910 Area Code BBSes Through History (80's Version)

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Lynne Edel, IM, Insect Mother, Lynne MillerHAL, C-Net 64, C-Net 128, Atredes, Skyline, Paragon, E-Link
Dunn, NC
Jason LedbetterWWIV , PCBoard, MajorBBS
"So from 1992 to early 1994 it was called The GENERIC BBS and ran on WWIV. From 1994 to 1996 it was on PCBoard and called "Genocide!" for some unknown reason. I did "switch" to MajorBBS for a couple of months before moving back to PCBoard. I ran the BBS as a form of entertainment and learning during my high school years.

"Unfortunately for my potential callers, the BBS computer was also my personal use computer... which meant it went offline anytime I wanted to dial out. :)

"I look back very fondly on the BBS days.. quite miss it actually but that was a different time and a different place." - Jason Ledbette

Five Star BBS
Dayne DotyTriBBS
Walkertown, NC
Ronald ConradWildcat
The Steiner Line BBS
Barry Laws
Ghost Town BBS, Winston-Salem NET
Robert EverhartTriBBS
David Silvers
Coastal Carolina Net, Wilmington**80 TBBS
Mark SamwickTBBS
"My board was up for 13 years, from 1983-1996. It originally started on a TRS-80 Model III running 'The Green Machine" public-domain software written in BASIC. After a couple of years I moved to TBBS software for the TRS-80, and then migrated to the MS-DOS version of TBBS around 1990. 80-MICRO magazine highlighted my board in one of it's issues as the only one it knew of that was being operated from within a Radio Shack store. I was the manager of a Tandy Computer Center here in Wilmington at the time. Of course, the corporation didn't know that I was using some of their phone lines for a BBS, so when the magazine came out, I was awaiting my forced retirement phone call. It never came. But my BBS started getting calls from all over the world requesting support for Tandy computer products. I tried to answer all that came in, but it definitely showed that Radio Shack needed to set up a corporate BBS. I suggested it at one of our annual meetings, but the idea fell on deaf ears. I know I have that huge list of TRS-80 based BBSs from 80-Micro around here somewhere. I left Tandy's employment in 1987 and moved the board to my home. I was Wilmington's first BBS, and had hoped to be it's last, but the Internet came along and stole the attentions of most of my BBS's adult members, leaving me with just the troublesome teens whose parents wouldn't let them on the Internet. I decided that it was no longer worth the time and money to keep it going, so I pulled the plug. Now I devote my hobby time to maintaining web sites." - Mark Samwick
Trinity, NC
The Dox Shoppe
Mark Creasman (Mach I)CNET-128
"I got started in the world of BBS's back in 84 or 85. I remember getting my first "Mighty Mo" 300 baud modem for my Commodore 64 for Christmas. After a year of just calling other BBS's, I decided to start my own. It ran on a Commodore 128 with a 1200 baud modem (blazing at that time) and I had about 4 external floppy drives from which everything ran. My handle at that time was "Mach I".

"I chose the CNet software package because it allowed me to really get in the guts and customize things the way I wanted. I had users all the way from Canada that logged in on a regular basis. On my site I provided documentation for various apps and games that were found on other sites. In addition, my site hosted some online games for the users to enjoy and compete against the other users.

"The BBS community was a great place. I had the opportunity to meet about 10-15 of my regular users and kept in touch with them for probably the next 10 years, even after I closed my BBS for good. It was truly a community of people willing to help other people learn about the new electronic frontier and it was awesome! In the area I was in, there were probably 4 or 5 BBS systems that were a local call, and I got to know the SysOps really well. We helped each other maintain our systems and increase our userbase.

"Today I am a Network Admin for a communications company, something I probably would not be if it had not been for my experience in the BBS community. The friends that I made during that time were very instrumental in my staying in the IT world." - Mark Creasman (Mach I)

NC Public Safety, PSO BBS
Steve BoylesWildcat
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