979 Area Code BBSes Through History

Brazos Valley Assistant, EDUNET BBS, Ten Forward BBS
William Milberger
College Station, TX
King's Mountain ][, The King's Mountain II
Adam BurkeOpus
"I started this BBS on an Osborne Executive (CP/M) computer with a "SmartTEAM" 2400bps modem. It had 128k of RAM and two 256k floppy drives. It did not have a hard drive! The BBS at that time offered a few useful CP/M utilities for download and a simple message area (no "echo" mail). Sometime in '89, I moved the BBS over to an IBM PS/2 computer running MS-DOS and Opus BBS software. This computer had a 20MB hard drive and a 1.44M floppy. I think the BBS offered an impressive amount of files for download despite the limited storage. (I even stored some downloadable files on the floppy. Speed didn't matter; The floppy was still faster than the modem!) In addition to files, I had online games, and (of course) five or six echomail groups. I changed modems regularly as technology improved. I remember spending $450 for a USRobotics "Courier HST" modem. These were first capable of 9600bps and then later versions supported 14.4kbps. This was the most popular high speed modem at the time, and both parties had to have a Courier HST modem to get the higher speed connections." - Adam Burke
College Station, TX
Brazos Valley Area, Brazos Valley HUB, Ziplog Public Port, Ziplog Support Port
Mike LutherMaximus
College Station, TX
Brazos Valley Hub
College Station, Texas
Dimensions of Chaos
Chaos 1/2Renegade
"I was 14 years old when I started this BBS. I ran this BBS off a 386 laptop with 16 megs of ram and 80 meg harddrive. I ran mostly games like LORD and Trade Wars. I would also like to mention Stone Temple, the first BBS I was ever on." - Chaos 1/2
College Station, TX
Deep In The Heart
Sheryl Allen
Bryan, TX
Brazos Valley HUB, Hermes BBS
Skeet Masters
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