863 Area Code BBSes Through History

Winter Haven, FL
The Candy Factory
Jelly BeanRenegade
"Those were the good 'ole days. I remember playing L.O.R.D. with all my users. And posting messages. Such fun! I loved every minute of it! Even when the software (Renegade) crashed a couple times. The Internet took the place of the BBS but the memories will never be forgotten.." - Jelly Bean
Lakeland, FL
The Great Escape BBS
Ziroc (Dan Huling)WWIV Modded v4.12+
"I ran The Great Escape BBS, which was the name of a comic shop in Louisville, KY I went to when I was younger. :) I got into BBSing because of people like: Aahz, Bink, Gonzo, Dr. Syn, Professor and others. I ran the most modded board in Polk county I believe, as well as started my own network called ESCAPEnet which many local WWIV boards picked up. I had WWIVnet, ICEnet, TERRAnet (JAFO's Network) and ran tons of DOOR games. (Red Dragon was fun). I got onto the Internet via Cybergate in 1994, and saw what was coming. I got a server, and put up my own WEBSITE, which is huge now. It's www.tgeweb.com and then my PC Gaming and Tech forum, www.ironworksforum.com --all still going, and VERY busy! It's almost 2008, and I'll be adding even more stuff as well! If any old friends want to contact me, email me! I still use Ziroc too. :)" - Ziroc (Dan Huling)
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