Warrn, MI The Bearrsville BBS
(1996-1997) William DobieszT.A.G. "In September 1996 we moved from the apartment in Chesterfield to the house in Warren. I gave my users lots of advance notice and over 80% were still local to my new number. Unfortunately less than 20% followed me, sometimes I'd go 3 or 4 days without a call. In November 1997 I pulled the plug, but it is all backed up on QIC-80 tape." - William Dobiesz, aka Huggy Bear 586-773-6959
Eastpointe, MI Eastpointe, Eastpointe Amiga, Eastpointe BBS, MetroNet, R11C
(2001-2009) Don Plesky 586-774-6267
Images Electronic Data Systems
(2001-2002) Todd Schwartzenberg 586-776-5294
Eastpointe Amiga, Net120 NEC
(2001-2002) Don Plesky 586-791-1973
bazaar.rocasa.org, rocasa.dnsalias.org
(2001-2003) R.J. Clay, Jame Clay 586-795-4902
EAST SIDE, King's Domain
(2001-2003) Bob Redys 586-979-2411
Back Door
(2001-2002) Don Rehs 7 Sysops currently listed.
7 BBSes Listed.