780 Area Code BBSes Through History (80's Version)

Edmonton, CANADA
Arctic Front, Arctic Front HST, Central Alberta, Giedi Prime, NC Retirement Home and Emporium, North Central Alberta, Northern Alberta, Ourobouros, Ready Room, Ten Forward, Ten Forward Renovations, Ten Forward Storeroom, The Office
Tom HallMaximus
Edmonton, CANADA
Stronghold Enterprises/2, Stronghold Enterprises/X
Vincent Danen
Edmonton, AB
Friar Tuck's BBS
Syd and Tony RuffoRBBS-PC, FidoBBS
"When I first donwloaded RBBS-PC from the states, I did it ASCII. I didn't know what xmodem was. So I took my noise corrupted download, and began writing code to fill in the bits that were missing. I ran this version for a few years, and some of my mods made it back to the core code base. Eventually, we upgraded to the excellent FidoBBS (and a Hayes modem at 2400 baud). I remember the modem upgrade was like owning a bicycle and getting a rocket ship for Christmas."

"It was run on an IBM PC/1 with a hacked motherboard to allow 640K instead of 512K. I had 2 x 360K drives, 1 for the BBS software, and one for the Daily Downloads. I communicated through a pre-Hayes modem; The Cermetek Mutant Modem (as we called it)."

"Later, we recovered a Davong External Hard Drive from the Telus trash bins, and built a hard drive interface. Then we had 10 Mb of downloads (wooh). I believe we provided Edmonton's first dial up access for sending and recieving Internet email. I was using FidoBBS and Ham radio to move the mail. It was sneakernet everyday to the guy at the end of the block with the Ham radio antenna. He "beamed" our mail down to the states for us."

"Those were the days! It was a privilege serving my fellow geeks!" - Tony Ruffo

Edmonton, CANADA
Ice Zone BBS
Guy Islip
Breton, CANADA
Megasoft Breton Exchange
Paul Kugyelka
Onoway, CANADA
The Generica BBS
Joey Ripley, Joey Ripley and Steve Steffler
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