastered by the SysOp of TCSG, Brian Hahn." - Brian Hahn
Calgary, AB
Creo Imagonem BBS
Count Von Igor/DraconisWILDCAT, Remote Access
"Also home of Rottweiler Software, which spat out 3 dozen games and SysOp utilities during it's time alive including Gangsta Bitch, Night Crawlers, and Time of Revolution. I was 18 when i started the BBS, and spent countless hours in front of my computer coding in Turbo Pascal for other SysOps or making game revisions. Some of the best times were the user meets though :)" - Count Von Igor / Draconis
Ponoka, AB
Action Net!
Jack Spink, Bob MachukMustang Wildcat!
"Boy! reading thru this list brings back LOTS of great memories!!Action Net! Grew out of My Board! M Y B O A R D ! was run on an XT with a 30MB Hardcard! ActionNet! was a commercial BBS and had a HUGE 1.02 GB Full height SCSI HD. That drive was well over $2000 !! There was 2 phones lines coming in but a 3rd number in Stony Plain that forwarded to a local number. So Edmonton could call the BBS toll-free! The BBS system itself was run thru a total of 6 networked computers, making it (we believe), the largest privately owned network at that time in Alberta! We had 8 x1 speed CDROMs online and tonnes of files and lots of doors! For a while we also had USAToday!(Daily), and BBS Magazine (Monthly), and the Central Alberta Crime Stoppers case (weekly). Action Net! was quite well known right across Canada and we got quite a lot of calls from the US as well. We ran US Robotic modems and the network was Novell." - Jack Spink
Universal Mind Productions
Gord MorrisonWildCat
"The most stable, longest running BBS in Camrose, featuring door games, messaging and files. It consisted of a single line connected to a 2400-14.4 bps modem and a i386."
Gibbons, AB, Alberta
Sweetheart's Place!
Naomi CarmackWildcat
"I was a 15 year old female running a BBS, under the guidance of AdventureNet creators Bernie Vodovnik and Dave Sloman. " - Naomi Carmack
Beaumont, AB
Matrix'96 BBS
Sean GartlanWildcat
"Wow, this brings back memories! I ran a Wildcat BBS in Beaumont, just outside of Edmonton for about 2 years. Started as The Matrix an in 1996 changed to Matrix'96. This was way before the Matrix movies. Remember many other Sysops from that time as well. Good times playing L.O.R.D., BRE, Falcon's Eye, Trade Wars all over Fido. I remember one GIF I scanned up Called HOOTERS.gif. It was a very popular download of an Owl! It would take like 20 mins to download over the 14,400 and I got quite a few nasty messages after." - Sean Gartlan
Morinville, AB
Danger Zone BBS
Wayne StevensonTriBBS
"The Danger Zone BBS was operated for a few years as a resource for computer gaming enthusiasts. It was a one-stop resource for gaming cheat codes, walkthroughs, cheating software, and game discussions. I started out at 2400bps, and through donations, we made the way up to 14.4, then 33.6. We were a FidoNet node, and ran several registered door games including B.R.E, S.R.E, Trade Wars, Usurper, and L.O.R.D. Our multi-BBS game leagues we were connected to made the BBS very popular. It was probably the largest resource containing well over 1GB of game-related software though no actual games for download. I remember working out a deal and sending my mom with a box of floppies in to the city (Edmonton) over to The Borg BBS and grabbing all of their files related to gaming to add to the Danger Zone file selection. Saved me a ton of download time as I was dialling in at 2400bps initially. Sadly I shut the BBS down when early 1997 when I moved away to college. Though by that time, the internet was accessble to everyone with a computer and a modem." - Wayne Stevenson
Madden, Alberta
The Bard's Tavern, The Final Frontier, The Soaring Eagle
Travis PennerRemote Access
"I'm pretty sure I took the board down back in '96. I'd moved full time in the work force by then and as of Fall that year I moved into Calgary because the commute was just so d@mn expensive for an 19 year old kid just getting started in the real world.

"Anyways this is my story, if you want to post it :)

"I have a lot of fond memories of the BBS age and it WAS something special. I was 12 when I first started playing around with Modems, in the 80's when 1200 baud was screaching fast and all the games out there were in CGA. EGA being a rarity. Anyways to make a long story short. My family moved out to Madden, which is 45 mins out of Calgary. Not really having a social network out there for a 14 year old kid, I decided to start a BBS on our family line. LOL - my family didn't like it much and Mom and Dad got me my own phone line. From thereon I got into BBS'ing. Started up with FidoNet on my message boards, and some obscure networks that some other adolescent friends and I kept up. Used Remote Access, Maximus, and Oracle, mostly stuck with RA. And for Mailers I had Front Door, Gmail, Fmail, and god knows what else I tried out. Good memories all.

"As for the reason the name changed so much is 'cuz I'd get bored of the same old thing and want to try something different. And when you're a teen, the latest fancy of mine got reflected onto my BBS.

"Wish I could find my old BBS backup files, I still got some of the old Doors on 3.5" disk kicking around, even the full version of TradeWars. One last thing, I think back in 93 or 94, Fido started a local Religious Forum in Calgary. If I recall correctly I moderated it for a short while, bad idea.

"I'd love to apologize to everyone I offended on that thing, I was one cocky SOB. Being 14-16 and "on fire for the Lord" is great and all, but zeal doesn't mean you're wise ;-)" - Travis Penner"

Carrollton, GA
Shadowland (Now Shadowscope)
Richard Miles aka Deathknight aka Captain ObviousRenegade/Tribbs
"Shadowland was up off and on from 92-96 sometimes 24/7 sometimes part time which attributed to it's decline. Briefly it came back online in 2000 via telnet and has been available at via telnet and since 2012. The board is now named Shadowscope BBS and runs Synchronet BBS software." - Richard Miles
Newnan, GA
Heritage School
FrEdMail System
Atlanta, GA
J.C. Chris WrenWritten by J.C. Wren, Basic + Assembly
"ABBS #X ran on an Apple II with 48K, a 16K language card, two 140K diskettes, and a Hayes Micromodem II. The software was about 3000 lines of uncommented assembly, and 2000 or so of Integer Basic. It was the first BBS in the southeast to use circular message files, eliminating the usual requirement of periodically "packing" the message database and renumber all the messages. It kept a copy of the user information in the 16K language card (with a driver that made it look like a RAM disk), and maintained it as a balanced binary tree, making user name look ups incredibly fast. It supported 1 main message base of 100 messages, and 2 sub message bases of 25 messages each. Messages were 24 x 80, supported upper and lower case. Operator chat was available, along with message editing facilities, message search, etc. Most of it was written while I sat in school failing math classes." - J.C. Wren
Sugar Hill, GA
Trench's Funny Farm
David Higginbotham, Jr.VBBS
"TRENCH's Funny Farm still exists as a website ( and a clown company." - David Higginbotham, Jr.
Stone Mountain, GA
F-T-L, Faster Than Light, Faster-Than-Light, Faster-Than-Light BBS (FTL-BBS), FLT-BBS, FTL BBS
Robert Vostreys, Rob Vostreys, Robert Vostreys, Will Rogers, Robert S. VostreysPCBoard , PC Board
"Home for Echo and Email tossing software RNET; Space, SF, Sciences theme; One of the first BBS board to try migrating to dialup internet and full usenet; died due to problems with phone company and migration of online community to ISPs. Continues today via" - Robert Vostreys
Stone Mountain, GA
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Southern Connection
"I got this KKK "business" card from my grandpa when he visited Georgia a very long time ago. The number is printed on a card with the KKK insignia and other things along with the address: PO Box 466 Stone Mountain, GA 30086." - Anonymous (Note from Jason Scott: If this is false, please let me know.)
Atlanta, GA
Microstuff Inc. CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Lawrenceville, GA
ADULT BBS V. FASTSEX BBS, 404.338.9483 5 Hot! Adult CD's online. 4 V.Fast 28.8 lines. All our pictures are of the highest quality and hard to find! Preview your pictures before you download with WildCat 4's online thumbnail maker. Hottest pics in the Southeast! Call today.
Lawrenceville, GA
SMALL BUSINESSNET BBS, 1-404-339-1101 — America's favorite home and small business BBS! Database, Point-of-sale, Invoicing, Inventory, Communication, Spreadsheet, Financial Management, Customer Tracking, Utility, etc. software to support your growing business! - BBS Magazine November, 1994

SMALL BUSINESSNET BBS, 1-404-339-1101 — America's favorite home and small business BBS! Database. Point-of-sale. Invoicing, Inventory. Communication, Spreadsheet. Financial Management. Customer Tracking. Utility, etc. software to support your growing business! - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Athens, GA
FOG #27, FOG RBBS-RCP/M #27, FOG -27
Bob Herrin
Computer User Group of Athens (FOG AMO #81) Computer User Group of Athens (FOG AMO #81)
Forest Park./bbs 404-361-2496 The Blind Mans Bluff
Blind Man's Bluff, The Blind Mans Bluff
Steve Keene, Ray BarbierTriBBS
"The Sysop Was Legally Blind and Assisted By Ray Barbier Co-sysop of Blind Mans Bluff and Sysop of Nomadic Transfer BBS" - Steve Keene
Lake City, GA
SouthEastern Xpress
Kelly ChaneyTBBS
"This was the 2nd hunt group dial-in bank." - Kelly Chaney
Forest Park, GA
SouthEastern Xpress
Kelly ChaneyTBBS
"This was the 1st hunt group dial-in bank, with 8 lines at its highest point. I lost touch with all my users when I moved away from the local calling area." - Kelly Chaney
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Computer Society, Atlanta CPU Society, CBBS Atlanta
Atlanta Computer SocietyCBBS, CP/M CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Atlanta, GA
Digital BBS'ing!!, in the CC: lines!, very goofy!! , Rodney Aloia, Rod Aloia
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Stone Mountain, GA
Chaos Inc..., Chaos, Inc.
Philip Doolittle, Phillip Doolittle, P. DoolittleWildcat, QBBS, Wildcat
"Originally on QBBS, later migrated to WildCat. 4 lines, 2 nodes. Run on DR-DOS and Netware. 3.11 540Mb HDD 5.6Gb CD-ROM Shareware, game doors, and chat. No adult content." - Philip Doolittle
Roswell, GA
Roswell BBS
Jason CohenQuickBBS
"I was the sysop of Roswell BBS when I was 13 (in 1989) to when I was 16 or 17. I was the youngest sysop that I knew of in Atlanta." - Jason Cohen
Atlanta, GA
Upanishad, Upanishad OPUS
Bill CarmichaelOPUS/Fido
"The discussion topic was spirituality and religion. We had threads on Eastern religions, Carlos Casteneda, John Lilly (Isolation Tank Research & Dolphin Communication), Druids, Early Christianity, Sikhs, and Cargo Cults, among others. Co-sysops Warren Tucker and John Miller." - Bill Carmichael
Atlanta, GA
Chris Camacho, Christopher Camacho, Marshall Brown, Online Atlanta SocietyPCBoard
List of BBS List Keepers: Atlanta Area 404/Online Atlanta Society

ListKeeper: Atlanta Area 404

Marietta, GA
Sem Ware QEdit Support, Sem Ware Technical Support, SemWare, SemWare BBS, SemWare Corp, SemWare QEdit Support BBS, SemWare Support (QEdit/TSE), SemWare Support PCB QEdit, SemWare,hm QEdit
Sammy Mitchell, Kyle Watkins, Richard BlackburnPCBoard
"This BBS was established to support our software products, first QEdit, and then later TSE. It went online in 1988, and we did not pull the plug until 1996. We ran the PCBoard BBS software. We were amazed at the number of people that called the bbs, and how often they called. We used to run our beta-tests via the BBS, and our group of about 100 testers became a very close community. It was one of the most interesting times I can remember. We developed some long lasting friend-ships, that are still going on today, with people for the most part that we've still never met in person. Sysops were Sammy Mitchell, Kyle Watkins, and Richard Blackburn." - Sammy Michell
Atlanta, GA
Star Trek Atlanta, Star Trek Atlnata, USS REPUBLIC BBS, USS Republic BBS OPUS
Brian FlatleyOpus
"I was the typical Star Trek Fan. I ran the BBS from my bedroom in my parent's basement. It was part of the Star Trek Fan club that I belonged to at the time. I still have the computer with the BBS software on it in my spare bedroom." - Brian Flatley
Dunwoody, GA
The Regency
Halaster, Talen
"I was the co-sysop of The Regency. Halaster and I started it to be a pirate board, but I quickly found that I cared a lot more about keeping up good discussions in the forums, and Halaster cared a lot more about ANSI art. It was a strange art form that for some reason a few thousand kids all over the US got into. There were two dominant groups of ANSI artists out there, Acid and Ice. Halaster and I decided to start a joke group and see what would happen, so we came up witht eh self-mocking group name FiRE. Don't forget to lowercase that i! Anyway, it soon turned out that Halaster and the other guys he recruited to make joke ansi art were actually pretty good at it, and soon enough were becoming as popular as the big boys. At the same time the discussion forums, with myself as the moderator, were doing very well, making The Regency one of the most popular BBS in the ANSI scene. It was weird and dorky, but I had a lot of fun doing. Then in 1995 we went off to college, and Jesse tried to keep the board going on the internet, but with the advent of AOL and other pipelines to the web, less and less people cared about BBS's and ANSI art, so it died soon after. I think it existed from 1993-1996 in one form or another. It was so great seeing it on your list, it really brought back a lot of memories! Thank you!!!!" - Talen
Atlanta, GA
Access: Earth
Tony MasinelliWWIV, VBBS
"My name is Tony Masinelli, and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find your list while surfing the 'Net. Talk about nostalgia! Wow. I was a sysop in Atlanta (actually inside the city limits) in the 1990's, and I ran a BBS called "Access: Earth" from 1993-1997. I started my BBS with WWIV software on a homemade 286 and one phone line, and by 1997 I had three lines and was running VBBS software on an early Pentium. (I must have been just about the only person in Atlanta running VBBS - and get this, I was running it under OS/2.) Members on my board (I had over 200 in 1997) were asked to invent a fantasy role-play persona as their online identity, and I provided a gaming area called the "Adventurers' Guild" with over 30 doors to games like Gotterdammerung, Star Trek, Legend of the Red Dragon, Dominion, etc. I also had dozens of conferences on topics ranging from story chain (users contribute to a running story, one or two sentences at a time) to religion and culture. At one point, I even had several sessions of turn-based role-play gaming going on through various conferences, with people in the U.S. and abroad participating. I brought conferences in through LavaNet, Fido, and other packet-switching services. (Members enjoyed making friends via one conference that linked them with a BBS on the U.S. base in Japan.) I never charged a user fee for any of this. The board was a labor of love. "Atlanta Computer Currents" did a feature on Access: Earth in 1994, when the culture of the board was firmly established but I was only running one line (60 users). You can find that review on page 61 of the Volume 6, Number 7, July 1994 issue. Those were the days! I miss them. My life has completely changed - I'm finishing seminary training (and a master's degree) in St. Louis and I'll be ordained as a Lutheran pastor in May. I'm toying with the idea of starting a BBS again, just for fun, when I'm out in the parish. I really enjoyed it." - Tony Masinelli
Atlanta, GA
Austell, GA
Harpoon, Stormbringer
The Ringthane
Trsi Member BBS
Alpharetta, GA
Avatar Technical Support, Crosstalk, DCA Connection PCB, DCA Connx, DCA Technical Support, DCA/10 Net Communications, Digital Communications Associates BBS, Crosstalk Communications BBS
Mark C. Miller, Mark C Miller, Digital Communications AssociatesPCBoard
Product Support for Crosstalk for Windows/MK4/XVI
New Berlin, WI
New Berlin, WI
Atlanta, GA
IBM National Support Center BBS
IBM National Support Center
IBM PC User Groups Database - Newsletter Exchange
Atlanta, GA
The Stupid Computer BBS
Patrick Harvey aka MrGalaxyWildcat!, Wildcat 4
"The Stupid Computer BBS started off as a custom built PC running DRDOS (to allow "multitasking") and one hard drive and later grew to 2 hard drives and 4 1000ms-access time CD-ROMs. SuperStor was used to compress the files on the hard drives. We ran Wildcat! Distributing shareware was our main goal. Secret areas were available to "special" people." Over the years we switched from 300 baud to 1200 to 2400 and then finally to 9600. Wow! All night long the CD-ROMs would power up and down and make sounds like small jet engines as their yellow lights flashed their signals across the room. The hard drives would made a quiet gurgling noise as users made their way through the site. To be a Sysop was truly glorious. One night we were attacked by a hacker who utilized the Screaming Fist II virus as a weapon....Kewl!" - Patrick Harvey
Whitesburg, GA
The Catacombs, The Catacombs BBS
Rick Sherman, Lori Sherman (The Vampiress)Telegard 2.7,WWIV
"The Catacombs BBS was a birthday present to The Vampiress in June 1993 and was shut down in November 1994 due to financial difficulty." - Lori Sherman
Marietta, GA
INDEX Line 2, INDEX: Line 2, Index Systems
Rodney Aloia
Excellent list of Atlanta BBS systems online
Woodstock, GA
Atlanta Net, Cherokee Hub A, Index System, INDEX System, The, INDEX: Line 1, Live From Woodstock, Net133 NEC, TBBS Atlanta, The INDEX System (tm), The INDEX System TBBS
Rodney Aloia, R Aloia, Rod Aloia, Rodney A AloiaTBBS
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Woodstock, Georgia since 04/83. Sysop: Rodney A Aloia. Using TBBS 2.2 with 32 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 5000 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. No fee. This is a BBS for the Serious Modem'er! Internet, FidoNet, Games, Chat, Files Messages, on one of Atlanta's oldest and largest BBS's. Great fun. Local to Athens and LaGrange, GA. Operated by INDEX, the place to buy BBS S/W.

List of BBS List Keepers: Atlanta Area 404/Rodney Aloia

ListKeeper: Atlanta Area 404

Atlanta, GA
Northstar CBBS
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
Marietta, GA
Atlanta Net NEC, Atlanta System Net
Larry CodyMaximus, Wildcat
"I was more than slightly surprised when I found your site and my old BBS numbers. We ran a BBS continuously from 1989 until 2001 with two major hardware changes and four BBS OS changes, but still kept an active user base of 150-200 users. ASN was originally a CNet 10.0 BBS running on a Commodore 64. We quickly outgrew the C64 and moved it to Image BBS running on a Commodore 128, added two 1541 and one 1581 floppy drives, a dual-disc 5 1/4" floppy drive (I forget the model number), a 10MB IEEE HDD and an 85 MB SCSI HDD (Lt Kernel)... been told that storage-wise, it was one of the largest Commodore BBSes in the USA (took up an entire bedroom of my house). I moved off the Commodore 128 and onto a PC in 1991, running Maximus BBS with Front Door (node 1:133/504 and 1:133/500 for message handling as Net 500 NEC) under OS/2 for nearly the next 10 years. the best BBS software combination I ever ran! Was running Wildcat with integrated Internet access for dial-up users when I took the board down in late 2001. Your sources were impeccable . I had totally forgotten the phone number of the second line when I lived in Marietta (404-988-9570)! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!" - Larry Cody, SysOp, ASN BBS
Fairburn, GA
The Realm Of Darkness
Tim Powell, Dark Mage (Tim Powell), Tim Powell (Dark Mage)Oblivion, Renegade, Telegard, Oblivion/2, Telegard, Renegade, Oblivion/2
"I'm reachable at" - Tim Powell
Roswell, GA
William Griffin, Alpha Systems Inc./Bill Griffincustom FoxBase
Online Job Listing - 2186 Technical Pos. - 10,000 Corps.
Stone Mountain, GA
Paul's Place BBS
Paul SponaugleWildcat
"Fun & Gaming BBS. Great Message Board." - Paul Sponaugle
Winder, GA
Dark Mirrors, The Unforgiven, DARK MIRRORS
The Animal
Energy Member BBS Paradise Member BBS
Alva, OK
The Matrix BBS
John Chisum
We had 30 online games using Wildcat! BBS, was a part of Fido Net for a short time and was Alva's first real BBS. There was a BBS that just sat on a line and really did nothing that the local newspaper ran. They didn't even post stories or have an active message board. At the high-point, I had a user base of 325 (not bad for a town with a population of 7500 with college students). I moved after graduating and went into radio. I was also co-sysop in Amarillo, TX (806 area code) for several BBS's...including Mystic Mountains (Blassingame / Rula). Thanks for the memories!" - John Chisum
Edmond, OK
My Refuge
Bruce McCubbinTelegard/Renegade/FidoNet 147:135
"My Refuge came about with much help and thanks to Michael Johnson, the SysOp of Knight Mare BBS and Hub Coordinator for the local Fido Net. It was a family base board with DoorGames and many many file sections to search thru, and several Nationl Echo Mail boards were started here. Spendings hours tweeking the s-registers of my modems and getting just the right look for my ANSI screens was heaven indeed!! Tag Lines ruled!! *Catch the BlueWave* *640K is enough for anyone - Bill Gates* *A Bug is just a Feature with seniority*" - Bruce McCubbin
the JOiNT BBs
PRiMO, Cannibal VectorPCP, LiQUiD
"This was one of the neatest sites dedicated to hedonism and recreational phun. Rx Required!" - Flashguru
Cantgetenough's Bedroom, Southern States BBS, SSBBS
Travis D Nelson, Travis/Tania Nelso, Travis NelsonQuickBBS
"I am the co-sysop of Southern States BBS. I am the one and only Cantgetenough...SysopGoddess. Southern States was a free board, but our users donated to register the games, something almost unheard of :-). We ran a G-rated side, and an adult rated side (Cantgetenough's Bedroom). For a long time, we were the AdultLinks feed, until it grew too expensive. We were also a message hub for S.L.I.M.E BBS (not listed on your site, and I don't remember sysop or number), which was a WWIV board, I think, and just wasn't compatible with other message boards, but we took on the challenge! About the same time it got too expensive to hub AdultLinks, we were all in hot water for our adult content. Oklahoma is the buckle of the bible belt, and we felt the pinch. Many of the BBSs went to BBS heaven due to that fact alone, including ours. Seeing this site, and seeing all the names I once knew brought a tear to my eye. Those days are gone gone gone, and I truly miss them." - Tania Nelson
Norman, OK
GOCC, Sandpit BBS
CHUCK PENDLEY, Chuck PendleyWildcat
"From 1983 until 1993 software was PUNTER BBS and BBS was known as the "GREATER OKLAHOMA COMMODORE BBS" It was run on a C-64 with a 20 meg HD. Overnight it turned into the SANDPIT BBS same phone same sysop (Chuck Pendley) but changed to a 386 Gateway computer and Wildcat software. Finally folded in 2002 due to lack of callers. Internet was in full swing. The BBS was always free...Never did cost the users." - Chuck Pendley
Mustang, OK
Gus RagsdaleWildcat!
"Originally started from a backup of The Marriot System BBS, gifted to me by it's SysOp Tom Milam when it shut down." - Gus Ragsdale
Edmond, OK
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Brian Drake (Woofie) MRN@briandrake.comRenegade
"I'm looking to connect up with Floater, Sunshine, Praga Khan, and others who frequented MRN." - Brian Drake
Fantasy Land BBS
Randy Henderson
"Fantasy Land did only survive for about 6 months then I changed the name to Dark Ages BBS. Running Telegard 2.5 (I think) I was getting too many people logging in thinking I was a porno board, so I changed the name." - Randy Henderson
Dark Ages BBS, Okie Net
Randy Henderson
"Dark Ages BBS 405-485-9300 and 405-485-3450 and 405-485-2126 was a multi-node bbs from 1994 to Dec. 1999 Then we moved from the Blanchard area to a remote unknown location :-) It was was of the few Multi-nodes BBS's in Okc. There was only 2 others and they were Pay Bbs's. We were always free to dial-up and multi-game. In 1996 we started offer FIDO Net feeds at greatly reduced cost (a lot cheaper than I was paying for them) by downloading the files via the internet and using a software called GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out written in spaghetti C) Mainly FrontDoor 2.02 did all the work. We setup Doom multiplayer games, with me at the console and three dialups we had 4 person games going all the time. I had a lot of help back then and want to credit Dr. Death (David) and AcidBlackwall (Scott) for all the time and energy they helped with on the board. And to also think AcidBlackwall for teaching my how to Pascal Program to make my own Renegade Utilities. We had several Utilties published on the old Software vault BBS Cd's I miss those days of the BBS and often wondered of some way to bring it back! We moved on to Web Hosting and Domain registrations at but sure miss the interaction with our BBS users. I guess I am stuck in the "old technology" I just stumbled across your list and it brought back fond memories." - Randy Henderson
Doc Cowles
"We had 6 CD-ROM drives at a time with DOOR games and warez." - Doc Cowles
Oklahoma City, OK
Prizm's Place
The PrizmCNet
"Run on a C-64, a 300 (then "upgraded" to a 1200) baud modem and 2 floppy drives. Mostly used as discussion forums." - The Prizm
Mona ShaverQuickBBS
"If you could, I'd like to add a note to the Tradewinds BBS, it was run by the lovely Mona Shaver. The reason it went defunct is that she died in 1994. She was so well loved in the local BBS community and FIDONet community, that her FIDO number was retired when she died. Mona deserves to be remembered. Seeing this site, and seeing all the names I once knew brought a tear to my eye. Those days are gone gone gone, and I truly miss them." - Tania Nelson
Midwest City, OK
Shadowland BBS
Howard Vart, Nomad
"I noticed your bbs list and saw my old bbs listed and wanted to give a update/correction. First off the location was Midwest City, OK. I also noticed the name Howard Vart listed I have no clue as to who that is. I only went under the alias NOmad. I ran the site until around November 1994 that is when my computer got stolen and couldn't afford another one right away. After that I went into Geocities since that was becoming a thing still under the alias NOmad even called it the Shadowlands as well. Now I run a YouTube Channel under the alias TheRavenquick."
Stillwater, OK
Burnout, THe Mote
Ben RandleTelegard
"I found my registration card for SRE the other day. It's dated 12/16/1992 and signed in red ink "Amit J. Patel" that really brought back some memories." - Ben Randle
Beggar's Forum IV
Lonnie JohnsonRemoteAccess
"Lonnie, Vicki, thanks for the memories. I was there until the end. I truly miss the days of the BBS. The Internet is too corporate and sterile, all I use it for is eBay." - Anonymous
House Of Donation
Subzero Member BBS
Oklahoma City, OK
The Caverns BBS
Micheal Patterson, Dr. DredC=64 days, C-Net, Image BBS, PC Days, Telegard, Renegade
"The number for the board changed a couple of times during it's lifetime due to my leaving the Military and moving around some within the city. I still have my C-Net 11.0 5.25 floppy around somewhere and look at it from time to time just to relive a small bit of my past. The Caverns at it's peak, had approx 200 users, was the first New Image BBS (similar to C-Net 12.0) that was running the Image networking and message bases. It moved on to Telegard and became part of the local fido net until it got too expensive. Then I moved software to Renegade when I moved it to the number listed and put it up on an old Compaq 386 SX with Desqview to multi node it. That way, I could log in and not interrupt the users. I remember showing Renegade to Mysteria who fell in love with it as it was the closest thing to the original C-Net BBS package that we'd been able to locate for the PC and she put it up on "The Sea of Fantasy BBS". Ah, thinking back on those days reminds me of just how far we've come. The days of a dialup bbs are long gone and have paved the way to IRC, WWW, Blogs, Web Forums and the like. But remember, it all started with a simple dial tone oh so many years ago." - Micheal Patterson (Doc Dred - aka - Dredster)
Oklahoma City, OK
FOG RBBS-RCP/M #13, Constitutional Pathway
Whitney Boutin
FOG Remote System #13 -- Oklahoma CP/M Users' FOG Remote System #13 -- Oklahoma CP/M Users'
Noble, OK
Camelot Command
Randall Christian, Randall Christian (aka Mad Cat)Renegade
"I started this BBS while I was in High School and after my senior year I had to shut it down due to life in general, but now I'm enlisted into the AirForce and have more time to work on things I enjoy. But due to pressure from my wife (who I met on my BBS), co-workers, and old friends I may rebuilding my Old BBS - Camelot Command again, this time using Synchronet software and I'm only running 4 nodes (for now) that are telnet only. Here is the website that most of the BBS information is on -> ... the BBS is at - (telnet)..." - Randall Christian
Fort Smith, AR
Anartica BBS, Antarctica
Dawn Harvey, Robert and Dawn HarveyTelegard
"Hi to all our old friends!" - Robert and Dawn Harvey
Miles City, MT
The London Underground, The Outpost
Dan MowryRoboBoard BBS
"The London Underground ran RoboBoard software (Hamilton Telegraphics) on a 486 DX2 66 system with two online CDs rotating several CD Access ROMS with emphasis on games, graphics, and shareware aps. Access started with 4800 baud and eventually upgraded to 14.4 (an expensive investment, at the time!) Eventually, the BBS added a second, rollover phone line and a six-disc CD changer and was renamed to "The Outpost" with a stronger focus on gaming.

The FXTerm client software was extremely popular, however the BBS did keep a ASCII/ANSI menu system for navigation and door games as Mustang systems were still very popular at the time. Door games included fully registered: Tradewars 2002 with expansions (Borg, Pirates, etc.), Baron Realms Elite, Legend of the Red Dragon, Solar Realms Elite, Poker, Junkyard Wars, as well as a few demo door games. Popular games for download, at the time, were Castle Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, Doom, Commander Keen, and many casino-related games. Packet mail was popular and nightly sends were done originally via phone line FidoNet, then upgraded to Planet Connect 12 inch satellite dish system.

It was popular in the very small, Midwestern town and locla areas. However, it was always a free system with paid-subscribers only benefitting from longer session times (all features were available to everyone). The extra costs of running it were absorbed as a labor of love. But, with the small community finally getting decent Internet service providers it was decided to close down as the competition would have been too great. A special thanks goes to fellow SysOps in the same town, and friends Timothy Wagoner (Signal Butte BBS) and brother Steve Wagoner (The Dragon's Den) for really inspiring and helping me to develop my modest little BBS. Theirs were truly the "big dogs" in the area and widely respected. Great guys. Great BBS's.

What a wonderful time. The charm of BBS's has never worn off and honestly, can't be replaced by the World Wide Web. I have very fond memories of the time, learning the system, and creating the RoboBoard graphical pages. Being a SysOp was a gratifying hobby during a heydey period of BBS history." - Dan Mowry

Missoula, MT
Malfunction Junction
Chad PayneSearchlight
"Malfunction Junction was started as a single line BBS in my dorm room at the University of Montana in 1991 and eventually grew to four lines by 1994. The focus was not file downloading as many BBSes at the time were, but was designed to create a local online community where people could meet and get to know each other. We had many different forums from Politics to fictitious online bars, and had regular local BBS meetings where the users would meet in person. We even had one couple who met at one of our BBS parties get married. Malfunction Junction was also unique in that it allowed the users to start new forums at any time with the subject matter of their choice and be a mini-sysop of their own forum. During its run it was the most popular BBS in Western Montana and had over 600 regular users from all walks of life." - Chad Payne
Missoula, MT
Montana MediaNet
Chad PayneSearchlight
"In 1994 after Malfunction Junction BBS had been running for three years I moved requiring a change of BBS phone number. At the time I also changed the name of the BBS to Montana MediaNET with the plan to make it a regional online information center. In addition to all that Malfunction Junction offered, I added two more lines for a total of six allowing online chatting which was a novelty back then, and added hundreds of forums from several BBS networks as well as daily network news feeds. Games and files were added and the plan was really to make this THE Online destination in the region. Unfortunately for BBSes as history notes, the Internet was discovered around the same time. Montana MediaNET was one of the first BBSes in the area to add Internet e-mail, but by 1996 the Internet was too great of a force and callers diminished. Six lines were no longer necessary so we went back to four, and then eventually the BBS shut down by July of 1996. It was a great time in history and I often lament the loss of the local BBS. The internet is great but the local aspect of the BBS is what is lost forever." - Chad Payne
Kalispell, MT
Sparky's Corner BBS, Sparkyscorner BBS
Hal KrausePC Board
"SparkysCorner started the fall of 1989 as a way for a fire department to communicate. Hence the name of the fire dog "Sparky" started the BBS. At the peak running PC Board there were 17 shareware CD's, Fido net, Usenet News Groups, 3 phone lines, 7 PowerLan networked PCs, 3 gig of online hard drive storage. Almost every month Computer Shopper rated SparkysCorner as the largest BBS in Montana based on the number of shareware files online." - Hal Krause
Benden Weyr BBS
Mike WilsonDLG
"Benden Weyr BBS of Havre, Montana was mine way back when! I ran the BBS from around 1992-1995 but the internet "explosion" took me out with it. I was also part of FIDONet, but I don't remember any of the information from back then. My bulletin board was run on my Amiga 3000 with 5 hard drives ranging in size from 120 Mb up to a whopping 340 Mb monster, 10 Mb of RAM and used a 30 Mhz 68030 processor with 68882 math coprocessor." - Michael D. Wilson
Valley Light BBS
Jay Michalik
ListKeeper: Montana Area
Great Falls, MT
Addiction 680x0
Reggie Ahlfieldparagon - Amiga ; Maximus - x86 platform
"I originally started Addiction 680x0 on an Amiga 500 with about 1 meg of RAM and at times ran it with nothing more than 2 floppy drives. After the decline of the Amiga I finally gave in around 93 or so and switched to a DOS based BBS called Maximus. I ran the BBS while stationed in Great Falls in the Air Force. After leaving MT, I got involved in the internet in 94 and have been working with it ever since. For anyone who was wondering, the name was because computers were my addiction. I got a lot of first time callers thinking the BBS was for other types of addiction. The 680x0 refers to the motorola CPU used in the Amiga, and after switching to Maximus, the name was changed to Addiction to the Max. Thanks for providing your list. It brings back a lot of memories." - Reggie Ahlfield
Montana MediaNet
Chad Payne
ListKeeper: Searchlight BBS Systems
Great Falls, MT
OutLand, Outland BBS, The Christian Connection
Tom Recke, Thomas ReckeSpitFire and Remote Access
"WOW, I'm not exctily sure how on earth I stumbled across this bbs listing! Talk about some good memories though! Initially I started mooching from my father's phoneline, until finally he allowed me to snag my own line. I think it was for his sanity more than anything! I was only 14 when the board first went live, I was enthralled with everything RA and spitfire. I still shudder to think about the transfer rates back then with Zmodem, 1K/min! I remember when my shiny Supra 28.8k was the cutting edge stuff. Any of you guys remember the "nerd fests" that used to be put on every year or so for sysops to get together?

"I remember staying up for what seemed like days on end trying to work on the ASCII graphics for that board. I have nothing but good memories about that time and that age. I remember the archaic FIDO net that would compress and send email from node to node each night, might take a few days to hear from someone in the same town! Times sure have changed. How on earth did you generate this list?" - Thomas Recke

Kalispell, MT
MO's Back Door, MO,s Back Door
Gregg MaroneyWildcat
"MO's Back Door was created in April of 1989. The software used was Mustang Software~Rs ~QWildcat~R. At its peak, a seven computer, 3 phone line system. Novell 3.12 File server, 2 gig SCSI disk. I installed a satellite system and recieved Internet News Groups from a 24hr streaming feed. Five CD-ROM drives for online search and file download capability. I provided news group mail to my users in 1990. Personal World Wide Web e-mail in 1993." - Gregg Maroney
Orlando, FL
The Wall Street Exchange Game BBS
Clifford Gary DaytonWildCat
"Hay, I did not know about this listing board. In the past The Wall Street Exchange Game BBS I started in 1984 running Commodore 128 key board with a plug in RAM. Shhha! REMEMBER those slow bits days, with 6 drives >> 1571's << Two 1581's and a ZOOM - Modem that was the fastest in town with a whopping 126 k. Hold on now! Speeds double when it connect to another Zoom modem. Maybe some of you remember my BBS board by the Wall street game with the crazy pictures of the loonies bend hospital and when you played your game money putting it into your stocks when you left that stock it gave you how much you gain/lost. At the end of 15 days the game reset and posted the winner that gain the most. Hope you enjoyed my reminiscing as much as I have telling you all. It was a sad day when I took it down put a relief to not be a slave to the board with never any help except from my brother Corey Dayton that spent hours on the phone from his ThorBBS in New York (914,changed to 845). Maybe someday when I get the time I'll make the game for the internet." - Clifford Gary Dayton
The Pyrotechnic's Pit
Sean HagaGBBS Pro
"The Pyrotechnic's Pit was the one of the FIRST Apple BBS in Brevard county. When the Internet became obtainable to us, we moved there, you can now find the remains of our website at and we would awalys love to hear from the old members!" - Sean Haga
Snarfs Pub
Independent Member BBS
Longwood, FL
Apache, Apache BBS, Apache [1]
David Giordano, David A GiordanoWildcat
"I ran 4 phone lines offering chat, games, files, fidoNet, WorldNet." - David A. Giordano
Stuart, FL
Meadwood Express
Donald NembhardWildcat!
"MEC BBS Provided Gateway and Dialup sevices. MEC was the home for the (TCCUG) Tri-County Computer Users Group BBS." - Donald Nambhard
Port St Lucie, Florida
JumpStart BBS
Sandy DykesPC Board
"JumpStart BBS came about because I always needed a driver or utility when I was onsite and I couldn't carry everything with me. The first BBS system hardware was an IBM XT with 640k and a 5 Meg hard drive. When I finally took the system down I had 15 computers running Novell Netware Lite. 2-6 disc CD Changers, 3 gigs of hard drive space (that was REALLY big back then) and a satellite dish downloading over 500 megs of Newsgroups a day. I also offered the first Internet email in South Florida. Of course the Internet came along and BBS's days were numbered. At its height I had several thousand users calling from all over the world. I think the furthest distance call I got was from a user in South Africa and he called at least twice a week. The BBS's specialty was utilities and MOD music files. I also had lots of "doors" running all the greatest games and lots of users battling it out to be top dog. Every year at Christmas I would run this one door that emulated a connection to Santa at the North Pole, I wish I still had the logs from all the kids that would call and 'talk' to Santa. The program was a simple IA that would respond to keywords. But of course those were the days when we were a little more naive about what a computer could do. I had a blast running that system and it was a great learning experience." - Sandy Dykes
Kissimmee, FL
AmiTrek BBS
Ken Rumsey, LocutusCNet (AmigaOS)
"I was very happy to find this site and see that someone is keeping the memory of the BBS alive and well. I had a blast running AmiTrek on my Amigas and still cherish those days. Looking around, I even found one of the old text signatures I used to use to sign my messages. Ah, the memories...

__/// Ken Rumsey (407) 348-3365 2400-31200 Files - Games - Images
\\X/ AmiTrek BBS An Amiga and Star Trek Support BBS"

Winter Springs, Fl
Bobby's World BBS
Bobby RubanoWildcat
"I am Bobby Rubano of Bobby's World BBS. Both the 359-8922 and 359-3699 numbers were mine from 1989 to 1998. I just found my name on the list and thought it was so interesting that somebody else is still interested in showing what a difference BBS's made to our lives! In any case, it would be very appreciated if you change my date span to represent how long I really busted my butt writing Wildcat Scripts and WCC files :) I even developed my own OneLiner wall and had it on Mustangs BBS for a while.. It was downloaded over 1000 times from their BBS I was so proud! :)" - Bobby Rubano
Boca Raton, FL
Peter Brunet and Tom BrunetWildcat, Wildcat! 2.15s
"I started ZAP! in the (305) area code in Coral Springs -- I moved to Boca Raton (407) around 1990. Off and on it was multi-node under DESQView and an OS/2 beta. The focus was "door" games -- especially TW2002. Toward the end of ZAP!'s life I started to enjoy Pascal and had a customized Telegard hack online -- also I started coding a new BBS system from scratch using custom ANSI display optimizations... Closed the BBS, enjoyed my last days of highschool, went to college, discovered the internet... Thanks for this site! " - Peter Brunet
Oviedo, FL
The Trading Post
Crack-Master (Chris Russell)(Sysop), Hammer Joe (Andy) (Co-Sysop)Color-64
"I see in your list another 'Trading Post' BBS listed, but to my knowledge, I was the ORIGINAL Trading Post BBS in the Central Florida area. I ran it on a Commodore-64 with an array of 1541/1571/1581 drives as well as a 4800bps US Robotics modem. It originally started with a 300bps modem then progressed up to 1200, 2400, and then 4800. My CoSysop, Hammer Joe, was a whiz with creating ASCII graphics and was well known by other local Sysops for creating the welcome screens and other graphics work for their BBSs. Running the BBS was very time consuming, but always a lot of fun! I got to meet a lot of interesting people through the years and I'd be curious to know what some of them are up to these days." - Crack-Master (Chris Russell)
Orlando, FL
The Weird Orange Caterpillar
"The only reason I named my BBS this was because I begged and begged a friend of mine who was an ACiD ANSI artist to make a custom logon graphic for my BBS for about a year. Finally he made one, of a 3 page long orange caterpillar. There you have it." - WOC (Ted M.)
Boca Raton, FL
Adult Info. Exchange, Adult Information Exchange, Adult Information Exchange (AIE)
Alex BarenboimDLX
"Alex started one of the first adult-oriented BBS's out there that included instant-upgraded membership using credit card authorization. Grew popularity in the early '90s growing to 12 lines with over 4,000 members across the South Florida area." - Alex Barenboim
Merritt Island, FL
Nova Niteowl
Ted GrachisApple II
"The Nova NiteOwl was one of the oldest BBS's in the Merritt Island, Titusville, Cape Canaveral Area. Ted used to work at the Nova lounge as a musician (thus the name) and worked at Cape Kennedy during the day. Run back on an old Apple II (iirc), it used 6 floppy drives linked together rather than run on a hard drive." - Nova Niteowl
Boca Raton, FL
Substation, Xgraphics BBS, Substation BBS
Paul BlaccardPCBoard , PCBoard 15.0
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Mentioned in Erotic Connections & Penthouse Guide to Cyber sex books. The highest quality legal BBS ready GIFs around. Sales base for Interactive Amateurs BBS Ready CD-ROMS. Since 1986. Sample GIFS on 1st call. Voice Support: 407-447-9594.
Hangar 18 Node 1
King Cobra
Independent Member BBS
Cocoa, FL
Outdoor Sportsman, Outdoor Sptsmn, The Outdoor Sportsman BBS
John CorneliusPCBoard
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Cocoa, Florida since 07/92. Sysop: John Cornelius. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 2 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 1200 MB storage. Hayes at 28800 bps. No fee. Fishing,Hunting, Diving & other outdoor related activities. Quality file selection. Ripscrip support. Hayes 28.8k V.FC modem. All welcome, not just the outdoor person. Growing quickly. Plus more.
Rockledge, FL
Immortal BBS
Brian WilkinsRenegade BBS
"I started this BBS on a 486DX2 running Windows 3.11 and DOS 6.22. This 486DX2 was an AST Advantage PC that was purchased from Radio Shack by my parents. It was our personal PC, but I managed to get a second phone line for the BBS and that allowed me to use a dedicated line to host the BBS for my friends. I was only 12 at the time running my own BBS which I figured out how to setup and run. It hosted games (Legend of the Red Dragon and Usurper), small chat board, and FIDONET hookups. It was a small BBS with about 30 visitors a month but it was a great learning experience for me at the time." - Brian Wilkins
Cocoa, FL
RayLine BBS
Raymond BoettcherRemoteAccess (RA) 2.02
"I must admit, I wasn't expecting to find an online list that would have my name on it. However in this interesting discovery, I would like to share a few things with you. I was a member of a network organization called Fidonet. This network distributed a master listfile that was international and responsable to handling mail from BBS to BBS before the world of Internet came around. This file however large contains all the phone numbers and BBS's at the time I took my system down. This file is still contained within the ZIP file I put into my archives over ten years ago containing the last state of my BBS. However, I haven't tested this archive in years. I also didn't start my BBS in Cocoa. That was just the last known location of my BBS before I made it an online only BBS." - Raymond Boettcher
Cocoa, FL
Programmer's World, Programmers Heaven, Programmers World, Spaztic, PROGRAMMERS WORLD
Ron Shaw, Spazm
Scoopex Member BBS
West Palm Beach, FL
Utopia, Utopia BBS, UTOPIA
The Diskette , Coca-Cola KidCommodore Mania BBS, later PCBoard
Independent Member BBS
Winter Park, FL
Central Florida TDD Information, Orlando TDD
Robert Colbert, Bob ColbertModified RBBS, VBBS
"Orlando TDD was one of the only (if not the only) TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) capable BBS systems in the Central Florida area. If was operated as a public service to encourage the interaction between the deaf and hearing communities over a text system. The original BBS software was a heavily modifed version of RBBS running on an Osborn CP/M computer and a 4800bps/baudot modem. In late 1992, Orlando TDD was reborn using VBBS on an 386 DX-40 clone where it remained until 1995 operating as a mail hub for FidoNET, VirtualNET and many others." - Robert Colbert
Palm Bay, FL
Aero III
John KranceApple IIgs
"As a SysOp of Aero III (407)676-4343, it was an Apple ][gs BBS and an Apple node. It was run from 1986-1992 in Palm Bay, FL. It was originally 2400baud, then 56k later on. Watched your DefCon18 and really enjoyed the little time loop back to the day. Keep up the great work. It was during my teenage years I spent $600 on long-distance calling Alaska to get the latest and greatest files. I still remember the security settings on the BBS was set by simple flags of "XXXXXXXXXXXX" - John Krance
Orlando, FL
Minus Tirith, ODIN Hub-3.6
Mark FrankenfieldPCBoard
"I had originally set this all up as a Point Node off a another board. When that board went down in 1992, I bought PCBoard and just setup my own fido node and eventually got ask to become a ODIN node since I had originally set everything up for mail anyway. All that ended when my apartment got robbed and the computers running everything were Stolen. Friends of mine from Studio PC-Citicom in Tampa helped me get things running again, but my heart wasn't in it anymore." - Mark Frankenfield
West Palm Beach, FL
Tom ToothmanRenegade
"2 lines! lots of games! FIDONET!" - Tom Toothman
Boynton Beach, FL
JBX Online
SLIP/PPP/Shell Provider
Longwood, FL
Invader's Castle
Tracey JacksonColor 64
"Commodore 64 based Color/Graphics BBS system using initially running 300bd and eventually 1200bd. Leveraged twin 1541 5 1/4 floppies and eventually an SFD-1001 1-megabyte 5 1/4 inch floppy." - Tracey Jackson
Longwood, FL
Jim DalyPCBoard
"We were a RIME (Relay International Message Exchange) Super Regional Node. We were the Relay point for all mail in the SE-USA and Latin America. At the peak of our Relaying, we had over 75 RIME BBS's sending and receiving their mail thru us. We were the 1st to stream download Mail via satellite 24/7. Treasures and Fabulous merged to become Fabulous-Treasures in 1995. We had 48 incoming lines handled by US Robotics racks of US Robotics v.Everything intrnal modems. Using ArtiSoft's LAntastic, we had between 6-12 computers linked together, each computer servicing 4-6 incoming lines. We also had 4 additional computers each containing 8 CD players linked via LANtastic where we stored over 5000 Shareware programs for access by our Nodes and members. Our combined membership exceeded 7000 subscribers." - Jim Daly
Infinite Space, Infinite Space Online, Infintie Space Online, lnfinite Space Onlin
Herb Scherker, Buzz & Doc, Lenny LacuyMajorBBS
ListKeeper: Orlando BBS List AC 407
Orlando, FL
London, London BBS, The City of London Bulletin Board Service, THE SYSTEM, The System(tm) BBS, The System(tm) virtual reality
Mac Druaidh, Matt Drury, Rev Matt Drury, Mayor Matt DruryQuickBBS
"I made London BBS public as I entered high school on a TRS-80 Model I with Exatron "stringy floppy" endless-loop-tape storage, and retired it in the mid-Nineties on a Tandy 1000EX with a real hard drive. In between, it ran on a Model III with a "Five Meg Disk Subsystem" the size of a PC tower case, and even on a Model 100 in just 32k of RAM when I was overhauling the main system. London BBS was famous for its "London Is Primarily Social" (LIPS) gatherings, often at restaurants but sometimes at Rocky Horror shows and in behind-the-scenes tours of various businesses and government agencies in town. We also pioneered ASCII animation using cursor control codes, and more than one marriage happened through our midwifery." - Matt Drury (
Joshua BernsteinTriTel BBS
"The system ran on an old IBM Clone at 386 16MGhz with 8Megs RAM. I was 13, then. I had about 350 users (almost 100 of them were regular). I worked a lot to pay for all the phone stuff." - Joshua Bernstein
Longwood, FL
Lassic's Realm
"Lassic's Realm was originally run on an Emerson 286 16Mhz computer with Tri-BBS 4.02 BBS software. It had 4MB of RAM with a 40MB hard drive. Our first modem was a reveal 2400 baud external modem that made the loudest noise ever when handshaking. My paper route got us a Zoom 14.4k internal modem in 1994. Opening that computer to install it was when I became obsessed with how computers work. I tried to offer the most door games out of anyone on the OCBL. We had 30+ of the latest and most exciting door games possible. We also offered shareware files and the newest door game versions available for download. I learned by trial and error, writing batch files from scratch and learning DOS commands so the BBS would run without hanging. We also offered a lot of great ANSI art on our logon and menu screens! I had a great time and miss it!" - Lassic
SunSpot BBS
Michael Buonauro
"I had fun remembering the little feuds some of us had. :)" - Michael Buonauro
Port St. Lucie, FL
The Swap Shop BBS, The Swap Shop BBS!
Mark WeingartnerCarnival, FOREM, Carina
"The Swap Shop started in 1984 as ring once call back BBS as I was using an acoustic modem at the time. To look back at the now I guess I was an addict. For those who dont know what an acoustic modem is, It was the very old style reciever phone that when it would ring you would pick it up and stick it in the couple modem. It also ment you had to to it back on the hook when the user was done. I finally bought a used hayes 300 for 300 bucks and an Atari 850 interface and had auto answer...WOW! The Swap Shop kept growing until about 2001 when the cost of the three phone lines could not be justified compeating with the internet. The final numbers were. 772-878-1422 772-878-6776 772-878-6643." - Mark Weingartne
Apopka, FL
Anarchy's Domain
Ryan Matthews aKa aNaRaViaTriBBS
"I want to know if you would put a link to my web board. Most of the remaining members are on this board. It was created to take place of the BBS when it went offline. The reason I would like a link is because you are listed on google; if any of the old member do a search for my old BBS they have a direct link to the new board. It's Thanks!" -aNaRaVia
City of London Public Information Service, Elven Chessboard, Matt's Friends, voxOrlando, WRCF BBS, London BBS
Matt Drury
List of BBS List Keepers: Orlando Florida AC 407/Matt Drury
The Realm BBS
Yoel Pagan, Raymond BoettcherIniquity
"System Information: The ran on MS-DOS 6.22 running Iniquity Software, FrontDoor Mailer (FIDONET: 1:374/133.2 under RayLine BBS which was 1:374/133) and Desqview for multitasking. Later the BBS was ran under Windows 95 in a DOS Prompt... BBS Information: The Realm BBS was a entertainment board dedicated to BBS Door Games and the Files Section. The Board ran from 1993-1999 and by Yoel Pagan (PuNiSHeR later changed to LostChain). The board was put back up as a website called "The Pirates Den" offering a variety of services using Nullsoft Winamp with Shoutcast for Video and Audio Streaming as well as a Flash Applet allowing Telnet access to his legacy board via the Web Page.... Since the BBS itself didn't get much activity the Telnet access was eventually discontinued. Yoel Pagan died 10/1/2014 of natural causes. His sister pulled the plug to his system on 10/2/2014 taking down the BBS Website forever..." - Raymond Boettcher
St. Cloud, FL
Road to Nowhere BBS, Road To NoWhere II
Dan Pitisci, OzGodRyBBS
"With the way the Internet is going I think it's time to bring back the BBS!" - Dan Pitisci
Winter Springs, FL
"This is the main BBS for the NPSTN Telephone Network. (info at This BBS has: -Social Interactions (Private Message, Check Messages, Forums, IRC) all in the BBS! -Games (So far we have a version of 2048 & Hangman but this is a new BBS and we are adding more every day!) -Telnet, SSH, Web & more"
San Jose, CA
The Pyre
Bruce Webbe, Phoenix (aka: Bruce Webbe)Virtual BBS
"Started in 1987 running on an Atari 1200xl, upgraded there after to a modified 130xe with 1mb of ram (wow!) and an 80mb hard drive. (ooooo... aahhh...) Eventually it evolved to running on a PC using Virtual BBS, under OS/2, then DOS, then Windows95. Still have all the hardware, software, etc all boxed away in the garage somewhere. It was fun! Learned alot, met alot of neat people! [Before there was WWW, there was BBS]" - Bruce Webbe
San Jose, CA
DTP Forum, Ventura ProfBd , Ventura Professional! Forum, Ventura Publishes Forum, Ventura Professional Forum
Gene Rodrigues, G. Rodriques, Gene Rodrigues - Ventura ProfessionalPCBoard, Wildcat
Venture Publisher User’s Group BBS
Tau Ceti Center
Kassad (Jay Fox)Renegade
"Ran it on a 386 40mhz with a Telebut WorldBlazer Modem (14.4kbps)." - Kassad
San Jose, CA
RCP/M RBBS DataTech #7 San Jose, RCP/M RBBS DataTech 007, San Jose DataTech Node 007 / Piconet 003, San Jose DataTech Node 007 / Piconet Node, Servu
Al MehrWildcat
CP/M80, CP/M86, Macintosh, PC-DOS, MS-DOS software. PRACSA member CP/M80, CP/M86, Macintosh, PC-DOS, MS-DOS software. PRACSA member
San Jose, CA
Internet Access, Netcom Internet Guest System
Netcom Online Communications Services
Internet Access System - type “guest” at login for info.
Santa Clara, CA
Moonlit Knight
Allen WoolleyWildcat
"Went from 1 to 3 lines over the years under DESQview. I also ran Firth of Fifth in the 702 Las Vegas, NV via a Co-Sysop (Rick Cross). Developed early .QWK packed mail relaying (poor man's FIDOnet :) to toss mail between Las Vegas and Santa Clara. I eventually ended up on WildNet using Tomcat for Wildcat to automate the mail transfer. Was all good until TCP/IP killed the scene for all but the museum curator folks." - Allen Woollley
Sunnyvale, CA
Zee Machine RBBS, ZeeMachine Z-NODE #35 -- RBBS/PDSE, ZEE Machine
Norman Beeler, Norman L. Beeler
Public Domain Software. PRACSA member Public Domain Software. PRACSA member
Mountain View, CA
Dark Side of the moon, Dark Side of the Moon , DarkSideMn
Tom Dell, T.E.Dell, T. E. Dell, Thomes E. Dell/Darkside InternationalAscii Express, Waffle
Home of WAFFLE, Unix UUCP BBS Software for DOS and UNIX
Santa Clara, CA
Packaged Rebellion AKA PacBell
Brian GhidinelliOBV/2
"This was the first art board to have an 800 number." - Brian Ghidinelli
Santa Clara, CA
CBBS Santa Clara
Cited in S-100 Micro Systems Magazine (January/February 1980 Issue)
San Jose, CA
Club Casablanca
Willis Wong (...Bogey)Apple Net
"I was 15 when I started this BBS on an Apple //e. It had a pair of 128k Floppy drives (5.25") and I used a software tweak to get another 64k out of the 80-column card to use as a ramdisk. The modem was a 300 baud Zoom modem. The Apple Net software was purchased through mail order and I was always making modifications to the Basic code. We had a handful of regular callers and even a get-together (gtg). It was quite a trip to meet the faces behind the names. We were so no-budget that I had to beg my older sister to allow me to use her phone line for people to call in. Because of this, she became "co-sysop"." - Willis Wong
San Jose, CA
Alternative Sexuality Information, ASI, ASI, Alternative Sexuality Information
Peter ChastainWildcat
"All ages: G/PG rated. Included all Wildnet conferences (except those that were adult-only)." - Chastain
San Jose, CA
The Holodeck BBS
Peter WoodmanseeWorldGroup
"The bbs has moved from dialup to telnet only. Telnet address is The bbs is mainly a MUD board now." - Peter Woodmansee
Cupertino, CA
Spectrox Systems
Aaron AndererWaffle BBS
"This BBS started as a single line Waffle BBS system with a 2400bps modem. In the 1993 to 1995 timeframe we added a second line, accommodated several downstream UUCP feeds, v.34 modems, and ran under Desqview/386." - Aaron Anderer
San Jose, CA
Digikron RedRyder CP/M MAC, Digikron Systems, Digikron Systems Z-NODE RBBS/RCPM, Omicron Delta
Douglas ThomSecond Sight
ZCPR3 & Apple CP/M & Macintosh. PRACSA member ZCPR3 & Apple CP/M & Macintosh. PRACSA member
Cupertino, CA
Cupertino Unified
FrEdMail System
Tavern, The Tavern
"I have an archive of the messages it had on its message boards near the time of its final shutdown at That also has a BBS list, a list of its borders, a blurb about the system's history, and the Century List (a list of users who had posted or called more than 100 times)." - TTK Ciar
San Jose, CA
Caverns of Atlantis
Alexander of AtlantisNetworks II Modified then VoxWerks IV (homegrown)
"I'm the original system operator. Ahh, the good ol' days. My modified Networks II software became the backbone of the re-write that was used for the Dark Side, and I actually did the first QuickScan implementation on Split Infinity, in AppleSoft Basic using a modified Networks II. If you recall, Split Infinity was one of the first BBS's to be raided by the FBI for illegally passing out freaking and hacking information." - Alexander of Atlantis
San Jose, CA
Nest, Piedmont Middle School
FrEdMail System
Digicom Systems, Inc.
General Service
San Jose, CA
D C to Light, D.C. to Light, DC to Light, D.C. to Light.
Fred Townsend
Heath/Zenith software, general interest. PRACSA member Heath/Zenith software, general interest. PRACSA member
Connection Series Products
Milpitas, CA
Bill Dale
Space Frontier SIG. PRACSA member Space Frontier SIG. PRACSA member
San Jose, CA
Thunder Mountain, Thunder Mountain BBS
Dave AlvaradoOracom
"That little computer and those modems made many friends that I still have and cherish, today." - Dave Alvarado
Billion boys Club, Billionaire Boys Club, City Of Thieves
"Went down permanently after Operation Sun Devil." - Radman
San Jose, Ca
HomeSpun Images
Ben Pumpelly, Benjamin PumpellyRenegade
"I'm the original SysOp - Ben Pumpelly - of HomeSpun Images. It was the sister bbs to RoadKill Grill, also a Renegade bbs. Sadly, the internet killed the bbs scene. We were part of an adult FIDO network called Throbnet. Enjoy." - Benjamin Pumpelly
Milpitas, CA
Dating Tree, The Dating Tree BBS
Robert Field, Karen Marquardt, Joyce DeLeonardo, Jean SwenkDLX
"This BBS system was in operation from 1986 to 1995, until PLink and AOL basically destroyed the market. It was essentially a dating bbs, and we held social parties on a monthly basis. More than 15,000 people passed through this system and more than 25 couples ended up marrying as a result of their meeting on this system, including myself (Bob Field and my wife Joyce (Deleonardo). The system was shut down in 1995. The Dating Tree had outlier forwarder systems that covered the entire Greater SF Bay area, from Santa Rosa on the north, to Morgan Hill on the south, to Pacifica on the West and Livermore on the East. It was the subject of at least one Master's Thesis and many articles and even one major radio station did a face-to-face interview with the Sysops, because it was the largest and most active in the area at that time. Later, other bbs system sprang up and became larger." - Robert Field
Saratoga, CA
Oxgate Saratoga, Oxgate Saratoga, CA RBBS-RCP/M, OxGate-001 Monte Sereno, CA, OxGate-008 Monte Sereno, Ca, RCP/M Oxgate 001, Saratoga OxGate & RCP/M, Saratoga, CA, Saratoga PBBS
Chuck Metz & Paul Traina
Public domain software and technical information exchange. PRACSA Public domain software and technical information exchange. PRACSA
Byte Bandits, MASS STORAGE
Sam BrownEmulex/2
"The Greatest BBS Software. (I Wrote It. :)" - Sam Brown
Monterey, Ca
Hacker Heaven
Mark Pickerill, Mark D. Pickerill, Robert CabralSpitfire
"Ran on a Pro-Log STD bus industrial computer system. Catered to computer programmers of most microcomputers.

As the welcome screen read "No games, no gee-whiz utilities".

Although it was a MS-DOS based system, the operating philosophy was similar to the RCPM systems, very tech oriented. Was a member of PRACSA (Public Remote Access Computer Standards Association) for the short number of years that orginization existed (Started by Irv Hoff and others). The word "standards" was changed to "sysop's" in the last year or so of the orginization's history.

I still have the "HH.COM" that was included in MS-DOS and CP/M-80 archives that, when run, advertised the BBS. It was (is) the same physical binary file, it runs under both MS-DOS and CP/M without modification!

It started as a 1200 baud system, then became a 2400 baud system, and was a 14.4K baud system before the end. Unlike many other systems, Hacker Heaven did not dis-allow 300 baud call-ins - 300 bauders were welcome!

It was shut down when the sysop changed employers as it was sponsered by the now defunct Pro-Log corporation." - Mark D. Pickerill

"The BBS continued to serve the community under the Sysop - Robert Cabral. The BBS continued to operate until 2001. Motorola Inc. aquired Pro-Log Corp. and continued to support this system, with internet access." - Robert Cabral

San Jose, CA
OxGate-012 San Jose, Ca, Potpourri BBS & RCP/M Oxgate-012, Potpourri OxGate & RCP/M OxGate-012, Potpourri RCP/M, RCP/M Oxgate 012
Wayne Masters & Irv Hoff, Wayne Masters, Irv Hoff
Engineering applications 3/4 compilers 3/4 assemblers 3/4 disassemblers. Engineering applications 3/4 compilers 3/4 assemblers 3/4 disassemblers.
Marina, CA
408-384-8634, Steel Beach BBS
Ronald H. Pugh, Ronald Pugh, Ron Pugh, Jason Sinkler, Ronald pUghQuickBBS , Renegade, RemoteAccess
"Steel Beach orginally was a Renegade BBS, then switched to Remote Access to better handle Fido Mail( although I tried quite a few BBS software packages) was the first fido node in its own local calling area, Pulling mail from Nightlog, the largest ( Nightlog turned into redshift internet services ) It also had 3 small local echo mail type networks. We also had many regsitered doors ( our biggest draw ). Steel beach ran on a old IBM PC 8mhz, 512K of ram and 2 20meg MFM hardrives and a US robotics 28.8 modem." - Ron Pugh
Monte Sereno, CA
Jerry ChristensenABBS
"This BBS was also called The Castle of Tintagel for the last year it was up." - Jerry Christensen
Monte Sereno, CA
Inferno, Inferno BBS, Inferno, San Jose
Jerry ChristensenMajorBBS
"27 line chat/dating/library system. You also have this BBS listed in the 510 and 415 Area code sections... those were forwarding lines to this BBS. We were the largest system down there when we were up. The system was sold in 1992, and continued to run until about 1997 under the new owner." - Jerry Christensen
Los Gatos, CA
The Ride
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Los Gatos, California since 06/87. Sysop: Tex. Using MajorBBS 6.21 with 14 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 30000 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $.50 Hourly fee. The Ride BBS chat system offering systems in both Los Gatos and Sonora, (209)536-1555. The Ride BBS has a full file base system along with most of the popular games. See you online. Adults only.
The Dark Earth
Cobalt-60 (Leo LeBarre)Emulex
"Back in the early 80s (when I was around 12-15, I ran a board (Pirate, definitely) called The Dark Earth, 408-429-8002 . My handle was Cobalt-60. I took this handle in 1983, so I am by far the most original of the later imitators. I was involved with various phreak/crack groups, and wrote quite a few anarchy files in my spare time. Most were, lamentably, unsigned, because I got nervous, but there are still some out there with my original name on them. Later on I ended up hanging out with Sam Brown, who was, as far as I am concerned, one of the first true internet pioneers. We used to spend a lot of time on arp a net and just basically trying to figureout how ot do distributed computing by leapfrogging local BBSes which were local, until a packet eventually made it's way to it's destination. It worked pretty well. (I know nothing of MCI access codes, however. J) Anyway, I found myself reminiscing, and thought I would drop a line, and demand recognition OR WE'LL CRUSH YOUR SKULL!! K" - Leo LeBarre (Cobalt-60), The Dark Earth
San Jose, CA
Automation Central, BABBA, East Valley Hub, AUTOMATION CENTRAL
Radi Shourbaji, Mark ShapiroRemoteAccess
Scotts Valley, CA
Borland (Tech Support BBS), Borland Download, Borland International, Borland Technical Support, Software Support Technical Support, Borland Download BBS
Borland International/Mike Fitz-Enz
Utilities, Macros, Programming Examples for Borland Products
Scotts Valley, CA
APCUG (Tech Support BBS), Assoc PCUG, Borland (J. Moody), Borland International BBS, Globalnet, APCUG – GlobalNet
Paul Curtis, Jim Moody, Paul Curtic/APCUGTBBS
Association of PC User Groups – Over 2000 UG officers
Soquel, CA
Temple of Zuul
Greg AndersonCustom (ZuulWare)
Additional information about the Santa Cruz County BBS scene is at - Greg Anderson
San Jose, CA
JDR Microdevices BBS, JDR Micros supp
JDRMicrodevices, JDR MicrodevicesTBBS
Online Hardware Order - Catalog - 1.1 GB Files – Quizzes
Campbell, CA
MicroResearch Rem Sys
Mitchell Orysh
Software exchange. PRACSA member Software exchange. PRACSA member
San Jose, CA
Merlin's Castle, Merlins Castle, Merlins Castle BBS
Ross McClintockMacro BBS
"Wrote that BBS myself in the old days in Basic and Assembly and Blitz compiled it to run on my C64 with 12 floppies on an IEEE bus. Things sure have changed! Had a great time with those old machines and am still an avid hacker. If you remember this board leave me an email at" - Ross McClintock
Hollister, CA
That BBS In Hollister
Philip RuizWildcat
"I'm Philip Ruiz. I was the Sysop for That BBS IN Hollister. Your list currently lists it as being in Walnut Creek But It was In Hollister. Hollister used to be in the 408 Area code before switching to 831. Building and running that bulletin board was A wonderful experience. I learned a lot about computers and made a lot of friends. What outrageous phone bills we had back then! I am not now, nor was I then able to write code but I can remember many hours spent sweating over command line programs. Remember setting up "doors" for online games, or setting up new transfer protocols like zmodem, jmodem, ymodem, etc? I don't know if most people realize what a labor of love it was to run a bbs. We spent many hours building and maintaining them and most of us never asked for a dime in contributions. Oh well, I'm rambling. Later." - Philip Ruiz
Moneterey, CA
Bd Directors II , The Board of Directors
Chris Adler, Plosay & Mann, Jim Plosay & OthersPCBoard
"It was in a professors house at Monterey Naval Postgraduate School, and he didn't like us to come over and run the system, so we did it all via "remote". Even back when we switched from *.ARC compression to *.ZIP compressions (remember those compression wars?) we had to use the conversion utility over the phone lines remotely via command line. Very much a labor of love. All back when a word processor program would fit on a 1.2MB 5-1/4" floppy. Remember ZenWord? And all those ASCII animation screens? Ah... the good old days." - Jim Plosay
Monterey, CA
NITELOG BBS, Nitelog Imagining, Nitelog BBS, NITEL0G BBS
Karl Van Lear, Karl VanLearPCBoard , PCBoard 15.1
From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: Adult files, Dos, Windows, Mac, Amiga files. Internet services: Email, news-groups, SLIP, PPP, web, domain name service, outgoing telnet, incoming telnet to rlogin, FTP, gopher, archie, finger, whois, rshell, rawtcp. Huge file section. Also available on BBS Direct. For info on BBS Direct dial 1-800-745-2747 - save $$ on long distance

From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Monterey, California since 02/89. Sysop: Karl Van Lear. Using PCBoard 15.1 with 24 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 8400 MB storage. US Robotics at 21600 bps. $28 Quarterly fee. DOS, Win 3x, OS/2, UNIX, MAC and Adult files. Internet EMail, Usenet, RIME, ILink & Fidonet conferences. National weather maps updated 8 times daily. Online realtime CHAT. All major credit cards accepted. 600 to 700 new files added weekly.


NITEL0G BBS — 54.000+ files: Dos, Mac, Windows. Unix, Amiga, OS/2, Newton & Adull files. Email areas including Internet. Usenet, Fidonet, Rime, ILink. Local call in 100 metro areas, Call for details. 408.655.1096, 28.8k lines available. - BBS Magazine March, 1995

Nitelog BBS
Sunnyvale, CA
DataFax BBS, Bizcomp BBS
Judith Eisenburg, Howard StatemanPCBoard
Modem technical support. PRACSA member Modem technical support. PRACSA member
The Tropical BBS
Ron RauchPCBoard
"I was the sysop for "Tropical BBS" @ (408) 732-1814. I started it when I was 14 years old, in 1987. I used an IBM XT with a 10 meg. hard drive. I had a huge inventory of downloads and it seemed like no one would ever use up so much space! Until I was getting calls from all over the world.....I was advertised around the globe by posting messages on other BBS'."

"It seemed for a very long time that there would always be someone on my machine - it only had the one line attached to it. After a while, it became tough to "compete" with other BBS' that had installed multiple nodes, allowing for capability of multiplayer games."

"Eventually, the machine broke because of some kind of "line zap", and I always suspected it was a sysop of another BBS - actually "Byte Bandits' Sam Brown". He was kind of the bandit that everyone in the sysop community used to complain about. At 14, I was the youngest guy who attended local sysop meetings and it meant alot to me to be a part of that." - Ron Rauch

Los Altos, CA
All Net, Sphynx
Alfred John FrugoliRed Ryder Host, First Class
"This BBS was run on a Mac SE, then a MacII while I was in High School. When I left for college in 1993 I tried to maintain the BBS with the help of several local SysOps, however this was unsuccessful and the BBS was taken down in the summer of 1994." - Alfred John Frugoli
Sunnyvale, CA
Lynns Live Wire
Lynn CadwalladerSpitfire, PC-Board
"I'm so pleased I made history. :) Anyway, I wanted to add my 2 cents, as it were. I started the BBS in Issaquah, Washington, just to see if I could do it. My neighbor ran a BBS, software was PC Board. I was his CoSysOp for a short time. Moved to Sunnyvale, California in 1990 and continued to improve the board. Eventually got to know more computer people that helped and guided me. I tried Spitfire BBS software, but bought PC Board software. My only computer was a 286 - no multitasking and no swapping. One line. At one point I did install DoubleDOS and played a game on the other split of DOS, but the board suffered terribly. The callers that knew me kidded me about it. At one point I was carrying 5 nets. When I first starting relaying mail, I stayed awake all nite watching the callers then watching the mail event. I was very sad when I finally turned off the modem because the callers had gone to the Internet. It was all so much fun, so many wonderful people, and a very unique world that is probably gone forever." - Lynn Cadwallader
Morgan Hill, CA
MUSHROOM, The Mushroom
JesseForem ST
"I started the mushrooom in 1981 with an acoustic modem- ppl had to call the #, let it ring once and call back and if i anyone was home, we'd connect them. After a while, we connected the telephones ringing-hammer, which was supposed to hit the bell to ring, to a switch which would automatically send command thru the joystick port (Serial) and trigger the AT command to my Hayes modem to pick-up the phone and connect.. A Man named Jeff Bell helped me. This was 1st ran on a 16k Atari 400 until we upgraded to a 48k Atari 800." - Jesse
Gilroy, CA
Garlique Graphics, Garlique Graphics Images, Garlique Image Center, GARLIQUE GRAPHICS IMAGE CENTER, Garlique Graphics Image Center
GregWildcat, WildCat 4
GARLIQUE GRAPHICS IMAGE CENTER, 408.847.0665 Large Selection of highest quality bbs Adult Images. Featuring Proffl. Models, Some which have been seen in major adult publications Large selection of adult CD ROMS Running Wildcat & Excalibur for windows. - BBS Magazine November, 1994
Saratoga, CA
Eigenware RC/PM RBBS, Eigenware (tm)
Karl Remmler, Karl L. Remmier
BBS & Database for programmers. PRACSA member BBS & Database for programmers. PRACSA member
San Jose, CA
Joe Cram, Michelle ForgetSTS (Synergy Teleconferencing System), gtalk, majorbbs
"Major, major part of my youth. I can trace back nearly every friend I have to Synerchat, in one way or another- either people I met there, or people I met through them... amazing loyalty still existed even years after the original sysop got fed up and took it down. A year or two ago, a group of us somehow got the idea in our head to find a version of gtalk and put it up again (still there: 'telnet'). It was scary how connected we all still were. Within 15 minutes of going live (actually went live early for testing), there were two or three dozen original members clamoring for an account... some really successfull parties commemorated the event. The original STS system was based on 3 digit user numbers, and I'll be damned if many of us not only remember our own numbers, but a large handful of close friends(or enemies) as well. Many of us consider our number to be a clear and indelible identifier, and will find ourselves using it when an arbitrary number is called for. There are countless throw-away login/password combinations out there that contain some variation on '145', and more than a few servers that listen on port 8145." - P. Gillan

"I just got done talking to Michelle, who is still with Joe. I still remember my 3-digit user number, as well as numerous others. 666 will always have a special meaning to me. >:) As will 237." -M. Montgomery (Lithium)

San Jose, CA
Morrill MS
FrEdMail System
San Jose, CA
CHALKBOARD, The Chalkboard, Berryessa USD
Robert WrightGBBS
"This BBS was in San Jose at Morrill Middle School. The Chalkboard started out as a straight GBBS but later it became modified to link with FrEdMail, a store and forward Fido-like system for students and teachers developed by Fred Rogers of Bonita, California. In 1990 The Chalkboard initated a project called Notes In A Bottle which was a call for student penpals over Usenet. Responses came from as far away as Italy, Japan and The Soviet Union. The Chalkboard was one of the first three school BBS systems in Northern California. It was on the cutting edge of telecommunication education during the late 80's and early 90's." - Robert Wright

FrEdMail System

West Coast Online Mag, BABBA BBS
Mark Shapiro
ListKeeper: San Francisco Bay Area
San Jose, CA
Wild Bill's Trailbusters
Bill Strouse
Trail Information Volunteer Center (TIVC) listing bicycle, jogging, Trail Information Volunteer Center (TIVC) listing bicycle, jogging,
Santa Clara, CA
Brightwork Dvlpmnt (McAfee), Brightwork Dvlpmnt( Mc Afee) Technical Support, Home Base, HomeBase, HomeBase BBS, McAfee Assoc Technical Support, McAfee Associates BBS, McAffee Assoc (Tech Support BBS), McAffee Associates Virus
John McAfee, John McAfee/CVIATBBS
Computer Virus Information - VIRUSCAN and CLEANUP
Dimensions of Insanity
TTK CiarCustomized
"Originally I and a High School friend wrote it in TurboPascal 3.0. It ran on an IBM XT with a 20MB hard drive and 512KB of memory. Its 25 message boards were organized under five categories, and each message board had a co-sysop, which could be assigned by me. Each co-sysop had complete sysop-like control over the contents of their sub-board, which greatly reduced the administrative load on me. In 1990 it was upgraded to a PC-AT 12MHz 286 system with 4MB of RAM and an 80MB hard drive so I could upgrade the message boards to a 500-message capacity apiece. It was also upgraded to TurboPascal 6 at this time. It had a fun and innovative wander-in-the-wilderness game, called Dangerous Realm, which was based loosly on Dungeons and Dragons." - TTK Ciar
San Jose, CA
the Greenhouse, The Greenhouse
Phreak AccidentGBBS, GBBS Pro
"old school Apple ][ BBS with limited (sponsored) user access. originally ran Ascii Express, later ran CatFur, GBBS (ACOS) - eventually moved to a Mac running Hermes for a brief period before shutting down completely." - Phreak Accident
The Hole
Sean SchluntzLORABBS, LISA
"SF Bay Area local node of the PODS network and other Pagan/Religious FIDO type networks." - Sean Schluntz
-The Crowbar Hotel-
"I actually have parts of the BBS hanging on the walls." - OMC
Nacogdoches, TX
Redeye BBS
Ralph RandallOpus and later Wildcat
"Opus BBS was part of the OPUS network. Message boards were uploaded each night and people could send messages but had to wait 24 to 48 hours for responce. This was an early version of todays message boards. Private messages could be sent but did not become e-mail until much later. OPUS had user groups who traveled and met to work out new ideas and create new groups. Redeye BBS was apart of a group from Shreveport, La. I made the trip regularly. Prior to Redeye BBS I ran a BBS that was hosted on a Radio Shack TRS 80 and an accoustic modem. Users would call and ask to be logged in. Floppies had to be changed depending on the users requests. 300bps accoustic modem and a few basic files. Back then it was high tech." - Ralph Randall
Burning Mode, Burning Mode BBS
Byron Ray
Now being relived at
Galveston, TX
Club 386
Cooke MooreOPUS
"Our local Galveston and Texas City area code was Fodonet node 386, and is where the name 386 came from. After the release of the i386 from Intel, I had a few strange numbers show up on the caller ID as some people expected my site to be Intel related. Once a week, all the board operators in our area code would meet in the woods in Texas City for a bonfire and party. As a broke college student, it was a great hobby, requiring only a PC and dedicated phone line. I ran a 1 line system with some 200 registered members and about 20 regular users. OPUS linked to about a dozen door games that people could play. The favorite being Trade Wars 1000. At some point I switched from OPUS to the MAXIMUS BBS system. I also change my number to 409-740-2287 in 1990 and continued to operate until 1991 when I finished school." - Cooke Moore
The Traveler's Inn
Jeramie Hicks
"I can't believe you have my little board on there. The board ran Telegard on an 8088 with a 20 MB hard drive. I was 17 years old at the time, and the behemoth was sitting on a crude nightstand that I nailed together using 2x4s from my father's scrap pile. Since we only had one phone line, my parents restricted it to off-hour operation only. The 20 MB drive didn't leave any room for a file area, and I wasn't much of a message person, so it was mostly just for hosting door games. To be honest, I set it up so I could play my own door games without the time restrictions of the other boards in the area. Good times. Wish life was still that simple. Keep the memory alive." - Jeramie Hicks
Lumberton, TX
Grumpy D's, Grumpy D's BBS
Doyle WelbornOpus , Maximus
"The sysop can now be reached" - Doyle Welborn
Galveston Island, Tx
DragonNet 386/451
Robert Michael/Dragon Profit Systems
Multiline MAJOR BBS with 4 GB - 64 lines Interactive Games
College Station, TX
Greg Keith
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: College Station, Texas since 08/94. Sysop: Greg Keith. Using MajorBBS 6.2 with 2 lines on MS-DOS with 250 MB storage. Supra at 14400 bps. No fee. Your only source of unbiased Texas real estate data. From Texas A&M University. Catalog with 300 research publications. Trends, news, real estate law updates. How to get a Texas real estate license and more.
Baltimore, MD
NetWork, The NetWork BBS, Network BBS
H. MichalskiPCBoard
List of BBS List Keepers: Baltimore Area 410/Brad Blase
Perry Hall, MD
The Planisphere BBS
"I started this BBS in 8th grade after my friend's BBS, The Post Larval, failed. I also ran PlaNET network of WWIV BBSes that eventually became a national network for exchanging e-mail and message board posts. Fond memories of late nights chatting and performing "mods" to the source code to enhance and improve my BBS." - Iggy
Huntingtown, MD
Hunter's Cabin
Geoffrey Wilson, Hunter (Geoffrey Wilson)Renegade
"One day, work was slow, so I decided to do some googling.. instead of entering my name, I entered the name of my old bulletin board. "HUNTERS CABIN BBS"....... lots of junk about hunting etc, but then, there it was!!! (410)257-7249 SysOp: Geoffrey Wilson... WOW!!! I felt SO GOOD.. I feel like a part of history!!! I feel like things were so much better then.. no windows BS. A nice clean DOS Prompt, AND NO MOUSE!! Do remember when "RIP" graphics (mouse support etc) appeared? I for one said "hell no!!".. Good old ansi.. and even ascii! I remember not having the bauds' to look at ansi for a good long time.. And THE DRAW!! What a great program.. Barren Realms Elite? I was running Renegade, yea yea, I know.. a lot of people a wwiv snobs but whatever.. I hope I can dig up some old .ANS pictures from my bbs... I live in nc now, and the bbs was in so. maryland.. aww man.. I miss the freedom, comraderie, and safety of those days... we looked out for each other. Now people are sending a good thing straight to hell w/ their point and click american idol fad of the moment myspace drm "ease of use" and "instant gratification" sickness.. Thanks everyone, esp. Roddy B. for all the help. You all made it worth it. Sorry I had to goto (and fail) stupid college. At times I've even thought about going back online! Good ol' zmodem..." - Geoffrey Wilson
Dundalk, MD
Sysop: Nirvana Co-Sysops: ICE and GergWWIV
"I set up and ran this BBS while in high school. The name changed a number of time but CENSORED was the one that was used the longest and the one that was in use when the BBS was part of WWIVnet. I chose WWIV because I wanted to learn to program in C, and I did. I took the BBS down when I joined the Navy in 1995. This BBS was also part of FireLink and @1 of Sno*neT." - Nirvana
Parkton, MD
The Music Express
Tidal WaveWWiV
"One of those wonderful part time boards, AlterNETive member."
Parkton , MD
The Cache
DETCord, NullClawWWIV
"The Cache was spawned from Excalibur BBS 410-661-4985(I think) Sysop was Nullclaw. The Cache was moved into The internet age at , though it looks like they are reworking the site again. Staticzero is DetCord(me)." - DetCord
Baltimore, Md
Elements Of Design
Kid Ego (SysOp)WWIV Modded through the roof
"In order to become a member you had to be referred by another member. Also one of the first out of country mail tossers (CanadaNet, TorontoNet,) The first BBS' in the area to successfully connect to other mail platforms (WWIV/RBBS/TAG/WILDCAT/WBBS) Later, incorporated internet connection and shortly after died from lack of funding." - Kid Ego
Elkridge, MD
The Mind's Eye
Allan Dale, Sheila DaleVBBS
"The Mind's Eye BBS originated as a splinter hub of The Other Place BBS (TOP). It only grew to four lines but in it's prime received over 200 calls a day. Running The Mind's Eye was a great experience for me. I made several lasting friends and learned a great deal, hands on, about computing and networking." - Allan Dale
Pasadena, MD
Devil's Courier
Greg Hammond, Lord OmarWWIV
"Lord Omar - SysOp. One of the largest boards on the east coast for file sharing." - Lord Omar
Baltimore, MD
Bird House BBS
Zero CoolVBBS
"I can't belive I ever used that handle for my SysOp name, I had just watched "hackers" for the 1st time and thought it was cool. But that was one thing about the BBS community no one made fun of me for it.

"How I miss the BBS, the internet is so imperssonal." - Zero Cool

Sparrows Point, MD
The Night Owl BBS
Bruce CampeggiWWIV
"Operated secretly from work for 2 years, with monitor turned off most of the time to avoid detection." - Bruce Campeggi
Baltimore, MD
Danzig aka The Butthole SurferDMBBS, CBase MODDED
"Originally named "Misfits Only", running DMBBS (ARTI-Soft) on off-peak hours (we only had 1 line). Later, I purchased my own phone line, and switched to C*Base, running the board 24 hours a day. I would go on to switch the name of the board (as well as my SysOp name) to The Mind's Eye.. later becoming Token Entry." - Danzig
Perry Hall, MD
Little Earthquakes
Squiggy IWWIV, Renegade
"I don't know how most of you posting about your BBS remembered all the details about it (how many calls a day, how many users, networks you were on, computer(s) it was running on), but I can remember that Little Earthquakes was based on the "i can run a better board than everyone else" concept. And it certainly worked for awhile with a lot of core users that I considered my "friends" but with people getting busy, the ones that were left I saw in person a lot, and the Internet doing everything a BBS could do but better, the BBS faded away long before I did something to crash the software for the final time and decided it wasn't worth the time to bring back up." - Squiggy I
Joppatowne, MD
School Days, Captain's Quarters, Mr. Weaver's Neighborhood
Cool Dady, BeefstewWWIV
Run by Joppatowne High School. Changed names a few times, changed number at least once. Started on an Apple II with Bsider drives, was on a PC at the end.
Bel Air, MD
The Dragon's Eye, The Dragons Eye
Torin BaanaRenegade, TeleGard
"Thrilled to find this listing of BBS's, and found my old board by looking up the phone numbers (yes, still remember it). The board is listed as a Renegade software BBS, but Renegade was one of a few short termed iterations, alongside TAG (both being variations of TeleGard, but both times going back to TeleGard, and would prefer not to reflect on the short time it was WWIV). The BBS was originally known as The United Federation of Planets, with me having the handle of SF Admiral, but spent most of it's time with the final name already submitted." - Torin Baana
Baltimore, MD
Lair of the Love Moose
Proostic the Love MooseWWIV
"Home of WoMbAtNeT. Keeper of the Holy Spammandments." - J. Freed
Parkville, MD
Master Control Program
TronsterWWIV 4.23
"The MCP was a member of AlterNETive, the largest local WWIV network; acting as the bridge to the internet's USENET groups via custom software written by Frostbyte (aka: "Brain", "Xenophon")." - Tronster
Cockeysville, MD
The City Morgue BBS
"Started part time when my mom was asleep, late night hours only -- grew into one of the bigger WWIV boards in the area. We were the originators of NuclearNet (later NuclearArmsNet and then NukeNET), AlterNETive, and functioned as a hub for WWIVLink and WWIVNet. We sponsored meets and get-togethers, and were a co-sponsor of the infamous "Big Meet" where an explosion took place. The City Morgue BBS lives on today on the web, albeit in a much more subdued version, at" - Starslayer
Hunt Valley, MD
Hunt Valley, MD BBS
FrEdMail System
Silver Streak BBS
Brad Blase
ListKeeper: Baltimore BBS Area 410
Saint Michaels, MD
HouseNet, HouseNet BBS
Gene Hamilton, Katie Hamilton
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Saint Michaels, Maryland since 05/91. Sysop: Gene Hamilton. Using WildCat 3.90 with 4 lines on MS-DOS 80486 with 1080 MB storage. US Robotics at 14400 bps. $30 Annual fee. The only BBS with expert home repair and remodeling advise and hundreds of files for downloading. 80+ conference areas. ASP, Internet, RIME, FidoNet. Full access on first call, friendly sysops, quarterly newsletter, monthly giveaway, 30 min. free a day.

Home Fixup/Repair/Renovation Tips, Advice, and Articles

Home Fixup/Repair/Renovation Tips, Advice, and Articles

Ellicott City, MD
Grimm's Hollow
Erick ReverskiWWIV
"This BBS originally ran on a TRS-80 Model 4P with FastPlus BBS software. It then switched for a short time to TBBS before settling on WWIV. Between 1989 and 1990 Grimm's Hollow became the primary Maryland hub for all WWIV boards in the state as they began interconnecting with boards out of state to share messages and email. This was also the first BBS in the 410 area to integrate Caller ID data into the BBS software so that each caller's phone number was logged." - Erick Reverski
Elkridge, MD
Other Place, TOP - The Other Place
C KlausmeyerVBBS
"The Other Place BBS, a dialup system, was online from May of 1992 in Howard County, MD. Prior to that it ran in Montgomery County for about a year. I pulled the final plug in January 1999. At TOP's height it had 13 phone lines and was answering over 450 user calls a day from both the Baltimore and DC metro areas." - Chuck Klausmeyer
Randallstown, MD
Fishbone, Fishbone II BBS
Dave Broida, David BroidaHermes II
"Truly one of the weirdest Macintosh BBS's in the Maryland area, with the advent of the internet, it had to die. There was no place for it, and the lil Macintosh Classic II was almost ready to keel over anyway. I have a small slice of what it used to be online, on my webpages... come visit, stay awhile, remember the golden age of BBS's... or not?" - David Broida
Glen Burnie, MD
Concert Online
Ed MiddlebrooksVBBS
"This BBS had only 1 line and was started by an avid user of The Other Place (TOP) BBS for the purposes of Musician interaction and networking. It was my goal to have a Ticketmaster Door to allow online purchasing of concert tickets, and I would gather data from Ticketmaster and post upcoming events regularly." - Ed Middlebrooks
Columbia, MD
The Tower of Curiosity [ASV]
Tasslehoff, Travis Fisher (Tasslehoff)WWIV
"I ran this BBS out of a closet in my parent's basement, and it was my first experience with coding in C++, as I frequently took it offline to muck with the source code (I was one of the few -registered- WWIV SysOps). I had a "credits" file thanking everyone that helped me out over the 5 years I ran the board, and it took me over a year after formally taking down the board, to finally delete the files, and even then, I did so grudgingly." - Tasslehoff
Blairsville, PA
The Shooting Star
John MayhueWildcat
"When I stumbled upon your site, it awakened the 13 year old in me that ran this long-forgotten BBS that was more of a learning experience for me than I could have dreamed of at the time. In documenting the existence and experiences surrounding these BBS's you are paying tribute to a time/experience that we all (knowing each other or not) share. I commend you on your effort." - John Mayhue
Information Access Network, Quad-Tech Systems
Richard Dennis
List of BBS List Keepers: Pittsburgh AC 412/Chas Stokes
Zuul's Catacombs
Chas Stokes
ListKeeper: Pittsburgh AC 412
The Emerald City
Tina DoughertyOpus BBS
"The Emerald City BBS ran on a single line in my old and tiny apartment in Carnegie. Running on a 386 that I bought from Larry DiGioia of NeverBoard, the BBS community helped me to get into and learn all I could about computers and communications even though "she's a girl". :) It was the BBS community in Pittsburgh that fostered my love of computers and communications and which lead to me starting my own company in 1999, which I'm still running today (2006). I can't imagine we'll ever see such a great group again, and I'm glad I was there when I was. Thanks guys." - Tina Dougherty
Wampum, PA
Dungeons & Dragons BBS
John SanderbeckWWIV 4.23
"Originally I started theis BBS on a Commodore 64 with a 300 Baud Modem, 5 " Disk Drive held the BBS and a 3" Disk Drive ran the files and message bases. Later I added a second 3 " drive for files and upgraded to a Commodore 128. In late 1989, I moved to an IBM 386 DX33 and a 20 Megabyte MFM Hard Drive. I also upped to a 2400 Baud Modem. D&DBBS was screaming. :-) By the year of it's demise, the BBS had it's own phone lines (2), two dedicated machines (each with over 100 Megabytes of storage), and a user base in the hundreds. There were people that called from all over the country for my D&D related materials. I was one of the first in north-western PA to be on the WWIV-NET network and recieved message bases such as Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons related groups, and others... There were literally thousands of messages a day coming in from all over the country. Originally I dialed out once a day to Pittsburgh to a local hub to get all the messages. Later there were other users in the "chain" so all our messages were local calls. Oh, those were the days. Such fond memories. Sorry to see them go. The BBS's had a much more "cultish" appeal than the Internet and e-mail will ever have. I had made a lot of friends over the years through that medium." - John Sanderbeck
Indiana, PA
The Electronic Zone
William R. Forbes
Specializing in Hypertext
AmeriBoard (tm) - Node Two, Ameriboard
DP Mcintire/Beth Spotts
List of BBS List Keepers: National BBS List/DP McIntire/Beth Spotts

ListKeeper: National BBS List

Bunola, PA
AutoBoss/Atari Elite System's
John Graham, John and Pam GrahamAutobossXL and later Forum ST
"John (The Boss) and Pam Graham (The Boss's Babe) ran what was probably the most popular Atari BBS for more than a decade. John ran the board from a small room in his home, with a souped up Atari 800 in the early years, to a vamped up Atari ST in the later years. The Boss was an innovator. He always had the fastest, greatest, and latest hardware, and devoted most of his income to the BBS. In the decade that I knew him, I dont think he ever slept! John taught me everything that I knew back then. From burning EPROMS to modding the "unmoddable." To this day, remains a hero of my past." - Carbon 14
Grove City, PA
Alpha Omega EAST, Alpha-Omega EAST
Derrick YohnCollossus, WWIV, RoboBBS
"Alpha-Omega started in Ellwood City as a single-user BBS. Through my affinity with the computer community and BBS, I was introduced to WWIV and became part of the WWIV network. In the early 90's I brought the BBS all the way to Central California where an associtae of mine took over the board and it became one of the largest in central CA. The name was reatined as Alpha-Omega WEST. In the 1990's I moved back to Pennsylvania and both EAST and WEST Alpha-Omega existed and we shared conections to the WWIV network. Alpha-Omega EAST continued to grow in Grove City where I continued to be part of the WWIV network through another member on this list (Charles Ring, W3NU) and also became a part of FidoNet. The BBS now had hundreds of channels of information through both FidoNET and WWIV and connections to the Internet. In the last year or two of Alpha-Omega's online existence, I decide to swap out the software for a Windows-based graphical software called Robo-BBS, which was very similar to the now popular Amaerica Online software and could offer opening multiple windows on the client side to permit forum browsing, "doors" and graphics/sounds. The primary audience was the Grove City College and users from the surrounding area. With the popularity and growth of the Internet - it was decided to cease operations due to costs and time in administration. Today, I am operations manager for Winbeam, a wireless ISP with offices based in Sharon, PA. I can be contacted at" - Derrick Yohn, Alpha-Omega BBS"
StrongLand / Apollo Trust, The Apollo Trust Company "B:" BBS
Ray Muth, Tony HockenberryWildcat
"First Community Bank in the USA with a BBS ...later became the first Community Bank in the USA to offer ISP services [dialup service, web hosting, etc, in 1996!" - Rick Shank
Pittsburgh, PA
Martin Multimedia Online
Mike Martin
From the September 1994 issue of Boardwatch: Pitts-burgh, Pennsylvania since 11/93. Sysop: Mike Martin. Using RoboBOARD 1.04 with 2 lines on MS-DOS with 650 MB storage. Reveal at 14400 bps. $30.00 Annual fee. A BBS dedicated to those interested in desktop video and multi-media. Get the latest developments from manufacturers. Exchange ideas in our forums. Thou-sands of files available. View GIFs online. Free BYTE or VIDEO magazine subscription when you join.
Aliquippa (Raccoon TWP), PA
Gandalf's Tower BBS
Randy Lyle, David McGroganWWIV (Modded)
"Was a 6-line BBS running on 3 scsi based PC's containing 19 HD's 3 7disc cd changers. This really brings back alot of memmories. the good old DOS days. Moddong in turbo pascal and c++. There was no internet access in my area in those days, so we had a fair ammount of people on the bbs. Made many friends from the BBS world that are still very close friends today!" - Randy Lyle
The Bargain Board, THE BARGAIN BOARD
THE BARGAIN BOARD. Deep-discount software, hardware, tapes, CDs, share- ware, and much more. Also home of the ""No-Risk Classified"" (412) 655-7038. PC Pursuitable!
Mac For The Mind
Davin FlateauTeleFinder
Davin Flateau writes "This BBS ran from a Mac Plus on two phone lines in a two bedroom apartment in Highland Park. We started off using Telefinder BBS, but then moved to FirstClass. We were seen as a great resource for Macintosh related hardware and software information, and carreid all the relevant Fidonet groups and email. This BBS grew previously from my running "Camelot" and "The Endeavour Starflight Simulator" - both based on Commodore 64 machines. Thanks to everyone for all the support over the years! I'm still involfed in free dta service, although this time in music. Visit my internet radio station ( Long live the BBS!"
New Alexandria, PA
The Throne Christian BBS
Bob K Mertz, Bob K Mertz (Bibleboy)Renegage
"This was the first BBS in the Greensburg area to offer internet email. Hopping to the UUCP gateway resulted in about a 2 week transit time but it was an accomplishment in those days." - Bob Mertz
Derry, PA
The Titanic BBS, The Titantic BBS, The Titantic BBS - Node 1, The Titantic BBS Telnet
T.J. McMillen Jr., T.J. McMillan Jr., Exodus, T.J. McMillen, Jr.Renegade
"724-694-9701 was the phone number as the area code was changed 3 years into the bbs world, when the phone was disconnected for the telnet only access to the BBS. telnet:// is the current address and the new home of Renegade BBS software. And we are still online, with 5 nodes, just not dialup any longer as there are no more dialup callers. Feel free to telnet over sometime. Grab a copy of mTelnet from and use it as your telnet client as it is 1000% better than the internal windows client." - T.J. McMillen, Jr.
79th Trac, The 79th Trac, 79TH TRAC
Damage Inc. Amex
God Member BBS