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Sedona, AZ
Black Jade Arena BBS
Krystal (*deceased, Former Owner), Donculo6y (New Owner)Worldgroup
"Worldgroup for DOS, WGNT, Majormud, Cost over-runs forced shutdown. Inactive. Plan to re-activate at some point and update MM Mods and all hardware and software. Former Owner Susan Jasper aka "Krystal" or "Jade", Passed away after an extended illness on February 02, 2007. Black Jade Arena BBS was originally owned by Pagan and Natalie from Northern Virgina in the 80's and ran on an Intel 486 100mhz PC, with a Boca Board and a dozen or so ZOOM 28.8 and 56k modems. Susan bought the BBS and moved it to her Rockville, Maryland home, and it ran there for a number of years. Later, it was Moved to Olney, Maryland. Here it ran for a short period of time on 128k ISDN. After we encountered the high expenses of ISDN and BBS income shortfalls, (No one was paying fees) and many other technical issues with the server itself, ***no backups***, persistent hardware and data failures, other Sysop and Co-Sysop arguments) after all of this, it was shut down. Updated 04/27/08 by Donculo6y. Current Sysop-Owner. I'd like to thank Don B., Nate, Darrel, Matt for all the help with the BBS back in 1999 when it was moved to Olney." - Donculo6y
Yuma, AZ
The Cactus Patch TBBS (CPTBBS)
Larry WallTBBS MultiLine
"This BBS originally started out with software written by myself on a TRS-80 Model I at 110-300 baud. The 1st commercial BBS software used was the InfoEx-80 Software, Then we put the Greene Machine online. Finally after looking over the TBBS software and its abilities in 1984 we went to the TBBS software because of its lightening speed. Our TRS-80 Model III at the time started to fail. We then switched to the TBBS-PC software and became a beta test site for the TBBS software. Sometime in 1986 we started testing the MultiLine TBBS software. This labor of love lasted until the great interest of the InterNet struck. People had a hard time supporting the local hobbiest BBS' but they surely had no problem migrating to the InterNet. Finally, after a thunderstorm came through the area, the CPTBBS' computer would not come back up. With no support, after 21yrs, September of 2001 the Cactus Patch TBBS surrendered its telephone lines. There were a great number of super BBS Sysops around the country. In 1988 Phil Becker had the 1st TUG (TBBS User's Group) converge on a motel in the Denver area. It was a power charged meeting of very knowledgable people..." Just recently the CPTBBS has been put back online via telnet. This means it can be freely accessed from anywhere in the world. Come Join us in the recreation of the BBS trend! Larry Wall CPTBBS - Sysop - Telnet: cptbbs.mine.nu Port 23" - Larry Wall
Quartzsite, AZ
The Shaman's Inn
Patrick Vittori
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